His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 12

Ragini came out of the cabin while blushing shyly. She was not able to decipher the feeling she was experiencing right now. It was strange according to her. She always feels a warmth in her heart and something weird inside her tummy whenever Sanskar comes closer to her.

It has been two weeks already since Ragini started working in Maheshwari Corp. In these fourteen days, the bond of friendship between Ragini and Sanskar has grown to be stronger. She was also in good terms with her friend Divya though her relation with Aditya, Divya’s boyfriend, is sort of like a mere acquaintance. The thing which confused her immensely, that the dual will broke off their relationship for trivial reasons. One day they are in a relationship and boom! next day they are not. For instance, once they broke it up just because Aditya felt like he wanted to be single and other time when according to Divya both their names don’t sound cool with each other. Ragini felt awkward at first but then she learnt to deal with it.

It was getting hectic days for her. As she is not able to attend classes due to the training programme she has to cover it up during night so she don’t lag behind in studies. This gave her a very little time to sleep and it was affecting her health which concerned Sanskar along with her family.

Ragini stumbled a bit when she felt a jolt of pain hit her right in her heart, the next morning . Her vision blurred for a second or two. She placed her hand on the place where it was hurting trying to sooth the pain. Though this occurrence was not something new but it was rare and she will experience it only when she is stressed out. When the pain finally subsided she headed for breakfast. Ragini did not gave the matter much thought. Both her father and brother told her that it’s not something serious when she registered this kind of pain the very first time. She trusts them so she knew they will never lie to her. At least that’s what she thought.


The moment Sanskar settled down in his car he felt restless. He felt as if something was wrong and he at once came to the conclusion that it has something to do with his Angel. It’s like he has a sensor fitted inside his body and whenever his Angel is in trouble he can sense it. How strange it is right? How your heart immediately knows when your loved one needs you even being miles apart. It’s all about feelings. If what you feel for your loved one is true then words are not needed to communicate.

Sanskar was moving impatiently in his cabin, his face supporting a restless look. He tried to call her but Ragini’s phone was not reachable which further increased his worry. When she finally entered the room he engulfed her in a bone crushing hug calming down slightly.
“You alright Angel? What happened? You know how worried I was? And why was not your reachable? ” Sanskar asked all the questions in one go not giving her a chance to explain.
“Calm down Cupy.” She said holding his hand tenderly in hers. Her way to ease his worries which surprisingly works everytime. “I forgot to charge my phone so it was switched off. And don’t worry I am fine.”

Sanskar was about to contradict her when he noticed the eye bags under her eyes which alarmed him. “You are not sleeping well. Are you? ” It was not a question but a statement. He picked her up and Ragini squeaked due to his sudden move. “Wait. What are you doing?” She tried to interject. “I am taking you to my mansion Angel. You clearly are not taking care of yourself. It’s not up for discussion. I am not going to change my mind.” He said in a tone which left no room for further argument. He carried her bridal style in his arms and gently put her down on the car seat. He called at his mansion and gave one day off to the servants. He knew his Angel is awkward around strangers and he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

Ragini was half awake when the pair finally reached their destination. Sanskar opened the car door for her and she made grabby hands towards him like a baby asking him to pick her up. Sanskar smiled softly and picked her up in his arms once again. She put one arm arm around his neck while the other one was clutching his shirt’s color tightly with her head resting on his chest peacefully. He carefully laid her down on his bed and tucked her in. He already had called his family doctor on the way just to be sure that his Angel was fine. The doctor came as soon as possible. “Touch even a strand of her hair in any inappropriate way and I promise that will be the last thing you do.” He threatened the doctor. “I understand Mr. Maheshwari.”

The doctor replied trying to hurry the check up keeping his distance from the innocent girl as much as possible. “She is alright for now Mr. Maheshwari. It’s probably due to tiredness. That’s all. Just refrain her from doing any work for few days, make her eat healthy food and she should be fine. Now I must go.” and with that he practically strutted out of the room. Sanskar settled himself down near his Angel and stroked her hair softly. She looked so peaceful while sleeping that he can’t help but admire the sweet girl laying before him. “Sleep well my Angel.” He whispered in ear. Kissing her forehead lovingly he headed towards kitchen to make her lunch. His mother was a great cook and he inherited his mother’s passion for cooking. It took him one and a half hour to get the food ready.

He reentered his room and tried to wake her up. But she did not woke up no matter how hard he tried.

“Wake up sweetheart” he said gently in her ear urging her to wake up. Ragini opened one eye and saw her Cupy sitting beside her. “Five minutes please” she whined cutely and again closed her eyes. She went back to sleep but this time she placed her head in his lap. Sanskar was surprised with her actions whereas Ragini was asleep soundly who was used to do this when her Bhai or Dad come to wake her up in morning. Sanskar continued moving his hands through her silky hair in a soothing manner. After five minutes, he picked her up and made her stand in front of bathroom door. “Now hurry up Angel. You need to eat lunch then you can sleep as much you want. I am waiting downstairs for you.”

When she came downstairs she inhaled the air which smelt of delicious food. Squealing happily she started following the delicious smell trying to locate it’s source. Sanskar was sitting on the dining table waiting for her. She decided to sit across him but he stopped her and made her sit beside him. He took the plate for her and filled it with her favorite food. He then proceeded to feed his Angel himself. “I can eat myself Cupy.” “I know sweetness but I want to feed you myself. May I?” he asked. “But then how will you eat? ” She asked tilting her head slightly. “I will eat later on. Don’t-” He was cut off when a spoonful of pasta was directed for him. When was the last time when someone feed him like this or simply accompanied him during lunch. And this is how both of them spend the day together reveling happily in each other’s presence.

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