Some Untold Stories Kriyyam FF (Chapter 4)


Suhani : krishna yuvani abhi tak nahi aayi??

Krishna : Ji nahi auntie I am also waiting for her

suhani : Itne raath hogayi???

Baby : Aunty….. usne kaha tha ki late hogi

Suhani : Aur sayyam

Baby : he will be also late …He has a meeting today

suhani : Accha …Jab dono ayega toh tell them to have food

Baby and krishna : tik hai aunty

Suhani goes to her room

Krishna : Saach mein..yuvani ne kab kaha ki wo late hogi

Baby : If i wouldn’t have said that kal auntie sabse phele yuvani ka band baja dethi

They talk for a few minutes and sits in the soafa and they falls asleep.After a few hrs….baby’s phone rings it was sayyam calling. She picks up the call and sayyam asks her to open the door .She does so …She is scared to see Yuvani in that state

baby : yuvani

sayyam : baby ..keep quite …sab mein tujhe kal batavogi

They take yuvani to room .Just then krishna enters their

krishna : Yuvani …… Sayyam yeh ise kya hua??

sayyam : krishna don’t scream ….if anybody hears ..then problem hojaye gi

Baby : haan sayyam tik kahra ha hai….Sayyam yeh chot kaise ayi..

Sayyam : its a small one baby i will take care of it..

In the middle of night yuvani had a little fever so baby brought cold water So that her temperature gets low….After the krishna went to kitchen to put the utensils back.. On her way back to room she saw sayyam was struggling in his room to put his shirt..(he was unable to do that because he had a verybad injury on the right  hand) .Krishna didn’t think once she went to him and helped him………..

They had a cute and romantic eyelock

Sayyam : tum is waqt yaha??

Krishna : Actually yuvani had a little fever toh i and baby was giving her some homemade medical treatment…And on my way back to room .I saw you struggling

Sayyam : Yuvani abb tik hai na??

krishna : yeh she is fine.

Saying this she also also goes to her room NEXT MORNING

Yuavni get up screaming and she gets scared remembering the things..happend last night. Krishna and baby who was in the room went and hugged yuvani too..Ragini came hearing the sound

Ragini : Yuvani…kya hua why are you shouting

Krishna : kuch nahi ..woh usne koi spana dekha hoga…

Baby : ha..raggs.App jaye hum abhi aatae hai

Ragini : Okay fine

After ragini went krishna and baby asks yuvani what happened…She tells her everything..Someone was hearing their conversation .Baby saw the person

Baby : suhani aunty!

krishna and yuvani stands looking at  suhani ..

she didn’t say anything , she just hugged yuvani….

precap : yuvani and sayyam’s cute hug…Anant meets a new girl…
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