Socha na tha (Epi-15)

Hi guys.. This is Napsha.. I missed u all and this site sooooo much.. Finally my exams are over and I’m back with the next epi of the ff.. Here it is..

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Yuvraj searches for his college friend Anuj on fb, who is a lawyer.. He succeeds and calls him.. He explains him everything and asks for help.. Anuj agrees and says he would be there soon..

Next morning, sharad brings Bhawana home.. Chandni and karan are shocked.. Sharad takes her to a room and asks her to rest, he would be back.. She nods smiling.. He leaves..

Karan and chandni ask him the reason..
Sharad- coz yuvraj birla is out on bail with the help of his friend.. Moreover, he knows that Bhawana is alive and where is she..
Chandni fumes and throws a vase on the floor..
Karan- calm down Suhani..
She angrily turns towards him and grabs his collar.. Karan and sharad are shocked.. Sharad tries to stop her but fails.. Even karan tries to free himself..

Suhani shouts- u’r asking me to calm down? I’ve been waiting since years for justice for myself, Bhawana di and amit jiju.. But yuvraj.. Hez out.. And he knows about sharad bhaiya’s truth, Bhawana di……..
She stops as she sees yuvraj standing at the door.. She leaves karan’s collar.. Yuvraj looks at the broken pieces of vase..

Suhani runs towards yuvraj and says- please save me.. karan tried to hit me with the vase.. Even sharad supported him.. They wana kill me..
Yuvraj is shocked.. He stares at them and the trio fight.. Suhani pretends to faint.. They run towards her..

When she wakes up, she screams- plz don’t kill me.. I won’t say this to anyone..
Yuvraj consoles her.. She gets up from the bed and walks towards the window..
Yuv- chandni.. Why did they try to kill u?
Suh- coz I have got to know that sharad killed advocate rohan and that doctor.. Even karan is a criminal.. U’r innocent.. And they wana frame u so that they can save themselves..
Yuv walks towards her and asks- and what do u want? Whom will u support?
Suh (fuming and looking sideways)- I can’t support the wrong.. never!!

Yuv places his hand over her shoulder from behind.. She turns towards him..
He asks- will u help me in getting out of this mess?
Suh- can u trust me?
Yuv nods.. Suh fakes a smile.. Her eyes fall on a knife.. She feels like killing yuvraj..

Later, suhani goes to bhawana’s room.. Bhawana calls her di.. She behaves like a kid.. Suh cries and has an emotional conversation with her..
Yuv is standing at the door.. He recalls going to meet Bhawana immediately after getting out on bail n finding it locked.. His eyes get teary seeing them and he leaves.. Suddenly he thinks who is Bhawana according to suhani..

Karan- congrats suhani.. Now yuvraj trusts u..
Sharad smirks..
Suh- yes.. N now, i’ll fail all his plans which can prove him innocent..
She walks to leave when karan murmurs- abhi na jao chhod kar…..

Suh hears it and her heart and mind go back to the past..

*****FLASHBACK #15*****

YuvAni break the hug as they hear a knock at the door..
Suh- dii.. Wait..
She goes to open the door..
Yuv- abhi na jao chhod kar..
Suh blushes and opens the door.. She finds bhawana and yuvish..
Suh- yuvish, u…..
Yuvish- surprise…..
He forcefully enters the room.. Suhani asks bhawana about him through gesture.. She says that she had no idea..

Yuvish sees yuvraj and asks suhani- the room was locked, and both of u were together.. May I know what was going on?
YuvAni stare at him.. Bhawana frowns at his non-sense..
Suhani angrily replies- yuvraj was changing shirt and I was helping him..
Yuvish- what???? Are u serious?
Suh- what do u think?
She leaves from there angrily.. Yuvraj asks yuvish to think before speaking and goes after suhani..
Bhawana says- u’r disgusting yuvish..
She too leaves..

Suhani is at the terrace.. Yuvraj comes there and stands beside her..
Yuv- so.. Should I tell dadi what her grand-daughter was doing?
Suh (looking at him)- what did I do?
Yuv- u were helping me to change..
He laughs.. Suhani slaps his arms.. He laughs louder than before..
Suh- did u see how irritating he is?
Yuv turns her towards him and says- suhani, calm down.. Does he matter to u? No na.. Then ignore him.. He is just a guest who will leave soon..
Suhani nods..
Yuv- by the way, even I’m a guest.. And very soon, i’ll get rid of u..

Suhani locks her arms around his neck and asks raising her eyebrows- what did u say?
He pretends to get scared and says smiling- nothing..
Suh- remember one thing, if u ever think of leaving me, i’ll kill u..
Yuv- ok ma’am.. By the way, what if I betray u and run away?
Suh- the result will be the same.. I’ll kill u..
They smile and hug each other..

*****FB #15 ENDS*****

Suhani wipes her tears and says- I won’t leave u yuvraj.. Just wait and watch..

PRECAP: not decided..

Guys, I hope u enjoyed it.. Due to long time-gap, I feel lazy at the thought of writing.. Please leave ur reviews so that I feel motivated to write and improve if needed.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1. That was awesome n very interesting very happy that u r back …

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. πŸ™‚

  2. Yuvani

    I was eagerly waiting for you,
    epi is awesome, wow, good to know that suhani is fine!! curisioty is increasing…. thinking what happened in past, can’t wait
    Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. πŸ™‚ I’ll try to post asap..

  3. Wooo amazing….finally wapas agaya thank you ye story continue karnekeliye..bahuth interesting he Ab eisa kya hu yuvani ka life me ??? suhani ethna nafrath kartha kyu kartha he yuvi se ?????
    ..plz jaldi upload karoo next episode…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. πŸ™‚

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…very much interesting..

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  5. awesome.. glad that you are back..pls post ASAP..

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lottt sis.. Next epi is on the way and it will be completed by tomorrow..

  8. Yeee napsha sis ur back.i am soooo happy.i know u have performed well in exams.i was counting days to see u again in this site.we all truely missed u veryy much pls post regularly.pls pls think about yuvani fans.we miss u and ur ff badly.from today onwards pls post this ff regularly.todays episode is nice.finally one suspense revealed.i like it a lot dear.our napsha is back to rock.bye sis.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lottt sis.. Next epi is on the way and will be posted tomorrow..

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