someday I will find you (OS)

Hi are you all??i’m really sorry for not posting any stories all these while..actually I was lil busy…so only didn’t post any shots..the main reason for posting this shot is for moni ..and for all others too…ok let’s get into the one shot…

Someday I will find you:

Shaurya is in his conference room..he’s looking at some presentation..he’s talking abut it with his clients..he suddenly gets a call..he sees it..he got bug eyes..he thinks cud I forge it??she will be very angry at me..he says excuse me..this deal is confirmed…I have to go home..bye..he hurried goes out from there…the clients asks what happen to shaurya sir…always he will think alot before confirming some deal..he confirmed it in the half way of presentation..what important work has come for him???he was not lyk this before…

shaurya’s PA says in these six years he changed a lot…scene shifts to shaurya’s mansion..there shaurya’s mom asks aawara is she still angry??there a teddy bear comes and falls with high speed seems that someone is anger..inside the room..there is a cute lil bubbly girl with doll in her hand…she sits angrily in the corner..cupping her face by her hands herself..she says mamma..see papa.he promised me ..but he didn’t keep up his promise…he lied to me..shaurya comes there..she asks her mom..what happen??where’s she??shaurya mom signs towards the room…shaurya gets inside..shaurya utters mehrya…mehrya got bug eyes..but later she becomes angry and hides under her doll house..shaurya utters where’s mehrya???..

where she’s???he crawls and goes inside her doll house..shaurya picks her up and says so are..mehrya says papa..i’m really angry at you..why didn’t u keep up your promise?? tell him I won’t talk to him..shaurya says mehak..I agree..I came somewhat late..I shud have come fast …I know I promised mehrya to take her trip today..but what to do.???I got more work itself tell mehak..mehrya sits iin the corner of her bed..shaurya goes there….he takes the doll and whispers doll..I thought of taking mehrya to eat icecream..but now she’s angry at me she will not come..mehrya got excited..hugs shaurya..shaurya pecks her..papa se naraaz ho ab..mehrya says are best..mehrya goes to a photo,.it is mehak’s..mehrya says mamma..pappa is so know what he’s taking me out..shaurya gets tears in his eyes..

he wipes it..picks mehrya..touches mehak photo gently..he thinks mehak..are you seeing??see our mehrya is growing..I feel lyk just now I got mehrya from your she’s 5..our beti is growing..shaurya ‘s mom comes there..she touches shaurya..she says that she will make mehrya change her dress..shaurya comes to his room..he takes mehak’s photo..he says I know you will be seeing us here reason for living after your death is only mehrya..or else I wud have followed you very before..I promised you to be good father of know she’s just lyk you..lyks ladoo..fairies..loves parata..sometimes I feel lyk you never went far from me..I see you in I want to take ur beti out..orelse she will not spare me lyk what you will do???after a while:
Shaurya is driving car..he thinks it has been nearly 5yrs..even today I can’t believe you are not with me..sometimes I feel to alone without you..he goes to mehrya is married..they are living a happy lyf…mehak is pregnant now..shaurya is very happy abut it..shaurya kisses her forehead and hugs her…both got happy tears..after few mehak is 7 month pregnant.shaurya takes her to bed and makes her sit…shaurya scolds her,,mehak how many times I shud say you??you shud not do any work..take care of you..don’t repeat it again..mehak murmurs khadoos Kumar,.every time showing his khadoos face..shaurya says what did you say??mehak says khadoos you are..shaurya is abut to scold her..mehak cries..mehak says you are always scolding me..shaurya goes to her and cupped her face..andsays i’m saying for your good well ryt..suddenly mehak felt is kicking her..she wonders and says it shaurya..shaurya gets happy and tears flow from his eyes,,mehak keeps his hands on the baby..both enjoyed the moment..months passed..mehak got labour pain..shaurya admitted Herr in Hosp..he is very nervous..

shaurya’s mom consoles him..later the doc.said that the condition is serious..the baby came out..but very serious due to complications of pregnancy.shaurya gets shattered ..he felt the whole world is blank and he stood numb..he goes to mehak..mehak says I know you are sad that I’m gonna leave you..shaurya closes her mouth..mehak says that’s truth..but i’m happy that I’m leaving our symbol of love safely with you..shaurya takes mehrya..she giggles..mehak says takes care of our shud live for shudn’t make her feel my absence..shaurya says stop mehak will also be with mehrya,…

we both will takecare of her..mehak smiles..tears flowing from both their eyes..mehak asks shaurya to kiss her once last..shaurya cries and saydon ‘t say that..he kisses mehak..mehak kisses mehrya nd shaurya both..she closes her eyes..shaurya shouts mehakkkk.shaurya comes out from fb..slightly tears escapes from his eyes..suddenly his car loses balance..later mehrya and shaurya standing in the silent road.mehrya calls papa..she signs towards somebody and says mamma..shaurya smiles and goes towards mehak..mehak smiles at him,.shaurya picks up mehrya and mehak holds his hand and rests in his shoulders..three become together forever..their love become eternal..

The end..

Hope you guys lyked it…drop ur comments frnds…

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  1. Moni7

    Hai solace dear…nice…but sad na mehak is no more?????????..
    M Crying dear…… tears????completely wet eyes?????….. azhugachi varaadhu??..nxt should be happy plz….

  2. Moni7

    Thank u sooooooo much for ur os..luv u loads dear.. umaaaaaaah?????????????????

  3. Solace

    I hope you guys will lyk..I know end is somewhat sorrow..but I wanted to say from this os that it’s not necessary that all love stories shud have happy ending..even sad ending gives a new destination for fact it becomes eternal forever..i’m waiting for your comments frnds…???????luv you all..missed you these while..????????????…

    1. Moni7

      S dear..agree?????????… mehrya name super?????

  4. Moni7

    Very end is the beginning of new chapter….mehak now become mehrya?????…nice thought dear…but nxt time happy story post pannu chella kutty… enaku azhaga varudhu… TRUE LOVE IS IMMORTAL?????…. kadhal azhivadhilai???

    1. Solace

      Moni dear adhaan kadaichilaai shaurya ,mehryayum mehak tai yeah poitaangalah…appa idhu happy ending thana…heaven moonu peryum onnaitaanga …lah dear..I know urs comment will be first ..luv you dear..???????

      1. Moni7

        Luv soooooooooo much baby ma….????… irundhalum mehak dhan illa la?…mehak shaurie la kolla koodadhu oki va.. mami photo ku malai podu dear..nxt os la???

  5. Solace

    Sure..nxt os unnakuh pudichamathiriyeh pannidalaam…

  6. nice os. somewhat sad story irunthalum i like the concept of this story. keep rocking

  7. Nice one dear, I loved it and it was so touching, grt work , keep it up

  8. Great job ,its just amazing dear i luved it???

  9. Vinitha

    Hi solace. Nice story imagination. idha read pannadhum really I felt tears in my eyes heart touching love. Baby name mehrya superb yar. But next time happy ah story create pannunga .

  10. Nice one but sad ?????

  11. Nice but mahek should be alive and all storylines remain same and they are h appy

  12. Nice os & very emotional one.
    I just love it.
    so keep posting..

  13. Hemalattha

    Emotional os. Loved it dear dear. Awesome.

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg this os is so nice and heart touching btw this is the first mahek ff I m reading I don’t watch mahek much but I think among all the current ongoing Hindi serials this show is still worth watching but I don’t get to watch it due to my busy schedule my cousins love watching this show so I watch with them sometimes decided to read a mahek ff and it’s so good I read it a few days ago but I couldn’t comment but u really deserve a comment 🙂

  15. Omg really awesome great job I like this story and touch my heart this story I can’t no word to apprishat my world really super keep it up

  16. Darshini

    Heart touching one dear…lovd it…

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