His Solace.. His Angel (OBSESSION AT IT’S EXTREME Ragsan season 2) part 7

TWO YEARS AGO (Location : New York)

Someone said once that words cut sharper and much more deeper than a knife. But the same words can act as a remedy if you know the art to use them tactfully.
And Om Prakash Suryavanshi knew exactly how to use the statement in his favour.
Known for his brilliant persuasive skills, though it took a bit of efforts from his side, but at last he was able to settle a pact between the families, hence, successfully crushing any signs of war.
But still there was one thing left.
A declaration to be more specific.

And now here he(Sanskar) is.
At the famous underground den of the Raizada’s.

Standing in front of the two Mafia Lords with his head held high.

“You asked for something very precious to us. And Don or not I’ll not hand over my grand daughter to someone just like that.”
The hard tone of Dhirendra Singh Raizada held nothing but sincerity.

“She’ll get nothing but only the best.”
Another gruff voice accompanying the former one.
Om Prakash Suryavanshi perched on a chair across him, one leg positioned over the other.

Power oozing out of the pair in waves.

A brow raised in curiosity was the only answer they got.

“A simple test of strength.”

“And the last one standing got the win.”

Muscles stiff as board, as he noticed some movements from the corner of his eyes.

Face void of any emotion as charcoal orbs locked onto the several bulky figures across him.

Not just simply a couple of voluminous looking beast of a men, but the best top ten underground fighters of Raizada’s and Suryavanshi’s, who wouldn’t hesitate to rip apart anyone.

Was the only response needed.

Before anything could be registered, a kick was delivered right at the juncture of his neck, hitting straight at the cartid artery and rendering the man unconscious in seconds.

No one even got the chance to react.

One down. Nine to left.

If it was not for the years of practice to keep their emotions in check, the two Mafia Lords would have their jaws dropped open in shock.

Each of the kick and punch was aimed with such an accurate precision and strength, hitting straight at its target point and leaving behind everyone stunned in it’s wake at such a calculative fighting technique.

The pair was impressed to say the least.

Side stepping just in time to avoid the punch aimed at his jaw, he successfully blocked the next attack from his left side.

Grabbing his attacker’s elbow tight in a lock down, cracking of a bone filled in the air, followed by a moan of agony.

Smirking in satisfaction, charcoal orbs raked in every move of his competitiors. Stalking their every single movement like a hungry predator, about to pounce on its prey.

Four down. Six to go.

Left leg stretched behind, this time he failed to duck down in time.

An upper cut at his torso, arm stretched out for a palm-down knife hand work, he effectively managed to dodge the next move of his attacker.

Sliding sideways with ease, a slanting jab at the back of the kneecap was enough to bring his enemy down to his knees.

And that’s how the next five minutes were spent, as grunts of pain, and crackling of bones echoed around the room.

Punches thrown, attacks blocked and kicks aimed at the vital pressure points.

And finally, there he was.

Standing proudly amidst ten beast like, now badly injured, men.

Hands tucked in his pockets as he stared into the eyes of the two men head on, sitting a few feet across him.

They should’ve seen it coming.

What did they thought huh?

He would fight with hundreds of them, without an ounce of hesitation, if it ever came down to it.

No one and that means, absolutely fu***ng NO ONE can come between him and his Angel.

People seem to think that just because he confided his real identity and lived as a business man in Mumbai for years, he isn’t fit for his position as the Maheshwari Don.

“Well, they certainly shouldn’t forget that the fact that a lion will always be the rightful owner of the jungle.

No matter what.

And that’s exactly who he is.


A damn fu***ng Mafia King !!”

The sly smirk playing on his lips, enough to give an insight of his thoughts.


“Cupy !!!”

Lips curling into a genuine happy smile at the familiar tingles that he felt.

“Mwissed yooouuuuu”

“Missed you too Bunny.”
Chuckling at the adorable girl, who was swaddled to his muscular frame like a koala.

Legs securely wrapped around his waist, with hands wounded around his neck and face nestled in between his chest, she resembled more to a baby being carried, rather than a 19 year old grown up, young girl.

And that’s how exactly he likes it !!!

To him, she is just the cutest little thing in the world.

Chuckling at her muffled words, he held her even tighter to him, if possible, sighing in content.

Finally at peace.

Shaking his head at her cute antics, he hanged onto each word of hers like they matters more than anything else while she mumbled incoherently about how much she missed him.

With her still nestled protectively in his arms, the beautiful couple were lost in their own lovey-dovey world.

Overwhelmed with happiness after a reunion of four months, finally, Ragini and Sanskar felt complete.

Back with each other.

Leaving a trail of feathery kisses from her forehead to her jaw bone, he revelled in her melodic laughter, ignorant of the several pair of eyes directed at them.

The fact that they were standing amidst a party being held specifically to declare their relation in the Crime World completely slipping off of their minds.

Charcoal orbs gleaming with joy at the person before him.

His silly, adorable, innocent, little Angel.

And forever his.

PRECAP – How will Ragini react when she would finally come to know about the true identity of Sanskar Maheshwari?!!

Thank you sooooooo much guys for showering this ff with so much love. I tried my best to explain the fighting scenes, as much as I can. Hope you guys liked it.
Please comment to tell me your views about it.

Till then, be happy and take care.

Love you all ?????????

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