His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 24

Still asleep Sanskar patted the bed beside him to embrace his Angel but woke up abruptly realising the empty space.
“Angel !!”
His gaze fell on the clock across him displaying 1:30 a.m. in big bold letters.
He called out as his eyes frantically scanned the entire room for any sign of her.
“Where is she?”
Hastily removing the blanket, his heart beats quickened in fear as his mind riled up with different scenarios of her being hurt.
“Baby where are you?”
He called out for her again forging through the entire mansion.
His ears perked up as a quiet giggle reached his eardrums.

Stepping into the kitchen he eyed the tiny girl before him munching on her chocolate happily like a five year old kid unaware of her surrounding.
“And what are you doing here Missy?” Questioned Sanskar narrowing his eyes at her with his arms crossed.
“Oops!!” Ragini bit her tongue looking sheepishly at him.
“Sorry” She said babyishly, holding her ears and staring at him with her best puppy dog eyes.
Sanskar shook his head as a small smile graced on his lips.
How could someone be angry on this innocent little creature.
Gently holding her chin he dabbed the napkin in water them wiped the chocolate smeared on her face.
“My messy little bunny.”
Kissing her forehead he swiftly picked her up from the counter heading to their room.
“But I’m not sleepy.” She complained pouting.
“I know Princess. Just close your pretty eyes for me yeah?”
Before she could say anything further he gently shushed her.
Scooping her on his lap he rocked her back and forth just like a mother would do to her new born baby and soon she was fast asleep.
Kissing the top of her head lovingly he closed his eyes with his Angel sleeping on top of him.
Standing in front of mirror next morning, he gently traced the tattoo peaking out from the translucent white shirt.

“A-are you here for a tatoo Sir? Asked the tattoo artist rather anxiously.
Well, you couldn’t blame him. It’s not a daily occurrence that The Sanskar Maheshwari visits a tattoo shop.
Sanskar continued staring at him coldly raising a brow at his stupid question.
The poor man chuckled nervously.
“I-I m-mean which tattoo would you w-want to get Sir?”
He continued further.
“I can show you some designs if you want o-or you can have it customize.”
“A customize one.”
“”Okay. Please explain it to me. I will design it and if it’s satisfactory to you we can begin the process.”

“You want to have a permanent tatoo Sir or a temporary one?” The man asked politely.
“In my opinion, a temporary one will be the best because a permanent tattoo hurts a lot moreover it will get erase over time if you don’t like it and if you do you can get it renewed after six months.” He advised sincerely.
“A permanent one on my chest.” Sanskar answered in a clipped tone which left no room for argument.
The tattoo artist widened his eyes in shock.
“Damn man!! Tattoo on chest and that too a permanent one. It will hurt like hell. This man loves his girl for sure.” He thought to himself.

Sanskar’s eyes lightened up gazing at the tattoo on his chest.
A picture of a beautiful Angel in arms of a devil as he held her protectively, their eyes reflecting their love for each other.
‘MY ANGEL’ written in a beautiful calligraphy right on the top of his heart.
The tattoo was apt for their love story.
He was a devil who will forever protect his Angel.
“It finished too soon.” complained Ragini.
She was so immersed in the novel she has no idea how the time flew by and finally the story had a happy ending.
“You can read another one Angel. No need to be upset.”
“You are right.”

Jumping up from her earlier position she ran towards the library.
Slow down baby.” Sanskar said sternly.
“Slowing her pace she finally entered the mini library in their mansion.
“Umm Which one should I read next?” Tapping her chin on thoughts she looked at all the shelves with books of different genres ranging from history, business, romance, horror and mystery were lined up neatly in a row.
She was about to pick one of the romance novels but her curiosity spiked up as her eyes landed on a black book in the topmost left corner of the shelf.
Standing on her tippy toes Ragini was finally able to grab the book which peaked her interest for some reason.
“A religious book?” She thought out loud while inspecting the first page carefully.
“Why was I so curious about it?” She wondered.
“Must be due to the black cover.” She tried to reason with her inner self.
And just when she was about to place it back it slipped from her hands and fell down with a thud.
But what got her attention was the photo lying beside it.
“It must’ve been in this book.”
Looking at the photo carefully, you could figure out three people standing side by side.
A man in his late thirties standing alongside a woman of similar age-group with a boy 12-13 years old in middle.
“Sanskar.” The boy definitely was Sanskar.
Looking at the man she easily figured it out that he was his father due to the resemblance in their physical features.
“She is not Cupy’s mom.” She frowned while thinking.
Sanskar has briefed her before about his parents looks so she knew the lady in the picture was not his mother.
“Then who is she?” She wondered tilting her head slightly in confusion.
“Sanskar never told me about anyone beside his parents.”
Ragini gulped looking at the woman’s face.

The lady was beautiful no objection but the smile on her face was a different story.
The crooked smile on her lips had Ragini shudder involuntarily in fear. This woman reminded her of the evil stepmother of Cinderella.
The expressions on Sanskar’s face disturbed her further.
Because there were none.
He had a blank look on his face and his eyes so cold that you would mistaken them for a second to be that of a dead person.
How could a 12 year old child could be so detached.
“Bitiya what are you doing here? Sanskar beta is waiting for you?” A voice came behind her.
“Who is she Ramu Kaka?” Asked Ragini pointing at the picture while Ramu Kaka’s eyes widened like saucers.
“S-s-she. W-where did you find it?” Ramu Kaka questioned but his eyes were still fixed on the picture.
“I f-” Before she could complete Ramu Kaka interrupted her in between.
“Leave it. It’s nothing important. Come Sanskar is waiting for you.” He tried to coax her to leave the topic.
“Tell me na Kaka. Please. Who is this lady exactly? I want to know.”
Before Rama Kaka could say anything a voice interrupted them.

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