Socha na tha (Episode-2)

Hi guys.. Thank u so much for ur response to the first epi.. I’m really overwhelmed..

Before I begin with the next epi, I would like to tell u that in this ff, the past will be revealed in parts.. So there will be two types of flashbacks- normal and those regarding the past.. The past ones will be numbered.. Later on, if somebody wants to read only what happened in the past, he can just read the serially numbered flashbacks..
After reading this epi, u will understand what i’m trying to say..



It was late night.. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t.. I kept thinking about that placard and the letter.. They made me recall my past when I belonged to a middle-class family..

*****FLASHBACK #1*****

We used to live in a small home in Allahabad.. After my dad’s death, my mom used to work in an office to earn for me and gauri.. When my school life was over, I decided to earn for my family as mom wasn’t keeping good health.. All I could do after trying so much was deliver pizzas.. I was fine with it; I was paid well.. I worked at dominoz, Lucknow in the evening.. During the daytime, I used to attend my college, Mount College, the best college in Lucknow, or say, the best in UP.. I had just taken the admission and I was nervous.. I used to transfer more than half of my income to my mom’s bank account.. Gauri was in her higher school that time.. She was also earning by giving tutions from home..

*****FB #1 ENDS*****

I kept thinking about my old life and fell asleep..

Next morning, I went to meet soumya.. Her house was locked.. I didn’t have her no. So I asked everyone around, and I was stunned to know that nobody knew her.. This happened everyday.. I got worried.. Finally it was my day to return.. Luckily, that day she was there.. She said that she had been to her friend’s home as she was sick, and she had completed all the work there.. I was relieved.. She asked me to sign a few docs which she had to upload at the income tax department’s site.. I did.. She completed the work and took a selfie with me.. I was surprised to see how wierdly she behaved..
She said- u’r yuvraj birla.. So I think, this pic will increase my trp..
We laughed.. We exchanged our numbers and she sent me the pic.. We shook hands and I left..

Soumya calls someone and says- yuvraj has left.. my job is over..
She smirks and leaves..

Yuvraj is at the airport.. He boards his flight.. He takes his seat.. He sees a guy reading “I too had a love story”
He smiles slightly and says looking outside the window- I too had……..

*****FLASHBACK #2*****

That evening…….
Yuv gets late to his work coz he had to take his mom to the doctor..
Manager- why did u come? Go back home..
Yuv- sir plz.. Sorry.. I had to……
Mgr interrupts- u will not be paid for today..
Saying that, he goes inside..
Yuv waits for 2-3 mins and then turns to leave..
Mgr- yuvraj.. Wait..
Yuv stops..
Mgr- go and deliver these pizzas..
Yuv asks smiling- will I be paid for today?
Mgr smiles and pulls his ear.. He too smiles and leaves..

Yuv goes to deliver the pizzas, but can’t find the house.. He calls at the number printed on the bill..
Yuv- hello.. Is this suhani shrivastav?
Suh- yes.. Whoz this?
Yuv- mam, I’m from dominoz..

Yuv asks her which of the three houses at the address is hers.. She tells him.. Yuv comes and rings the doorbell..
Somebody opens the door, talking over the phone.. She is wearing a black jeans with a red top, with her hair open.. Yuv enters and trips over something.. He falls on suhani.. Her face, hair and dress get stained with pizza/toppings.. Some chilli powder falls into yuv’s eyes too, due to which he can’t see anything clearly.. Yuv thinks hez gone now, he should leave..

Just then, suhani screams- help.. My eyes are burning like hell..
Yuv thinks what to do.. He carries her in his arms..
Suh- hey.. What are u trying to do with me? Leave me..
Yuv- mam, where is the washroom?
Suh- leave me.. Hey u…….
Yuv thinks- I need to find the washroom myself..
He somehow manages takes her to a room.. Suh continues shouting.. Yuv opens the door of the washroom.. He turns the shower on and makes suh stand on her own feet.. He covers her mouth his hand.. They stand under the shower..

Saawre plays…..
After five mins, they open their eyes.. Yuv gets mesmerised by her beauty.. Even suh gets carried away by his charm.. They have an eyelock.. Yuv slowly moves his hand away from her mouth.. They feel attracted towards each other..
Yuv- mam, are u ok?
Suh nods slightly.. Suddenly she sneezes on him.. He immediately steps back looking down at his shirt and then looks at her.. She makes a childish face and looks at him.. He stares at her.. She holds her ears and says “Sorry”.. He smiles..
Yuv- ok mam.. I’ll leave now..
Suh doesn’t respond.. He walks backwards while they continue looking at each other..
Suddenly he slips and is about to fall down on his back.. Suh holds his hand in the nick of time and pulls him towards herself.. Accidentally, he ends up hugging her.. They feel ackward.. But still, they remain wrapped in each others’ arms..

Somebody shouts- Suhani…..
They break the hug and look at the door..
Suh- dadi…..
Dadi- what are u doing with this guy? Whoz he?
Suh- dadi.. I had ordered…pizzas.. He came to deliver….
Dadi walks towards her and drags her out of the bathroom..
Dadi- are u mad?? Chandrakala Shrivastav’s granddaughter is standing under the shower with this poor guy? (Looking at yuv) and u…how dare u come to my room? Get out..
Suh tells dadi that yuv was helping her.. Still dadi asks him to leave.. YuvAni look at each other.. Suh watches him leaving..

*****FB #2 ENDS*****

Yuv is back to Allahabad.. Instead of going home, he goes straight to his office.. He gets shocked seeing the cops all around..
Yuv- sharad, what’s going on here?
Sh- guru, they are saying that we are doing illegal business..
Yuv- what the hell, inspector?
Cop- let us do our work.. By the way, where did u run away?
Yuv tells about getting all legal works done.. Cops ask for the papers.. Yuv shows them..
Cop- oh.. So u went to sign new deals for smuggling?
Yuv and sharad get shocked.. Yuv checks the papers and thinks how could it happen.. He tells about soumya, but they don’t listen.. He calls soumya.. Her no. is off.. He gets worried..

The cops search in his cabin.. They find a hidden drawer in which there are a good number of packets of drugs.. Yuv and sharad get shocked.. Yuv tries to explain but he is arrested.. Sharad asks him not to worry, he would get him bailed asap..

Two days pass by.. Yuv is still behind the bars.. Sharad comes to the police station..
Cop- whoz he?
Sh- he is our lawyer, Karan Mehra.. Take the bail papers, and leave Yuvraj Birla..
Yuv comes out..
Yuv thanks Karan and says- I wana meet soumya..

The trio reach Lucknow in the evening.. Yuv goes to soumya’s house and finds some poor people staying there.. He gets shocked..
Karan- where is soumya?
Yuv- I don’t know, she brought me here right from the airport.. I have a pic too.. Wait..
He checks his phone but doesn’t find it.. (Someone is shown in Fb, deleting the pic) He worries.. He checks his messages to show that soumya had sent him the pic.. But fails to find the msg too.. (Someone is shown in Fb, deleting the msg)

Yuv- we can find out the details of the person in whose name this no. is registered..
They end up finding it in the name of someone else and not soumya..
Yuv- sharad… Karan.. I swear she was here..
Karan to sharad- I think he needs psychiatric treatment..
Yuv fumes and grabs his collar.. Sharad calms him down..
Yuv thinks- who was that girl and why did she plot against me??

YuvAni face to face..
Suhani slaps yuvraj..
Yuv finds soumya’s Fb profile and finds shez an interior designer staying in London..
A revelation..
Some flashback scenes..

Guys I hope u like it.. Plz comment and let me know.. Suggestions are also welcome.. 🙂

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  1. Yuvani

    Thrilling.. Eagerly waiting for Yuvani meeting………Thank you dear,………

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u sis.. 🙂

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    wow…exciting episode…yuVani scene was awesome….wonderful episode

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      thank u sis.. 🙂

  3. super superepi……… words to say u all ff its just amazing and suspense is excellent and yuvani fb moments just wowwwwwww…thank u so much for u r ff….eagerly waiting for next part ..update asap…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u sis.. 🙂 I’ll try to update asap..

  4. Hats off to ur creativity…its very clear…therz no confusion at all…yuvani moments were damn good…chandrakala is suhani’s dadi lol…eagerly waiting for all secrets to b revealed…..waiting for slapping scene too ?

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u sis.. 🙂

  5. I was just awestruck napsha what an episode today i am completely speechless.yuvani meeting is sooooooooo nice .how can u get such ideas dear.entire episode is soooooooo good.u wil have a great future if u continue writing like this.whatever u want to become inur life but sis dont leave writting.i luv sooo much sis.ff is soo good.i will be waiting fr ur next update.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u sis.. 🙂 I hope the next epi will be worth the wait.. 🙂

  6. Interesting always best

  7. Awesome

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      thank u sis.. 🙂

  8. Chandrakala..Suhani’s dadi..Very funny..Don’t know what problems yuvraj has to face..??.Loved the yuvani meeting and the shower scene..Loving this ff very much..Pls post the next epi asap

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u sis.. 🙂 I’ll try..

  9. Day by day intersting….amazinggg..

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  10. what to say awesome, thrilling, excited to knw further..

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