His Solace.. His Angel – Part 8

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After dropping Ragini home Raghuvendra Suryavanshi, Ragini’s father went to office again for some urgent work. “So let’s go to mall princess then” said Arjun after coming back from work. Before he could say anything further Ragini interrupted him “and get ice-cream” said Ragini excitedly with a wide smile. “But not more than two baccha. You catch cold easily and come back soon both of you” said Mr. Suryavanshi. “Yes captain” said Ragini playfully saluting.

Ragini POV :
I don’t know how but I got separated from bhai only after thirty minutes. It’s not my fault though. The panda bear was so cute that while busy admiring it I did not saw when bhai moved ahead and the saddest thing is that I can’t even buy it because Aru has the money. I sighed. At least I have my chocolate ice cream with me. So I started my mission to find Aru which seems to be a tough task considering I have a horrible sense of direction. I was eating my favorite ice cream when all of a sudden I bumped into someone. I stumbled backward and my ice-cream fell from my hand. I looked at at it sadly. “Can’t You see and walk. Now you have ruined my” the stranger said angrily still staring at his business suit but stopped when he looked up to see the culprit that unfortunately was me. I was shocked to see the creepy handsome man from morning standing before me. Wait a minute. He can speak but I thought he was mute. Guess I was wrong. “umm S-sorry about that” I politely accepted my mistake.
“What are you doing here Angel?” said the man before me. I looked behind me but no one else was there. I looked at him confused. Why was he calling me angel? “Excuse me Sir?” I asked still confused. “Nothing. I am sorry for speaking to you in such a manner angel”. Why he keep calling me Angel? Maybe I resemble his dead girlfriend in appearance. I thought to myself. It’s possible right?

Sanskar POV :
I continued cursing the man whom I had a meeting with while making my way out of the mall I was in. With his zero sense of business he really thought he can lure me in to invest in business venture of his which was a bulls**t to begin with. Still in a fowl mood I bumped into someone passing by. I started reprimanding the unknown person and looked up to give a piece of mind to him or her but stopped abruptly when I realized that the culprit was none other than My Angel herself. She apologized while stuttering. I hate when people stutter but I found it rather cute when My Angel did so. I mentally chided myself for scolding her and apologized shocking even myself since Sanskar Maheshwari never asks anyone for forgiveness.

She stared at the floor sadly and I followed her gaze at the melted ice-cream lying on it. “You know I can buy you a new one angel since it was partially my fault for bumping into you” as soon as those words left my lips a wide smile stretched on her face and she excitedly asked me to confirm. “Will You? Pretty please” she said and I literally melted at her pouty face. “Of Course. Anything for you my Angel”. She jumped in happiness and started dragging me towards ice-cream shop. Her eyes twinkled when she looked at the ice-cream and started eating it with ice-cream all over her face. I just stared at her. How can someone be so innocent? I can’t help but smile at her childishness. It was not a forced or a fake one which I usually show but a genuine smile. I grabbed her chin upwards and gently cleaned her face with my handkerchief while stared at me. “There. All clean”. I put the handkerchief down and looked at her. “T-thanks” she said shyly. “Are you alone?” Angel looked behind her then sideways. She even looked at the top wile I stared at her confused. “Th-this is a mall Mister. Of Course I am not alone.” She giggled. “Do you know how many fingers are these?” she asked holding three fingers in front of me. I mentally facepalmed myself. “I meant are you with someone Angel?” I cleared. “Huh? O-oh yeah. I came with Aru”. She said and I unknowingly clenched my fists. The thought of My Angel with a man other than me made me to punch the man black and blue. Not to scare my Angel I calmly asked her about that vile man but when she said that he is her brother I instantly calmed down. I really need to control my possessiveness. “I’m Ragini Suryavanshi” she said. “Do you want to be my friend?” she asked holding out her hand and I couldn’t be more happy. “Why you want to be my friend Angel when I was rude to you before” I asked curiously wanting to know the reason since I thought she will not want to do anything with me after I left from college without saying anything. “It’s simple silly” she said. “”because you bought me my favourite ice cream.

So I want you to be my friend” she finished her sentence grinning widely and I chuckled at my Angel’s innocence. She is too adorable to be true. “Friends” I shaked my hand with hers my large hand completely engulfing her small one. “You don’t mean it if you don’t pinky promise Buddy. Cross the heart and hope to die” she asked looking at me hopefully and I repeated the same joining my pinky finger with hers. “Oh! Bhai is here. I should go now. See you soon friend” she started heading towards her brother but came back to me again. “Bend a bit” she requested. I was confused but still did so. She gently rested her forehead on mine then tapped my nose with her finger once and did the same under my chin”. “What was that Angel?” “I k-know it looks probably w-weird to you but it’s my way to show people that I t-trust them and they are s-special to me. I don’t do that often though” she said with a frown on her beautiful face but continued “since mostly people disappoint me. I don’t know why but I feel that you will never hurt me. You won’t right? ” Till now I have achieved so many things in my life which most people only dream of. I have hundreds of employees working under me. I have money, luxury, car, literally everything but I never felt so proud and accomplished that I felt at the moment knowing that My Angel trusts me. I did the same special thing with her placing my forehead on hers. “I promise you that I will never disappoint you Angel. Ever”. “It will be our special thing okay? ” “Okay” I confirmed and she smiled so brightly that it can light a cathedral. Beforee I can react she lunged at me hugging me tightly. I stumbled a bit from the unexpected force when she landed on me. I stood stiff for a few seconds but then hugged her back as tightly. No one has dared to touch me before much less hug me. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and her face was buried in my neck. I had never been in such an intimate position before. My skin tingles at where ever we touch. A smile of content crept up on my lips. I haven’t felt this happy since so many years. I constantly felt an unknown pain in my heart but this pain seize whenever I am with My Angel. She stand back on ground and stare at me with those innocent eyes smiling warmly at me. “S-sorry” she apologize shyly and then run back quickly to her brother leaving me behind to still recover from the hug.

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