His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 13

The duo came to hotel Radisson Blu for a business conference. The newly recruited interns and trainees were also asked to join the conference to help them acquire a better insight view of dealings in the corporate domain. Business moguls of different successful companies were going to be present and it was not less than a golden opportunity for them.
Sanskar kept Ragini close to him all the while during the introduction ceremony. He is well acquainted with the mindset of these shrewd corporates. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and he is not letting them be anywhere near his Angel.

Sanskar’s Monologue :
I see Angel feeling self conscious and put an arm around her to comfort the scared princess pulling her a bit closer to me. She squeak startled and I smile.
“Don’t be scared sweetness. I am here with you.” I assured her.
“W-who said I am scared.” She huffed cutely. ” I am a l-lion. See.” She growls trying her best to scare me with her hands positioned like paws, eyebrows furrowed mustering up her best scary face trying to intimidate me. Instead, she looked like an adorable puppy wanting to be pet by it’s owner. She tried to give me a threatening glare and I laughed heartily at the tiny creature before me. How unpredictable the course of life is. I rarely smiled before and now here I am laughing to my heart’s content. All because of this sweet Angel of mine.

“Of Course, you are Angel. You can be as brave and scary lion as you want with others. There is no need for you to be brave around me sweetness. Just be your cute, adorable self. I’ve got you.” He finished with a warm smile on his face.
The pair was interrupted by a clearing of throat. Standing in front of the duo was Sanskar’s co-partners in the latest project. They wanted to discuss about the recent dealings along with other business associates. The business men were not so keen to allow Ragini to join them too since it was a confidential matter for now. He motioned them to go ahead and he will join them after within twenty minutes when the discussion will start.
He pointed towards his secretary. “Be there with her Angel until I come back.” When Ragini didn’t made a step to move Sanskar furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s the matter Princess?” “Instead she gripped his arm tightly. “S-scary.” She took a glance around the hall they were in and moved behind his back to hide herself from everyone’s line of sight clutching his shirt tightly from back with her tiny hands.

Sanskar crouched down to her eye level and nodded sympathetically. “Ah! It’s not a place for my tiny Angel. Now is it?” He said softly like he is talking to a small baby. Gently taking her hands in his he continued, “Can you do something for me sweetheart? Something special?” She immediately nodded her head. “Try to be a brave lion for me yeah? You are my scary, intimidating lion right?” “O-okay.” She agreed finally and gave him her best scary face. “That’s my Angel” He said tapping her nose playfully.

None of them noticed the harsh staring of people directed at the pair. The tiny girl intrigued them. Who was she? They were shocked to say the least when they witnessed The Sanskar Maheshwari talking to her so softly as if one wrong word would hurt her immensely. Did they really saw him smiling? Has hell freeze over? What black magic has she done on him? Questions continued running wildly in their heads.

“Want me to walk you over there princess, before I go?” Just now noticing the stares Sanskar sends them an intense glare and everyone fix their gaze elsewhere. She nodded. Contorting her face in a grouchy glare Ragini tried to mimic Sanskar’s daunting expression trying to look as menacing as him. The people staring at her chuckled and shook their heads at her cute antics. “Here you go Angel. Take a seat.” Sanskar told her motioning towards a chair. “Be with her Mrs. Shergil” He ordered his secretary. “Alright sweetheart. Now I’m go-” he withhold his sentence when he saw her glaring. “Hey, what was that?” He asked amused. “The lion.” Ragini said coolly. “Well, what a cute lion that was.” “No. It was menacing. Very scary.” She almost stomped her foot. “Sure my Angel. That was the scariest lion I’ve ever seen. Now sit here okay?” he kissed her forehead softly then proceeded to meet the men. Ragini tried to be brave but her bravery dwindled when her anxiety kicked in. Don’t be afraid Ragu. You are a lion. Sanskar looked back once before exiting the hall. His heart ached seeing her terrified of the people around her. But her expression soon turned menacing, well, as threatening as it can be and he could not be more proud of her. “You sure have him whipped you know?” said the middle aged lady beside her. “hmm? W-what?” Ragini stuttered confused. “Nothing.” Weird lady. She thought to herself.

She couldn’t pinpoint why but she felt hurt when she saw her Cupy entering the hall after two hours with a lady beside him. The lady was beautiful and Ragini didn’t liked how close she was standing near her him. She can clearly see that Sanskar was trying to avoid her. She walked over there and held Sanskar’s arm. “Umm. W-why are you annoying Cupy M-ms.?” Before Sanskar could interrupt the girl said irritatingly, “And what it is to you anyways? Who he is to you?”
“Mine” said Ragini without thinking twice tightly holding Sanskar’s arm. Sanskar was flabbergasted by the sudden proclamation. He looked at her stunned. “You have heard the girl now leave us alone.” He coldly said and the girl stomped away angrily. “So I’m yours huh?” He teased her. It was now that her words registered her mind completely and she blushed profusely. A soft shade of pink dusted her cheeks. “I-I didn’t m-mean it like t-that.” Though she is not fully acquainted of the meaning this word behold but she is well aware it’s not what a friend generally says. “I m-meant best friend.” She tried to clarify. “I understand sweetheart. I want to tell you something though.” “W-what?” She inquired happy that he didn’t dwelled on the the topic for long. He came closer to her whispering gently in her ear, “No need to be insecure baby. I’m yours only.” He could not control his laugh anymore seeing her flushed face, her eyes wide like a saucer. “S-stop” she huffed trying to be angry but his laugh was so contagious that a smile broke out on her lips.

“How awesome it would have been na if you were a mafia man or a gangster perhaps?” she said dreamily. “And why is that so?” asked Sanskar looking up from the file he was assessing. “Have not you saw in movies silly” she began excitedly, “when police chase the gangster and his girlfriend how they end up near a cliff? And then they both jump off it and dive straight in the water flowing downhills” She said making a “whoosh” noise to add further effect mimicking a diving motion with her hand. Sanskar just looked at her weirdly. “You want to fall off a cliff?” He asked not able to believe what he heard seconds ago. “Yup!” she exclaimed jumping with happiness, “It’s in my bucket list you know.” Ragini said grinning ear to ear. “Wow!” He said still shocked. “Is there anything else so life threatening in your bucket list?” he asked. “No, actually not” and Sanskar heaved a sigh of relief. “I mean putting your head in a tiger’s mouth can’t be that dangerous right?” Sanskar spitted out the water he started drinking just now. “What?” he asked horrified looking at her as if she has grown three heads all of a sudden. “You think putting your head in a tiger’s mouth is not ‘that dangerous’ ?” he quoted her. “Yeah, I mean bull fighting can be considered a bit difficult if I am inexperienced and oh! being chased by an army of zombies.” “You are actually not planning to do any of these right?” he asked hoping that she will say yes. “Of Course, I am stupid.” She said looking at him incredulously. “I mean I want to complete my bucket list before I die.” Sanskar facepalmed himself. “If this bucket list don’t kill you first.” he muttered under his breath moving a hand through his hair. “Don’t know from where do you get these crazy ideas of yours. You surely gonna be the death of me.”

“We love you Sanskar” his parents told him. “I want to see you moulding into a great human being son.” said his mother, her one hand caressing her child’s cheek lovingly.” “Be a good person first my boy. You will get a lot of time to be successful later on.” The child nodded happily, “I will mamma.”
The scenery changed and he suddenly found himself in a place so dark that it seems nearly impossible for even the light to enlighten the dark abyss. He screamed on the top his lungs and fell down on the floor with a thump when he was met with two lifeless eyes staring straight at him piercing his soul with their coldness. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the blood oozing out of the woman’s head rapidly.

He walked up panting. A layer of sweat trickled down his forehead. The nightmares were a daily occurrence for him. Getting up from his bed he unbuttoned his shirt, his back facing the mirror. Several marks marred the skin on his back. He can’t get himself to touch them. He hates them. The marks. His past that come to haunt him every single night.
“Whenever you feel restless just open your window and look at the stars in the night sky. And they will light your dark world” were the exact words of his Angel prior to a few days. It surprised him how she can read him like an open book. Though she don’t know anything about the nightmares still she always have a solution for his problems. His phone dinged letting him know about a received message. “I’m always there to help you.” Those seven words were enough to stop his mind from going down the dark lane of his past. To reassure him that he is not alone. He opened the picture that he clicked of her few days back. He gently caressed the photo with his thumb. “You are my salvation My Angel.” were his last words before falling asleep.

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