Socha na tha (Episode-6)

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Next morning…..
Sharad comes to Lucknow.. Yuv comes to the airport to receive him..
On the way, he tells sharad how karan and soumya have been troubling him for days..
Sharad- but why?
Yuv- no idea..
Sharad smirks and thinks- very soon, u will get to know everything..

At karan’s home….
Sharad pretends to argue with karan..
Later, sharad gets to know on facebook that Dr. Rustogi is back from Singapore to his hometown Lucknow..
He says- now its ur turn Dr. Rustogi..


Sharad goes to Rohan’s home.. He shows him a pic (guys I hope u remember this scene from the first epi) Rohan gets shocked seeing the pic of suhani and Bhawana..
Sharad- where is sambhav mittal?
Rohan- I don’t know.. Plz let me go..
Sharad- okk, go..
Sharad kills him..

*****FB ENDS*****

Sharad goes to rustogi’s home..
He gets shocked seeing sharad who is holding a knife..
Sharad- where is sambhav mittal?
Rus- I don’t know.. Plz let me go..
Sharad- I have a condition..
Their conversation is muted..

Rustogi calls yuv and says- suhani and Bhawana are alive..
Yuv is shocked.. He asks where are they..
Rus- come to my home..
He gives his address..
Rus calls police and says something..

Rus- I did as u said.. Now leave me..
Sha- do u want freedom?
Rus- yes..
Sharad kills him too and leaves..

Yuv comes to meet him and finds him dead.. He is taken aback.. He knows that if someone sees him, he will be behind the bars.. Just then, the police arrive and yuv is arrested.. He tries to explain that he didn’t do anything..
Cop- shut up.. Dr. Rustogi called us saying that u wana kill him coz he got to know that u killed advocate rohan..
Yuv can’t understand what’s going on..
He shouts- karan and soumya have done this..
Police arrest him..

*****FLASHBACK #6*****

In the class…..
A boring lecture is going on.. Yuv is sleeping.. Suhani hits him with her elbow and wakes him up..
Yuv- what suhani?
Suh- wake up, else sir will throw u out of the class..
Yuv- all thanks to u.. I had to stay awake till 2 only coz of u..
Suh- I didn’t force u.. It was ur choice.. Not my problem..
Yuv- oh yeah.. Actually, its not ur problem.. In fact, u’r a problem.. U know, when I carried u and placed u on the bed, I realised u’r a very heavy problem..
Suh stares at him.. He laughs.. She slaps on his arms..

Sambhav hears them.. He clenches his fists thinking they were together all night.. He takes their words in the other sense and starts visualising yuvraj getting close to suhani, hugging her, kissing her, placing her on the bed and going much further which he himself would have done if she was with him..

After two days, the students submit their assignments.. Then the seniors come and invite them for the freshers’ party which is after a week..

Being with suhani, yuvraj makes a good number of friends.. As people get to know him more, sam is highly disappointed as he wants yuv to remain all alone..

Suh is back to her home.. She goes for shopping with dadi to get the best dress for the party..

After a week….
The party begins.. Freshers come in their best attire.. Sam enters with his friends and look around for suhani.. He has put up clothes, watch and shoes, all of which are of expensive brands.. He is sure that he will be the ‘Mr. Fresher’.. He makes fun of yuv saying he may not come as he may have to deliver pizzas..

Yuv enters the college.. He has put on a dark blue shirt, black trousers and a black coat.. He gets along with his friends, while his eyes are busy looking for someone in the crowd..

Suhani enters the college.. She has put on a pretty white gown (as u can see in the montage).. The guys are completely mesmerised by her.. Yuv smiles.. People compliment her saying she is looking gorgeous.. Yuv too wishes to tell her how stunning she is looking, but he doesn’t get a chance..

Sam comes to her and says- hey suhani, u’r looking gorgeous..
Suh thanks him and gets busy talking to the girls again.. Sam feels irritated..

Various rounds are held.. Many students bag prizes including YuvAni and sambhav.. And then it was time for the selection of ‘Mr. Fresher’ and ‘Miss Fresher’..

Voting is done by secret ballot.. Every guy has to vote for a girl and vice-versa.. The results are to be announced by the end of the program.. Till then, they are asked to have food and snacks.. Some people choose to go to the dance floor..

‘Disco deewane’ plays.. All start dancing.. Suh sees yuv talking to a girl in a corner.. Few other guys and girls, who were not dancing, also join them.. Suh is glad to see that he is not alone now, he has friends.. Sam appears infront of her and she stops dancing..
Sam- I know u dislike me, but I don’t think u hate me..
Suh- look Sam.. I don’t like the way u……
Sam interrupts- humiliate yuvraj.. Right?
Suh nods..
Sam- I won’t do that again.. Friends?
Suh nods smiling and they shake hands..
Sam (giving her samosa)- I know u won’t say ‘no’ to samosa..
She smiles seeing it and is about to take it when yuv comes and says- suhani, I wana talk to u..
She leaves with him.. Sam fumes..

They stand in a corner..
Suh- say..
Yuv- actually, I wanted to say that.. U…..
He looks sideways and says- u’r looking gorgeous today..
Suh feels like on top of the world.. She is extremely happy but doesn’t know why..
She blushes and thanks him for the compliment..
Yuv- so, ‘Miss Fresher’…..
Suh- are u sure I’ll win?
Yuv- I know u will win.. One min..
He goes and gets a samosa..
He gives it to her..
Suh- thank u..
She takes a bite and says- its yumm.. Where is ur samosa?
Yuv refuses..
She tries to feed her samosa to him forcibly while he tries to stop her..
Suh- okk fine.. As ur wish.. I won’t force u..
She turns to leave.. Yuv holds her wrist.. She turns towards him..
Yuv- okk fine.. Just one bite, only for u..
Suh gives that bright smile and feeds him.. Yuv too smiles.. She pinches his nose.. He gets irritated.. She laughs..
Sam watches them and fumes.. He crushes the samosa in his hand..

Its time to announce the names of ‘Mr. Fresher’ and ‘Miss Fresher’.. Freshers are asked to guess the names.. Suhani and sambhav’s names are heard.. Sam smirks and looks at yuv, who is clapping as he is happy for suhani..
Both of them are called on stage.. Sam cleverly cuts the wire of the sound system.. They are honoured with the crown and the title.. Suh looks at yuv.. He smiles and shows her thumbs up.. Both of them say a few words..

SuBhav are asked to dance..
Suh doesn’t like it.. She thinks how to refuse, while people start cheering up for them..

The music couldn’t be turned on..
Sam- music plz..
DJ- the music can’t be played.. The wire is cut..
Suh- leave it.. Let’s go..
Sam- suhani wait.. (Looking at the audience) can anyone of u sing a nice song for us?
Many of them raise their hands..
Sam- yuvraj.. Please..
YuvAni look on..
Suh to sam- whats this? Stop it..
People ask yuv to go ahead and so he agrees..
Suh looks on..

Yuv takes the guitar and starts playing it.. Sam forwards his hand and suh unwillingly gives hers.. They start dancing.. Sam holds her by her waist while her hands are on his shoulders.. YuvAni look at each other, and sam continues to stare at suh..

Yuv sings looking at suh….

Koi Chehra main takta raha
Koi Chehra mujhe acha laga
Koi Chehra mujhe apna laga
Main takta Raha

Sam and suh move around.. Now YuvAni can’t see each others’ faces.. Sam smirks looking at yuv.. Suh avoids looking into Sam’s eyes the way she would have looked into yuv’s eyes..

Chand jaise woh zameen per
Mujh ko aisa laga
Dil ke armaan khil uthe
kuch toh aisa hua

Ke baat itni si hai
Ke woh mujhe acchi lagi
Ke baat itni si hai
Ke woh mujhe acchi lagi

Koi Chehra Mujhe Apna laga
Main takta raha

He closes his eyes and imagines only both of them are there.. He is singing and she is walking towards him.. She moves around him and then locks her arms around his neck.. They have a romantic dance.. They smile and their foreheads touch..

Jaagta hoon raat bhar main
Neend aati nahi
Yaad uski mere dil se
Kyun ye jati nahi

He recalls their first meet, and the other moments they had spent together..

Ke baat itni si hai
Ke woh mujhe acchi lagi
Ke baat itni……..

He stops singing when suhani slaps sambhav.. He places his hand on his cheek and stares at her angrily..
Suh says pointing finger at him- learn to stay within ur limits..

*****FB #6 ENDS*****

Sharad scrolls through some pics in his phone and cries..
He says- today u don’t even know who u are.. Its all coz of yuvraj birla.. Whatever both of u had gone through coz of him, he will have to pay heavily for it.. That’s my promise..
He wipes his tears..

Yuv gets to know about sharad..
FB #7- suhani’s drink is spiked..

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  1. Yuvani

    Superb..fb is awesome…..thrilling……I am truly enjoying this suspense………curiosity is increasing with every you dear…….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u dear.. 🙂

  2. Napsha sis its tooooooooooooo good.i just loved it veryyyyyyy much sis.i am confused abt added suspense to the ff.its very much interesting.ur writer in my opinion sis.u are writing this much complicated plot in an amazing way.its very very new anf fresh which i had never seen or heard in movies.first kudos to ur wriying skills.this time ur story is ur has stolen alm d credit than yuvani.anyway todays yuvani moments are toooo good.suhani is looking really cute and gorgeous.both are lovely.this sambhav doesnt change.i am waiting fr ur pre cap episode.i am afraid what will sambhav do with suhani and that shards truth yuvis arrest everything is suspense.i am excited sis.pls post next update also asap.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u radha sis.. 🙂 all ur questions will be answered..

  3. From the beginning ..curiosity has not decreased even a bit…every episode i find it thrilling…day by day questions r increasing…fantastic flashback

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      thank u dear.. 🙂

  4. Lovingirl

    awesome suspense story full of thrilling…, waiting for the next epic just love it

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  5. Wooo no wordsss…….sach bahuth different and thrilling story he…. day bay day intersing hotha hee…amazing writer he apppp…..

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  6. Enjoying the suspense very much..Yuvani feeling fr eachother are increasing day by day(in the fb)..superb epi di..Thanks for updating

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  7. Yuvani_saraj

    awessome episode….its very interesting increasing our curiousity

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  8. wow superb nd intersting epi… curiousity is increasing day by day.. i hv so many ques in my mind but i knw i will get their ans when u update ur next parts..
    nd sry di for not commenting in ur previous parts i m busy in my studies.. but di i hv one ques.. its totally different from first part which u posted in last november. u changed ur story line??? ans plzz

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u dear.. 🙂
      plz don’t be sorry.. yes, I have changed the entire story as few things were not fitting in the old story.. I have got the old ones deleted as well..

      1. okk.. thnks di..
        but di i like that part.. if u hv tym so plz continue that part in ur new ff…

      2. NAPSHa J

        Thanks a lot sis but writing a new ff on that part will not be possible coz ultimately the story will be the same.. If u want, I can include that part in this story.. Will that be okk?

  9. every epi is awesome n thrilling.. waiting for further story

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  10. yes di that will be okk if u include that part in this story…
    thank u di 🙂

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