His Solace..His Angel (OBSESSION at it’s extreme season 2) part 4

NOTE : In the last part, Shekhar was mistakenly typed instead of Raghuvendra Pratap Suryavanshi. It’s Ragini’s father’s name. This ff is a continuation from last season. Once again sorry for the typing error and thank you so much everyone for commenting.


Life indeed has changed for the Raizada family since the day Kanishk has returned back with a young girl in tow.
Ragini, their Princess, has brought back with her the joy and happiness which had been missing in the family for so long.
Though there are still some unresolved issues left over but it’s common when you’re involved in Mafia. With her arrival, Ragini had brought a sense of peace and contentment that was missing in both Sambhav and his father’s life since the day they had lost Niharika.
No one would dare believe that the crime lord Dhirendra Singh Raizada would ever bow down to the whim of an innocent 19 year old girl. But of course he would, for his youngest grandchild.
In last few days, Ragini had substantially changed him. Though he was still as ruthless as before, but when it came to his Princess, he was just a doting grandfather.
And Ragini as the adorable girl she was, loved to spend time with her “nonno”, as she liked to call him.

Om Pratap Suryavanshi was going through the pictures that had been taken by his spy.
Though it was a difficult task considering the tight security of the Raizada’s, thankfully his man was able to complete the task. But what baffled him truly was the presence of a petite girl in one of the photo.
The spy assigned was only able to click a couple of pictures and the girl in one of them intrigued him a lot. Though her face was not clearly visible since she was not facing the camera, it was enough to sow the seeds of suspicion.
According to the information he has till now, Raizada’s don’t have any girl in their family.
So who is she? She is definitely someone important if she is guarded like that. The endearing expression on the usual stony face of Dhirendra Singh Raizada clearly proved the fact.
Something deep in his heart was gnawing at him. He doesn’t know what but one thing he was sure of was that, he needed to know more about this girl. He have to. She somehow seemed familiar to him but he couldn’t exactly pinpoint where has he met her before.
“The Don is in some important meeting with the others. We are instructed to not allow anyone inside.” The guard replied cryptically forbidding his entry.
“I need to hand over the file. It’s highly confidential and the Don himself instructed me to deliver it at the earliest.”
Though a bit skeptical, the guard still allowed him inside.
For Dylan, the file that he carried over with him weighed like a tonne. He had to dig deeper to get the information and it took him nearly two months to get success.
Oh how he wish, he wouldn’t have been the one chosen for this specific task. He clearly know the significance of the information this file held and it gave him chills down his spine thinking about the repercussion.
After what seemed like hours though it was just a couple of minutes, the guard finally came out of the office.
“You can head inside now.”
“All the best Sir. Boss didn’t seem to be in a good mood.” The guard warned as he walked forward.
Gulping, he nodded his head nervously before knocking.
Stepping inside, his eyes quickly analysed the scene before him. The Don was sitting at the head of table, while his youngest son was perched onto his left as the eldest one settled on to stand near the window, supporting a scowl on his face.

“Dylan? What took you so long?” The Don questioned in his usual hard tone, clearly voicing out his impatience.
“Sorry Boss. The Raizada’s has upgraded their security more, if that was even possible and it took me sometime to infiltrate the system.
“Raizada’s? Father, you asked him to get information on them?” The elder son asked, his gruff voice laced with disbelief.
“Patience Uday.” The Don replied back calmly.
Daniel prayed that the Don would continue to maintain his calm in the wake of the news that he was about to deliver.
“I expected of you to come clean out of this Dylan.” Om Suryavanshi stated.
“I did Don. But I was only able to get the name of the girl, so it took me longer than usual to dig out the information.”
“A girl?” Samarth asked in confusion, which was mirrored by his elder brother.
The Don opened a drawer and handed over an envelope as they looked over at the unknown girl in the photo.
“Stop stalling Dylan. I’m not a patient man.” The warning was enough for him to open his mouth.
Nervously wiping the bead of sweat trickling down his forehead, Dylan began, ” The girl has been with the Suryavanshi’s for almost four months now. She is 19 years old and no one other than the high security members have seen her.”
“Why all the secrecy?”
Dylan knew that things will change from now on. For better or worse only time will tell.
Handing over the files, Uday watched as his father carefully skimmed over it’s content, his expressions changing from rage, to confusion to sadness. Several expressions crossed over his face, as he finally looked up, only one single emotion was prominent……..awe. Pure awe and happiness. His father’s eyes gleaming with a joy he had rarely seen before.
“It’s t-true?” Dylan was completely blown over at the show of hesitancy from one of the most feared Mafia Crime Lord.
“Yes Sir. I’m 100% sure of it.” He replied back confidently.
“What is it father? Who is she? And what’s her name?” Samarth asked. His patience wearing thin with each passing second.
“Ragini.” The Don muttered softly, a tone that he reserved solely for his wife.
“Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Suryavanshi. My granddaughter…….” He said but this time staring at them dead in the eyes.
“Your brother Raghu’s daughter. Your niece.”
“WHAT ?!!!!” Both the brothers shouted at the same time.
“I knew there was something familiar about her. I had this inexplicable urge to know more about her.” Om Suryavanshi whispered gently, staring over at his granddaughter’s picture clutched in his hand.

Samarth walked over to his father to look at his niece’s picture.
“She has his smile.” He said gulping, his throat clogged up at the thought of his youngest brother.
“So he is staying with our enemies from so many years?” The elder one asked, enraged.
“No. A-acually Niharika Singh Raizada died after giving birth to her daughter. It was only Raghuvendra Sir, his son Arjun and Ragini after then. But-”
“Wait !!!! A son? We have another niece?!!!!!!” Uday asked excitedly.
Dylan’s eyes glazed over at the floor, his head bowed down.
“A-actually l-last year both of them met with a t-terrible accident and died o-on the spot.” Dylan stuttered.
“He’s really gone……T-they are gone.” Uday breathed out painfully.
“Not everything is lost yet my son.” Om Pratap Suryavanshi stated firmly. His eyes finally moving away from the picture.
Beckoning him over, he showed him the photo.
A smile graced his lips.
“She is younger than Aditya father.” He commented, referring to his son.
“Yes, she is.” The Don said, abandoning his chair.
“She’ll be happy to meet her other cousins as well.”
“Start the arrangements Uday. We are leaving for New York in two days. Ask our allies to be our stand by and prepare for the worst, but they should not know about Ragini yet. It’s time to bring my granddaughter back home. And if the Raizada’s object, we will answer back………with a War.”


The room was dark and hot, the only source of light was the moon shining through a box sized hole on the topmost left corner but still it was not enough to fight the darkness brewing inside the room, well, the dungeon, to be more specific.
The images twisting inside of her head were cruel and terrifying, which brought tears to her doe eyes and whimpers to her lips. A nightmare once again. It was a memory of that night. The night from where it all began once again.
She woke up panting, but not before witnessing the climax of the nightmare, the single event that marked the beginning of the crucial change in her life.
Her eyes slowly slipped open as the tears gradually subsided. Her heart still pounded, as it always did after that dream. The cold fear still pumped deeply through her veins, while the veil of sadness never lifted.
She was exhausted both physically and mentally but she couldn’t close her eyes again.

If you liked this part then please comment. I need to know if you guys are liking the plot or not otherwise it’s no use writing it. Because the comments are decreasing with each part. If you guys want me to hold down this ff for a while then please don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll try to update my other ff asap.
Be happy and take care.
Love you all????

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