Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 8)


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Socha na tha…Never thought..Part 8

Laksh rings up Ragini.
Ragini puts the phone on speaker.
Laksh:My friends from America are coming to visit me.So I am throwing a party for them in the evening.They would like you meet you.So you will come.Right?
Naina:Sure Laksh.Ragini will be attending the party.
Laksh becomes happy.
Dadi:But I will also accompany her.We won’t be sending her alone to you.
Laksh becomes dull:Ok.
He cuts the call.
Naina:Mummiji..why are you always accompanying Ragini?Give them privacy.They are going to get married.
Dadi:Yes.They are going to get married.But they are not married yet.That’s why I am going with Ragini.
Naina:Mummiji..time has changed.
Dadi:I know that with time your attitude too changed after living in abroad for a long time.But sorry to say that I have not changed a bit.So you have to bear with me.
Naina goes away in irritation.

Dadi and Ragini go 4 the party at Laksh’s house.dadi felt uncomfortable seeing everyone drinking liquor.they were shocked 2 see Laksh drinking with drunken Americans.
Dadi:My God.Laksh too drinks.
Ragini can’t believe it.

Laksh introduces Ragini 2 the foreigners who are his friends.One of them moved towards Ragini saying ‘Hi’ trying to kiss Ragini.
Ragini becomes nervous.
The angry dadi pushes him 2 the swimming pool.”how dare u try 2 kiss my grand daughter?”
every1 was shocked 2 see dadi’s energy.

dadi complains 2 Naina:i don’t think Laksh will suit Ragini.
naina:after the engagement u r talking like this?
dadi:i did’nt like Laksh.he drinks.
naina:so what?in america this is common.its not a bad thing if he drinks,after all he is from America.Drinking at parties is not big deal.

Dadi:I said what I felt like.You and Om better discuss about it.Otherwise you both may regret later.

Naina is irritated and thinks:This mummiji is impossible.

. Sanskar was given a function 2 greet. by the music world as he won National award.he receives momento from SONU NIGAM.
Sanskar starts singing the song 4 which he won the national award.

Andekhi anjaani, kya yeh mohabbat hai…
Chupke se milte dilon ki yeh aahat hai…
Kyun pyar ke sab diwaane……..
Jo kho giya who hii jane

Baatein kitaabon ki…
Raatein hain khwaabon ki…
Har khwaab izhaar hai…

Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…

Ragini comes there by taxi.she 4gets everything and goes onto the stage.Seeing her Sanskar becomes silent and turns him emotionally not being able to face her.

Everyone including inder and Swara are shocked.
Suddenly Ragini hums surprising Sanskar.Sanskar looks at her and starts singing.They both sing.

Sanskar: Kya pyaar ka ishq kaisi yeh chahaat hai,

Sanskar: Beqaar Ka kaam logon ki aadat hai

Ragini: Yeh DoDilon Ki Saada Hai
Ragini:Khamoshion Ki Zuban Hai

Sanskar smiles happily though Ragini is upset.They sing together.

Sanskar:Hai khel sauda Hai
Ragini: Janmon Ka Waada Hai

Ragini:Har Dil Ka Armaan Hai

Inder and Swara are also stunned.Ragini hugs him emotionally.The happy Sanskar hugs her back.

Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…

ppl start clapping their hands.even inderji and Swara become happy.both of them came back to senses.Ragini runs out.there at the entrance unexpectedly the drunk Laksh was waiting with his car.
Ragini gets nervous.
She thinks:Did Laksh see what happened between me and Sanskar?
Laksh:get inside the car. Ragini gets tensed

and gets inside the car.
Laksh:You did’nt expect me here.Right?You look as though you are shocked.

Inderji to Sanskar:I am seeing you smile from the bottom of your heart after a long time.Ragini’s arrival gives hopes.u go out,meet Ragini.she may not have gone.

Swara:Yes go near Ragini.Talk to her.You guys may be getting a second chance.

Sanskar smiles.

With lots of hopes he goes out.but he was shocked 2 see her with Laksh in the car.Ragini looks at him with tears on her eyes.the car starts.

Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai…
Kaisa yeh pyar hai… …{sad version}

.Laksh:You may be wondering how I reached you.I saw you going by taxi and followed you.Simple.
Ragini is nervous.
Laksh pulls her cheek cutely:Relax baby.Nothing to worry about.
Ragini gives him a pale smile.

Sanskar cries thinking of his moments with Ragini.

Apni mohabbat ki had jaanta hoon main
Par hai rulaya tumhen maanta hoon main
Jo zakhm tumko diya hai
Uska sila ye mila hai
Thukra diya tumne
Do jo saza tumne
Mera vo anjaam hai

Inder and Swara come and get shocked to see him cry.
Swara:Sanskar..where is Ragini?
Sanskar:She went with Laksh.
They feel sad.
Inder:We simply had false hopes.

Laksh drops her 2 her house.he also enters the house.Ragini goes 2 her bedroom.She changes into a night suit,unexpectedly Laksh opens the door & enters.Ragini felt weird,but did’nt react. Ragini:Are you not going home?
he:no,tonight i’m sleeping here.
Ragini begins 2 go out.
Laksh:where r u going?
Ragini:u sleep here.i’ll sleep in another room.
Laksh:no need.u also sleep here.
Ragini gets upset:What are you saying Laksh?It is not good to sleep in the same bedroom before our wedding.
Laksh:u r insulting me.
Ragini:what’s there as an insult?
Laksh:You hugged that singer in a public place in front of thousands of people.But you can’t sleep with me though I am your fiancé.What is this Ragini?
Ragini gets nervous.
She thinks:It means Laksh saw everything.
Laksh:i won’t allow u 2 go out.
she becomes angry :look Laksh.Everyone else may be don’t make a scene.
Laksh did’nt mind ir.he closes the door.
Ragini is scared:Why are you closing the door Laksh?
He pushes Ragini 2 the bed.
Ragini screams at him:Laksh…
she tries 2 escape by running towards the door.but he holds her hand tightly.

He pulls her closer to him forcefully

Laksh:How can you go like that Ragini?I am your fiance.I have rights on you.

Ragini stares at him angrily:You can’t behave like this Laksh..Control yourself.

Laksh stares at her with his drunk eyes:Why not?Don’t try to be a saint.When you can get intimate with Sanskar why can’t you be intimate with me?What does he have which I lack?

Not being able to bear it anymore she takes her hand off him forcefully and she slaps his cheek.Laksh stares at her.
Laksh:You slapped me?I will not leave you.

Ragini gets tensed.

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