His Solace.. His Angel (OBSESSION AT IT’S EXTREME season 2) part 6

NOTE : Sanskar’s character in this story will be much darker than season 1. As I mentioned in the title, the obsession will be at it’s extreme. Also I’m saying sorry beforehand. The vocabulary in this chapter is a bit difficult than the others. So sorry for that but I needed to use the words because I couldn’t seem to find other words that seemed to fit the description so perfectly. But from next time, I’ll try to use the words easier to comprehend. Thank you so much for all the comments in last part. So here we go. I hope you’ll like this part. I tried my best.

PRESENT TIME (LOCATION : Florida, 2:30 a.m. in the Morning)

Sweat beads shined on her forehead like pearls under the moonlight. Tears pouring down her face, heart racing wildly as a scream fought to erupt from her clogged up throat.
She woke up finally. But not before witnessing the climax of her nightmare.
The single event that changed her life. The single event that flipped her life over for the worse.
Eyes fluttered open slowly, all puffy and red while the tears gradually subsided.
Restless orbs continued to stare up at the ceiling for what felt like hours, staring up into nothing but oblivion.
Her eyes were tired. Midnight black orbs heavily lidded with sleep, wanting the exhaustion to take over.

Ears perked up at the creak of a door, straining them to catch any audible sound. It was him. She knew it all too well. It’s not like anyone else can come here anyway. He made sure of that.
She saw his shadow in the dark, stretched onto the marbled floor. It came closer now, making its way upto her. She could hear his heartbeats now, slow and steady. She can make out the gentle smile tucked onto his lips as he gazed down at her form affectionately.
“Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Don’t open them.” She chanted the words over and over again in her mind like a mantra. Like it could save her from the nightmare that her life has turned into.

She tried, desperately, to follow her own mantra. Only if, it was that easy. Body stiff as a stone, she waited. Waited for his next course of action while her body sensed someone towering over her figure, followed by a pair of lips placed on her own luscious ones before disappearing in seconds.
He stood there, silent as death, gazing down at her with those intense charcoal orbs. Those black hues held promise, a promise of never letting her go. Come what may.
She is HIS amd she forever will be. An Angel that came to enlighten the dark world of a Devil only to be held captive in his strong embrace.
In those eyes she found determination.

In past, she had always admired that trait of his. The determination and refusal to back down until he got what he wanted but looking at the time now, she could only feel sadness.
He turned unexpectedly, only to sit on the bed beside her. Her heart hammering inside her chest loudly like it would burst out any second.
Soothing words escaped through his lips, familiar yet so foreign.
“My beautiful Princess.”

He breathed out so gently, like he was afraid that even the littlest of sound could harm her.

“My precious. My Bunny. My innocent, tiny, little Angel. All mine. You promised me, right my Angel? Together and forever? Always.”
The exact same words that he continue to whisper every single night while she pretend to be asleep. Almost like a lullaby. Like he needs an assurance that she’ll be there. Right beside him, in his arms, when he would wake up the next morning.
It’s merely a glimpse of what that incident had turned him into.

Six months. It took her six whole damn months to help him get over his past and obsession over her. For six months, her fiancee needed the therapy sessions and just like she promised, she was there with him, in every single step. Holding his hand to assure him that she is there. There for him. In happiness and sorrow.
Oh, how happy she was !!! They both were, when the love of her life was back to the sweet caring man he was. No longer, was he the controlling and over possessive Sanskar who kept her in his mansion, not letting her step outside. He was no longer over protective to the point that he refused to let her meet her brother.
Good old times.

But guess what, time does changes and life has its own cruel ways to show you the mirror of reality.
If he was obsessed before then she doesn’t know what to call him now.
What would you call a man, the love of your life who keep you locked up into a room. Just because he doesn’t want to lose you.

The meeting was all set to go. The entire compound in the Raizada manor was buzzing with guards at every nook and corner. Air was thick with heavy tension. Everyone knew how significant the meeting is. It would be the first time that the head of both the Mafia families would be face to face alone in a meeting. Though the Raizada’s were informed beforehand about the arrival of Suryavanshi’s in New York stating some important business matters need to be discussed, they have a hunch that what’s it is all about. They came to know about Ragini.
The silence that followed after their arrival was deafening.
Dhirendra Singh Raizada was sitting at the head of the table.

Meeting pursued and so did the tension.
Suryavanshi’s demanded Ragini to be handed over to them.
“The girl is my granddaughter Dhirendra Raizada. She has the blood of Suryanvanshi’s running in her veins. Everyone here knows that the Suryavanshi’s didn’t had a girl child since last three generations and like hell I would let go off my granddaughter. She is Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Suryavanshi and she is coming to Las Vegas. With us. Don’t forget that I’ve my allies supporting me. One wrong move here and your entire family would’ve to deal with the consequences.” The hard and sharp tone of Om Pratap Suryavanshi boomed through the entire room.
Dhirendra Singh Raizada just sat their impassively. His face devoid of any emotions.
“Very well then. I’ve no intention to submit to your demand. In that case………let it be a war.”

In seconds both sides of the guards had each other at gunpoint.
One nod from either of the Don and the war will escalate.

They say, You don’t need to fight fire with fire. Just a tiny drop of water is enough to do the deed.

Before any commands could be given, one shy, barely audible voice of a 19 year old girl was all it took to end the enmity of generations. Right then and there.
The bitterness of years was long forgotten for the sake of one girl. For her happiness.
Just because she wanted to be with both her nonno, (her nickname for Dhirendra Raizada) and her partner. (she like to call Om Suryavanshi as)
A pact was established and both the families agreed to at least be civil to each other.

If only they knew that for the girl whom they were ready to have a war for. Unbeknownst to them, someone has already staked his claim on her. And not even just someone. But the Maheshwari Don himself.


Situation was crucial. The feud between the allies of Raizada’s and Maheshwari’s turned into a blo*dy war. Raizada’s were given the option to withdraw their support from their allies and they wouldn’t be harmed.
But as they say, in the world of Mafia, words matters more than the life itself.
Raizada’s had promised their protection to the Mehra’s, their allies, years ago. So, they refused to backdown.

It all started with a attack. Everyone knew about the bitterness between Mehra’s and Malik’s. While Mehra’s had the support of Raizada’s, Maheshwari Clan had the back of Malik’s.
The King himself was harmed in the ordeal, resulting in an uproar.
Though accidentally, but Sanskar Maheshwari was harmed in the process, resulting into a full blown war.
At the moment, Sakshi Malik was in a meeting with the Maheshwari Don himself, accompanied by all their other allies.
“We should plan to attack the Raizada manor. Mehra’s are given shelter there.” Sakshi Malik fumed, hands forming into fists.

“Attack? Don’t start something that you can’t finish Sakshi Malik” Another ally remarked.
“Then what should we do huh? I want my husband back with me. Those Mehra’s are holding him captive.” The lady boomed loudly, her anger getting the best of her.
“Control your anger Mrs. Malik. Don’t forget that the Don is still sitting here.” Shekhar, one of the high ranking member in the Maheshwari clan chastised her.
“Sorry.” The woman apologized, before continuing. “We all know the Raizada’s won’t withdraw their support. We need to find their weakness. Commander!!!” She called out.
“Take half of the Malik’s guards with you and get me one of the younger Raizada child. Wait!! Better get Ragini Raizada here. No mistakes.”
“Yes, my lady.” Faster than anyone could blink, a knife zoomed past the man, mildly grazing his neck, right when the he moved to walk out the door.
Scared, he turned back only to be met with furious, red bloodshot eyes.

Stunned, all eyes centred onto the man, who threw the knife with such a precision.
Sanskar continued to roll another knife in between his fingers casually, as if he had not almost killed someone just seconds before.
“Don.” The guard bowed down in submission, wondering what wrong he had done.
“Another step towards the Raizada mansion and I will personally skin you alive.” Sanskar stated coldly.
“Have you gone mad? Do you know who you are talking about?” Another person accused, staring accusingly at her.

“Why? I know for a fact that Dhirendra Raizada would sacrifice his organization for that girl. So why not? Victory will be ours. I don’t care about the girl. She is just a pawn in the game.” The woman defended a bit fearfully.
Sanskar’s eyes flared dangerously.
He ignored the looks thrown in his direction. Leaning forward, he looked around the conference table uttering the words that will soon change the Mafia politics.
“No one will head to the Raizada manor. SHE IS MINE.” Sakshi Malik’s face paled like a white sheet at the words.

“RAGINI SURYAVANSHI SINGH RAIZADA is My Fiancee. I’ll gauge out the eyes that dared to look at her with malice and without any mercy will cut those feet who had the audacity to step towards her with the intention of harming her.”
His words were a stone command. He wouldn’t give any other warning.
Looking at her dead in the eyes, he spoke with finality. “Utter one more word and I’ll wipe out your entire family over the face of earth.”

And that was the time, when Sanskar Maheshwari finally exposed their relation in the Mafia world.


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