Socha na tha…RagSan SS Part9(Last chapter)

Socha na tha…Never thought..Part 9 Thankyou all 4 giving me so much of love and support to continue this SS.This is d last plz detailed comment.also plz write ur fav scene n fav character n y u liked them.

Ragini runs from Laksh and opens the door.she goes out crying..her parents and dadi come hearing her cry.
Ragini hugs Naina:Mom…Laksh tried 2 …
she cries bitterly.
Naina and Om are shocked.
Dadi scolds Laksh:How dare you try to misbehave with my grand daughter?
he did’nt mind.
dadi:om,u scold him.why r u standing like this like a statue?u don’t hav any feeling eventhough he was bad 2 ur daughter?r u a dad?
om:he is not in his senses whatever we tell will be useless.

Laksh goes out silently not being affected by their talk.
dadi shouts at naina:I had warned you to be careful.i had told u that he is not a gud guy,he drinks.but what did u tell? You said it’s normal.Now tell me what excuse do you have to defend Laksh?Is that it’s normal in America?

Naina feels ashamed and weeps silently.

Sanskar and Laksh think of their moments with Ragini.Ragini thinks of her moments with Sanskar and Laksh.All of them are emotional.

Kuch kum roshan hai roshni
Kuch kum gili hai baarishein
Kuch Kum lehrathi hai hawa
Kuch Kum hai dil mein kwahishein
Tham sa gaya hai
Yeh waqt aaisi
Tere liya hi tehra ho jaise

Sanskar got ready 2 go far 4 the show inderji had booked 4 him.inderji & Swara cum 2 Sanskar’s room with a smiling face.
Swara:Some VIPs hav cum 2 see u.
Sanskar goes to the drawing room.he was surprised 2 see om & Ragini.Ragini smiles at him.Sanskar hesitates 2 smile at her in the presense of Om.
Ragini was surprised 2 see Sanskar’s shirt which has an artificial red rose on it.

flashback:when they were not in talking terms b4 confessing love,Sanskar takes his shirt which was put out 2 dry after washing it. he was surprised 2 see that a red rose was stitched in that.
Sanskar was shocked:how did it cum in this?anywayz it looks suits me since i’m romantic.
He giggles. he hears someone’s cough & he looks around.he sees Ragini looking at him.
He:So t its done on his shirt by Ragini.
she looks back and stands there as if she does’nt know anything about it.

Sanskar smiles.

Om:i know that 2day evening Sanskar is going 2 delhi 4 the show.b4 that i want 2 tell u that i’m happy 2 give my daughter 2 u.

Sanskar was surprised.inderji,karthik & Swara smile.
om:u can’t believe?yes i’m sure that u’ll make Ragini always happy.i learnt a lesson. I realized that I did a big mistake by separating you from my daughter for that rascal Laksh.
Sanskar is stunned.
Om:Yes Sanskar..Laksh was a bad choice for Ragini.I made a mistake by choosing him for Ragini.He tried to misbehave with Ragini.
Sanskar is shocked:What?Laksh did like that?I can’t believe it.How can he stoop so low?

He looks at Ragini.She is upset thinking of how Laksh behaved with her.
Inderji:sometimes our children’s selection cum better than our selection.

om:thats true.i’m telling this from my own experience. i never expected Laksh 2 be a dirty guy. Swara:no,Laksh is great.
Swara:I mean it.Laksh is a great guy.
Om:How can you say that Laksh is a great guy after knowing what he did to my daughter?
Inder:Yes.Why did you say like that Swara?
Swara:u don’t know the truth.after the engagement i had gone 2 see Laksh 2 tell him about Ragini’s relationship with Sanskar.


Swara meets Laksh.
Swara:Hi I am Swara.Ragini’s friend..
Laksh:If I am not wrong you are the play back singer Swara.Right?
Swara smiles:Yes.
Laksh:I have heard your songs.I have to confess that I am a fan of your songs.
Swara smiles:Thank you.
Laksh:To be frank I wanted to meet you personally too.But how my favourite singer came to meet me? I can’t believe this.Is this a dream or what?Did you come here after knowing that I am your fan?I am confused.
Swara:No..actually I came here as Ragini’s friend/well wisher.

Laksh,i want 2 tell an important matter about Ragini.That’s why I came here to meet you.
Laksh laughs:i can guess what u r going 2 tell.Ragini is in luv with a singer named i’m requested 2 drop my idea 2 marry her.right?
Swara was shocked.
Laksh:after the engagement only i came 2 know about it.but still i luv i want 2 see her i ‘ll reunite Ragini-Sanskar.but if i tell that i’m not interested 2 marry Ragini that will be an insult.they themselves should cancel the wedding.4 that i’m going 2 do certain things.but Swara u plz promise me that u’ll keep it as a secret.
Swara:ok,i promise.

Laksh Swara keep meeting each other secretly.
Laksh:I want to create a bad impression about myself in Ragini’s family members’ mind.For that what should I do?
Swara:But what is the need of spoiling your image in front of them?
Laksh:It’s a must.Only then Om Uncle will be sure that I am not suitable for Ragini.

Tell me Swara.How should I do that?
Swara:I think they will have a bad impression if they come to know that you drink.
Laksh:But I don’t drink even at parties.
Swara:But you can pretend to be drunk.
Laksh:Good idea.

In order to show that he drinks Laksh invited Ragini to the party and instead of alcohol he drank Coco cola and Dadi and Ragini thought that Laksh was really drinking.But though dadi had a bad impression about Laksh Ragini’s other family members just took it as casual drinking.So Laksh decided to be a real bad boy in front of Ragini’s family.
At Sanskar’s function when Ragini came ,Swara messaged Laksh secretly that Ragini has come there.That’s how Lakh landed up there.He succeeding in meeting Ragini there and dropping her home,forcing himself upon her when her family members were around them.


Swara:it was a part of Laksh’s drama 2 make Om uncle cancel the wedding.

Ragini is shocked:It means Laksh was pretending to be bad for my happiness?

Swara:Yes Ragini.For you he did it.He has a golden heart.
Om,Inder and Sanskar are shocked too.
Ragini’s eyes gets filled up with tears.
She:For me Laksh spoiled his own image in public.

Om:Good that you told us the truth Swara.Otherwise we would have even got him arrested for misbehaving with Ragini and thus my friendship with Laksh’s father would have been spoiled.
Sanskar:i want 2 thank Laksh.

Swara:he maybe in the airport.he’s going back 2 america now.
Ragini:Sanskar,i want 2 see Laksh now.we’ll go there.

Sanskar-Ragini step out 2 the airport with Swara.
Laksh & parents in the airport..
his dad:i feel proud of u my son.u did a gr8 thing.
Laksh smiles.
mom:who will be my bahu beta?

Swara comes into Laksh’s mind.

Flash back…

Laksh Swara meet each other.
Laksh:Finally I succeeding in making Om uncle decide to unite Sanskar and Ragini.
Swara:Thanks Laksh for uniting them.They both really love each other.They both had really scattered into pieces.Really you did a great thing by unting them.
Laksh:Thanks to you also Swara for supporting me to unite them.
Swara smiles.
Laksh:I am leaving for America tomorrow.
Swara is shocked.She becomes upset.
Swara:Why so soon?
Laksh:What is the need of staying back here?

Swara stammers:What if someone in India needs you.
Laksh smiles:If that person stops me I might stay back.
He walks.Suddenly Swara holds his hand.He looks at her.
Swara:Please don’t go.
Laksh:I have to go Swara.
Swara becomes pset.
Laksh:But only to be come back for you.
Swara is surprised:Laksh…
Laksh:Being with you I don’t know how ans when I fell for you Swara.Only when I decided to go back to the US I felt the pain of losing you.Then I realized that I have fallen in love with you.
Swara becomes very happy:Same here Laksh.I don’t know how I fell for you.But every moment I felt like seeing you.But now I know that I too love you.
They hold each other’s hand and share a sweet eye lock.

Laksh smiles:someone is made somewhere 4 me mom.i’ll meet her one day.
mom:Laksh,why can’t that girl be our Swara?
Laksh had a naughty smile on his face:maybe.she understands me lot.very helpful too.
His mom:Laksh..why don’t you admit that you have already met your soulmate and that is Swara.
Laksh is understood it?
She:Yes..after all I am your mother.
they smile.he bid gud-bye 2 his parents & goes.
Sanskar-Ragini search 4 him in the airport.the flight time was near.Sanskar-Ragini were not allowed 2 get inside. Sanskar sees Laksh on the escalator.he shows him 2 Ragini.
Sanskar:Ragini..see Laksh.
Ragini calls him:Laksh…don’t go…

Laksh turns back from the escalator and gets surprised to see Sanskar Ragini with Swara.
Laksh:Guess Swara told them the truth.
He smiles at them.he says loudly:all the best!enjoy ur life.

Sanskar-Ragini r having happy tears on their eyes.
Laksh gives a flying kiss to Swara.Swara blushes.
Sanskar Ragini are surprised to see that. and Laksh?
Swara nods her head blushing.
Sanskar Ragini smile happily.

Sanskar Ragini’s colourful wedding takes place.

Sanskar-Ragini dance at the reception party…

Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Nashe di pudiyaan
Gali de gunde..

Swara cumes & tells:Laksh has asked 2 convey his wedding wishes 2 u both.
Ragini becomes naughty:so u hav contact with him?
Swara smiles. Sanskar:After all u both r in luv?Serious relationship?
Swara becomes shy. Sanskar winks at Ragini.she laughs.
Sanskar:What are you guys planning?
Swara:He will come after 2 months.Then our wedding.

Then Sanskar Ragini continue dancing.

O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna

Swara & Karthik also join them.Swara imagines dancing with Laksh.

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..(DDLJ)


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