Socha na tha (Episode-3)


Yuvraj is thinking about soumya’s ‘always locked’ home and her telling him that she was at a friend’s home.. He turns on his laptop and searches for her account on Facebook.. After searching for half an hour, he finds her account.. He goes through her profile.. He finds shez an interior designer staying in London.. He shows it to Karan and sharad..
Yuv- Karan, I want to get her arrested for fraud..
Karan- but where will we search for her in London?? It’s not easy..
Sharad- so u want to send guru behind the bars?
Karan- don’t worry.. I’ll find a way out..

The trio find out the person on whose name the sim was registered.. The person says that a girl had taken his phone for a week and paid good amount for the same..
They take him to the police..
Cop- who was she?
Man- I only know her name, soumya.. Her face was covered with a scarf..
Karan convinces the cops that yuvraj has been trapped.. They say they would investigate..

Yuv thanks Karan and invites him for dinner.. Karan says he has got evening flight for Lucknow..
Sharad- karan, please take guru with u for a week.. Hez disturbed thinking about whatever happened..
Karan insists and yuv agrees..

At Lucknow airport….
Karan- u wait here, I’ll just come..
Yuv nods..
He looks around..
After five mins, he is stunned seeing HER running towards him.. His happiness knows no limit.. He watches her coming closer to him.. His smile vanishes when she passes by him and hugs karan..
Karan- sweetheart.. I missed u sooooo much.. By the way, meet my friend yuvraj.. (Looking at yuv) shez my fiancee, Chandni..
Yuv is short of words.. They shake hands..

At karan’s home….
The trio freshen up..
Yuv- if u don’t mind me asking, do u stay together?
Ch- yes..
Yuv doesn’t like it..
Ch- its such a big house and he stays alone.. So I’m trying to make it a home now.. (Looking at karan) our home..
Yuv- I’m sleepy now.. Goodnight guys..
He leaves and goes to his room.. He lays down on the bed and recalls karan and chandni hugging each other..

*****FLASHBACK #3*****

YuvAni think about whatever happened.. They can’t help it..
Suh- he is just a delivery boy.. Why am I thinking so much about him?
Yuv- shez from a rich family.. I shouldn’t even think of it..

Its his first day in college.. He is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.. He knows nobody there.. He looks around.. All are busy gossipping with their friends.. It seems everyone joined the college with their besties except him.. He goes to his class..

Just then, suhani enters the college.. She is wearing a pretty white top with three quarters sleeves, and black jeans.. Her hair is open.. There is apt makeup on her face, and a slight smile too..
Guys go crazy seeing her.. She too doesn’t know anybody there, so she goes to her class..

YuvAni sit on the extreme corners of the same row.. They don’t see each other.. The professor comes and asks the students to introduce themselves.. A guy introduces himself as Sambhav Mittal, and says that amongst all, he is from the richest family.. When yuvraj introduces himself, suhani gets thinking that a birla delivers pizzas.. Sambhav’s ego is hurt as he thinks that yuv is from a richer family than him.. Yuv knows what others must be thinking about him..

Suhani, due to her extrovert nature, easily makes friends.. She becomes very popular in her class.. While yuvraj doesn’t talk much even if his batchmates approach him coz he knows that the day they will know that he is working as a delivery boy, they would leave him.. YuvAni never talked to each other even though they wanted to due to awkwardness, neither they could help silently watching and observing each other..

Two weeks pass by.. Twice and thrice, YuvAni had casual interactions, like once suh finds yuv’s wallet on the ground.. She gives it to him.. He says ‘thank u’ and leaves..

But they couldn’t be called friends.. The silence between them was more from yuv’s side..

One evening…..
Yuv was getting on the bike to deliver pizzas when he saw sambhav flirting with a girl, Barbie in his car.. He avoids them and goes.. When he comes back, he finds barbie walking out of Dominoz.. She sees his uniform and is stunned..
Barbie- yuvraj? U work here? Thank God, I left u after ur dad passed away and ur house and business were sold to pay off the loans taken by him, else today I would have been ashamed of myself..
Yuv stares at her with hatred..
Barbie continues- by the way, do u know about my current boyfriend? He spends a lot on me..
Yuv- I’m not interested.. Neither in u, nor in any other girl..
Barbie- its good.. Coz after seeing u in this uniform, no girl would like to be with u..
Yuv- may be.. But for now, I have got work.. I’m not available for anybody randomly, like u..
Barbie shouts- mind ur language yuvraj..
Yuv snaps at her- u stay within ur limits.. I have lost my property, not my self-respect..

Yuv leaves from there.. Suhani, who was standing at some distance, hears everything.. She then understands why he doesn’t befriend girls.. She feels bad for him.. She walks on the road thinking about yuv.. She decides to make him believe that all girls are not the same.. She decides to bring him out of his solitude..

Barbie tells sambhav about yuvraj.. Sam thinks to embarrass him in front of the whole class..

Next day…..
Sam- friends, today its yuvraj’s birthday, so he will be giving us a grand treat in the evening..
Yuv looks on.. Suh looks at him.. People start wishing him..
Yuv gets up and says- friends, its not my birthday today..
Sam- still, we are friends.. Can’t u give us a party?
Yuv shots back- no..
He tells about his reality and says that he can’t afford an expensive treat now.. Everyone is shocked.. Some make fun of him.. He doesn’t tell about how it happened..

Later, when the teacher comes, she tells them about an assignment which will be done by forming teams of two- a boy and a girl..
Teacher- so let’s begin with the most popular student.. Suhani, whom would u like to be ur partner?
Suh looks around..
Sam says laughing- yuvraj, the pizza boy..
Few students start laughing..
Sam thinks she would reject yuv and choose him.. He smirks..
Suh- mam, I want yuvraj to be my partner..

(Ho o o o….. In ‘haan mujhe bhi ho gaya’ tune Duet version plays in bgm)
Yuv looks at her.. He had no hopes at all that any girl would choose him, especially suhani.. He smiles slightly and then looks at the other side.. Just then, suhani sits down and looks at him..

*****FB #3 ENDS*****

Yuv wants to talk to her once.. He walks towards her room.. He knocks.. She opens the door..
Yuv- can I come inside?
She nods..
Yuv steps inside and says- stop it.. Just stop it.. I know u’r suhani……
She interrupts- what are u saying?
He grabs her arms and says- plz don’t do this to me.. I’m dying everyday after whatever happened.. I’m sorry suhani..
Saying that, he hugs her..

She pushes him away and slaps him.. He is taken aback..She says pointing towards the door- get out..
He leaves from there.. She closes the door.. He thinks if she doesn’t remember anything..

Karan says to someone over the phone- yuvraj doesn’t know whats going to happen next.. He is on a permanent holiday..
He smirks..

Guys plz let me know if the flashback is going too slow and needs to speed up..
Hope u like it.. Ur reviews are awaited.. 🙂

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  1. Oo..Suspense again..But it is soo good..Yuvani are partners for an assignment..But did suhani loose her memory..There are lot many questions in my mind..Please post the next epi asap..Eagerly waiting for it.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis.. I’ll try to post asap..

  2. Yuvani

    Fb was nice and it is going in the apt speed………..Episode was thrilling.loved the suspense…..Thank you dear…….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis..

  3. Napsha sis mmuahhhhaaa luv u darling.such an amazing epiosde.ur amazing just amazing.ff is beyond anything.i am thinking how much effort u had put in writing this ff.yuvarajs character is very by day ff become much more interesting.luv u sis.flash back is also very interesting.keep going.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis.. I’ll try to post asap.. luv u too..

  4. amazing ,super yaar…u r the best writer yaar….the epi is interesting ,confusing and most think is what will happen next part ?after reading the epi karan is negative char and chandni is none other suhani ?yaar try to update daily if u free r update next part asap….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis.. I’ll try to update asap.. all ur confusions will be cleared in the upcoming episodes..

  5. Omg im not able to come to a conclusion on any character…so many twists..everyone wants to destroy yuvraj..that flashback scene was awesome..dont know whoz good and bad…very much excited for next episode

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis.. I’ll try to post asap..

  6. Yuvani_saraj

    wow awesoem….everything is perfect…plz continue as it is….excited for next episode….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis..

  7. suspense thriller awesome, its nice

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks sis..

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