His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 9

Arjun panicked not finding his sister beside him and started searching for her. The fear of something happening to his baby sister was overwhelming but he calmed down when he saw her running in his direction. He immediately hugged her. “You alright Ragu? Where have you been? You know how worried I was.” he said in one go meanwhile inspecting her for any visible physical injury. “I’m alright silly. Actually I got distracted by the panda bear so I got lost. Sorry” apologized Ragini holding her ears. “It’s okay. But don’t do that again princess. Now come on Dad must be worrying a lot” and both head back home.
It was late at night and Ragini’s mind was preoccupied with today’s events. Sanskar to be more specifically. She warmed up to him in a single day only which was surprising since she tends to shy a lot and have difficulty to be her own self completely with anyone else other than her Bhai and Papa. She fell into a peaceful slumber while thinking about the creepy handsome man she met twice.

From early morning Sanskar was getting frustrated because he couldn’t think of any possible way to meet His Angel. He could not just barge in to her college and demand to see her. He needs a solid reason for that and as if luck was on his side he got a call from his p.a. informing him that the Dean of Stanford College invited him to be the chief guest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the college. If it would have been any other day Sanskar would have declined the proposal without a second thought but right now he just jumped on to grab this golden opportunity. This way he can see his Angel again.
Whole college was glittering with lights while students were excited for the big function. Sanskar finally came to join the celebration. He started heading for the Dean’s office with a strict poise. His stance immediately demanding everyone’s attention. Girls drooled over him while boys gave him a jealous look. He joined the management team but excused himself when he got a call. He came out of the hall and decided to be in the garden for a while to get fresh air hoping he may get to see his Angel on the way. He had looked over at the audience in hope of getting a glimpse of her but she was not there which made him slightly worried.

Sanskar’s POV:
Just then my gaze falls on my Angel who appears to be searching something. I tapped her shoulder to get her attention and she squealed cutely and jumped startled. “Hey calm down Angel. It’s me only. Your friend remember. Sorry for scaring you like that”. “You scared me” she said crossing her arms angrily. “But you said sorry so it’s fine. You won’t run away like Mr. Scwad Right?” she asked looking sad. “And why would you think so Angel? And who is this Mr. Scwad?” I asked my Angel. Who keep their child’s name Scwad anyways. That’s a weird name. “You see I was walking towards hall” she began speaking animatedly, “Then I saw this cutest squirrel hopping near the apricot tree. It’s cheeks were like this” she said puffing up her cheeks looking hella adorable “I just wanted to say hi to him but Mr. Scwad ran away from me. So I thought you will too”. “But I’m not a squirrel Angel”. “And what is the proof that you are not? ” said my Angel in a sassy tone. “Maybe you have some super powers to transform into a squirrel. Oh my god. That would be amazing. Will you show me your super powers? I promise I won’t tell anyone. We are friends so you can’t keep secrets. So you will show me your powers right? Please.” “You know you have a wild imagination Angel. And to clarify your doubts. I’m a normal human sweetheart. I don’t possess superpowers.” “O-oh” she said a bit sadly. “Now come here” I said opening my arms for her to hug me and she immediately latched herself on me. I laughed securing my arms around her. Her head on the crook of my neck just like last time. “You know you are a bit weird. But that’s what I like about you the most. My silly adorable Angel” I said kissing the top of her head softly.
“I brought something for you” she said while unwrapping herself from me and I instantly missed her warmth. She took out a big chocolate from her bag and handed it to me smiling widely. “This is for you”. I don’t like sweets but my Angel specially brought it for me and I can eat hundreds of them if my Angel is the one bringing them for me. We shared the chocolate and I wiped her face. My Angel definitely is a messy eater. “We should head back to hall sweetheart. People will come looking for us soon”.

Just as we were few steps away from the room she stopped me. “A-actually I s-saw in movies that friends call each other with s-special n-names. You already have one for me. So can I give you o-one? ” she asked hesitantly. “Of Course Angel. You can call me whatever you want to.” “So. From now on I will call you Cupy” said Angel excitedly, smiling. “Cupy? ” I asked confused. “Offho! See. You are very cute like a teddy”. “What?” I asked shocked. “yeah”. “But guys are not cute Angel. They are handsome, smart, good looking, anything but not cute and definitely not me” I said making faces. “But you are” said Angel defiantly. “Fine” I exclaimed dejectedly. “Now I understood. ‘cu’ means cute but what does that ‘py’ stands for?” “Creepy” replied Angel coolly. “What?” I asked second time. “You think I’m creepy Angel?” I exclaimed horrified. “U-um you umm you know you continue to stare at m-me continuously like a w-weirdo which is c-creepy. So I thought this nickname will be p-perfect. Don’t you like it? ” “Was it that obvious?” I think to myself. “It’s awesome Angel. Just perfect”. “Your imagination does run wild” I murmured to myself.
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