His Solace.. His Angel (OBSESSION AT IT’S EXTREME season 2) part 5

NOTE : This ff is a continuation from season 1. Some of you are a bit confused, so in this part, I gave a kind of summary of the story till now in form of Ryan’s dialogue. If you guys still have any confusion then please don’t hesitate to ask. And about the reason that why Sanskar let Ragini go to meet her family alone you will know in coming chapters.


“Cupy!!!!” Her soft voice immediately made him stop in her tracks as she sprinted downstairs.
“What’s the matter baby?” A brow raised at her in question as he stare down at the jittery girl standing in front of him.
“Umm. Close your eyes please.” She requested, placing her tiny hand to cover his eyes.
Sanskar sneakily tried to take a peak while she playfully smacked him on the chest.
“No cheating Mister.” She reprimanded cutely, wagging a finger at him.
Before he could utter a word, the feeling of something bounded around his neck distracted him. Looking down, his gaze locked onto a chain with an elegant but unique design with their name initials in mid.

“How is it?” Her eyes wide in excitement as she stare up at him expectantly.
“You remember there was a academic competition in college and I won the first prize. So I also got a cash prize along with it. You know it’s the first time that I earned money on my own. I wanted to buy something for you so I didn’t tell you before. So how is it? You liked it right? I mean I know it’s not expensive but when I saw this chain for the first time I wanted to buy it for you. See, I even got our name initials engraved on it. Awesome right? It looks so pretty on you.” Ragini continued to ramble on for a while, nervous that her Cupy wouldn’t like her gift and when he just continued to stare at her without speaking anything, she just assumed the worst. Her lips tucked down into a frown as tears well up in her black doe eyes which successfully broke him out of his stupor.

“Hey, why are you crying my Princess?” He cooed softly, gently placing her head on his chest.
“I t-thought you d-didn’t like it.” She mumbled while sniffling.
“And why wouldn’t I sweetheart?”
“B-but you d-didn’t say anything. So I.” She trailed off in between looking adorably at him with her puppy dog eyes.
“Well, my tiny, pretty Angel, I was just too shocked to react baby. It has been so long since anyone bought something for me. How could I not like your gift?”
“Then it’s my order that you have to always wear it Mister.” She tried to act stern and cold but to him she just looked like a kicked puppy wanting to be pet by it’s owner.
“I will Angel. Promise.”
He murmured holding her tight to him. After so many years, he finally have someone who love him truly, someone to care for him unconditionally.
The thought left a pleasant feeling of content in its wake.
PRESENT TIME (LOCATION : Maheshwari Headquarters)

“You hacked into one of the most safest security system to sate your curiosity about someone who you were explicitly told not to enquire about?” The man reprimanded while Ryan winced at his commander’s sharp tone.
“I’m sorry. I really am. I honestly don’t know what compelled me to do that. I just couldn’t get my mind off the incident and stupidly infiltrated the system to know about that girl. Please forgive me commander. It’ll not repeat again. Please.” Ryan continue to ramble pathetically as his mind conjured up several devastating scenarios of him being punished by the Maheshwari Don himself.
“Do you even have a slightest idea of what you’ve done, boy. It’s even worse than digging out confidential information about the empire.” Shekhar, his commander, stated anxiously.
“Yes, I do understand now.” Ryan whispered in a barely audible tone as sweat trickled down his forehead. “I k-know she is related to the Raizada’s and Suryavanshi’s. She must be an elite member of the organization. I shouldn’t have pried into their business.” He replied nervously.
Shekhar laughed mockingly at his idiocity.
“Trust me boy, she is much, much more important than that. You don’t even have the slightest bit idea of the punishment you would receive if this news ever reached to the Don.” He whispered while Ryan stared puzzled at the man across him.
He thought quickly on how to damage control and somehow persuaded his commander to allow him to undo the lock down.
For the next seven hours, he worked onto the laptop like a lunatic and heaved a sigh of relief at the successful completion.
“How much were you able to read about the Princess before the lockdown?” Shekhar enquired, staring down at him accusingly.
The use of the word ‘Princess’s to address the girl baffled him but he answered none the less. “Nothing much. I just got to read her name and see her photo.” He grumbled under his breath.
“It’s not like you could’ve reached far anyway. The system is designed in such a way that it would automatically shut down in 10 seconds right after an unwanted intrusion.” Shekhar commented smugly while Ryan grimaced at the statement.
“Now, listen to me carefully. No one should know about whatever happened tonight. I’ll erase all the traces of any activity that was registered tonight and in return you just keep your mouth shut.”
“T-thank you.” Ryan said gratefully, amazed at his commander’s leniency.
“Don’t look at me like that boy. It was partially my fault to not explain you the rules beforehand. As your commander, it was my job to brief you about all the rules and regulations, especially, when it concerned her, right when you joined the empire. Sometimes I forget the fact that you know nothing about this crime world.” He stated matter of factly.
“But why is she so important? Is she an elite member or something?” Ryan asked, slightly tilting his head sideways in confusion.
“No. She is way above them.” Shekhar informed. “Have you heard about the feud between the Raizada’s and Suryavanshi’s?”
“There was one?” Ryan wondered, scratching his head in thoughts.
“For generations. And it even turned blo*dy too sometimes. Every single person in our world know about that.” He said.
So, for the next hour, Shekhar sat on the sofa, as he explained him everything.
“Let me summarize.” Ryan said, trying to sink in all the information, as he continued, “The Raizada’s and Suryavanshi’s have enmity between them from generations causing a strong hatred between both the powerful Mafia families. Right?”

“Correct.” His commander nodded in agreement as Ryan began once again. “Niharika Singh Raizada, daughter of the Raizada Don, fell in love with Raghuvendra Pratap Suryavanshi, son of the Suryavanshi Don, but both the families were against their relation, so they ran away from their home to start a new life together while none of the family had any clue about where the run away couple went off to. Correct me if I’m wrong?” He looked up at his commander who just motioned him to continue further.
“So, both Niharika Raizada and Raghuvendra Suryavanshi married each other and has two children, named, Arjun and Ragini Suryavanshi. But unfortunately Niharika died while giving birth to her daughter and Raghuvendra Pratap raised both his children but never told them anything about Raizada’s or Suryavanshi’s. Both children had no clue about them.” Ryan once again looked up at him for confirmation before continuing, “Two years before both Ragini’s Dad and brother met with an accident and died on the spot and that was the time when Kanishk, the guard, who works for Raizada’s came to know about her. He immediately brought Ragini with him to New York, where she first time met her mother’s side of family, The Raizada’s. Somehow, the Suryavanshi’s also came to know about her existence because of a spy they assigned and the Suryavanshi’s, her father’s side of family decided to bring her to Las Vegas with them. So, naturally, it created a rift between the two because both the families wanted to keep Ragini with them, and both the Don refused to back down, creating the situation of war.”
“That means she is granddaughter to both Om Pratap Suryavanshi and Dhirendra Singh Raizada. Hence the name, Ragini Suryavanshi Singh Raizada.” Shekhar explained calmly.
“Wow. Connected to two powerful families. What a luck huh?” Ryan mused.

“I don’t understand one thing though………why are you telling me all this? I mean what purpose does it serves here? It’s not like I’m going to harm her or anything.” He said truthfully.
“What purpose does it serve here? Foolish boy, did you think I was telling you a bed time story?” Shekhar scoffed at the boy sitting in front of him.
Before Ryan could open his mouth to speak, he interjected in between.
“What I was implying here was the fact that, it maybe a curiosity to you, but to others, it would be perceived as someone trying to harm her. Am attempt to plan a attack on their family member.”
“Okay. I get it alright? Don’t poke your nose in matters that doesn’t concern you. I think I can follow that.” Ryan smiled a bit to calm the tense surrounding while Shekhar ordered him to go since it was getting very late at night.
“Good night.” Ryan mumbled and turned back to head outside however he stopped right in his tracks, as a very important question strucked in his mind. Something that was bothering him from the start.

“What now?” Shekhar snapped angrily, annoyance clear in his harsh tone.
“I read her full name, she is not anyone of the Maheshwari blood. Then shouldn’t matters related to her should be professional? Just how is she related to the Maheshwari Don?”
Somehow he was dreading the answer. His mind was piecing back every piece of information together.
The screams of the man being tortured, just because he uttered that’s girls name which made the Don enraged. The unspoken rule of the clan to never talk about her and give her utmost respect. The fact that his commander addressed her as ‘Princess’. His mind was reeling in with several past incidents.
“Every matter concerning her is personal to the Don, Ryan. VERY personal.” Shekhar stated while Ryan looked at him blankly.
There is no way it could be a personal matter to the Don, unless…………” He shook his head in denial.
There is no way. He has heard whispers about how ruthless, stone cold and dangerous the man is. Unforgiving amd terrifying in his rage. The man is practically said to have no emotions.
Shekhar looked at his young charge as he finally deciphered the relation between the two. Shekhar gazed at him with a tight smile on his face, before answering him, “You know, it is said that if there was ever a monarchy system in our world, then, Sanskar Maheshwari would’ve been the ruthless Mafia King and SHE his Queen.
Ragini Suryavanshi Singh Raizada.
Soon to be……..Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Thank you so much everyone. It’s just that comments were decreasing with each part so I was feeling a bit self conscious. But thank you so much for encouraging me. Your comments really means a lot.
If you liked this part then please comment. I need to know your opinion and I couldn’t know if you are reading this ff until you wouldn’t commemt. I will update my other ff soon. It’s next part got accidentally deleted so it’s taking a bit time.
Stay healthy and be happy.
Love you all. Take care.????

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