His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 11

Ragini POV :
I entered the cabin nervously and closed the door behind me. “Cupy?” I was shocked to see him sitting behind the desk. It has been one week since I last saw him so my first reaction was to immediately hug him. But I refrained myself when I realized that he is the CEO and I am here for the interview. Act professional Ragu, I reminded to my own self.

Sanskar’s POV :
“Sir” a melodic voice interrupted me from my thoughts.
I looked up to see… Angel? What is she doing here? I thought she will be joining her father’s company. Not that I’m complaining. She was coming to hug me when she realized something and halted in middle. I wonder why?
I took a sneak peek at my Angel. She is looking so beautiful. She is wearing a dark Blue Jeans and a pink tank top with sneakers. Her little sneakers were the cutest thing. Everything about her is so cute.

He came out of his day dreaming when she called him to gain his attention. Now he understood that she was trying to be professional. So he decided to play along.
“You came here for the training programme right?” I asked.
“Yes Sir. Here is my file”. Though I was a bit irritated hearing my Angel addressing me as ‘sir’ but I could not help but to feel proud seeing her handling the situation very well.
“Please take your seat”. I said trying hard not to engulf her in a bone crushing hug.
“Why didn’t you joined Your own company Miss. Suryavanshi seeing your father and brother themselves are owners of a reputed company?”

“Well, because I wanted to experience how it will be to be a normal worker sir”. I was impressed with her answer.
“So, why this company and not else one?” I was curious to know her answer. I half expected her to answer like other usually does praising my company.
“Do you want me to answer honestly?”
“Well, yeah”.
“You See. Your company is the nearest to my home so it will take less time to travel and I can sleep a bit more and if I had applied to others then I would have to wake up at 5 o’clock. So why not?” She said seemingly proud of her answer and I chuckled. Only my Angel can answer like that.
“That’s impressive Angel.” I said smiling genuinely.
“Thanks Sir. I-”

“Cupy” I said interrupting her.
“What?” she asked confused.
“Call me Cupy Angel. After all you are the one who gave me this nickname moreover we are friends right.”
“No Sir. I can’t call you like that.” she said looking at me as if I was crazy.
“Why not? ” I asked narrowing my eyes.
“Does everyone else especially your employees call you by your name or any nickname?”

“So why should I then? ”
“Because you are not them Angel”. I replied.
“I will call you Sir only. That’s final otherwise I will not work here.” she said firmly.
“ugh! fine.” I complied begrudgingly not intending to let the chance of spending time with Angel go to waste.
“You can have the job. ” I said finally.

She don’t know what came up to her. For a moment she forgot that he is her boss and hugged him tightly squealing like crazy.
“Sorry.” She said smiling sheepishly when she realized what was she doing.
“Don’t be Angel” and with that she ran out of the cabin happy that she cleared the interview.

It was her first day of work and she was clearly excited. She dressed up hurriedly and headed for Maheshwari Corp. The receptionist told her to directly go to the CEO’s cabin since he wants to meet her.
“You wanted to see me Sir?” She asked while entering.
“Yeah. I needed to brief you about your work”.
Ragini’s Monologue :
“So what is my work for today?” I asked.

“You have to sit there” he said motioning towards the couch “and watch me work”.
“What? ” I asked confused. Did he really asked me to sit on the sofa and watch him work?
“You don’t have to do any work. Just sitting in there will be enough. I don’t want to stress you with work Angel” replied my boss coolly.
“But I applied for the training job. Not for ‘sit and watch position’ ” I said crossing my arms angrily in front of me.
“Okay fine. You have to type this file for now.”
“That’s it?” I asked shocked. I thought it will be tough to work as a trainee. Guess not.
“Yeah this will do for now.” I nodded and started heading out.
“Wait. Where are you going?” My boss asked again.
“To work. ” I said turning to look at him.
“But where are you heading to?” He asked behind me.

“Where all the trainees work”.
“But you are gonna work with me in this cabin Angel.” He said firmly.
“But why?”
“Because I am telling you so and you should obey your boss.” and I complied reluctantly.
It was break time now and we both were heading out to eat in a restaurant. It’s normal to eat with your boss right?
“What you want to eat Angel? ” sir asked me after pulling out a chair for me.
“Pizza”. I said excitedly. “You should eat more Angel. It’s not enough” he said firmly. “No Sir. I am not that hungry. It will be enough”.
Just then a waitress came to our table to take our order. Cupy ordered for both of us.
“Is this enough handsome? ” She asked placing her hands on his arm.
“Close your ears Angel” Cupy said softly to me and I did as I was asked.

“Keep your hands to yourself sl*t and send another waitress. You clearly don’t know how to behave with customers.” Sanskar growled out and swatted her arms away.
“Hey wait. ” said Ragini seeing the waitress going. She went up to her and spoke to her silently in her ears to not embarrass the waitress. “Umm. I t-think you forgot something back in home.” “What?” asked the waitress eyeing her angrily. “Umm. You know…your clothes?” Sanskar started laughing loudly hearing her but Ragini was not able to understand why? According to her, she was just helping the poor waitress whom she thought forgot to wear her clothes not getting what was so funny?
“You bi-” The waitress started saying her face red with anger.
“I would not dare to complete that sentence if I were you. Angel is right anyway. Have some self respect and go from here before I ask the manager to throw you out of here” said Sanskar coldly.
“Y-ye-s s-sir” squeaked out the girl trembling in fear and left from there hurriedly.
“Did I do something wrong. I was just helping her.” said Ragini innocently.
“Don’t worry about it Angel” assured Sanskar.
After having lunch they went back to work.

“Is there any more work Sir?” asked Ragini. Sanskar mentally cursed the person who made that word.
“How many times I have to tell you? Don’t call me ‘sir’ Angel. Call me by the nickname you gave me or by my name. ” He said annoyed.
“No.” said Ragini defiantly.
“Angel.” He said warningly.
“No.” She denied once again.
“Say my name Angel or else-”
“else what” Ragini asked defiantly.
“Or else I’ll kiss you” said Sanskar stepping closer.

“No you can’t.” said she apalled trying to create distance between both of them.
“Say my name then Angel” he said trapping her in between.
“No…. ”
“Well, then I’ll kiss you.” He said coming a bit more close and now their faces were just few centimeters away.
Not getting any reply Sanskar moved his face forward. He was about to kiss those pouty, smooth looking lips of hers but refrained himself knowing that his Angel is not ready for that for now and instead kissed her right cheek softly. Ragini’s eyes widened and her mouth formed an O shape. Sanskar smiled seeing her reaction and just he was about to kiss her left cheek she said ‘Sanskar’. He felt a shiver run down his spine hearing her saying his name for the first time.

“Say it again.” He said still in a trance.
“Sanskar” She said once again.
“I’m confused whether I should be happy that you called me by my name or sad that I can’t kiss you now”

“I have some important work” said Ragini trying to escape.
“Wait” he said and as Ragini turned in his direction he again kissed her cheek. Before he could kiss again she squealed “Ghanti baj gayi”
“What?” he asked confused.
What Ragu? It’s not a school that bell will ring. She thought to herself. “I-I mean w-work hours are over.” She somehow managed to say and ran out of the cabin blushing while Sanskar laughed loudly at her antics. “God. You are different my Angel” he said to himself.

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