His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 28

Thank you for all the comments on the last part. I noticed the comments are decreasing from last 4 parts. If you’re not liking the storyline snore or my way of writing, please be free to tell me.
Some of you are confused about last part. Actually, it was a flashback from the time when Ragini fell unconscious before the leap. About her health problem, she is suffering from a heart disease in this story. You can read the part where Ragini was hospitalized after the bullying incident to know further. I mentioned about it in that part.
Thank you once again to everyone who commented and silent readers too if there is any. Also I told you guys beforehamd that there will be a change in Sanskar’s character post the leap. He will behave obsessive towards Ragini so if you’ve any problem with that please inform me beforehand.

Here is the next part:
“So, did you get the eighth question right? That Dracula (a.k.a.their professor) marked me wrong.” Whined Divya as both the girls made their way out of the college campus discussing the answers of the surprise test they had today.
“Y-yeah I got that right. Rs. 34,861 was the answer but she marked me wrong on question 5.” Complained Ragini, pouting sadly.
“Oh shut up Ragini. Be happy. You scored an A minus. Look at my scores. B plus. At least yours are better than me.” Muttered Divya walking beside Ragini.
“I suggest you drop your tone Miss. Singhania. It’ll be better for you if you don’t talk to Angel like that.” Interrupted a cold voice as a strong arm snaked around Ragini’s petite waist, pulling her straight to a toned, hard chest.
“Missed you Bunny.” Whispered Sanskar softly pecking her temple.
Before Ragini had the time to answer back Divya butted in between.
“Seriously!!” She exclaimed rolling her eyes.
“For your kind information, Ragini is my friend Mr. Maheshwari and friends converse like that only.”
“Listen you-”
“We should go home now.” Ragini stopped them before the duo could start their bickering again.
“Bye Divs.” Waved Ragini as the couple headed to Sanskar’s black shiny Audi SQ5, parked proudly in front of the college gate.
“You should not be mean to her Cupy. Divya is my friend.” Reprimanded Ragini crossing her arms.
“I didn’t like the tone she was using on you Princess moreover you are the only one I’ll ever be sweet to.” Said Sanskar nuzzling her neck.
“Hey!! That tickles.” Exclaimed Ragini giggling as Sanskar stared fondly at the laughing beauty in his arms.
He felt a warmth seeped through his heart as he watch his Angel singing her little heart out, jumping on the bed.
Yes, she was screeching loudly, her voice bouncing off the walls but it was cute. She was cute.

“Cupy.” My Angel squealed happily as her tiny feet padded in my direction.
“Well, aren’t my Princess a rockstar?” I teased boping her nose as she crinkled her face in an adorable manner causing my lips to curl up in a small smile at her antics.
“Yeah?” She questioned tilting her head slightly and I nodded affirmatively .
“Will you also sing with me?” She asked with excitement written all over her face and I gulped loudly.
‘Singing? And that too me? Never.’ I thought in distaste.
“Princess I can’t-”
“Pretty please?” She cut me off, looking at me with her puppy dog eyes, batting her eyelashes innocently.
‘Damn. That’s not fair.’ I groaned mentally.
Sighing, I cleared my throat.
“Um of course.”
“Yay.” She instantly latch herself onto me, squealing happily.
“Come on.”
I laugh as she jump on her feet, trying to pull me along with her. Keyword – tried.
“Giant man!!” She huffed cutely in defeat.
“Fine.” I chuckled tagging along, with her in my arms.
My insides were cramping from how much she was smiling and yelling.
Reaching the bed I grab her mid circle and tickle her sides, amused by her delightful giggles.
“H-hey st-op that.” She exclaimed in between her laughs and I finally stop my tickling torture.
Her favorite song started playing and I raise a brow at her, amused as she pretends to hold a microphone and dramatically clears her throat.
Upon the first beat she throws her free hand lazily, singing the song, doing funny dance moves as her hair bounced on her back.
“Cupy.” She paused, frowning deeply at me.
“You also have to sing with me Mister.” She narrows her eyes at me and I groan.
“Fine. But let me warn you. I can’t sing. AT ALL.”
“Oh hush silly.” She retorts.

Singing with my Princess, I was so zoned out that I didn’t know I was into it until we both concluded the song as our voice rang out on the top of our lungs.
Running my hands through my hair, we both pant slightly out of breath as Angel dramatically flung over my shoulder.
Hearing a loud clank my head snapped to the door where stood a wide-eyed Ramu Kaka staring at me as if I’ve grown three heads all of a sudden.
Before I could say something he yells, “I-I have some important work.”
Saying so Kaka ran out of the room as if he was chased by some ghosts.
“That was embarrassing.” I heard Angel behind me, giggling at the incident happened seconds before.
“Embarrassing indeed.” I muttered engaging her in a tight hug.

A loud gasp emitted from her parched lips as she stared wide eyed at a shirtless Sanskar.
Turning to face her, Sanskar’s face drained off it’s color.
“Angel.” He breathed out.
His heart racing miles per second as so many thoughts swarmed his mind.
“T-Those m-marks. H-how?”
She trailed off unable to complete her sentence.
This was the first time Ragini saw her Cupy shirtless. If it was some other scenario, she would have blushed incessantly but right now, all her mind could conjure up were the marks littered on his back.
Plopping down on the bed beside her Sanskar briefly closed his eyes, preparing himself to answer all the questions reeling inside of her at the moment.
Though he wasn’t mentally ready to disclose his past, he would do that in a heartbeat if his Angel wanted to know.
Taking a deep breath, he began.
“I-I was eleven years old back then when my dad ma-”
A hand placed on his mouth stopped him from continuing further.
Looking questionably at the Angel before him, Sanskar gazed at those black mesmerizing swirls which were flooded with so many emotions at once.
Sadness, pain, love and trust.
“Y-you don’t have to tell me anything buddy.” Retracting her hand back, her voice was barely above a whisper.
It felt like her heart broke into a million pieces as her gaze landed on his back.
Her innocent mind couldn’t fathom why would someone be so cruel to harm her Cupy like that.
‘How much painful it would’ve been.’ Whimpering, tears brimmed her doe like eyes as her heart ached for him when the thought crossed her mind.
“Hey. Don’t cry for me my sweet Angel.”
He cooed in her ear gentling wiping her tears with his thumb.
“B-but that would’ve pained a lot na.” She whispered sadly, burying her face in his neck.

Ragini knew Sanskar isn’t ready right now to disclose his past to her. He is afraid she will hate him because of his past.
What he doesn’t understand is the fact that his Angel loves him too much to hate him because of his past.
She can’t be selfish and force him to disclose everything.
It’ll be unfair to him.
She will wait. Wait for the time when he himself will tell her everything. And that too willingly.
Til them she will be his support. She will stand beside him through thick and thin.
The muscles on his back tensed in an instant and his entire body went rigid, the moment her hands grazed his back.
He loathed those marks littered wildly on his back. He simply despise them to the point he couldn’t get himself to ever touch them but feeling the soft touch he shut his eyes with a peaceful expression on his face.
To him nothing else mattered any more in the moment.
His Angel is with him. In his arms.
His muscles releaxed under the touch as she unconsciously traced the marks with her fingertip.
“Be with me?”
The vulnerable look on Sanskar’s face threw her off-guard for a second.
She replied with a smile on her face and Sanskar hugged her tightly like never before. Afraid that she will vanish into thin air the moment he let her go.

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