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hello friends I’m poojha I’m the one who write kmkv and yhm analysis now come to the funny things happening in serial I got some of them here but this is not to copy any of them who wrote this before

1.heroine will be kidnapped by the villain she will be kept in the place for more than 2 days but her hair,dress and make up will be perfect and

beautiful as if she’s free in her home

2. leap will be shown their kids will be grown up but leads will be as before just their style will be changed no wrinkles no hairfall nothing…..

3.tanu will be pregnant before confirmation pragya thinks its abhi baby and join them and then she finds its someothers baby why cant she directly say it to abhi and take a dna test

4.people in the house thinks the bahu as their enemy and do every plan against the bahu at the last they will be trapped in their own plan the bahu will come and save them then they accept her as their bahu……….ufffff will come that heroine is dead but her family will not get her body but they will believe that she’s dead and do barsi for her….

6.protogonist of the show will make some plan the villains will overhear it …but villains will make some protagonist cannot hear it……….sabhaaaa…

7.heroine own mother or siblings will be dead but heroine will be as if she attended a function …

8.we all know how we will be when we wake up but this heroines will be in full make up and her dress will be perfectly pinned

9.if any shocking thing happens in their house whole cast face will be shown with flash light and thunder sound….[zoomed]

10. person who knows all the truth against the antagonist will be killed or injured so that the person will either go to coma or memory loss…..

11.heroine will be pregnant no belly even after 8 months still wearing heels and slim

12. the mother of leads will still be young without white hair wearing chudidhar…..


Credit to: poojha

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  1. Ha ha ha …….absolutely right

  2. Exactly trueeere

  3. Twinju(bhavika)


  4. damn true ????

  5. very funny

    1. Go at mirror yu will find it funny

      1. shut up and u go to hell

  6. damnnnnn hilarious tht make up scene is really true nd vrrry funny

  7. True… It happens Always…

  8. Its really true…….absolutely

    1. Go to hell poojha go to hell and others who r saying it true just go and chulu bar pani mein dubo now its funny yu stupid people

      1. dei naye athu un reply da athukunu ellaraiyum ‘go to hell ” nu solluvia enime yaar kittayavadu ipdi behave pannada

      2. don’t use this words

  9. Fantastic awesome

    1. Go to hell aliya

      1. dei vaiya moodu

  10. It’s true. But we can’t blame the leads and cast like this. And also remember it’s a serial not reality. But it entertained me.

    Karthik plz don’t say bad about anyone here. It entertained them so it’s nothing bad. It’s their opinion and no one can change it not even u. U have the right to share ur opinion whether negative or positive but if u think it’s bad just tell it would be more better or encourage them. I m not angry at u but don’t use these words. Plz.

    1. I’m not blaming the actors but thinking about that is funny illogical….

  11. Ekdum correct and funny also….

  12. thanks frnds for commenting and want to say one thing this is my opinion and don’t use bad words I saw person commenting idiotic without sense just saying thanks need more comments

  13. So true???

  14. pooja absolutely true…………………hahaha…………I’m still laughing…………………

  15. So very true & funny …. we still watch or don’t watch these shows but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the funny, ridiculous side of it – chuckles

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