His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 14

It has been a month since Ragini started working in Maheshwari Corp. Initially her Dad was not in favor of her being friends with Sanskar but as time passed by, he finally acknowledged their relation. Although same was not the case with her brother. Though Arjun accepted the duo’s friendship for his baby sister’s sake he was still wary of Sanskar.
“Hurt my sister and you will pay. Powerful man or not.” Arjun had warned him when they met each other.

Life was going good for the pair. Sanskar’s new mega budget project attracted different investing firms as a result, rendering a huge profit in his hands.
Stanford College was all set to announce the winners of the annual talent hunt contest held specifically to assess the extent of knowledge of the students and award the braniest one from each year. Students were asked to gather in the auditorium where the said announcement was to be made. Ragini’s happiness held no bound the second she was declared one of the recipient. Feeling too overwhelmed she only managed to squeak out a small ‘thank you’ when she was awarded. Since everyone else except the faculty and students were forbidden to be a part of it she asked Divya to video tape the moment. Sanskar could not hide his smile when he saw the video and Mr.

Suryavanshi could not be more proud of his daughter. She was always so innocent that he felt over protective of her. Now she wants to explore the outer world and he knows it’s time that he let his baby bird fly to her full potential.

But there was someone who was burning in jealousy. “See Shanaya. This little girl first snatched your crush from you and now this. I told you before she will replace you one day.” “Shut up. Will you? No one can replace me. Never had and never will.”

Shanaya Raichand – The only daughter of the Dean of Stanford College. Bad company is never good for one’s character. She could be the best example of it. Once a simple, sophisticated girl is now a snobby, rich kid who likes to be the centre of attention of all.

Her mind is picturing Ragini as a threat to her position now. She is pretty, no doubt, but her heart is just as black. It was her dream to be the one who receives this award but her dream shattered just because of the little Ms. Innocent here. Moreover she is harbouring a long time crush in her heart for Sanskar and she snatched him from her. She needs to be taught a lesson.

“N-no g-give it b-back to me please” pleaded Ragini desperately, trying hard to grab her trophy and certificate back from the group of girls who were throwing them to each other. They already have destroyed her cell phone by stepping on it.

The moment she stepped in washroom Shanaya and her minions Naina, Kaira and Disha also entered seeing it as the best opportunity to torture the poor girl. They did not let her move and snatched both her trophy and certificate.

“I-I have d-done nothing. P-please give them b-back” She despairingly requested them again.
“Aww. Princess here wants her things back.” mocked Naina. “Okay. Take it.”
“You will g-give it back?” Ragini asked hopefully. “Yeah sure.” The moment her hand touched the certificate Kaira snatched it from her. The poor girl started to run up to her only to be tripped by one of them. The girl holding the certificate crouched down in front of innocent girl who was now collapsed onto the floor pathetically and held it in front of her.
“Oh, come on. Don’t be a crybaby now.” With that she tore the paper into pieces.
Ragini’s heart broke witnessing all her hard work smashed right in front of her and she closed her eyes painfully. Tears rapidly fell from her eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Shanaya said sympathetically to her. “I think we are crossing the limit guys. Here.” She said forwarding the trophy to her, so close that it would be easy for the girl to snatch it away.

“What are you do-” but she silenced the other girl with a sly smile. Ragini raised her head up and looked at her with a soft smile grazing her face. “R-really?” She managed to whisper softly, her hand reached up to take the trophy resting on the girl’s palm. Shanaya replied with a short nod. Ragini was overjoyed that at least one of them care about her. But Shanaya pulled her hand back and smashed it so hardly on the wall that the trophy broke down in half. Ragini was too shocked to react. The group of girls started snnigering. Laughing loudly pointing at her. She covered her ears with her hands trying to block the sound of their evil laughter mocking her while repeating “No, No,…..no, no, no” like a broken recorder.

But it was not enough to calm the monsters hidden inside them who revels in other’s pain. They wanted to hear her scream in agony.

“You know girls I brought some things from mall yesterday. I want to check them.” said Shanaya smirking evilly. “Girls make her stand and clutch both her wrists.” She ordered.

Sanskar was busy finalising the blueprints of his next business venture when he felt restless all of a sudden. There was a sinking feeling in his heart. Something was terribly wrong. He dialled Ragini’s no. but it was switched off. He picked up his car keys and started driving to the college. He was driving like a mad person crossing all the red signals. His driving pace was beyond the speed limit but he didn’t care. So many terrifying scenarios of his Angel being hurt occupied his mind and he felt scared for the first time after so many years. He didn’t had anything to lose before so he was practically invincible. But now Sanskar Maheshwari has a weakness. His Angel. “She is fine. Nothing would have happened to her. Her phone must have been out of charge just like the last time. No need to worry.” He tried to reassure his inner beast who was clawing to get out to see his Angel right now.


“D-d-d-don’t d-do this p-p-please.” begged Ragini when she saw a cutter in one of her hand.
“Oh stop stuttering like a retard you freak.” said Shanaya irritated. “It’s annoying the hell out of me.” She exaggerated.
“It will be fun.” She smirked evilly while sliding down the cutter on Ragini’s left cheek. The poor girl whimpered in pain and frailed around her arms trying desperately to get away from them. But failed.

This time she slashed on her left shoulder and blood leaked out from the cut.
Ragini begged her to stop but Shanaya was blinded by her rage and jealousy. Her heartless soul was finding immense pleasure in the innocent girl’s pain that she ignored all her imploring.
“Aww. I am bored now. Let’s try something else.” She said trying to act innocent. “I promise it will be over soon.”
“How about I cut these long hair of yours.” Ragini looked at her in horror. What had I done to deserve this, she painfully thought to herself. Apparently it was loud enough that the girl in front of her was able to hear her and replied angrily, “You tried to take away what’s mine.”
Shanaya brought the scissor closer to her hair but before she could cut them they heard loud footsteps. The group of girls ran away leaving behind Ragini in a pitiful condition.

Sanskar entered the campus and started searching for her. Everyone was shocked to see the heartless beast looking worried as hell. But he ignored all the stares directed at him and started asking them if anyone knew about his Angel. He became agitated when everyone denied and he started running in the halls searching for her like a lunatic.

Ragini ran to one of the nearest room which was apparently a store room. Huddled in a corner farthest from the door she curled herself into a ball her back pressed to the cold wall behind. Tears poured down her eyes rapidly as she whimpered weakly and buried her head in between her knees closing her eyes tightly afraid the girls will come back again.
Soon her breaths turned shallow. It was becoming harder for her to breath. She gasped for oxygen trying to inhale the air as much she can but the pain was making the task much more difficult. Her throat turned hoarse making it impossible even for a cry of pain to resurface. Her eyes rolled back to her head and at last the poor soul fell unconscious after all the suffering and humiliation.

His fear continued to increase with every passing second. “Just be fine, my Angel.”
Running through the corridor he watched as four girls hurriedly walked out the washroom which seemed a bit suspicious. Moving in that direction he halted his footsteps as his hears perked up at someone’s sobbing. His Angel’s to be exact.
The heart crushing moment left a lump of guilt in his throat, that he was unable to rid himself of. The moment left his heart aching.

Seeing his fragile Angel lying unconscious on the floor with tear stained cheeks and blood dripping from her cheek and shoulder, her wrists turning blue from someone’s tight hold on them. He clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles tuned white. He knew he failed. He failed his only reason to live, His Angel. The cruel realisation hit him straight in the heart and he fell down on his knees lifelessly.

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