Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 6)


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Socha na tha…Never thought..Part6
Part-6….Ragini being in love with Sanskar is known to the whole family now.
Naina scolds dadi:its all bcoz of u.whydid u make that stupid singer stay in the outhouse?she went away with Ragini’s he is more important 4 her.

dadi:i never expected this 2 happen.i did’nt know that there was a romance going on between them.

Naina keeps on blaming her.

om goes 2 Sanskar’s house.
Om:I am Ragini’s father.
Sanskar was happy 2 welcum him:Come inside..please sit Uncle.
Om:Ragini told me about ur luv.
Sanskar smiles:she had told me that her luvly dad will surely conduct our wedding.

Om:i’m sorry Sanskar,i came here 2 tell u 2 4get Ragini.
Om:i promised my friend that i’ll make Ragini marry his son Laksh.he is a smart guy.
Sanskar:uncle,why can’t u tell ur friend about our luv.we can’t liv without each other.
Om:how can i tell him like that after giving him word? my reputation…
Sanskar:ur reputation is more important than ur daughter’s happiness.Ragini told that her dad is a very understanding luving person.but i feel the opposite about you now.
Om:luv is sacrifice.why can’t u sacrifice?
Sanskar:its very easy 4 u tell .but do u know the pain a luver has when he has 2 sacrifice his beloved?
Om:be practical and think about its after effects.

Sanskar:do u think Ragini will listen to ur words?
om:yes..sure..she is practical.she understood what i told.she agreed 4 the wedding.the day after 2morrow is her engagement.
Sanskar is shocked:no never.Ragini won’t.
Om:if u hav doubt u call up Ragini.
Sanskar phones her.Knowing that it’s Sanskar Ragini becomes weak.
Sanskar:Ragini,ur dad told that u r going 2 get engaged with it true?
Ragini did’nt get words bcoz of pain.she weeps silently,

Sanskar:Ragini say…i can’t liv without u.
Ragini cries and disconnects the phone.Sanskar becomes upset.

Ragini comes out of the college.She is shocked to see Sanskar there.
She is not able to face him.She turns off her face.
Sans:Ragini…I wanted to meet you personally.That’s why I came here to meet you.Tell me that you did’nt agree to marry someone else.Your dad was lying to me.Right?
Sanskar is restless.
Ragini is silent.
Sans:Ragini ..tell me..
He turns her towards him with his hand.
Ragini’s eyes are full of tears.They share an emotional eye lock.
Ragini:My dad does’nt lie Sanskar.
Ragini:It’s true that I agreed to marry his friend’s son Laksh.
Sanskar is shocked:No,this can’t happen.It’s a lie.
Rag:No,this is the truth Sanskar.

Sanskar is shattered.He is numb for some moments.
Sans:Then what about our love Ragini?What about the dreams we saw together about ourselves?
Rag:Not every love can be fulfilled Sanskar.And may be our dreams are the dreams to be broken.
Sanskar weeps:Why Ragini?I know still you love me.Then why?
Rag:Because I can’t disobey my papa.I don’t want him to be embarrassed before others because of me.Sorry Sanskar.I can’t go against him for you.This is my condition.Please try to understand.Let me go and forget me.
Sans:I can leave you.But don’t expect me to forget you.I can never do that.
They share a teary eye lock.Ragini walks away painfully.Sanskar drowns in pain shedding tears.

The engagement day….They dress up Ragini.She wears a grand navy blue choli.puts ornaments and mehendi. she was shedding tears.

Tum ho gham ko chupaye, mai hu sar ko jhukaye
Tum bhee chup ho, mai bho chup hu, kaun kise samjhaye
Abb duriya itanee hain toh, milna yaha kal ho naa ho – (2)
Too vekh tai lai aj raj ke apne sariya nu, chetee apne nahee mil de
Ja banno pave khushiya te dil dariya too
Pave arman sab dil de

Sach hai ke dil toh dukha hai, hamne magar socha hai
Dil ko hai gham kyon, aankh hai nam kyon
Hona hee tha jo huwa hai
Uss bat ko jane bhee do, jiska nishan kal ho naa ho
Har pal yaha je bhar jiyo, jo hai sama kal ho naa ho……….(Kal ho na ho).

Om :Ragini,wipe ur tears .otherwise others will doubt.
Ragini wipes her tears and smiles.
Ragini is taken to the hall.she pretends 2 be happy b4 others.Laksh was not taking his eyes off her.He smiles at her romantically.Ragini smiles back.
Laksh:Ragini…you look so gorgeous…you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

She gives him a pale smile.

They exchange rings.

Sanskar was taking liqour in his house.Swara comes and becomes upset seeing his condition.
Swara:Don’t drink like this Sanskar.
Sans:I will drink Swara.
Swara:No,you can’t destroy yourself like this.
Sans:I am already destroyed ever since Ragini left me silently.She did’nt even say a word about break up.Let me finish.
Swara weeps and holds him:No Sanskar..don’t do this.I will not let you destroy like this.

Sanskar pushes away:Don’t interfere in my life Swara.When Ragini does’nt bother about me why should you bother?
Sanskar cries bitterly.Swara sheds tears seeing his depression.

Lajsh’s mother Devika:Ragini,do u sing now?when u were small u used 2 sing.
Naina:ya..she sings.but she never sings b4 public.Actually she is shy.

Laksh was excited:Ragini,u plz sing 4 me.
Ragini hesitates as she is in a sad mood.Ragini agrees 2 sing after a while seeing Om’s face.
she starts singing…

Mere dil ko yeh kya ho gaya, mai na janu kahan kho gaya
Kyon lage din me bhee rat hai, dhup me jaise barsat hai

Aisa kyon hota hai bar bar, kya isko hi kehte hai pyar
Mere dil ko yeh kya ho gaya, mai na janu kahan kho gaya
Kyon lage din me bhee rat hai, dhup me jaise barsat hai
Aisa kyon hota hai bar bar, kya isko hi kehte hai pyar

she dreams about her moments with Sanskar while singing this

Ho sapne naye sajne lage, duneeya nayee lagne lagee
Pehle kabhee aisa na huwa, kya pyas yeh jagne lagee
Madhoshiyo kaa hai samah, woh jukne laga asman
Khamoshee banee hai juban, chaide hai koyee dastan
Dhadkan pe bhee chaya hai khumar, aisa kyon hota hai bar bar

Laksh goes 2 a dreamworld with Ragini. He imagines romancing Ragini with burning passion.

Ho ayne me jo dekha toh dekha, aaye sharam ankhen jhukee

Dhak se mera dhadka jiya, ek pal ko yeh sasen rukee

Abb choree satane lagee, rato ko jagane lagee

Mai yuhi machal ne lagee, kuchh kuchh badal ne lagee

Jane rehatee hu kyon bekarar, aisa kyon hota hai bar bar

Mere dil ko yeh kya ho gaya, mai na janu kahan kho gaya
Kyon lage din me bhee rat hai, dhup me jaise barsat hai
Aisa kyon hota hai bar bar, kya isko hi kehte hai pyar: Ishq Vishk

Laksh:You are a nightingale Ragini.

His parents:We agree with Laksh.Ragini is a beautiful singer.
Everybody smiles.
Ragini:Thank you.
Laksh looks at her deeply:When you sang I fell in love with you more.
Ragini feels pain.

Naina:Why don’t we have some dance?

Music is played.

Laksh dances with Ragini passionately.
Each moment seeing Laksh’s love for her in his eyes her heart beats painfully.

( Jaaniye Heeriye
Jaaniye Heeriye

Mere Mann Ye Bata De Tu
Kis Or Chala Hai Tu

Kya Paya Nahi Tune

Kya Dhundh Raha Hai Tu

Jo Hai Ankahee Jo Hai Ansuni
Woh Baat Kya Hai Bata

Mitwa… Kahe Dhadkan Tujhse Kya
Mitwa… Yeh Khudse Toh Na Tu Chhupa )… (2) – kabhi-alvida-naa-kehna

after the function without even changing the dress,Ragini sits in her room thinking about her painful separation from Sanskar.Om comes.
Ragini:my acting was’nt bad,right papa?
om:still u can’t 4get Sanskar?if so,i’ll bring him 2 u .

Ragini:no papa,i’m trying 2 4get Sanskar.

Sanskar is lost and becomes a big drunkard.he loses his concentration on career.he rejects the singing offers he gets.his career goes down.

Laksh visits Ragini.
Laksh:Ragini..why don’t you come with me to my house too.
Laksh forces Ragini 2 come 2 his house with him.
dadi:b4 wedding girls r not supposed 2 go 2 their future husband’s house.
Laksh:o,come on dadi,its a blind belief.plz send her.We belong to the modern generation.Nobody believes in this superstition.
he forces a lot.atlast dadi agrees:Ok.Fine.
Laksh becomes happy:Thank you so much dadi.
Dadi:but on 1 condition,i’ll also come with u both.
Laksh did’nt like it:What?Why should you come with us?I mean what is the need of that?

Dadi:If you don’t want me to join you both Ragini won’t be coming to your house.

Laksh:Oh..I have no problem with that Dadi.You too come with us.
Laksh hides his irritation of Dadi joining them.

They 3 go 2 Laksh’s house.Laksh’s family welcomes them.
dadi roams about 2 see that big house.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.Ragini shivers:Laksh..
Laksh:Come with me.
Laksh takes Ragini 2 his bedroom.
Laksh:this is my bedroom,oh sorry…our future bedroom.
Ragini feels weird. she sees a framed photo of their engagement that’s kept over there.

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