Socha na tha (Episode-1)

Hi guys.. This is Napsha..
Here is the awaited ff ‘Socha na tha’..


Since this is a suspense thriller, I won’t say anything about the characters.. This ff and its characters have no link with ssel.. So plz don’t relate this ff with ssel.. For eg. Here, suhani and soumya may not be friends, yuvraj and sharad may not be cousin bros, sambhav may be positive, etc.. I have just picked up the characters from ssel.. Story is entirely my own.. So plz don’t assume relations between any two characters unless I have mentioned it somewhere in the story..

The following people stay in birla house:
Pratima with her son yuvraj and daughter gauri..

That’s all for now.. And for the rest of the characters, I won’t say anything now..


High Court is shown from outside and the voice of the judge is heard saying, “The court has reached the conclusion that the mental state of the person calling herself the victim is not stable and she needs psychiatric treatment.. Hence the court directs that she should be sent to rehab centre therefor..”


Someone is shown reading the newspaper.. The face of the person is not shown.. The headlines is “Yuvraj Birla- the most successful businessman in North India, and the heartthrob of every girl..” The person stares daggers on his pic and tears the newspaper into pieces..

Its thundering and lightening.. It starts raining heavily..
A house is shown with name plate of Advocate Rohan Malhotra.. Somebody comes there, stares at the plate and throws it away.. The person slowly opens the door, enters the house and sees rohan watching TV.. Rohan looks on and gets shocked seeing the person in black overcoat with face covered..
Rohan- who are u?
The person shows his/her face and a pic.. Rohan gets shocked.. The person takes out a knife..
Rohan folds his hands and apologises.. The person walks towards him and kills him..

At Birla House….
A guy is shown chatting on Fb.. He is yuvraj birla..


I turned my laptop off.. Sharad, the CEO of our company came to my room.. He had been working with us since the last two years.. He considered me as his mentor and elder bro as well..Even to me, he was my younger bro.. He called me ‘Guru’.. Maa and gauri also have good bonding with him.. Due to his dedication, he achieved the post of CEO last year..

Sharad told me last week that Mr. Rohan, the legal consultant of our company, had suddenly resigned and so the vacancy had to be filled asap as lots of work were pending.. Such pending work could even make us suffer legal consequences.. So, he had given an ad in all the newspapers in UP for the same..

Sharad- guru.. An advocate from Lucknow is ready to work with us, but shez charging very high for taking up the work midway.. She wants almost double salary of what we had been paying till now..
I fumed.. Still I had to agree coz time was running out.. In a way, she was trying to make profit out of what we were going through..

I said- tell her that I’m coming to meet her today itself..

The aircraft lands at the Lucknow airport.. Yuvraj comes out and looks around for a placard of his name.. But doesn’t find any.. Suddenly he gets shocked seeing a placard on which it was written, “Welcome Mr. Delivery Boy”..


I was hell-shocked to see that.. A 10 years guy was holding it.. As I walked towards him, he ran away.. It was difficult to find him in the crowd.. I bumped into someone.. She fell down.. I was on top of her.. We got up..
I said- I’m so sorry..
She too apologised and said forwarding her hand- hi.. I’m Soumya.. Soumya Dixit..

I said smiling- oh.. So u’r our new, arrogant advocate..
She narrowed her eyes and said- excuse me?
I introduced myself.. She smiled with embarrassment..
I asked- how would we find each other if we hadn’t fallen?
She replied- leave everything on destiny.. We were destined to meet today, and we met..

We left in a taxi.. She took me to her home.. It was a small one.. She had no personal office.. She worked from home.. But she had a good reputation.. The files in her cabin were dusty.. The environment didn’t suit me..

I gave all the files to her and said- I would stay in a hotel, as my room is already booked..
She nodded and asked me to have tea at least.. I nodded..
I said- I’m here in Lucknow for a week.. Can u plz try to complete the work n everything before I leave?
She nodded and said- I’ll try..

After having tea, I left and went to a hotel.. I took the keys and went towards the room.. I felt like someone was following me.. I turned around.. Nobody was there.. I went to the room and had shower..

When I came out, I found an envelope near the door.. It was put from under the door.. I picked it up and opened it.. It had a paper on which it was written with blood, “Welcome to hell, Mr. Delivery Boy”.. I trembled.. The paper fell from my hand..

Just then, my phone rang.. It was sharad..
I said- yes sharad..
Sharad- guru.. There is a bad news.. Rohan has been murdered!!
I was taken aback..
He continued- and the police is asking for u coz he worked in our company.. Plz come soon.. I can’t handle it alone..
I said- I’ll be there in a week..
Saying that, I hung up..

Guys I won’t be able to update regularly but I’ll try.. Please let me know if u like it or not..


  1. A.Tejaswi

    OMG a lot of suspense..But I have to say..Its unique..Such an amazing start..A suspense thriller I think..U r the best napsha di..

  2. poojareddy

    too good and unique episode but i have a question as u said dont relate it with ssel ok but yuvani is together or not in ff

    • NAPSHa J

      NAPSHa J


      thank u sis.. 🙂
      suhani will make her entry in the second or third epi.. who is she, that u will know by then.. right now, don’t assume them to be together..

  3. radha

    Napsha u always surprises us with ur new concepts.this is also mindblowing.i like suspense thrillers very much that too in with yuvani it could be definetly wonderful.first episode itself is very interesting.i just cant wait to see yuvani meeting .sis atleast try to post short updates .thank u sooooo much fr coming back this much soon that tooo with this wonderful ff.

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