Soch Na Sake -Her Love His Care – OS By AngelAshu

Hello Friends..

This is #AngelAshu

How r u all..?? hope u all are fine like me..

Today am going to give u all OS as Party Of My Success

U all know na I got a award for my books at wattpad..

So, this OS is Party… read and enjoy..

Donno it will be short or long.. kuch bhi ho u all have to read okk…

I decided Tittle of This OS after many thinking as #Soch_Na_Sake__Her_Love_His_Care

Finally am giving Intro and Prologue..


Maheshwari Family: Traditional, but not old type etc.. following generation, loves and respects each other.. have much reputation in society.. Maheshwari Industries got a place in Top Companies in India..

DurgaPrasad Mahgeshwari : The Great Businessman in Mumbai… loves family.. always full fill all wishes of them with love and recpect..

Annapurna Maheshwari: Wife Of DP.. loves and cares her family much.. waiting for her Upcoming Daughter-In-Law
Sanskar Maheshwari : Elder Son Of DP & AP, Handsome young men, working at family business, lovable, kind hearted, helpful, loves family, respects elders,if he loves anyone he will be will his last breath.. deep love in with Swara Gadodia since 1year..

Laksh Maheshwari: Younger Son Of DP & AP, Doing Masters, wanna enjoy each and every mpment of life with family, serious towards studies.. waiting for bright future.. loves family more than everything..

RamPrasad Maheshwari: Younger Brother Of DP, loves his family a lot.. respects too.. hard working men..

Sujata Maheshwari: Wife Of Ram, very lovable, loves her family a lot, little comedy piece but sweet always.. loves Sanskar and Laksh as their own child..

Swetha Maheshwari: Bubbly Daughter Of Ram & Sujju, doing studies at Abroad.. missing family a lot but serious towards studies.. always loves her 2brothers.. love, comedy and leg pulling nature.. (after all sujju k daughter hai.. so itna to farz banti hai)

Yash Maheshwari: Cousin of Sanskar.. DP’s cousin’s son.. elder than Sanskar.. helping and kind heart.. respects DP & RP family a lot.. he treats.. they are like their own parents only

Arti Maheshwari: wife of Yash.. respects elders.. understands and deals every situation nicely..

Gadodia Family: Traditional & Modern.. following generation, loves and respects each other.. also have much reputation in society.. Gadodia Industries got a place in Top Companies in India..

Shekhar Gadodia: The Successful Businessman in Mumbai.. have many dreams about future.. Loves his family a lot.. specially his daughter… she is whole world for him.. responsible.. respectable…

Sharmishta Gadodia: Wife Of Shekhar.. Loves and cares her family a lot.. have little fear for her l lovely daughter.. (daughter will go away from Parents soon na.. so, how will be her in-laws, is they able to take care for her child etc etc fear)

Swara Gadodia: Daughter Of Shekhar & Shomi.. lovable, loves and respects her family a lot.. anything for her family.. always wanna independent girl.. completed her masters and wanna do job at united States.. she wanna do job after marriage too.. it means Marriage is not a limit for a girl to reaching her ambition, Deeply Love With Sanskar Maheshwari From 1year.. Sweet, soft, naughty, lovely, simple girl..

Sahil Gadodia: Working in his family Business.. loves and respects his family a lot.. treats his sister as princess..

Kavita Gadodia: Wife Of sahil.. loves and cares her family a lot..


AngelAshu: Completed Her Masters, Die Fan Of Swasan.. Loves Her All Soul Sisters.. Whom Are The Expensive Gift Of Her God.. Also getting Love From Her Soul Sisters As She Loves Them.. Singer and Writer..

Finally, intro finished.. some characters will come by situation..

And here is little Prologue..


This is the simple story of a girl named ASHU.. she is a writer of some stories.. to become a good writer, is her dream.. but she cant ignore her studies for her family.. so, by grace of god she got a chance to show her talent.. now she feeling as she is the most luckiest person in this World..

Ashu is a Swasan Fan.. so, she always used to write Stories on them.. She got a good Support from her Soul Sisters.. She got a Good Response on her Stories too..

And finally One Day She Got Awards For Her Stories In Wattpad.. She got much happy and wanna give another story (OS) to readers from her..

Its just lovely simple sweet Swasan One Short.. its showing her love for him and his care for her..

U all can see.. how she is writing story and how she is thinking about Swasan.. how much she getting disturbance while writing etc etc..

(guyzz… if u get bore by this bak bak.. Am sorry.. I just wanna write Unique one.. if u r not fainted by my this Prologue.. U can Go Ahead To Read)

So, Lets Starts My 11th OS #Soch_Na_Sake__Her_Love_His_Care

A beautiful morning..

Sun rays coming from window into room..

Rays directly falls on one angelic face with is lye on bed..

She covered her face with duvet..

Suddenly alarm start ringing..

She slowly opens duvet (still closed eyes) offs alarm which is lye on beside table..

Then she seated on bed.. slowly opens her beautiful eyes..

One Picture Frame Of Lord SaiBaba hanged there..

She joined her both hands.. and did morning prayer with a sweet smile..

She searched for her mobile.. she found beside her only..

She took her mobile and kisses it.. she opens lock.. she saw mobile wallpaper with a big curve.. again kisses..

She opens her messenger chat.. and start giving GoodMorning text to all of her Soul Sisters..

Suddenly someone knocked door..

She went down and opens door..

Servant Kaka named Adarsh present there..

(guyzzz, just imagine Adarsh Bhayya like Ramu Kaka.. hayyeee.. all compliments accepted.. thank u)

Adarsh: Good Morning Ashu Bitiya.. (hahhahahahhahh don’t kill me guyzz.. nanhi si jaan hu..)

(yes that beautiful girl is Ashu.. AngelAshu.. its me…. )

Ashu: Good Morning Kaka..

Adarsh: (he gave a juice glass to her) ye lijiye Bitiya…

She took glass tray and placed on table..

Servant Adarsh about to leave..

Ashu: kaka…

Adarsh: ji bitiya..

Ashu: Mom Dad and all left..??

Adarsh: yes bitiya.. they said to call u when u wake up..

She nodes as yes..

At that time female servant named Parineeta Came there..

Parineeta: Ashu Bitiya.. What should I prepare for ur Break Fast..

Ashu: (thinking something) kaki.. am not in a mood to do break fast.. I have much work to complete today..

Parineeta nodes as yes..

Both adarsh and parineeta about to leave..

Ashu: and haan.. don’t disturb me.. don’t come here to ask about lunch menu etc.. u can make anything okk..

Parineeta: ji.. as ur wish..

She turned..

Ashu: (in hurry) listen kaki…

Parineeta: ji bitiya..

Ashu: aloo ki dishes bana dijiye.. (lollllllllllllllllllllllll)

Both adarsh and parineeta laughs little.. while nodding as yes..

She closes door..

Suddenly her phone start ringing..

She smiles to see display name..

She lifts call..

Ashu: Good Morning Sweetheart..

(ashu’s bestiee Rati called her)

Rati: GM jaan..

Ashu: finally all went to function Sweetheart.. am alone at home.. so, no disturbance in my OS writing.. haha…

Rati: waooo jaan.. u r going to write OS.. and u didn’t tell me..

Ashu: Aww Sweetheart.. actually u know na.. I have to give a big party to my success.. So, I thought I should write OS..

Rati: so, when u r going to post..??

Ashu: I have to type first na.. finally today I have to start writing.. actually no one at home.. so, I can type without disturbance..

Rati: jaan.. when will ur parents back..?

Ashu: in 2-3 days..

Rati: so, u write fastly and do post.. many souls waiting to read ur OS..

Ashu: yup Sweetheart.. then tell me.. which category u like to read in OS..

Family, romantic, friendship, love, care, emotional..etc etc..

Rati: haha jaan.. u can write anything.. we will read pakka.. do one thing.. mix these all..

Ashu: hmm.. expected answer sweetheart.. but don’t expect Sad and Separation okk..

Rati: haan okk.. am exiting to read jaan.. u go and fresh.. eat something.. then write..

Ashu: yup sweetheart..

Rati: love u jaan.. byee..

Ashu: bye sweetheart.. love u too..

She cuts phone and took a long breath..

Suddenly she noticed many messages from One chat group..

Ashu: aww yaaroo.. meri bina gappe.. (this is 6:15AM)

She opens chat group and gave a Good Morning Text there..

*** CHAT ***

Ashu: good morning yaaro..

Tanu: GM Rapunzel..

Aju: GM ashuu..

Ashu: whats Going On..

Dhani: GM Rapunzel… actually tomorrow Sunday na.. So, doing some plan..

Aju: yes..

Tanu: u say some idea Rapunzel..

Ashu: yaaro.. do not plan something for tomorrow..

Sukzz: GM Rapu.. But Y re..?

Ashu: actually tomorrow…

Sunzz: haa tomorrow..??

Ashu: tomorrow……

Aarzoo: tell na ashu..

Ashu: tomorrow am Giving OS.. So, don’t stick with any works and plans..

Tanu: awwwwwwwww Rapunzel.. agree with u..

Aju: ashu.. le kissii.. ummaahh..

Ashu: tu be le.. ummaah..

Sukzz: rapu.. post fastly okk..

Ashu: okk.. now am going to write/type

Sunzz: so, my gf going to write OS hmm..?

Ashu: yup boy…

Sunzz: haha..

Ashu: chalo yaaro.. I have to fresh now.. then write OS.. be ready to read..

All: hmm.. bye TC..

*** CHAT ***

She kept phone on bed..

She went washroom and gets fresh and ready..

After some time she gets ready and took mobile and calls her dad..

She talked some time..

After that..

She took her laptop.. went to couch..

Ashu: what should I write.. ohh god.. swasan naam lete hi itna kuch thoughts..ideas aajaate hai mind me.. (smiles heartfully..) and haa.. all tittles set hojati hai.. awww…

She took juice glass and start dinking little..

She opens document and start writing OS..

*** @@@ ***

Evening Time..

Gadodia Mashion

To Families seated infront of each other..

Middle of family members Girl And boy seated infront of each other..

They both looking each other chupke chupke..

May be u guyz got na whats going on..

Yess.. Alliance came to see Mr.Shekhar Gadodia’s Daughter Swara Gadodia..

Other family are Maheshwaries..

Both families are talking very friendly..

And Gadodia family very happy to get Maheshwari Family..

At the another hand Maheshwari Family also happy to get Swara Gadodia for their Elder Son Sanskar Maheshwari..

Annapurna: Sharmishtaji.. we are happy with our son’s choice..

DurgaPrasad: BTW.. we came for formality only.. we are agreed with our Son’s choice without seeing ur daughter..

Shekhar and Shomi are really got happy..

Here swara and Sanskar dying to talk each other..

But elders busy in their talks..

Laksh signalled to sahil.. sahil signalled to Kavita something..

Kavita: Maa.. Baba.. if u guyz don’t mind.. give some time alone for Swara and Sanskar..

Shomi: but what need beta.. they both are already… (interrupted)

Laksh: aunty.. as we came here for formality.. like that we have to send they both to talk with each other for formality.. what say..??

Sahil: yes maa.. may be he is right..

Shekhar: yeah.. ?(to kavita) beta.. take them into room..

Annapurna: haan.. we have to talk many things.. u guyzz go..

Kavita took Swasan into Swara’s room..

Kavita: u got a chance.. its not mean to lost in each other.. okk think about us too.. haha..

She left..

While swara start blushing.. Sanskar bolted door..

Both seated in couch..

Sanskar: So, ye Meri Swara ki Room hai.. (So, this is My Swara’s Room)

Swara: yess..

Sanskar searching something..

Swara: Sanskar.. r u searching something..??

Sanskar: yess..

Swara: what..??

Sanskar: My Picture..

Swara: but y..

Sanskar: are yaar… we are in love with each other since 1 year.. u don’t keep my picture in ur room..??

Swara: I have ur picture darling..

Sanskar: where..?? let me know where u kept..

Swara: (pointing her heart) here..

He smiles..

Sanskar: ohh.. means in My Heart..

Swara: exactly..

Sanskar: (pointing his heart) and haa.. Ur Heart also have ur picture..

Both laughs little..

Swara: u know what Sanskar.. I was very nervous to meet ur family..

Sanskar: y..??

Swara: if they rejects me.. I was afraid by this..

Sanskar: but I told u na.. if something happen like that.. i will elope with u..

Swara: (hitting his chest playfully) Sanskaarrrrr…..

Sanskar: acha baba no jokes.. (keeps his index finger on his lips)

Swara: but ur family are soooooo sweet.. they accepted me.. and am really happy we are getting marriage.. finally am going to become urs forever..

Sanskar: (caressing her cheeks) yes.. Would be Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..

She smiles to listen her name with his name..

(he start caressing her hairs..)

Sanskar: I like u when u smiling..

She start blushing..

Sanskar: but I love u when u blushing..

She became red in blush..

Sanskar: its really great feeling for me this blush reason is me only..

She stood and about to leave.. he stops her by holding her wrist..

Sanskar: where are u escaping haan..?? u have to spend life long with me..

Swara silent..

Sanskar: (stood and back hugs her) My blushy Swara… I Love u..

Swara: I Love U Too My Romantic Sanskar..

At that time Kavita Knocks Door..

Both Swasan adjusted theirselves.. opens door..

Both swasan came downstairs and became shock to see their friends with all family members there..

Sujju: Don’t Be shock Chore Chori.. these all for ur Engagement only..

Shomi: yes beta.. panditji fixed Engagement Muhrat today.. today is very good for u both…

Both swasan jumping inside.. acting like normal out..

Sanskar: (monologue) oh my god… thanks a lottttt to u.. she is going officially mine forever.. I love her madly.. I know she also loves me more..

Swara: (monologue) Thank u sooooooooo much god.. finally today am going to his officially..
Am blessed to got him in my life.. I love him.. I love him unconditionally..

After 15 minutes..

Swasan exchanged rings and took blessings from all elders..

*** @@@ ***

Ashu: ummm.. I think its done soooo fast.. but but.. wanna be a different one na..

Suddenly her phone start beeping.. (messages yaar)

Its 9:30AM

She opens chat..

*** CHAT ***

Ishu: GM everyone.. have a nice day..

Jaanvi: Gm..

Rati: GM..

Arooj: Good Morning..

Ashu: GM guyzz..

Rati: jaan.. OS kaha tak aayi..

Jaanvi: OS..??

Ashu: Haa sweetheart.. going on..

Ashu: Jaanu Maasi.. am writing OS..

Ishu: waoooo..

Jaanvi: okk..

Sarah: Any one remembered me here..??

Jaanvi: Sad emoji..

Ashu: Saru maasiiiiiii.. aagayi tuuuu…

Ishu: y r u sad saru..

Sarah: nothing re..

Ashu: Saru Maasiii.. what happen..

Sarah: nothing bachuu..

Jaanvi: leave na ashu.. she is drama queen..

Sarah: agreeddd..

Ashu: Saru maasi.. don’t be sad haan.. otherwise.. my mousaji also will be sad na..

Jaanvi: hahahaha…

Ishu: ahhaha…

Sarah: haan bachuu.. ur mousaji loves me a lot na..

Ashu: exactly maasi..

Jaanvi: hmm..

Ashu: chalo guyzz.. have to go.. OS likna hai..

Sarah: bachuuuu.. OS me toda ahhemm aheemm..

Ashu: nothing is in my hands maasi.. lets see..

Sarah: bye..

Ashu: bye guyzz..

She smiles on their chat and again start typing..

*** @@@ ***

After 10days Swasan Marriage Completed with all Indian rituals and traditions..


(everything will be good only with Good People)

Like that.. Swasan also enjoyed their marriage..

Maheshwari Family did grihapravesh of Swara Grandly..

As Sanskar loves her unconditionally.. he getting back unconditional love from her..

(Both arti and yash are close to Dp & RP family..

They are like elder brother of Sanskar and laksh..

They did all rituals with their own hands which rituals want to do elder brother and bhabhi)

Finally this is Swasan Wedding night..

She seated on bed in wedding attire nervously..

Arti covers Swara’s face with veil..

Arti: okk Swara.. now am going.. all the best.. (in a teasing tone)

She about to leave..

Swara holds her wrist and stops her..

Swara: Bhabhii pleaseee…

Arti: (seated beside her.. with care voice) what happen Swara..??

Swara: please don’t go..

Arti: (smiles and understood her nervousness) okk.. am here only..

Swara felt little happy..

Arti: feeling nervous haan..??

Swara slowly nodes as yes..

Arti: don’t worry its common.. every girl should be bear this state… but u know what am lucky in this situation.. Yash loves me a lot.. he never makes me sad.. he always took care for me.. and I know Sanskar.. Sanskar loves u a lot.. I saw in his eyes.. he always respects me like his own bhabhi.. then think how much he respects his own wife..? he is amazing person.. and iam telling u.. he never hurts u and he never makes u feel sad..

Swara relaxed by listening this..

Arti: so, don’t be nervous.. ab jau..??

She nodes as yes..

Arti left..

At the another hand Yash and laksh Teasing Sanskar Badly..

Yash: seems some one nervous today..

Laksh: Not today bro.. now.. now only..

Sanskar silent..

Yash: but yaar.. chill na.. u did love marriage.. not arranged marriage like me..

Laksh: fir bhi no one knows u did arranged marriage bro.. u and bhabhi looks like love marriage couple..

Yash: beta laksh.. we will talk about this later.. its time for Sanskar..

Laksh: yess janab yess..

Yash: See Sanskar.. u know her from long time.. so, u can handle her easily..

Sanskar: hmm

Laksh: okk bhayya.. all the best..

Yash: all the best..

Sanskar stepped ahead with blushful smile..

Sanskar opens his room door..

Romantic aroma touched his face which makes his feelings increase..

He smiled and stepped inside and bolts door..

He watched all his decorated room..

His room decorated with lilly flowers, rose petals, curtains..

His eyes fallen on his angel who seated on bed in bridal attire while covering her face with veil..

He doesn’t waste a single second.. he stepped towards bed..

His heart start beating fastly..

She noticed his presence.. feeling more nervous + blush

Sanskar seated beside her..

Her heartbeat start raising..

Sanskar: princess.. waiting for me..?? (cool tone)

Swara silent..

He slowly places his palms on hers..

He noticed her nervousness..

Sanskar: swaraaa… r u okk..??

Swara silent..

Sanskar: answer me na..

She nodes as yes..

He slowly opens her veil and mesmerised to see her beauty..

Sanskar: don’t be nervous princess.. am only with u..

Swara: (monologue) buddu.. thatz y am feeling nervous na..

Sanskar: talk to me na..

She just smiled to listen his pleading..

He stood and asks her to come with him..

He passes his hand.. she holds her palm with his palm and came down from bed..

He takes her near window..

Swara: y r u took me here Sanskar..

Sanskar: thank god.. finally u opened ur mouth.. see that moon (pointing sky)

She did..

Sanskar: today am showing to moon proudly.. my wife is more beautiful than moon..

She blushed.. he drags her little close to him..

Sanskar: see na swara.. time passed like one go.. today we are married and this is our wedding night.. unbelievable na..

She smiles..

Due to air.. her hairs falling on her face..

He slowly removing her hairs from her face..

Sanskar: y r u too silent today..?? r u afraid from me..??

She nodes as no..

Sanskar: then..??

Swara: am feeling nervous.. (slowly in cutting voice)

Sanskar understood her state..

Sanskar: swaraa.. we love each other na.. (she nodes as yes) are u thinking I will hurt u..?? (she nodes as no) see nothing will changed.. ur love for me.. my love for u.. (He took her hands in his palms.. playing with her bangles..) all are same.. but now we married only.. u will be with me forever and ever..

She feeling happy..

Sanskar: please don’t sit in this silent mode.. u r my swara.. my love.. u move with me freely as always.. okk..

She nodes as yes..

Sanskar: today is most memorable day in my life..

Swara: correction Mr.Maheshwari.. our life..

Sanskar: hmm.. today I wanna make u mine forever.. r u ready..?? (pulls her close)

Swara: that day when I say YES to u…. I became urs.. (blushing)

He smiled to listen her answer..

Both having a sweet eye lock..

BG plays..

Mohhhh Mohhh ke Dhaaggggeeee…

Mohhhh Mohhh ke Dhaaggggeeee…

Hmmm.. hmmmm…

Suddenly wind comes forcely.. which makes Swasan eyes close..

His hands still holding her hands..

She smiles stepped back..

But our hero pulls her on him strongly.. she falls on his chest..

And start caressing her hairs..

BG plays..

Yeh moh moh ke dhagee..

Tere ungalion se jaa uljhe..

Yeh moh moh ke dhagee..

Tere ungalion se jaa uljhe..

Koi toh toh na laage..

Kis tarah girha ye suljhe..

Ye rom rom iktaraaaaaaa..

Jo badalon me se gujare..

He slowly start touching her face.. butterflies start flying in her stomach…

She closes her eyes tightly.. he enjoying her nervousness..

Somehow he start removing her jewellery..

She blushing hard..

Silence exited between them.. their eyes talking sometimes..

BG plays..

Tu hoga jara pagal..

Tune mujh ko hai chuna..

Kaise tune unkaha.. tune unkaha..

Sab suna…

To din sahe… mera to aurrr na dono..

Mil jaye.. shamon ke taraahhh…

He looking her passionately..

He slowly comes to kiss her.. she pushes him and went to another window..

He follows her and hugs her from back..

His hands holding her waist..

And he leaves a peak on her bare nape..

She feels his touch and grips her lehangha..

BG plays..

Yeh moh moh ke dhagee..

Tere ungalion se jaa uljhe..

Koi toh toh na laage..

Kis tarah girha ye suljhe..

He smelling her hairs..

She breathing heavily..

He makes her turn to him..

He asking permission with his eyes..

She closes her eyes as giving positive sign to him..

He kisses her forehead..

He notices a curve on her lips and felt happy..

He kissed her eyes which are closed due to shy..

He kisses her both cheeks..

He slowly placed his lips on hers and start kissing passionately..

She too responding with equal passion..

His hands holding her waist tightly..

Her palms playing with his hairs..

BG plays..

Ke tere jhoote baate..

my saari maan lu..

Ankhon se tere sach sabhi..

Sab kuch abhi jaan lu..

Teee seh dara..

Behte se hum aavaara..

Aa tham ke sansein le yahaaaaa..

After 10 min.. they broke kiss and breathing heavily..

Swara downs her face due to shy..

He slowly holds her shoulders and took her in his warm embrace..

She holds him back by resting her head at his chest…

BG plays..

Yeh moh moh ke dhagee..

Tere ungalion se jaa uljhe..

Koi toh toh na laage..

Kis tarah girha ye suljhe..

After sometime..

He ups her by his arms and moved towards bed..

He placed her on bed softly..

He start kissing her neck..

She moaning in pleasure..

He start removing her cloths..

She start unbutton his shervani..

Finally both became naked..

He start giving butterfly kisses on each and every part of her body..

He again came to her neck and kissing deeply..

She enjoying his touch.. she start kissing his neck and chest..

Both kissing each other crazily..

After sometime they consummate their marriage and became each other forever..

Swasan hugs each other with unconditional love..

He kisses her forehead..

Sanskar: I Love U Swara.. be with me always..

Swara: I Love U More Sanskar.. of course am with u only na.. (making design on his chest with her finger)

He hugs her more tightly..

Both sleeps in each other embrace peacefully..

The night passed..

After 2 days as DP’s Wish swasan went Newyork..

They start living there..

Sanskar buy a new huge mansion for them..

Sanskar managing Maheshwari Industries Branch at Newyork

Swara Got a new job in NewYork..

Her in-laws agreed with her.. she felt blessed to have them in her life..

Sanskar also don’t have any problem with her job.. he know her very well..

But AP askes swara.. if she wanna do work.. join in Maheshwari Industries..

But Swara said.. I got a job by my own talent.. its not good to ignore that na..

AP felt proud by her answer..

Both Swasan Living happily in NewYork..

At Night..

AP calls Swasan and tells them to don’t stick with works.. Go and enjoy somewhere together.. I mean Honeymoon..

Swasan both seated on bed and discussing where should they go..

Swara – Vancouver Island..

Sanskar – no Paris..

Swara- Sanskaaaarr.. Vancouver Island near to us na.. So we should go there..

Sanskar: Nooo.. Its near na we can go there anytime.. Paris is far na.. So, we should choose Paris..

Both start argue for this..

Sanskar: its My Honeymoon na.. We should go by my wish place..

Swara: achhhaaa.. Ur Honeymoon not mine.. Waoo.. Ur Honeymoon na.. Then go alone.. (Pouted)..

Sanskar: aww.. How can I go without my Beautiful Wife..

Swara: I don’t want to go Paris..

Sanskar: I have a solution..

Swara: what..

Sanskar: I will Write Two Places names in two chits.. Then I will fold chits and will mix properly.. Then u take one chit.. We will go there only.. Agree..?

Swara: yes.. This is better.. Do this..

Sanskar went to couch and took paper.. He made 2 chits..

He came to swara..

He asks her to take one..

She took one chit from his palm..

He asks to opens it..

She opens and start jumping..

Swara- yaahhhooooo.. I won.. I won.. See Mr.Maheshwari, I won.. Vancouver Island here.. Yahhooo..

Sanskar just staring her happiness with a bright smile..

Swara – (controls her happiness) hmm so, u are coming with me..?

Sanskar: haha swara.. How can I send u alone haan..? (Pulls her close to him) its our Honeymoon Bebe.. BTW.. Congratulations Mrs.Maheshwari

She blushed..
She frees herself from his grip..

Our Swara is not a Small Minded Person Na..

Suddenly her mind thinking something..

Swara- Waise Sanskar.. U lose this task na.. But U r looking Soooo happy..?? Kya baat hai haan..

Sanskar: (Monologue) Ohh godd ye Swara bhi na.. She thinks too much… Huhh kahi my pakde gaya tohh.. No no.. No way..

Swara: Sanskar… Am asking u something..

Sanskar: (jerked) no no.. Nothing yaar..

Swara: Something is going wrong..

Sanskar: Swara.. What r u saying.. Chalo we have to pack our cloths..

He start moving from bed..

Swara: wait wait.. (Her mind strikes something)

Sanskar: now what happened..?

Swara: give me that another chit..

Sanskar: swara.. Don’t waste time on this darling.. Come on.. We will start packing..

Swara: (strictly) Sanskaaaaarr.. Give me..

Sanskar: (hiding chit) I tore that..

Swara noticed he hiding something in his palm..

She forcefully took Chit from His hand..

Sanskar: Swaraaaa… (Changing topic) iam feeling hungry.. Let’s have dinner. Chalo..

Swara: awww my Sanskar.. Just Wait 1min.. am coming..

He tried best to hide chit.. but Swara is Swara.. Somehow she opened chit..
Swara: What is this Sanskar.. (Showing chit)

Sanskar: swaraaa wo.. Nothing yaar.. Don’t drag this..

Swara: answer my question.. Y u wrote same name in both chits..

Sanskar: simply.. If Paris come.. U will be depressed na.. How can I see u like that (lovable tone)

Swara: (feeling 9th cloud) Then y didn’t u agree with me haan..?

Sanskar: if I agreed with u.. I will miss this cute argue with u na.. (Pulling her cheeks)

She got emotional and hugs him tightly with much love.. He hugs back…

Sanskar: hyyy Swara.. Relaxx (caressing her hairs from her back)

Swara: I Love U.. I Love U.. I Love U.. More than me.. More than everything.. (Tight her grip and feeling his care towards her feelings)

Sanskar: I Love U More.. (Smiles on her act)

He slowly broke hug and wipes her tears…

Sanskar: Shhh.. No more tears.. I can’t bear ur tears..

She melting more and more in his care..

He always treats her like a princess..

Both looking at each other.. Like they uncompleted without each other..

He peaks her fore head.. She again hugs him..

Swara: (still hug) Sanskaarr..

Sanskar: hmm..

Swara: Y U Love Me these much..?

Sanskar: I Don’t Have Any Answer For This but I can say one this.. I Love U.. I Love U Forever..

She broke hug and kisses his cheek..

Swara: I know..

Swara: chalo let’s have dinner..

Sanskar: hmm.. (Holding his cheek with his palm) but mera pet toh bhar gaya…

She hits him playfully..

After dinner they sleeps on each other embrace..

At the another side someone entering in Swasan room Secretly..

Person peeps and noticed Swasan Sleeping..

Person: They are sleeping.. Good.. Let’s go..

Person stepping towards swasan bed..

Person wore black pant and shirt.. Face covered too..

Suddenly swara woke up..

She slowly pour water in glass.. Start drinking..

She feels something is not okk..

Suddenly she notices a shadow of person behind curtain..

She afraid..

She start hitting Sanskar to wakeup..

Swara: (slowly) sanskaarrr.. Sanskaar.. Wakeup..

Sanskar: (wakeups) what happen swara.. Is everything fine..?

Swara: (pointing shadow) see..
Sanskar also shock by this..

Sanskar: wait.. Let me chk..

Person: (monologue) ohh goddd.. She saw me.. I know she is intelligent.. Huhh.. Now escape babe..

Sanskar switch on light and start moving towards curtain..

He open curtain but there is nothing..

Sanskar: swara.. No one is here..

But swara gaze falls on floor..

Swara: see.. (Pointing down)

Person seated on floor..

Person tries to escape.. But swasan holds tightly..

Sanskar: hyyyy who r u.. How dare u to come here.. (Angry tone)

Swara: let me open this veil..

Swara opens and shock..

Sanskar: what happen swara..

Swara: leave her Sanskar..she issss…

Sanskar: heerrrr..?

He came in front of the person and became shock…

Another hand person smiling like evil..

Sanskar: areee u here.. In this time..?

Person: ohhoo bhayya Bhabhi.. U guyzz are too bad..

Swara: are but.. (Interrupted)

Person: u r treating me like this..?

Swara: (makes her seat on couch) aree swetha nothing like that.. We are in shock..

Sanskar: (holds her ear) and whatz the way of this haan..?

She is none other she is swetha.. Sanskar’s sister..

Swetha: aoooowwwchhh.. Bhabhiiiii save me..

Swara: Sanskar.. Leave her..

Sanskar did..

Swara: u should informe us na.. We will receive u at airport..

Swetha: Bhabhi.. Its swetha Maheshwari’s way.. Think unique na.. Haha..

Sanskar: (pulling her cheeks) achaaa.. U didn’t tell me a single word.. I missed u soooo much..

Swetha: (hugs him immediately) i missed u too bro.. Thatz y I came na..

Swara smiles on their bonding..

Swara: I will bring u something to eat..

Swetha: no Bhabhi.. My dinner finished..

Swara: then drink something..

Swetha: no no.. My stomach is filled..

Sanskar: haan haan.. Kabhi empty nhi rahegi..

Swara: u know swetha.. My Sanskar se toh nhi btai.. But I know Kal Rakhi hai.. I was remembering u.. See u came..

Swetha: aww my sweet Bhabhi..

Both shared a lovely hug..

Swetha: I have another surprise for u..

Sanskar: whattt..

Swetha: not for u bro.. For my Bhabhi..

Swara: (smiling) say na..

Swetha: tomorrow.. Sahil bhayya, laksh bro and Kavita bhabhi also coming here..

Swara: waoo… Where are they..

Swetha: on the way..

Sanskar: greattt. Mere bina planing.. Haan..

Trio enjoyed a lot sometime..

Then. Swetha slept in guest room..

Swasan again slept in each other embrace..

The next day

Sahil Kavita reached with Laksh ..

Swara Happiness got peaks..

She tied Rakhi to him..

Swetha tied Rakhi to Sanskar & Laksh..

All enjoyed day..

The next day.. Sahil, Kavita, Laksh, Swetha left..

That day Evening Swasan Goes Vancouver Island.. and enjoys their HoneyMoon A lot..

He didn’t leave her alone for a each second..

He take caring her fully..

She also taking care for Him..

Both roaming.. singing.. enjoying a lot..

After one weak they came back to NewYork..

The next day..

Swara joined in her job..

Swara work only for 5hrs..

But Sanskar work is long..

Swasan working heart fully in their Professional Zone..

Their love increasing day by day..

Another weak passed..

One day..

Swara came from office.. She freshen up..

Swara: how can I ask u about this Sanskar.. (Worried face) even am not able to take decision.. How can I.. No no.. I can’t.. But what about my dream.. Ohh god.. Help me..

She lost in thoughts..

After sometime Sanskar came..

She received him with a smile..

He hugs her..

She too hugs him..

He went room to get fresh..

Swara: (monologue) what should I do.. I have to ask or not..? Ohh godddd… What to do..

Sanskar came near to her and calls her name.. She not responding..

He jerks her..

Sanskar: Swara..

She came in scene…

Swara: haa..

Sanskar: what happen.. Is everything fine..?

Swara: yess..

Sanskar: (with much love and care) tell Swara.. What happen..?

Swara: (covering hardly) nothing na.. Nothing is there..

Sanskar: pakka na..?

Swara: haa baba pakka..

He hugs her..

Swara: (monologue) am sorry Sanskar.. I don’t wanna tell u anything.. I took decision iam not going anywhere..

*** Flash Back ***

In Swara’s Office

Colleagues are talking..

Ragini – Am really edited for this yaar..

Swara: even me too.. (Become sad) but.. 4 dayz.. Am not able to take any decision..

Kavya: what happen Swara..

Swara: yaar.. 4 dayz how can I come with u all by leaving my husband here alone..

Neha: Yes.. She loves her husband alot na.. But swara its ur Professional Life..

Kavya: swara.. Just ask him once..

Swara: see re.. How can I ask him.. Even I don’t wanna go 4dayz away from him..

Ragini: but swara.. This is ur Aim na.. We know Sanskar Will accept pakka..

Swara: haa he will.. He will accepts for me.. But… (Interrupted)

Kavya: I know re.. Its little difficult for u both.. Think sometime and take Final decision..

Neha: mind one thing Swara.. Its ur Aim.. U did Much HardWork on this.. U always waited for this opportunity.. Now u got this na..

Kavya: haa swara.. Just for 4 dayz we are going Malaysia Na.. And u not alone.. Its Office Work.. And ur Aim too..

Swara: I will think yaar.. Still my mind is not working..

Ragini, kavya, Neha: hmm..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Some time passed..

Sanskar observing swara.. But swara covering with a smile..

She completed her work in kitchen and came to room..

She shock too see Sanskar reading some paper..

Swara: (monologue) ohh god… Sanskar saw this.. What to do now..

Sanskar: (noticed swara) swara…

Swara: (nervously) haa..

Sanskar: what is this.. (Showing paper) u didn’t tell me a single word..

Swara: Sanskaarr woo…

Sanskar: (exitingly) Swara.. (Hugs her in happiness) u reached ur Aim finally.. Congratulations.. Am soooooooooooo happy for u..

Swara: (breaks hug and sad voice) leave this Sanskar.. Am going to refuse this offer tomorrow…

Sanskar: (shock) whatttt…

He makes she seated in bed..

Sanskar: Swara… R u okk..? U going to refuse..? But y. ?

Swara: (closed her eyes, telling hardly) Sanskar.. I was really happy to got this offer.. I know it’s my Aim.. But I have to go Malaysia to submit my acceptance… WO bhi 4 dayz k liye.. How can I go leaving u here alone… I was sooooo confused to take decision.. My love.. My Aim.. Donno what to do.. But still am decided.. Am not going anywhere.. That’s y I didn’t tell anything to u.. Am sorry..

Sanskar just numb..

He hardly composed himself..

Sanskar: So, u r not going right..?

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: but what.. if I asks u to go..

Swara: please Sanskar.. Don’t say like this… I can’t go…

Sanskar: (took Her in his embrace) Swaraaaa.. Don’t mix Personal and Professional Life.. See u reaching ur Aim.. Its not a cup if tea.. And just 4dayz na (alone tear escaped from his eyes) and I also have imp meeting in office.. I will be busy.. So, u go.. And come fast.. Okk..

Swara: but without u 4 dayz.. Even I can’t imagine..

Sanskar: am in ur heart only.. I know u will never refuse my words…

Swara: but sanskaaarrr..

Sanskar: (hugs her more tightly) shhhhhh….

Swara: (monologue) I know Sanskar… U telling me to go.. For my happiness only.. U care for my each and every wish.. And its my Aim.. Thatz y I hide this from u hardly.. But.. U saw..

Sanskar: (monologue) its really hard to stay away from u.. But its ur Aim. Finally ur dreams coming in true.. I know u hardly going to refuse this for me only.. My love always supports u Swara.. I will miss u a lot.. But ur happiness is more important for me.. Just 4 dayz.. OMG.. 4 dayz.. Without u.. God.. How can I.. Anything for u swara..

Finally swara agreed to go…

The next day..

Sanskar: take care of ur self.. I know u will be busy there.. No time to attend a call..

Swara: (hugs him) hmm.. U take of ur self.. Eat at time.. Dont do much work.. And dont stick with that laptop..

Sanskar: (broke hug and peaks her forehead) All the best.. i love u.. Come ASAP..

Swara: I love u too..

She left..

After sometime..

Swara missing Sanskar badly..

Kavya: Swara.. Y r u sit like a mood off yaar.. Enjoy with us na..

Neha: see swara… If u like this only.. It will effect on ur health.. Then ur work.. Then automatically u will lose ur Aim.. Then.. What will be use of this Sacrifice..?? Ur husband also sad hoga.. Think yaar..

Ragini: haa Swara… Be like normal.. Just for 4 dayz na… Just concentration on work only..

Swara: (understood their words) okk..

She became normal.. But thinking about him too..

And here Sanskar also sad for Swara.. Missing her a lot..

Not able to eat properly..

Hardly attending meetings and hardly doing work…

Finally 4 Dayz passed..

Swasan talked in phone 1-2 times only.. Coz of busy.

She coming NewYork Today..

He don’t went office today

Sanskar: I will make juice for Swara… She must be tired… And haa I will make AlooPoha for her.. She likes to eat..

He busy in his thoughts..

Actually no phone calls between them na.. So, he don’t know when she is coming exactly etc.. And swara told him, donot come to airport.. She will come with her Friends..

At the another hand swara waiting badly to meet him..

Finally flight landed..

She reached home by cab..

She not able to wait more..

She gave money to driver.. She said watchman to see about luggage etc..

She open car door.. Ran inside to meet him..

She notices Main Door is opened..

She ran inside with excitement..

She didn’t find Sanskar there..

Swara: Sanskaaaarr.. Sanskkkaaarrr…

No response..

She become sad.. Searching for him in rooms..

Swara: where is he.. Ohh god.. Am not able to wait more.. I checked all rooms.. He must me in our Room..

She ran to Swasan Room by calling his name..

He stood there with a big curve on his lips..

She relaxed now..

Both in 7-8feets distance

He opens his arms..

She ran to him and hugs him tightly… He hugs back..

BG plays..

Tere bina jeena kya
Tere bina jeena kyu

Tujhse kaise bataun yaara
Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre
Woh zindagi hai hi nahi
Jo tujhse juda guzre

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..

After 15 min..

He noticed her sobbing..
Sanskar: (still hug) Swaraaaa..

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: r u okk..? Y r u crying. ?

Swara silence ..

Sanskar: is meeting done fine..?

Swara nodes as yes.. (Still hug)

Sanskar: is everything fine there..?

She nodes as yes..

Sanskar: kisi ne kuch kha..?

She nodes as no..

Sanskar: then y r u crying. Tell na..

She silent…

Sanskar: Swara… U missed me..?

She silent..

Sanskar slowly broke hug and cubing her face..

Sanskar: (love tone) tell na..

She nodes as yes..

He again hugs her…

This time her face hiding at his chest..
Sanskar: I missed u too..
Swara start beating on his chest playfully..

Swara: y u send me Malaysia haan.. (Beating) u know na I can’t live without u.. (Beating) and… U know na today am coming.. Y u hide here..

Sanskar: (makes her calm down) I will not send u again.. Kabhi bhi.. Kahi bhi.. Okk.. Now relax..

Both tights their grip..

BG plays.. (Continue)

Kahi se bhi chalun main
Kahi se guzru mein
Tujhi se aa milun main yaara..

Zara sa sarphira hoon
Zara sa bawra hoon
Jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara
Teri palkon talle meri saans chale
Meri saans chale tere dham se

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

Swara: I love u…

Sanskar: I love u too..

Both parted after 10 min..

He asked her to gets fresh..

She went washroom..

After sometime.. She came out by wearing baby pink colour saree..

He mesmerized to see her as always..

He brings AlooPoha and juice there..

Swara: (exited) waooo Pohaa.. Aww Sanskar.. U made this for me..?

Sanskar: hmm..

Swara: but keep this at kitchen please.. I will eat after sometime..

Sanskar: buy y not now..?

Swara: Sanskaar.. Am really not in a mood to eat anything.. I wanna sleep.. I will eat pakka…

Sanskar: no way.. First eat.. Then sleep as u want.. I will not disturb u..

Swara: nooooo.. First sleep..

She arguing with him like a kid..

He strictly take caring like a responsible father..

He seated on bed and makes her sit in his lap.. Feeding her..

She melted in his care.. Just staring him and eating obediently..

He makes she drink juice with his hands..

Sanskar: hmm finished.. Now sleep..

He kept tray aside..

She lyes on bed..

He covers her with a sheet..

He about to leave..

She stops him by holding his wrist..

Sanskar: (with care) what happen..? U want anything..?

Swara: U… Don’t go Sanskar.. Stay with me here..

He smiles and peaks her forehead..

He lyes beside her..

She sleeping peacefully by hugging him tightly..

She didn’t loose her grip in deep sleep too.. Its easily showing.. How much she loves him..

He also slept..

A big Curve Simply visibling on their lips Simply..

Both lost in each other Embrace..

Finally She reached her aim.. She Got Her love..

He got her love..

Swasan Loving Each Other Unconditionally..

They always stand for each other in every step of their life..

*** @@@ ***

Ashu: thank god.. finally completed.. is it became a big one..??

She took her phone and opens Chat..

*** CHAT ***

Ashu: Yahhhooooo… finally OS completed..

Dhani: Waoo.. When U going to post Rapunzel..

Ashu: Now I have to make edit Dhani.. then I will.. but..

Sukzz: Rapu… Le kissiii.. ummaahh..

Ashu: Umaahhh Sukzz..

Tanu: but..??

Ashu: yaar I tried much to cut this OS.. but Its became a long one.. infact I cutted some scenes.. fir bhi… its also a long one..

Aju: are ashu.. its good news na.. y u became sad..

Tanu: yes Rapunzel.. long OS.. wo bhi Swasan ki.. waooo..

Aarzoo: Rapunzel.. post fast dear..

Sunzz: boy waiting to read OS..

Ashu: Awww my boy.. love u..

Sunzz: Love u too..

Ashu: let me make edit.. then I will post.. bye.. love u all

All: bye.. TC.. Love U Too..

The OS Ends..

So, Friends.. How Was This OS..?

Hope u all will like..

If u bored by Ashu Part.. u can skip in reading..

Actually.. many of my readers likes my role in my stories.. they wana na.. how can I refuse their wish..

Thank u Soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for supporting me..

Ohhh Myy Godd..

I completed 11 OS’s..


All readers.. must and should comment please..

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