Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 7)

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Socha na tha…Never thought..Part 7
Part-7…..Laksh:Ragini,do u remember our 1st meeting ?
he:but i was 14yrs back.we were u remember…once since u told i climbed the tree and plucked apples 4 u.
Laksh:You don’t remember anything?
Ragini nods no.Laksh becomes dull.

Laksh takes an album full of Ragini’s photos.
Ragini:how did u get these many pictures of mine?
Laksh:from Om uncle.even it contains ur childhood photos. actually when i was small itself i had crush on u.
Ragini is surprised.
he shows a particular photo of Ragini’s. there he has drawn a big heart.
HE:after seeing this photo i started loving u seriously.
Laksh caresses her face romantically looking into her eyes passionately:after that i always think that god made u 4 me.
Ragini gets upset.

Ragini remembers telling Sanskar that he is made 4 her.

Flash back…

Ragini:Sanskar…our love story is very cute and filmy.It started off with crush..fight..teasing..then love.
Sanskar:Yes.A very sweet love story.
Ragini:But still …when I saw you for the first time itself I realized that you are made for me and I am made for you.
Sanskar smiles:Yes..when I saw you talking to your dad on the phone I was lost in you.I felt that you were made for me.
Ragini smiles.
Sanskar:We are made for each other Ragini.
She blushes.

They share a romantic eye lock.

Laksh’s fingers goes thru her face:i luv u Ragini..

Ragini shivers:Laksh..

he begins 2 hug her.she gets tensed.

suddenly dadi cumes:Ragini..
Laksh moves away from Ragini.Ragini is relieved.
they get embarrassed.
Dadi goes near them and stares at Laksh angrily.Laksh gets tensed.
Dadi grabs Ragini’s hand and goes out of the room.
Dadi:Why did you let him touch you before marriage?

Ragini:Dadi…it happened I could’nt stop him.
Dadi:He is getting intimate with you as he is brought up with American culture.b4 wedding,no touching,ok..?
Ragini nods her head.

inderji feels pity seeing Sanskar’s present condition:why r u drinking like this?
Sanskar cries:2 4get my worries.

inderji gets angry and beats him:nonsense,What did you say?To forget your pain?How dare you?
Again he beats Sanskar.
Inder:You fool..its not the right way 2 4get ur worries.go with will comfort u.only one or 2 of 100’s can become an artist.u r one among them.god gave u talent This talent is God’s blessing.u shud not destroy it thinking of ur crap luv failure.u r a singer and now u shud’ve only music as ur luv.Did you get it fool?

Sanskar was touched by his words.He cries hugging inder:I am sorry Sir…
Inder caresses him and consoles him.
Inder:I am sorry.I beat you.
Sanskar:You beat me again.I deserve it.
Swara who watches this becomes emotional and weeps.

Swara and Inder leaves the room.Sanskar hears a voice:Sanskar!
He looks up and gets surprised to see Ragini.
R:Why are you destroying yourself by drinking Sanskar?
S:I don’t know Ragini.I am not able to bear our separation.

R:Who said we are separated?We are separated physically.But our souls can never separated.
She holds his hand:I will always be there in your heart.
They share an intense eye lock.
R:Promise me that you will never drink again.
R:Won’t you stop drinking for your Ragini?
S:For your happiness I will quit drinking.

He holds her hand:I promise that I will not drink again.

He breaks all his liquor bottles.Ragini smiles.He goes near Ragini.Suddenly he realizes that Ragini has vanished and it was only his illusion.He weeps.

Sanskar stops drinking and concentrates on his career.

Sanskar wins national award.
Ragini watches this news on TV and becomes very happy.
Naina comes and sees Ragini watching news related to Sanskar’s award and gets angry and switches off the TV.Ragini becomes upset..
Naina:You are engaged and still you are thinking of your ex-boy friend?Shame on you.I am ashamed to say that you are my daughter.

Ragini weeps:Mom…

Naina walks away angrily.

Inderji books a musical programme 4 Sanskar.Sanskar becomes upset eventhough he agrees 4 that.
later Swara asks inderji:papa,i can’t understand why Sanskar is not happy eventhough he’s going 2 be the part of a big show.

inderji:that’s bcoz that show is on Ragini’s wedding day.purposefully i booked that show 4 that day 2 make him away from this place.otherwise he won’t get peace of mind during Ragini’s wedding.the show will atleast keep his mind peaceful.i hope so.

Swara:I think you did right and I also hope that Sanskar does’nt get disturbed during Ragini’s wedding.

Sanskar to Swara:Swara…can you do a favour for me?
Swara:What is the need of asking me that?Just tell.What should I do for you?

Sanskar gives her an envelope.
Swara:What is this?
Sanskar:A letter for Ragini.
Swara and Karthik are shocked.
Karthik:Are you mad?Ragini dumped you easily just for her dad and you are still after her?

Swara:I agree with Karthik.Why are you still after Ragini?
Sanskar:You guys are misunderstanding me.I am not after Ragini.This letter is just to convey my wishes to her for her wedding.Swara…Won’t you give it to Ragini?
Swara:Ok…I will do that.
Sanskar:One more thing…please stop blaming Ragini.It was not an easy task for her to leave me for her dad.I can understand how much pain Ragini must have undergone because of her painfl decision to sacrifice me for her dad.
Swara:Ragini lost a gem like you Sanskar.Still you love and respect her so much.
Karthik:Ragini will surely regret leaving you Sanskar.
Sanskar is silent.

Swara goes with Sanskar’s letter 2 Ragini’s house.
Ragini is surprised to see Swara:Swara…
Swara hands over her the letter:Sanskar asked me to give this to you.
Ragini becomes happy:Sanskar sent this for me?

Swara:Yes.I need to leave now.Bye.
Swara goes.
Ragini reads the letter:dear Ragini,sorry…i won’t be there 4 ur wedding eventhough i wanted 2 attend it.unfortunately i have 2 do a show on that day.but i’ll pray 4 both of u.all the best 4 ur married life with Laksh.
Ragini cries.

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