Socha na tha (Episode-5)

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Next morning….
Someone is shown going somewhere.. The person opens the door of a small home..
A nurse says- she is inside..
The person goes inside and finds the twenty-six years old girl playing with her toys on the bed..

The person places his/her hand on her shoulder from behind.. She turns around.. She gets glad seeing him/her..
Girl (stammering)- u came? Did u bring a new toy for me?
The person shows one.. She gets up and claps seeing a new teddy bear.. She takes it and hugs the person.. He/she starts crying..
Girl wipes his/her tears and says (stammering)- why are u crying? Did anyone scold u?

Person- no.. I’ve to go now.. I’ll come soon..
Saying that, he/she leaves the room..
Person- when will she be perfectly fine? I can’t see her like this..
Nurse- very soon.. She will be normal like before.. Dr. Sinhal is attending to her very seriously.. Don’t worry..
Person nods and leaves thinking- Dr. Rustogi, I’ll find u out..

At karan’s home…..
All are having breakfast..
Karan- yuvraj.. What were u doing in chandni’s room late night?
Yuv and Chan are stunned.. They look at each other..
Karan- now don’t say that u didn’t.. I had seen u coming out of her room.. U were scared, like u had seen a ghost..

Yuv looks on.. Karan says that yuv is interested in chandni.. They argue..
Chandni shouts- enough..
Both of them look at her.. She warns yuv not to do that again..
Karan says to Chandni (staring at yuv)- how did u forget to lock the door before going to sleep? U never did that before..
Chandni leaves fuming..

Yuv sees suhani twice or thrice everyday.. She threatens him that she will kill him.. Yuv is totally scared.. He tries to look for a clue to understand what’s happening.. But he fails.. He is mentally disturbed due to all these..


Ten days passed by.. Everyday I talked to sharad, but couldn’t tell him anything.. Simply coz he didn’t know suhani.. I wished if there was someone who could help me out..
One day, I decided to face her bravely instead of running away..

The same thing happened again.. She came to my room at night and started threatening me.. I stood fearlessly and asked her to kill me.. This time, I moved towards her and she moved back.. Finally she turned around and ran out, towards karan’s room.. The door was open.. She ran inside and I chased her..

Karan, who was working on his laptop, got up..
He asked- yuvraj.. U here? (Looking at her) and u?
I said- karan.. She is not chandni..
He said- yuvraj.. Did I call her by that name?
I was confused..
He smirked and winked at her.. She started to remove the mask on her face.. I was stunned to know she was Soumya!!

I said- oh.. So both of u are together..
Karan- now what will u do? Plz don’t say anything to chandni..
I said- just be here..
I went towards chandni’s room and opened the door.. She was just going to sleep.. Seeing me there, she got angry..
She asked- don’t u have manners? How can u…..
I held her hand and dragged her to karan’s room.. She asked me to leave her hand, but I ignored..

I said- see….
Soumya wasn’t there.. I checked the room..
I had nothing to say.. Karan said to Chandni that I was getting fits.. I grabbed his neck and threatened to kill him.. Chandni asked me to leave their home.. I nodded and packed my stuffs.. I walked downstairs and slipped.. I rolled down the stairs..

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the same room where I was staying..
I called sharad and said- sharad, I need ur help.. Plz come here tomorrow itself..
Sh- is everything ok, guru?
I replied- all I can say for now is that karan are soumya are plotting against me, and I don’t know why..
Sharad was shocked and agreed to come.. I felt a lil better and closed my eyes..

*****FLASHBACK #5*****

In the morning….
Suhani wakes up..
She thinks- how did I come up on the bed? Did yuvraj…… Wherez he?

She goes to her room and finds him sleeping there.. She slowly calls out his name.. But he doesn’t wake up.. She thinks he worked till late night so she should let him sleep.. She takes her clothes and enters the bathroom.. She finds the shower tap is turned on, but there is no water.. She comes out.. Her eyes fall on yuv who is still sleeping.. She goes to yuv’s room.. She is about to lock the door of the room when her phone rings.. Its her elder sis, Bhawana.. They gossip for half an hour and then she goes for shower..


I woke up when the alarm rang.. I realised I was in her room.. I could hear the sound of water coming from the bathroom..
I thought- may be, suhani is there..
I left from there and went to my room.. I walked towards the bathroom.. Just before I could turn the knob, the door opened and suhani came out.. We collided and she lost her balance.. We held each others’ shoulders for support..

Bgm plays…….
Pehli nazar mein kaise jaadoo kar diya,
Tera ban baitha hai mera jiya,
Jaane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata,
Is pal ko milke aa jee le zara..

She was in a towel.. Her hair was somewhat wet; and I could see drops of water making their way towards her exposed back.. Some drops fell on my fingers too.. Her shoulders and some portion below it were bare.. I tried to stop myself from staring at her, but couldn’t.. We had an intense eye-lock..

I was driven crazy.. The way she held my shoulders, I wanted to go closer to her, but I KNEW MY LIMITS.. Her touch was so delicate and soothing.. We inhaled and exhaled heavily.. Her chest was pressed against mine..

I broke the trance when I saw a teardrop making way from the corner of her eye.. She looked down.. I felt guilty for staring at her that way, as I realised I was embarrassing her and making her feel uncomfortable as well.. Her hold on my shoulder loosened and finally she moved a step back.. She looked sideways and then turned around..


I just wanted to disappear from there.. I was going through a mixture of emotions I had never been through before..

Main hoon yahan, tu hai yahan,
Meri baahon mein aa, aa bhi ja,
O jaan-e-jaan, dono jahan,
Meri baahon mein aa bhool Ja,
O jaan-e-jaan, dono jahan,
Meri baahon mein aa bhool Ja….

I was about to leave the room when he placed his hand on my shoulder from behind.. Once again, his touch sent shivers throughout my body.. I clutched the towel as tightly as I could..
I said so slowly like I whispered- let me go..
He turned me towards him and placed his finger on my chin.. He lifted up my face so that I could meet his gaze.. He shook his head and caressed my face with his hands.. He inched closer to me.. I looked down.. I was nervous; it was much more than nervousness.. He gently kissed my tears.. I closed my eyes, as I was afraid; afraid of what, I had no idea..

I opened my eyes when he moved apart..
He said- wait a minute..
He took up my stole which was kept on the bed and wrapped it around me.. I clutched it tightly by the corners..
I looked at him..
He said- I’m so sorry suhani.. I didn’t know that u are here, else…..
I just nodded slightly..
He took my hands and said- okk, then get ready.. And yes, plz don’t cry.. I like ur smile..
Saying that, he cutely punched on my cheek.. I smiled slightly..
He said- yayy.. That’s like my girl..
We had an awkward moment.. He looked sideways and stepped out of the room, closing the door..

*****FB #5 ENDS*****

The scene shifts to sharad’s home..
Sharad thinks- I need to talk to karan..
He calls him..
Karan- yes sharad..
Sharad- what are u doing? Yuvraj birla knows about u and soumya..
Karan- so what.. He doesn’t know about u.. So we are safe..
Sharad- hmmm.. Anyways, the power of attorney is in my name.. I think its the right time to act.. I’m coming there tomorrow..
Karan- okk..

Dr. Rustogi calls yuv and tells- I know where are they..
Yuv goes to meet him and finds him dead..
FB #6- freshers’ party; suhani’s drink is spiked..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. Plz do comment and share ur views.. 🙂
Also, I hope u’r not getting confused between the present and the past.. I know there are some questions in ur mind which will be answered slowly, still if u have any doubt relating to any particular epi, u can ask me.. If I feel it should be cleared there itself, I’ll answer it.. Else I’ll ask u to wait..

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  1. Omg even sharad turned to b a cheater..dont know how many r plotting against yuvi…im confused…flash back scene was awesome. ..cute yuvani moments..liked yuvi so much

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

  2. Yuvani

    Wonderful twist……..curious to know what Yuvi did as everyone is against him…..but I am really enjoying this, mysteries opening gradually….You are an amazing writer..Thank you dear……

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome and exciting episode…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

  4. Omg..It is made up of twists..A twist is getting revealed in each epi..But I know it will lead to a fantastic ff..Loving the twists..Waiting desperately for the next epi..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

  5. Amazing… But who is the patient…??? N y sharad also cheating n what happened with suhani…. I’m confused

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂 everything will be revealed soon..

  6. Day by day its getting more and more excited.i am having goosbumps while reading ur ff.todays episode is soooooo nice sis. U would have got habituated to these words actually.u really deserve much more appreciation sis.there is no confusion.ur writing every part it may be either flashback or present ur writing in a very easy manner to understand.every part has its own specality.suspense has utmost suspense and love has extreme love everything is beyond explanation.yuvis confusion situation and yuvanis romantic moments are just perfect.especially when yuvi cared abt her is sooooo nice. I am waiting fr precap.actually i dont want to know anything abt this bcz i just want to enjoy suspense in ur ff.i want to enjoy it fully.i know ur surprise twists will be much more excited.i will be waiting fr more twists.luv u sooooooooooooooo much sis.pls update nxt update asap sis.bye.and tq very much fr taking sooo much effort to write this much loooong episode that too this much beautifully.

    1. NAPSHa J

      omg.. ur comment made my day.. thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

  7. Sachh day by dayyy bathuth interesting hotha hee….muje patha nahi me kyaa bolo amazing amazing…..

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  8. very romantic epi n thrilling

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      thanks a lot sis.. 🙂

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