His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 26

A small petite figure is seen tip-toeing outside a dark room as quietly as possible.
Sighing a frown replaced the earlier sleepy smile on his lips the moment he eyed the empty bed space.

Opening the door of his-now-their-room he went through the living room not bothering to wear the slippers.
Calling out her name the worried feeling in his heart only grew when it remained silent. Loud footsteps approached in the direction of backyard as a small sigh of relief escaped his lips but the expression on his face soon morphed into a worried one.
Opening her arms wide she breathed in the fresh air around her, closing her eyes in bliss as her lips curled up into a soft smile.

Gazing at all the beautiful flowers the black hues of hers brightened up with happiness.
Gulping she turned to the source of a familiar voice behind her.
Before she could react, she was swooped up into a pair of strong, muscled arms as two intense black orbs stared at her.
“I think I made myself clear last time. Didn’t I Angel?”

His gruff voice made her squirm into his tight hold.
“But I was here for 15 minutes only” She tried to reason.
“You will not go anywhere Princess. Neither without me nor without my knowledge.”
Her eyes widened at the statement.
“And this is the last time I’m telling this. Trust me baby next time I’ll chain you up with me if I’ve to.”

His voice was firm and resolute and Ragini didn’t doubt his words for a second.
Huffing in exasperation she closed her eyes resting her head on his toned chest.
It’s not like she could do anything else.
“Beta don’t you think whatever you are doing is wrong?” Questioned Ramu Kaka.
“What do you mean Kaka? Say clearly.” Said Sanskar, his gaze on Ragini who was busy reading, sitting out of the hearing distance.

“I-I mean not letting Ragini bitiya alone and always keeping an eye on her.” Ramu Kaka replied a bit hesitantly afraid how Sanskar will react.

“I’m doing this for Angel’s safety Kaka.”
He was about to head towards Ragini but stopped hearing his next words.
“You are just being paranoid Sanskar. It’s not necessary for the past to always repeat itself.”
“Call it whatever you want Kaka. When my Angel’s safety is concerned I don’t give a damn about the measured I’ve to take.”

“What are you doing?” asked Sanskar when he saw her struggling to get out of bed. . Ragini was reading a novel sitting in between his legs, her head resting on his chest while Sanskar was busy analysing a file, his one arm wrapped protectively around her waist.
“I’m going to get another book.” She said trying to get out of the bed once again.
“No” Sanskar shook his head tightening his hold on her and Ragini sighed exasperatedly.
He was behaving like a child.

“I don’t want to let you go.” She frowned and was about to say something but her words caught in her throat when he continued.
“I just feel like if I let you out of my sight, you will disappear Princess and I won’t be able to see you ever again. The best way that I know to make sure that never happens is if I’m always with you. I nearly lost you before and there is no way in hell that I’ll take any chance again.” He looked in her eyes with a desperation to be understood.
“Do you know how anxious it makes me feel to let you go outside by yourself? Or go to work or let you be somewhere where I can’t physically watch over you? You may think it’s stupid but you are the only one I have Angel and I’m afraid to lose you.”

Lightly brushing a hand through his hair she gently cupped his face with both her hands, stroking his right cheek with her thumb.
Looking into his eyes, she smiled. “I love you Cupy. I’m your best friend, your fiancee and in future I’ll be your wife some day. I’m not gonna disappear anywhere buddy. You are stuck with me forever.” Smiling she playfully poked his cheek.
Placing her forehead on his she tapped his nose followed by his chin as a sigh of content escaped his lips.

Postponing the reading for tomorrow she made herself cozy in his side. Wrapping her arms around him she lulled herself to sleep as she whispered, “Nothing will ever take me away from you.”
Laying her carefully on top of him he embraced her in a protective stance. He liked hearing his Angel. Her words give him a peace of mind.

“Nothing will ever take you away from me Bunny . I’ll make sure of that.” He muttered before falling into a peaceful slumber.
So sorry I couldn’t update earlier. I had high fever but now I’m fine. I know this chapter is short but I promise next one will be longer and I’ll try to update within next two days.
Thanks for reading. If you liked this part then please comment.

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  1. Loved it very much . Don’t you think sanskar is being too much possessive as if he’s obsessed with her . Don’t you think his possessiveness is turning into obsession . But anyways loved to see the love between them . Would be waiting for next part .

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