Hi i am Mohana Bhattacharya. I am a bengali girl who loves to travel and i am 24 years old. I love travelling and want to make it my proffesion too. As i am now an airhostess !…Now i stay in Dubai, but three years ago my life took a big turnover when i met with an unexpected circumstance. This story reflects my struggle of how i escape from SOFA.

15th june, 2015. I landed down in Goa for a chill out session. I was all alone and planned for a solo trip. My trip was of only 4 days but i wanted to enjoy those holidays a lot. Tourism company booked a resort for me for which i was not so excited, i was quite expensive although i love richness but we need care about money also naa but its okay i didnt changed my place and arrived at the DAYLIGHT RESORT.

Daylight resort, Goa’s one of the most calm stylish leisure based resort. There were very less amount of people i dont know why ! I came for checkin and there was no manager. I was irked and so i banged on the desk, the manager appear suddenly !

“Ssssssh…Madam welcome to the daylight resort, pls dont make sound here he dont like it” Manager replied me…

I spoke to him “Umm…i just came here for keys, i have a deluxe room booked here”…

He gave me the keys in a very awkward way !…He looked into my eyes and said “Madam…have a GREAT DAY !!”..


I greeted him and left from that weird place !…During opening the doorlock of the room, my eyes were glued to the glittering sea !!…

I turned away my eyes and as soon as i opened door. I felt like somebody got vanished before i open it !…I got shivered !…I was not expecting this at all !…I closed the door and kept my luggage and got mysepf changed. Even during changing i was feeling like someone is looking at me !…

Minutes later, I got freshen up and came to the living room. I sat on the sofa holding the cushion ! The room was full of dark !…I was so irritated seeing this. Then it took me only 17 secs to switch on the light. But as soon as i switched on the light, suddenly a POWERCUT !

“Uhh…rhhh…ghh” i was shivering like hell !…

I wasnt able to spot anything, it was too dark in the room !..

I tried to open the window so that the day light comes but it didnt opened at all. I ran towards the sofa and got hitted by the center table. I fell down. My eyes were getting tearry eyed and my pink color lips were faded !!

I crawled towards the sofa and holding the leg of the sofa !!…I noticed a blue ray was coming at me !…I was too scared to noticed it properly, somehow climbing i sat on the sofa !…

Sitting on sofa, i felt like someone is sitting near me, whom exactly i cannot see. But its presence was annoying !…I was getting jinxed in such a calm moment !…I was sitting like for 2 hours without electricity without anything !…I was only recalling my mom, dad, my girlfriends, my boyfriend…No one was near me but i was constantly getting a dark vibe !…

2 hours later, I stand up and went into the kitchen for water. I was walking blankly as if like if i react i would get killed !…I was thristy and there was a full of glass of water at the counter top !…The water i saw was so pure and fresh, my eyes were crying for it !…I was about to drink it but an unbelievable incident happened when i felt like somebody is holding my hand tightly !…

I was feeling cursed and unlucky at time. My goa trip plans left me ages away i was not even thinking about it !…I wasnt reacting at all as that time my anger was pacing. I was too furious that i even forgot that whats happening. I just wanted to grab the water but unfortunately it didnt happened !…As i grabbed the glass so hardly that it broke and i got bleeded ! My palm was blood oozed !…

“Noooooo” i screamed and felt that the hold is not there anymore…Maybe the thing that holded me got somehow scared !…Just in some secs i got fainted !!!

After i woke up, i saw myself on a bed. I have no idea how i came on bed. I was scared and was recalling my god’s face !…It brought some energy to me and i came out of the room. Still it was that stupid powercut, already i was so afraid. I was thristy again and the same glass of water was waiting for me at the counter top ! I recalled how i broke the glass then how did it got fixed i was wondering !

This time circumstances were quite different. I drank the glass full of water successfully ! But then as soon as i drank the water, the floor was stained with my hand blood and the glass pieces were lurking !…

“Aaaaaaaaa” I screamed and dropped the glass which broke !…

I rushed towards the doorstep and desperately tried to open the door but it was not opening. I started crying “Helppp ! Plssss i need help !!”…But the door knob was stucked !…Suddenly a blue ray hit my eyes and i spotted a shadow which got disappeared as soon as i was to touch it !…

I got comfirmed something is wrong and it dont want me leave anyhow !…I stood up and walked towards the bedroom !…I sat on the bed, i didnt noticed before that there was a pocket diary near my pillow !!…I opened the diary and flipped through the pages. In the last page it was a peculiar word “SOFA“. There was written nothing except sofa !!…

Without wasting a single minute, i rushed into living room and berserked the sofa !!!…The mattress of sofa came out by its own and a DEAD BODY ROLLED OUT from in !!!!!

“Whatt theeeee hellll !!!” I screamed like hell seeing the dead body ! The dead body was stabbed by knife and it was in an non definable state !!!…

After some time, Cops investigated the place and took away the dead body. It was later revealed that the manager of the resort was furious over his worker due to his personal reasons and during working session he stabbed the worker and killed him out of anger ! Due to sudden attempt, he was totally dumbstruck ! He hided the dead body inside the SOFA and covered it with cushion very well ! The murder took place only before 4 hours of my arrival in Goa !!…

The worker’s spirit was actually haunting me. He was actually trying to make me understand that he wants liberation of soul, thats why he wanted me to discover his dead body !!!…


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  1. VasaviNS

    It is a real story

    1. Riana

      @Vasavi.. No its not ?…thnx

  2. Siddharth

    Very scary episode rianu . ??loved it upload more horror stories ?

    1. Riana

      @Sid.. ??
      Yah will upload more in future ??

  3. ImRagela

    Wow was so thrilling ..Finally Mohana is escaped ..Awesome u ????

    1. Riana

      @Reji.. Really glad u liked it ???
      Yah mohana escaped…love u too ?

  4. Wow…a really good supernatural OS. Do write more stories like this

    1. Riana

      @Ayeza.. thankyouuu ayeza ???

  5. Santhiyalathamanian

    It was a super horror and thriller story os.

    1. Riana

      @Santhiyalathamanian.. Thnkyou so much ?

  6. Mansi

    First of all Congrats on ur new story Riuuu???It’s super scary one???Loved the way u wrote it???What a twist??Want more horror stories from u now??

    1. Riana

      @Manuuu.. Thanxalottt ????
      Surely…more horror stories in the near future ??…I hope you didnt laugh seeing the title ??…like what is SOFA ? Riana has gone mad or what !! ????…

  7. ItsmePrabha

    so creepy riu….awesome..

    1. Riana

      @Prabha… ???

  8. Jasminerahul

    the title sofa itself was hooking us to the story.what the girl faced there was she found sofa written in the book…then the dead body coming out from the mattress on the sofa…oh…superb twist about the murder n the spirit of the dead person was haunting her to discover his body to bring the truth out. thrilling story.after a long time you wrote a horror story

    1. Riana

      @Jas… ❤️?❤️?❤️
      So glad u liked it ??
      After so many months i wrote a horror story…?

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