His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 16

Sanskar didn’t get even get a wink of sleep. For the past 18 hours he just continued staring at his Angel holding her hand in his. Everyone tried to get him to take rest for a while but to no avail.
Ragini soon started gaining consciousness. Her eyes fluttered and hand twitched slightly. Feeling the movement Sanskar looked up.
“Angel?” He asked.
“Wake up sweety. Open your beautiful eyes for me. Come on.” He encouraged.
She was finally able to disclose her eyes. Her sight blurry at first. “Cupy” She softly whispered when her gaze fell on Sanskar who at the moment was standing beside her.
“Nothing to worry. We have to keep her under observation until 48 hours are over she is good to go then.” informed the doctor.
Ragini assured her dad and Bhai about her health constantly staring at Sanskar who for some reason was avoiding her gaze.
Sensing the situation Mr. Suryavanshi dragged Arjun out with him.

“Come here.” she motioned to Sanskar who was lost in thoughts. His conscience still blaming him.
“You know I read once somewhere, “It’s deplorable to condemn the beautiful petals for our misery when it’s the spines who are to be blamed.” she said looking tenderly in his direction. A soft smile on her beautiful face.
Sanskar gazed at her in awe. His admiration clearly visible on his face. How she can read his mind like an open book?
Ragini just flashed him a wide smile as if she knows what’s going on in that head of his. Her one hand resting gently on his right cheek she leaned down to place her forehead on his, first tapping his nose then chin.
Closing her eyes she whispered, “I hope this answer all your questions.”
And just like a magic all his doubts and uncertainties diappeared. His Angel trusted him and it’s all that matters. Who cares about the viewpoint of others.

Sanskar smiled witnessing the scene before him. Mr. Suryavanshi was trying to make Ragini drink the soup but his Angel acting stubborn refused to drink the ‘yucky soup’ as she oh so graciously named it. He asked the nurse to go saying he will handle the situation.
Tucking the cloth around her neck he took the bowl to feed her.
“No. This soup is yucky” said his Angel making faces.
He smiled looking at her antics.
“Oh no. Here I thought my Angel will help me.” He said pretending to be serious.
“Help in what? ” She asked curiously.
“Oh God!” He began dramatically. “The plane is going to crash now but it doesn’t have a place to land. What will happen now?” He feigned shock and anticipation all the while making noises of a plane.
“I can help. I can help.” She yelled happily. Jumping in her seat with excitement.
“Here.” As she opened her mouth Sanskar made her drink the soup.
“You are a saviour my Angel. See how you saved a plane from crashing.” He knew if anyone was to look at him that person definitely will doubt his sanity. But it was all worth it.
“You stink.” said Ragini scrunching her nose adorably after Sanskar spoon fed her.
“That’s rude.” He said holding back a smile.
“Yes Mr. you smell and look like you haven’t slept.” She said noticing the dark bags under his eyes.
“I don’t.” Sanskar tried to defend himself.
“You do.” Ragini spoke seriously.
“Fine.” He grumbled.
“Go shower then” she ordered. “No. There is no way I am leaving you alone.” He stubbornly said. “Papa and Bhai are here with me. Now go and come back soon.” He reluctantly agreed. “Yes Mam. ” He mock saluted.

He was about to sit in his car when Arjun stopped him. He raised a brow in question.
“I approve you.” stated Arjun making him confused.
“For my angel.” Sanskar was shocked when he heard him. He simply nodded his head in agreement. No words further exchanged.
“Arjun?” This time it was Sanskar who stopped Arjun from going.
“My Angel.” His tone proprietorial.
“Possessive much huh?” questioned Arjun seriously but his smile gave him away.
“Definitely” with that he stalked to the car, heading for his mansion.
“Who is your favorite actor?” asked Ragini after he came back.
“None particularly. I’m not that much into movies. I rarely watch them.”
“Who’s yours?” he questioned.
“Mine definitely is Ranbir Kapoor.” she said dreamily. “You know he is so cute and handsome too.” She said fangirling over the actor.
“He is not that much good in looks” Sanskar said grumpily.
“He is.” She contradicted.
“He ain’t. He even has wrinkles on his face and a few white hair as well.”
“He don’t.” Ragini defended.
“He do.”
“How do you know that anyways?” she questioned, looking suspiciously at him.
“Well, Umm, I saw him once in a movie. Yeah. That will be the reason.” He somehow managed to answer.
“How could I have never notice this before. I have watched every single movie of his.” She asked to her own self.
“Ha! Take that you Mr. Actor.” Sanskar triumphantly to himself doing a happy little dance in his mind. “Now My Angel likes me only.” He happily concluded.
“Do you have a microscopic lens fitted in your eyes?” Ragini paused for a second tapping her chin in thoughts before continuing. “Why do I think that someone over here is jelly?” She asked narrowing her eyes at him, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“Jealous and that too me? No way.”
“Okay then. I’m definitely gonna kiss him on cheek whenever I will meet him in future.”
Hearing her statement his eyes widened. “You are doing no such thing Missy.” He said sternly. “In fact, you are not going anywhere near him. I will not let that happen.” He said determined.
“Admit it. You were jealous.” She teased. “Aww. Someone is jelly.” She said in a sing song tone.
“I’m not.” Sanskar said coming closer.
“You are.” Ragini teased once again.
“And I said yes.”
“He looks like a monkey.”
“He does not.”
“He is a chimpanzee.” said Sanskar moving closer, their face inches apart.
“What you said?” with that she banged his head with hers angrily.
“Oww!” He rubbed his forehead to sooth the ache. “Geez! No need to be violent woman.”
Mr. Maheshwari laughed seeing the duo bickering like children.
“Both are exclusively made for each other. No one else can handle their craziness.” He smiled when the thought occurred in his head.
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