so sweet of Temish


hi friends. . I’m a helly fan.. and most of my analysis based on her. but now this one is for temish.. from the whole sr cast only them wished helly for jdj. it really touch my heart.. so sweet of them. tej says helly as her love and ask fer fans to support helly also . namish also posted sleeping pic of helly and said that she is very tired and wish her best of luck. they share a lovely friendship. tej and helly says in many times that they love each other so much. such an adorable bond. they both are playing leads of a show. but they have no misunderstanding or cat fight between each other. they are like real sisters. .

I’m adoring it.. and I feel very happy when they support helly for jdj. fans fight didn’t affect their friendship. I hope they will be friends forever. three of them are such sweet hearts.. this support and love temish given to helly is really a slap on the face of bashers.. I hope bashers will understand how much they are close with each other.. and people who create story on their personal lives.. look them and teach something from them. tej and helly were always friends. . and less or more screen space or nothing effect their friendship. . hope they have a great future ahead. .

Note: (for swasan fans)if you don’t agree with me kindly ignore the post. I don’t want this post fill with hatred. and please don’t bring old issues in to this. I posted it only for appreciating them. so please if you don’t agree ignore it kindly. and I believe that if we can criticise anyone if we think they are wrong we have to appreciate them on their good things.. they are also humans. mistake are done by anyone. but please try to see their good side also..

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  1. Sammy

    Good job girl 🙂 🙂

  2. Heltej

    Jwala… U banged the post…. I completely agreeing with you… ! I love their offscreen bond… Im helly’s fan.. But i love tejaswi too… Every person has different personality…
    First reason for me to watch SR was helly and second reason was hellyand tejaswi bond… I wish let bond remain same till eternity… I jus love my babies ?❤️

  3. well said jwala di

  4. Jwala itz u …I knw ur helly fan…really tat pic was beyond words…teju said helly as love…so swt of teju fan..but love heltej bond

  5. yaa well said temish are love helly and varun in fact we can easily seen temish are very close to each other

  6. Sammy_Kavi

    Guys someone plz tell me how to find out the posts of Manish or twju or jelly or any other actors’ … I mean jwala said naa, “Namish posted sleeping posture of Helly” ….. How to find such posts ?????

    1. Drishya

      Dear its on instegram ..and if u don’t have account there u can see on Facebook page of swasan

      1. Sammy_Kavi

        Oh i see…. Tq dear friend ?

  7. Mica

    off screen and on screen, they are love each other,
    offscreen, helly/tejaswi/namish are sweet friends with such beautifull friend bonding.
    onscreen, swasan and raglak always together to solve every problem in their family.
    that’s THE FACT!
    but hater born to hate…no matter what, poor them.
    good job Jwala ! <3 it

  8. Abirsha

    Ha ha well said jwala…. I agree with u…. In this whole cast only teju and namish wished helly for jdj…. Even namish wished her in twitter…. So sweet…. The actors are frndly but only their fans are fighting with each other unnecessarily….. Do no when will this stop….

  9. Such a sweet post. I am a dieheart temish fan n I love these two a lot. But I really like helly a lot she is so cute n innocent. I am watching this season of jhalak especially for her. All the best helly. Indeed it was a sweet n lovely gesture by temish. I really adore hejaswi bond. There bond touches my heart. In fact I love the bond of entire cast. Love all.

  10. Sumeeta

    i completely agree with u jwala.we did not them how can i conclud them that they are not friends but haters. i really got hurt after watching recent temish iv.but their insta post to support helly for jdj just made me happy nd heal my wound also.

    1. Sumeeta

      sorry,the line should be-
      we did not know them personally

  11. I agree with you 100% Jwala. It was so sweet of TeMish to wish Helly. It must have really boosted her confidence and made her happy. Also, it must have been a real eye opener to all the bashers who were calling TeMish fake and insecure. Because the wishes clearly showed how much TeMish love Helly and how much they want her to succeed. Love the bonding between them ❤️❤️
    P.S: Good Luck to Helly for Jhalak. Wishing she gets a lot of success on the show xx

  12. So sweet of you Di…I have also seen in News that Namish has said helly best of luck…It touched my heart…Really temish are so sweet..I love the Bond Of Helly and Tejaswi…

  13. Awe! I adore them

  14. bhagyashree baruah

    well said yaar..???

  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    Just love temiah and helly bond …. tahnks jwala for posting this it is a slap on bashers face ….

  16. awesome post………U know what as teju requested her fans to support helly,many raglakians are supporting helly in jdj…

    1. All the best Miss Helly Shah……keep going with ur wonderful job

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