His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 23

Thank you so much everyone for commenting on my OS and this ff. Truthfully speaking, I’m a girl with low self esteem. So when I started writing this ff I thought rarely anyone would want to read it. But you guys liked my ff. So thank you for that. Your comments means a lot.
Here is the next part :
Groggily opening his eyes, a sleepy, barely visible smile curled up onto his lips as he witnessed the scene before him.
His Angel perched onto his stomach with her legs dangling on both sides of his torso, was squishing his cheeks to make funny faces with her dainty, little hands all the while giggling quietly to herself.
Ragini squealed in surprise as Sanskar abruptly sat up on the bed with her landing on his lap, her head resting on his chest.
“You scared me!!” She complained childishly.
“Oh yeah!! And what about someone squishing my cheeks like there is no tomorrow. Hmm?” Arching an eyebrow at her, Sanskar questioned playfully.
“It’s not my fault that they are so squishy. See.” She again squished his cheeks laughing.
Before Sanskar could get back at her she sprinted to the washroom sticking her tongue out at him.

“Someone is grumpy.” Teased Ragini looking at Sanskar who was sitting on the sofa with a brooding expression.
“Ding Dong!! Is my Cupy there?” She playfully tapped his nose twice with her forefinger.
Ragini pouted as Sanskar turned his face away from his Angel so she couldn’t see the oncoming smile on his face. Though he wasn’t angry on her but he always feels a warmth surging through his heart as his Angel try to persuade him with her cute, unique ways. Her tapping his nose one of them.
Sanskar’s chain of thoughts halted when Ragini pecked his left cheek muttering a ‘sorry’. Before he could react another kiss was placed on his right cheek.
Pecking his nose softly, she kissed his forehead as Sanskar closed his eyes lost in the feelings. He expected her to kiss him on lips next but the tiny vixen lightly smacked the top of his head and ran away giggling leaving a stunned Sanskar behind.
“Naughty little Angel.” He whispered to himself.

“I’m excited.” Ragini gushed happily, jumping on the car seat while Sanskar chuckled at her excitement.
No matter if she has been acquainted with the place before, Ragini was always in awe of this place, where the duo shared their first kiss.
After walking about 10 minutes with a picnic basket on one hand and Ragini’s hand in another, he finally stopped at a spot where the ethereal beauty of the place was at it’s finest.
Looking down at the girl beside him as she walked in the forest, her eyes shining with curiosity as she absorbed her surrounding, her baby blue sundress twirling as her midnight black hair danced in the air, his heart sighed at her beauty and softness.
“My baby fairy”
He cooed in her ear placing a feathery kiss on her temple. He breathed in content as she blushed shyly.
Quickly spreading the mattress he settled her on his lap placing his chin on the top of head. His arms protectively wrapped around her fragile frame.
“Tell me about yourself. You never talk about your childhood.”
She turned so that she was now face to face with him.
“We were a small, happy family of three. Me, my father and mother. Cooking was mom’s passion. She would spent hours in the kitchen learning new dishes.”
She noticed how his eyes brightened up at the mention of his family. An expression that now is reserved solely for her.
“You learnt cooking from your mom right?”
“Yeah.” Smiling he lovingly kissed her forehead.
“I would always assist her in the kitchen. She used to say that when someday you’ll find your Angel you can cook for her and feed her with your own hands.”
A soft laugh escaped his lips remembering those moments.
“You know dad would always complain saying how I spend so much time with mom. He would tease me saying I’m mamma’s boy which apparently I was.”
She also laughed with him.
“Mamma’s boy huh?” She teased.
His smile instantly vanished as the next question escaped her lips.
“What about when you grew up? Hmm?” She tapped her chin on thoughts.
“Say twelve years old?”
His eyes tightly closed shut as he fought with his mind to prevent going down that dark lane.
His face hardened and his jaw clenched as the cold, lifeless eyes of his mother appeared before his eyes.
The hanging body of his father followed by a maniacal laugh sent him over the edge. Unknowingly he tightened his grip on her instantly regretting as she winced from the pain.
Guilt swarmed his heart and his eyes instantly shot open.
“I’m s-sorry Angel.”
He cupped her face in his hands, staring at her teary eyes.
I-I d-didn’t-”
He cut himself of. What will he say. It wasn’t her fault.
Gently touching the spot he tightened his hold on, his gaze fell on the red prints of his finger as his own eyed filled with unshedded tears.
“Monster. I’m a monster. I hurt My Angel.”
He chided himself.
Wiping the tear that fell from his eyes she gently cupped his right cheek.
“F-Forgive me?”
He asked with a hopeful gleam in his eyes to which she giggled while nodding.
“I love you.”
Kissing his cheek lovingly she nuzzles her face in his chest shyly.

“Angel” Yelled Sanskar.
“Don’t run Princess. You’ll get hurt baby.”
The moment Sanskar parked the car Ragini hurriedly went out of it sprinting inside the mansion.
Since the sole of Ragini’s feet is more curvy than normal she usually trips down on the flat floor even when there is literally nothing to trip on.
Before Sanskar could catch up-to her she fell down tripping on the white marbled floor.
Sanskar sighed exasperatedly but picked her up none the less when she pouted making grabby hands at him like a baby.
“Told you.” He said sternly.
She held both her ears.

Sanskar snaked a possessive arm around Ragini’s waist as he glared at the males looking lustfully at his Angel.
A business party was organized by one of the elite business mogul and unfortunately it was important to attend.
The server arrives with the drinks and Sanskar took a sip before handing it to Ragini to make sure it was non-alcoholic.
While the couple was busy bantering, lost in their own world unbeknownst to a pair of eyes watching their interaction.
“Lovely couple. Ain’t they?” Aditya asked putting an arm around his girlfriend’s shoulder.
“Lovely indeed.” Replied Divya, Ragini’s friend, while sipping her drink.
“What is it? Something is definitely going on in that head of yours.” Aditya arched a brow in question.
“What do you think of Sanskar Maheshwari?” Instead of answering his question she asked him one.
“huh?” He looked at her confused.
“Tell me.” She coaxed.
“Well, he definitely is a ruthless business man in my opinion but still has a soft side reserved for our dear friend. Everyone can see how much he loves her.”
“You know what I see?”
“Tell me.” He said suddenly interested in the conversation.
“I don’t know but I’ve this gut feeling that he is not everything he appears to be. There is something hidden behind this exterior of his and I’m afraid he somehow gonna hurt Ragini.”
“You are wrong Divs. Just look that them. Sanskar will never hurt her intentionally.”
“But unintentionally he will.” She said taking the last sip of her drink. Her intuitions were telling her something is wrong with the man standing beside her friend.

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