His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 30

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Sitting on one of the benches in the campus garden, Ragini wipes a teardrop from her right eye, sensing wetness seeping through her cheeks. Even though she is not as sad as before, her heart is still aching from the sadness. Quickly rubbing the eyes that begin to cloud, she wiped her tears.
It may seem to a few that she is overreacting but she has been emotionally sensitive since birth. No one ever scolded her for anything in childhood because she was a good girl who always abide by the rules.
Back then, when she was homeschooled, she would always wondered what it would feel like to attend a normal school and have friends. But looking at the scenario now, she couldn’t pinpoint whether to feel happy or not.
First that bullying incident and now this.
The morning event and the crying drained all her energy. She is thankful that at least her last lecture was cancelled, giving her some time to calm down.
Taking out her phone to check herself in the selfie cam, she breathed a sigh of relief when the blotchiness of her eyes couldn’t be figured out.
Walking out of the campus, Ragini looked ahead and saw Sanskar in his black armani suit, leaning against his Audi, his eyes unashamedly fixed on her frail figure and her breath caught in her throat.
Crossing her fingers, she prayed quietly in her mind with a hope that he wouldn’t figure out that she was crying.
“Please God ji. Please don’t let Cupy figure out that I was crying. Pretty please? You know na how much of a mama bear he is.” She whispered, closing her eyes.
She is fully aware of his over protective mama bear nature when it comes to her and she can’t risk something bad happening to her maths professor. Though the professor is the one at fault, her kind nature won’t allow her to get someone else hurt because of her. She would feel guilty.
“Angel….?!” Sanskar asks holding her shoulder the moment she was at an arm’s distance. His eyes spark up with worry and anger as those charcoal eyes stare back at the slightly red, puffy eyes.
“What happened – why did you cry – who made you cry?” He asked as he felt rage overpower his senses, his eyes cautiously checking her for any physical injury.
“I-I. it’s n-no-thing tha-”
Her stuttering was cut off by a loud ringtone.
Sanskar was about to press the end button when his gaze fell on the number.
“We found everything Sir.” Said the caller without waiting for any greeting.
“Tell me.” Sanskar ordered in a clipped tone making Ragini tilt her head slightly in confusion, wondering who the caller might be.
As the phone call continued, Sanskar’s grip on his cellphone tightened.
Clenching his jaw, his facial expressions hardened.
“Come with me.” He said grabbing her right hand.
Marching over to the Dean’s office he entered the room not bothering to knock.
“I want all the teachers here, right now, in five minutes.” His loud voice boomed, scaring the Dean himself who was startled already by his sudden entry but he knew better than to question him.
“”Your termination letter is in front of you Mr. Mukherjee. You are fired on the account of misusing your status to bully a student. The complains of misconduct of behaviour have been reported before also. You may go now.” Explained the Dean of Stanford College seriously.
Clutching the back of his shirt tightly in her dainty hands, she moved behind Sanskar, afraid as the professor glared heatedly at her.
“You complained about me. Didn’t you? You deserved that bullying. You should’ve died you bi-”
“Whoa! ” and “Oh my god!” escapes everyone’s mouths. Before he could complete his sentence, Sanskar jumps onto Mr. Mukherjee and begin punching him over and over, as hard as he could, blood spurting out of professor’s nose, his face blo*dy and bruised everywhere and it even coats Sanskar’s hands and shirt.
“Get off of him this instant Mr. Maheshwari.” Sanskar come back to earth as he is dragged off the knocked out maths’s professor.
“What he said was wrong but you can’t physically assault someone like that. Calm down or I would’ve to call the police.” The principal warned.
Yanking himself out of the Dean’s arms, he muttered, “I lost my control.”
Coming back to his senses, he turned to his left to see her sitting in the corner of the room, clutching her knees tightly to her chest, her face stained with tears, while sneaking scaring glances at him. She was scared….. OF HIM…..
Walking towards her, he went to the corner where his Angel was curled into a ball. He took cautious steps in her direction making her move backwards, cowering furthermore into the wall.
“No, no, no,……” She cried out continuously and his heart ached seeing his Angel scare away from him. Getting closer to her frightened frame, he crouched down in front of her. She screamed as he brought his bloodied hands in front of her, an attempt to touch her, to calm her, but it scared her away even more. She cried out loudly, punching him on his chest, pushing him away as he made an another attempt to embrace her in his arms.
“Angel..baby…” He tried saying, his voice cracking at the ends. “Don’t….Don’t p-push me away Princess, please.” His own eyes brimmed with tears as he watched his Angel push him away.
Ragini’s eyes stopped tearing as his vulnerable voice reached her ears. “I love you baby. I love you so much Princess. Please don’t push me away Angel. I’m sorry for scaring you. Am sorry, am sorry, am sorry…….” He kept repeating it over and over again to her. Ragini wiped her tears with the back of her hand, nodding as she looked at him.
“Cupy!” She choked out, wiping his tears gently with her thumb, bending closer to him. Sanskar clutched her hand in his as the couple lost themselves in their own little world forgetting all the chaos around them.
“Forgive me?” He asked desperately as she nodded once again. He thanked her a tons in his heart, encaging her tightly in his arms, finding comfort in that moment as she placed her tiny head on his chest.
Reaching the mansion, Sanskar got out of his Audi with his sleeping Angel in his arms and a soft smile graced his lips as he eyed her hand which was tightly clutching his shirt like always.
Settling her on his lap, he gently rocks her sleeping body back and forth in his arms.
He can’t help but reminisce the event happened an hour before.
He didn’t regret beating that ba****d of a professor but whenever he remember his Angel scared of him, guilt overpower his inner conscience.
He unconsciously tighten his hold on her when the memory of her pushing him away appeared before his eyes.
“I’m so sorry for scaring you Bunny but please don’t push me away again. I-I will not be able to live.” He whispered to her, pecking the top of her head.
She is his reason to live. He needs her like he needs the air to breathe. There is no turning back now.
She is his till eternity.
“You are mine, my sweet Angel.” He whispered, holding her closer, if that was even possible.

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