Socha na tha (Episode-4)


Its 2 am.. Yuvraj is sleeping.. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.. He opens it.. He is shocked to see suhani.. Her face is stained with drops of blood.. She walks inside, staring at him like she would eat him up anytime.. She walks towards him and he steps back.. He starts sweating..

Yuv- suha……
She interrupts- why did u do it yuvraj? Why? I trusted u so much, and u……..
Yuv- I’m sorry for everything..
She- my soul is unable to find peace yuvraj.. U will have to die..

Stepping back, yuv ends up falling on his bed..
Yuv- I know u’r suhani as well as chandni..
She smirks and says- go and see.. Chandni is sleeping in her room..

Yuv goes and checks.. He finds her sleeping facing the other side.. He slowly walks towards her, and tries to see her face.. He gets shocked after seeing her face.. He starts sweating and immediately decides to leave from there before she wakes up.. He turns around, and whatever he saw in his room flashes in his mind.. He leaves from there..

When he reaches his room, he doesn’t find anybody there.. He thinks what’s happening with him.. He decides to find out the truth.. He drinks some water and lays down..

*****FLASHBACK #4*****

Students sitting behind yuv congratulate him on being chosen by suhani.. He thanks them smiling.. Sam, right behind whom yuv was sitting, feels insulted and like a loser.. He decides to win over yuv..

During lunch break…..
In the canteen, Suhani is having samosa with her friends.. Yuv comes there looking for her, as he wants to ask her why did she choose him.. He sees her with her friends around a table.. One chair was empty.. But he felt awkward, so he didn’t join..
Nisha- suhani, why……
Suh interrupts- I know, everyone has the same question- Why did I choose yuvraj.. right?
The girls nod.. Yuv impatiently waits to hear her answer..
Suh- there were two reasons.. One is that I wanted to show it to sambhav that every girl won’t run after his money.. He is too arrogant and keeps boasting about himself.. I just feel irritated..

Yuv thinks she has got nothing to do with him.. He turns around..
Nikky- and the other reason?
Suh- yuvraj himself..
Yuv stops hearing this..
Suh- I don’t like the way everyone thinks about him.. He is a nice guy; not fake at all.. That’s why..

Yuv smiles again.. He thinks suhani wants to befriend him for who he is..
Ria- suhani.. Why do u like samosa so much?
Suh- coz its the tastiest thing on earth..
She takes a bite..
Nisha- even I like samosa a lot.. But suhani, I feel u love samosa more than ur life..
Nisha too takes a bite..
Everyone laugh including suh..
Yuv smiles seeing her having samosa with so much craze for it..

Next day..
Teacher asks the girls to sit beside their respective partners.. Now YuvAni are sitting just behind sambhav.. The assignment has to be submitted within seven days..

YuvAni start working on the assignment with full dedication.. They are seen together anytime in the college in those seven days; be it in the library, canteen, ground or somewhere else.. Sam doesn’t like it, as his friends laugh at him saying the pizza boy flew away with the Queen of their class.. He tries to talk to her, but she asks him to come after they submit their assignment..

Now, just 2 days are left and lots of work are pending..
Suh- I think we need to do overtime to complete it..
Yuv- yes..
Suh- can u come to my home in the evening?
Yuv agrees..
Just then, he recalls dadi and says- no no no no…… I won’t come.. Ur dadiji will kill me..
Suh laughs..
Yuv- suhani, u can come up to my home..
Suh thinks what to say..
Yuv- don’t worry.. I stay alone.. My family lives in Allahabad..
Suh agrees and asks him his address..

In the eve..
Suhani goes to her home and tells dadi that she would be staying at a friend’s home for two days to complete the assignment.. Dadi agrees and asks her to take care.. Suhani packs her stuffs.. Dadi gets few sweets and other things packed for her.. She takes dadi’s blessing and leaves..

Suhani rings the doorbell.. Yuv opens it.. They smile seeing each other.. He lets her in.. He takes her to the room..
Yuv- u will stay here..
Suh- thanks..
Yuv- no sorry and no thanks in friendship..
They smile..

Suh goes to freshen up while yuv goes back to the kitchen.. Suh comes to the kitchen smelling something..
Suh- omg.. Yuvraj, u too love samosa?
Yuv- no.. Its for u.. U love it.. Right?
Suh- yes.. But how do u know?
Yuv- I saw u in canteen.. Having samosas and talking about giving ur life for it..
Suh smiles looking down..
Yuv- mam.. Try my samosa instead of pizza..
They laugh..

The table is ready.. Suh compliments him for his cooking.. She takes out the sweets and all, and is glad to know that he loves them..
Yuv asks eating- thanks suhani..
Suh- no thanks in friendship..
Yuv- sorry..
Suh- even sorry isn’t allowed..
They smile..
Yuv- But how did u know that I love them?
Suh- dadi got them packed..
Yuv coughs and looks at her.. She smiles and then they burst out laughing..
Yuv- say thanks to ur dadiji..
Suh- sure..

Suh- yuvraj.. Who all are there in ur life?
Yuv- just mom, sis and u..
She looks on..
He realises what he just said.. They look at each other..
Yuv looks away and says- I mean, u are the only one in the class whom I can call my friend.. Others are just batchmates..

Yuv’s phone rings.. Its pratima.. While having sweets, he talks to her and then to gauri.. Suh watches how happy he is while talking to them.. She realises he is an awesome person at heart..
She smiles..

They continue with the assignment in yuv’s room.. They are working on the floor, with books, papers and stationeries scattered all around.. Around 12, yuv finds suhani drowsy and she finally sleeps holding the pen, with her back leaning against the wall.. He smiles seeing her.. He gets up and walks towards her.. He carries her in his arms and makes her lay on the bed.. He pulls the blanket over her.. He thinks he would have admired her all night if the assignment wasn’t there..

*****FB #4 ENDS*****

A shocking revelation..
Fb #5- YuvAni moments; Sam’s anger grows; freshers party; suhani’s drink is spiked..

Hope u all enjoyed it..

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  1. Yuvani

    Wow……..Wonderful…..Loved the suspense, and the fb, it is very lovely……Thank you dear….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  2. Flashback scene was awesome…waiting for yuvani moments..and the suspense continues..very much excited for upcoming episodes

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear ..

  3. Day by day we are just addicted to ur ff.such an amazing one.just kudos to u darling.suspense love friendship sad happy u r the only person who can use all these feelings in just one episode .i really like ur approch and luv towards yuvani.ursooo great sis.first part was confusing.i am waiting actually dying to know what actually happend.but i like this suspense also.yuvani story is also very cute.precap is also very much interesting.even if i write a10 page comment abt ur writting skills i wont be satisfied.ur sooo lovely sis.sis pls pls pls post nxt episode also asap.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot dear .. I’ll try..

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    wow…..amazing episode…again….thank u so much…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear ..

  5. yaar i dont know how to appreciate u writing skills ….day by day u rockzzzzzzzzzzzz the episodes …yuvani moments usual awesome….suspense and precap no words to say ….plz update asap

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear .. I’ll try..

  6. The suspens is increasing..Loved the flashback..Thanks fr the update sis..Waiting fr the nxt

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