Soch Na Sake ( Can’t Even Imagine ) …… Last Shot / Shot 9

Shot 9

Hello there ???. I know I got missing again. I even got complaints for vanishing ???. By now if you guys call me “vanishing queen” I’ll totally agree with you guys. I just come, post something and then disappeare ??? like a ghost. What to do friends, too much to studies these days. So don’t mind me, but I’ll keep posting whenever I get time ???.

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So as I said in the previous shot, this is the last shot of this fs. You probably got that reading the title ???. Ok no matter. Lest go to the story. In case you missed the previous part or forgot it, check the link below!!!

Soch Na Sake ( Can’t Even Imagine )…… Shot 8

Ok now let’s start. Previously on Soch Na Sake ( Can’t Even Imagine )……

That evening, she was crying in her hostel room. Pragya and Isha tried to console her but she was in a bad state.

“I don’t know why he’s being like this!! What did I do? Maybe he doesn’t want me in his life!!”

“Aisa nahi hai Sanchi!”

“I don’t know Isha! I hate myself for thinking like this. But what else should I think?”

She fell asleep crying. From the door, Riya was listeningto all this and had an unreadable expression. Next day she went to Kabir’s cabin.

“Good morning Dr. Kabir”

“Good morning Riya. Why are you here this early?”

“I want to talk to you about something”

“Ok what?”

“It’s personal sir”

He thought for awhile. “Ok, go on”

“Its about Sanchi sir. She-”

“I’m sorry Riya but I don’t want to listen to your complaints about Sanchi”

“This isn’t a complaint sir!! It’s important!! You see Sanchi is very sad because you’re ignoring her. She was even crying yesterday. We all know you love her as much as she loves you. So what is this?”

Kabir looked at her like she had horns ???. “Well Riya, I’m surprised to see your concern about Sanchi” he said honestly.

“I know sir. (She gave a sad smile.) Sanchi and I…. we were best friends before. Then somethings happened and I blamed that on her. You maybe know the story. And I did nothing but to hurt her ever since. But she never got angry. She was always there for me. But I didn’t see that. The day before the surgery, she told me the true story. I realized what a fool I was to doubt my friend. I always tried to snatch you from her coz I knew she loved you. I didn’t know about her sickness. No one told me about that. When I got to know that I was shocked. She’s my friend!! Then she asked me to take care of you if anything happened to her. God listened to all our prayers and she came back to us fine. I did many things to hurt her Dr. Kabir. I don’t want to let anything hurt her in the future. Not even you!! So please, whatever the problem is, solve it quickly!!” Saying all that she went.

“Now that was surprising. Who would’ve guessed she’ll change like that? Ok now it’s to much Kabir. You have to stop this and solve this. You’re hurting her”


……….next day……….

It was Sanchi’s birthday today. From the day she ran out of Kabir’s cabin, she had been ignoring him. And she was successful doing that.

In the evening there’s a party in Mishra Mansion to celebrate Sanchi’s birthday. Along with some relatives, Malhotra family, Negi family, Yadav family and last but not least…. Kapoor family are invited.

Sanchi just plastered a fake smile ??? to her face and greeted all. She pretended to be enjoying but she was torn ??? from inside. She saw Kabir with his mother. She took blessings from Kusum and not even a single glance for Kabir. Party went on with everyone talking about everything and nothing. Sanchi was with her gang. Suddenly lights went out leaving everything in complete darkness. Then a sopt light pointed to a direction. They saw an outline of a man, sitting on a bench, holding a guitar ??? with his head bent down. Sanchi’s heart suddenly started to race ???. She knew who it was. She could recognize him anywhere. Strumming the guitar, he played a familiar music. He began to sing his head still bent.

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan

Ek pal vich sau baar karaan

Tu jaave je mainu chhad me

Maut da intezaar karaan

(He lifted his head and looked at one person directly……)

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

(Everyone was admiring his song but he was lost in her eyes……)

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan

Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi

(Lost in her eyes, he was singing automatically like music was flowing through them……)

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan

Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi

Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan

Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

(With each word he was trying to tell her something. Something that connected them together……)

Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin

Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

(He remembered how devastated he was when he got to know about her sickness. How he died every second begging for god to give her life……)

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Aankhon ke hai yeh khwahishein

Ki chehre se teri na hatein

Neendon mein meri bas tere

Khwabon ne li hai karwatein

(A tear drop fall from her eyes remembering all their time together……)

Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein

Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

All were clapping as his song was finished. Then instead of all lights coming back the spot light kept pointing Kabir. He kept his guitar aside and walked. His eyes still locked with hers, never looking away from her for even a second. Guests moved away and let him pass without disturbing. They saw him stop right in front of the birthday girl. Standing in front of her, he took both of her hands in his.

“You, Miss. Sanchi Mishra, do you have any idea what you did to my life? Before you come to SDCH, I was doing completely fine. Then you came as an intern. That too being my student. Well not completely my student, but still, some form of a student. From the very first day I saw you, you always tortured me with your stupid filmy dialogues and crazy songs!! I was very annoyed. But soon those stupid things became a part of my day. If I didn’t hear those, if I didn’t see you my day would be incomplete. Little by little you made me miss you whenever you weren’t around. It made me crazy, I couldn’t understand why I felt like that!! You made my normal life upside down. Then I realized I’m falling for you. Falling so deep that no one can save me. Not even god. You invaded my mind, my thoughts everything!! Admitting this in front of this whole crowd isn’t easy. Because 1) there’s your father listening to me and he’s probably going to kill me for trying to take his princess and 2) your father is my boss and he can throw me out of my job anytime. But still I’m telling you this. I wanted to tell you how much I love you…. but then…. you were going to leave me! I was angry with you coz you didn’t tell me before ehat was bothering you!! Very angry at the same time I felt my whole world crumbling down. By God’s grace you’re fine now. Then when you got conscious, I didn’t know what to tell you. I was confused wether you would regret confessing me. I was scared you might say you just said you loved me because of your sickness and when you got fine, you’d change your mind. I know it sounds stupid but I was scared. So I decided to give you time and space to decide. You thought I was ignoring you but I was hurting myself from that too. Every time you came in front of me, I thought you would say it was a mistake. But in reality, it was my mistake to think like that. I’m so so sorry…. Sanchi…. I love you….. I love you so much….!!

“How dare you thought like that? How dare you thought I’d leave you and regret? You know I love you Kabir!!” She was crying ???.

“I know!! I admit I’m the stupidest idiot in this whole world!”

“Of course you’re the stupidest idiot in this whole world!!” She exclaimed loudly not caring about anyone who was listening.

Making everyone gasp in shock, he bent on his knees in front of her.

“Exactly!! So would you like to take care of this stupid idiot and make him less stupid? Will you marry me, Sanchi?”


Every single person was shocked.

“Kyu nahi?”

“Kyun ki, if I marry a stupid person, I’ll turn stupid too!!” She said intelligently ???.

“But you’re already stupid na!”

“What? ??? you insulted me!! Now I won’t marry you at all!!”

“Soch lo… if you don’t marry me… I’ll marry Riya!!”

“Go on… see how your life turn to hell after marrying the chudail!!” She huffed annoyed ???.

“I know my life will turn to hell. But not because of marrying her. It’s because you’re not with me. Now tell me sweetheart, how long do you want me to stay on my knees like this? Should I stay forever like this or…. will you let me get up by giving me an answer?”


“Sanchi…… will you marry me….?” He asked again so softly, with so much love holding out a ring ???. His sincere passionate gaze went through her soul.

A unstoppable smile that said millions of words, made its way to her face. “Yes…!!”

The hall erupted in to a loud noise with clapping ??? and yelling in happiness as Kabir slipped the ring to Sanchi’s ring finger. Hugging her, he lifted her twirling her around.

So……. all got happy and they got blessings from everyone. ??? Even from their friends. The thing is…. Riya made Sanchi take her blessings ???.

“You’re 8 months younger than me Sanchi, so technically I’m your elder. Besides, you said in front of everyone that living with me is like hell and you called me chudail ???. Now if you want me to forgive you, you have to seek blessings from me!!! ???”

Sanchi bend down laughing ???.

“Jeete raho! Khush raho!!” ??? the gang laughed.

Sanchi and Riya hugged each other.

“It’s good to be friends again!” – Riya

“We never were enemies. Love you yaar!” – Sanchi

Veer exclaimed. “??? bhai Kabir!! Sanchi said she loves Riya. ??? lekin you two just got engaged na!! So that means-”

“SHUT UP VEER..!!” everyone yelled at once, making him quiet.

“Okay!!” He stopped innocently.

After that they cut the cake ??? and while everyone’s busy in talking, dancing???, Sanchi dragged Kabir to a side where no one can see them.

“Why are we here? Everyone’s there. C’mon let’s go!”

She suddenly held a chocolate to him. “Yeh kya hai?”

“Yeh chocolate hai” – Sanchi

“I know but why?” – Kabir

“This is from the chocolates you brought me from Switzerland. You kept it on my bedside table when I was in hospital. I promised myself that I won’t eat them until you talk with me. And I wanted to share with you. Today is a happy occasion. You proposed me. So mithai is necessary na!!” She made him eat it. He bit on half of it and made her eat the other half. They were lost in there eyes. Cupping her cheek, he was leaning closer but a noise broke their moment.

“SANCHI….!! KABIR BHAI….!! WHERE ARE YOU TWO? Apni chori chori chupke chupke prem katha baad mein karlo..! Come from wherever you disappeared to!!” It was Veer who was yelling.

“Yeh Veer bhi na!! Meri pyaar ki dushman ???” Sanchi was mumbling lightly.

“Come let’s go” Kabir said abruptly.

She kept one of her arms around his shoulder and ran a finger on his face. “What’s the hurry, hone wale patidev?”

“Um everyone must be looking for us. We should go”

“Hay bhagwan!!! ??? Yeh kaise insan hai yaar? He’s with her fiancee alone and he wants to go to where everyone else is!! Just my luck to get such a boring unromantic life partner!! Okay then let’s go!” She started to pull away.

But too bad or let’s just say good ??? he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to him. “Boring and unromantic? Me?” He pinned her to the wall. “If you want me to be too romantic, then you’ll have to wait till we get married. Then you might even complain I’m being too romantic!!”

She blushed as he huskily whispered. So she looked away. He made her meet his gaze by holding her chin. “Lo.. Now I’m being romantic and you’re looking away? Hmm… not fair hone wali wifey… oh ho!!! She got shy… Now how will I give her a kiss?”

“Kabir what’re you saying? We should go”

He had a naughty smirk ???. “Arre na na na meri jaan… were not going anywhere. It was your idea to be romantic na? Now why are you backing away? You know it’s a tradition to share a kiss after proposing”

“What are you saying? There’s no such a tradition and even if there was, I’m not gonna be a part of it!!” She tried to get away from him but he was holding her to close.

“So…. you don’t want a kiss? But I want na…” He leaned closer to her little by little. She closed her eyes instinctively and waited for him to take away their distance. But it never came. She opened her eyes to see him trying to contain his laughter. Seeing her death glare he couldn’t help but to laugh ???.

“I hate-”

Before she complete what she was about to say, he quickly pressed his lips on hers giving her a sweet kiss making her lose her senses for a while. After they broke apart, he kept his forehead touch with hers and looked in to her eyes. “Well…. that’s all you get for now. But after we get married……..”

She slapped his chest lightly, blushing to a deep shade of red that even tomatoes might get jealous of her.

“I’m surprised!! You didn’t sing for past few days. Don’t you have any song in your mind?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll hear my songs your entire life. But for now, I only have to say….

Main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon yeh tu kabhi Soch Na Sake……” She whispered to him.

Looking at her with overflowing love, he hissed her forehead and whispered back.

You Can’t Even Imagine how much I love you……




“So this is the end of our story” – Sanchi

“No it’s not the end, it’s the new beginning of our lives. But your author is ending the story coz she’s so stupid and can’t think of anything to write!!” – Kabir

“Kabir!!! Don’t call her stupid!! She so nice!! You should be greatful to her coz she didn’t kill me!!” – Sanchi

“Yeah!! You’re right!! Our miss author is so nice. I won’t say anything against her!! Otherwise, she’ll take my Sanchi away from me!!” He said hugging her from behind.

“Kabir!!! Kya kar rahi ho? They can see us!!” Sanchi was frantic.

“So what? You love me, I love you. We’re getting married, so what’s the problem? In fact, this miss dumb author should’ve known to drag this story and write some romantic scenes!!”

“Kabir…. You’re insulting her again!! Now she’ll definitely separate us!!”

“Thank you for giving me that idea!! If this person continued to be rude, I’m definitely pairing you with someone better than him and not rude!!…. oh hello mister doctor!! Stop glaring. Do you honestly think I’ll get scared? If you thought like that, then you’re the one who’s stupid here!! Oh wait a sec!! You admitted that you’re so stupid when you were confessing your love…!!! Now if you two don’t mind, let’s end this conversation. My readers might be thinking I’m completely crazy” – Me

“Duhh…!! You are crazy”

“Shut up Kabir!!”

“What? It’s true!!”



Well seems like he already started to listen to his future wife ???. Ok that was bakwaas. I know. So forget it and tell me what you think of this story. ??? Personally, this was my favourite to write and this story was accepted all of you well. I gained many readers through this. So it’s your last chance to give your support to “Soch Na Sake ( Can’t Even Imagine )”. If you like this whole story as well as today’s part, press the like button and if you don’t like it press the dislike button and give me your reviews.

I don’t know when will I post next but I’ll try to post as soon as I get time ???. So until we meet again with the next part of “Unwritten Love Of Destiny”, stay safe, all of you and love you loads ???.

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