His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 10

Ragini was trying hard to convince her dad.

Ragini’s POV :
“Please Dad.” I pleaded once again.
“No Princess.” Dad again rejected my pleas.
“But I really want to go”. It has been two hours since I am trying to convince Papa. A three months training programme is organized by my college alongside the internship. While the latter one is for third year students the former is for the first and second year students to give them an idea about the working of high profile business companies. Students are required to go through interviews for different companies to be enable to do so. Dad wants me to apply in our own company but I know that he would not me do the real work if I worked there. So I decided to apply in other companies. This way I will know how it is to be a normal worker.

“It’s just for few months Papa. It will be over before you know it” I said trying to persuade him. Hoping him to say yes.
“Few months? It’s three months you are talking about princess”.
Huh! Why it’s so hard. I knew making him agree would be hard but I didn’t knew it would be this much hard. No Ragu. You can’t accept defeat. You have to convince Papa somehow.
“Please Papa. Pretty please with cherry on top. I promise I will take care of myself. It’s for three months only. Please?” I asked with my best puppy dog face. I know he can’t resist it.

“N-no I can’t. Ugh. Stop giving me that look. Fine you can go. But you will take care of yourself and if anyone troubles you, you will immediately call me”.
“Yay! Thank you so much Papa.” I said hugging my dad. “and don’t worry about me. Take a chill pill buddy.”
Dad smiled at my antics.

“How can I not worry about my princess? And what are you going to do about your brother. You know he will never agree.”
“No need to take tension Papa. I already made him agree just like I made you.”
“What Dad. I thought you will not agree. ” said Aru who came just now.
“Well, it’s pretty hard to resist my pouty face you know” I said proudly.
“Yeah sure you chipmunk.” Aru said teasing me.
“I am not a chipmunk. See na papa”
“Aru don’t tease our Ragu.” Papa scolded him. “Now come here you two” and we trio hugged happily.

Finally it’s the day of my first interview. She was nervous to say the least while standing outside the building of Maheshwari Corp. From what Aru told her she figured out that it’s one of the topmost companies out there but it’s CEO is as ruthless. She neither have seen the CEO before nor is she aware about his name. She believes in the saying, “Do not judge a book by it’s cover” so she was not bothered much about it.
The building before her was a magnificent glass structure and Ragini was in awe of it. She made her way inside the building and it was more extravagant from inside. Prying her eyes off from the interior she asked the receptionist the way to the room where the the interview is to be held in a timid tone feeling overwhelmed and the latter directed her to the CEO’s cabin.

It has been one hour since she is sitting outside the cabin waiting for her turn. She has hope that she will clear the interview but whatever little hope she has seems to dwindle seeing the candidates coming out either crying or running out of fear.
“Miss. Ragini Suryavanshi” called the assistant of Mr. Maheshwari. It was finally her turn. She hesitantly knocked on the door. Not getting any reply she knocked again. Ragini got scared a bit when a someone yelled “enter” in a gruff voice which seemed a bit familiar though she was not completely sure.

Sanskar’s POV :
“Get Out” I said coldly.
“But sir-”
“I said get the hell out of here” I yelled at her and she ran out almost falling in the process.

It has been one week since I last saw my Angel and it’s pissing me off. On top of that today I am supposed to hire some interns from different reputed colleges. It has been two hours since I started interviewing. I am letting out all my anger on the interviewers. Not that I care anyway. All of them are drama queens and kings who think themselves as people of high status just because they belongs to rich families. All I want at this moment is to hold my Angel in my arms and never let her go.
I heard another knock but didn’t bother to respond too lost in thoughts of my Angel. When the person knocked for the second time I grumbled under my breath irritatingly and yelled “enter” in a harsh tone. Another dumb fellow. God someone save me from this torture.

I know it’s a bit short but I promise next one will be longer. Thank you for reading and if you liked it then please comment.

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