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Hey guys I am writing for the very first time so please forgive me if there is any mistake but please do point it out so that I can improve..
I was a silent reader all this while but I couldn’t gold myself when I read the last episode of eternal love by tisha.. I loved it.. Arshifan(Anjali) Book of mysterious death, Restless rockstar Hatera you are making us
Restless upload yaar.. Behind the veil by Narrator I just can’t take that story out of my mind same goesWith Akshaya Kannan’s A love so pure.. Awesome guys.. Nivi sorry I am not reading your ff nowadays bit busy, Veni( Krishnaveni) I loved the way you adapted it to south indian style but don’t kill Pragya yaar.. Maya I am jealous of you…Tina(Suha) my dear Vampire director be back on track,Varshavenkat, silent reader, durga, Saranya,Monesha, Abhigaya, Krish,Somiya,Vennela, Abhigaya thanks for the comment guys. So moving on to the story

I never thought I will fall for this buddhu.. But as fate has decided to unite us who can stop it.. Both of us were together right from the age of 5. It was all a kids play till the age of 17. I suddenly started realizing my feeling towards that buddhu.. At first I thought it was just an infatuation and ignored it… We both were forced to join different coll by our parents. We did but our friendship remained same. But I wasn’t able to face my buddhuI felt awkward. I waited a year just to confirm that this is not just infatuation.. We both were 18 year old now , I expressed my feeling to my sweet buddhu but there was no reaction. So during coll days we only got to contact each other through mobile, messages, calls days went by.. We both kind of felt awkward why I say this so sure is we actually met once in a function
at her home. We were not able to speak as always. And everyoneStarted kidding us saying both grew up and not able to face each other.Feeling shy huh?
The next day went as if nothing happened so I had to keep my feeling suppressed so nothing comes in between our friendship. Actually I can’t be without speaking with my sweet buddhu..I don’t want to spoil that joy..We never met after that , ppl around us started teasing us.Whenever we were to meet we avoided each otherDays passed by I heard someone proposed that Buddhu…Can you believe it!? No right!??Ha ha ha ha ha I was laughing my heart out, actually I was jealous and angry.. Buddhu is only mine nobody else can propose.. So I went to that coll and made it a point none proposes my buddhu and what I got in return I was thrown out of that college… And we dint speak for a week after that I called and consoled.. I can’t be without speaking to my buddhu.. Years passed our finals were approaching.We had to attend interviews at various companies I got selected in a company situated in Singapore after finals I had to leave India.. And to say the truth I was fed up of running behind buddhu.. I lost hope I gave up my love and started to Singapore… Venue: Airport

Suddenly I heard someone calling Chinnu……..
I turned back and saw buddhu standing breathing heavily and was about to faint..

I called out Fuggi.. And held her in my arms . She is in my arms it was my dream once not anymore. She opened her eyes called out for water I gave her.After drinking water she became normal…
Fuggi said, How dare you leave me and go Mr. Abhisheik (angry tone)and i replied, What do you expect ? I have to wait for you till I grew grey hairs all over my face and head. Fuggi said,You could have informed me at least. I have to tell you so many things, I was afraid to face you.And I asked,Do I look like a Vampire to you !??or any other villainous character!? Fuggi said, Not that chinnu I don’t know how you will react when you come to know the truth. I asked, Huh!?? What Truth!?? She said,

FB begins…
School 12 th std..
Abhi and Pragya were standing in the corridor with their friends facing each other while speaking to their friends..
Abhi was staring at Pragya..Pragya found this unusual but felt happy..
Both were starting at each other
A song plays
Naye-naye naina mere dhoonde hain
Dar-badar kyun tujhe
Naye-naye manzar yeh tak.te hain
Iss kadar kyun mujhe
Zara-zara phoolon pe jhadne laga dil mera
Zara-zara kaanton se lagne laga dil meraMain pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan
Aatishein woh kahaan
Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan
Ranjishein hain dhuaan haan..
Both of their thoughts were broken by their friend’s laughter both dint know what to do so they too joined them…
FB ends…

Abhi snapped in front of Pragya’s eyes (She was lost in thoughts) She came to back to sense and continued . She said , I too felt something different but i thought it was just an infatuation. After that before joining coll you proposed me, I loved the way you proposed me..
It was on my 18 th birthday midnight you came with your Guitar and started playing, Na jaane kab yeh hua na kisi ko khabar
Na khud ko pata khoye khoye rehte hum yahan hai
Silsilo ka silsila hai hua shuru abb jo nikle bhi jaan
Abb se humraahi chahton ke
Yeh jaise phela nasha woh pheli nazar phela gumaar
Yun lage mohabbat he jahan hai
Doston ki dosti yaaron ki yaari kam lagne lagi .Behake hai hum behaka yeh sama hai Kaise samjhaau tumjhe
(Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh o o o..
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh o o o..) – 2
I don’t know how to react I was on cloud nine but I just said thank you leave from here right now.. Sorry Chinnu you woke up my ma and bulbul I had to manage them… I am sorry if that hurt you I am sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry .I started laughing seeing her antics coz bulbul told me what happened later.. And here she continues, There is more, Do you remember the day when we both met during a function!?? I Said chuckling, Of course I do, you were roaming around the venue like a kid.( Oh my god I forgot something this wasn’t the first time she was in my arms). Fuggi continued, When I slipped you came running to hold me inyour arms.. They both visualize it..
When she slips, Abhi holds her in his arms they both have an eye lock.. Allah wariyan song plays..
They both come back to their senses smiling like idiots…
Abhi notices that fuggi was still smiling and snapped her out of her thoughts.. Fuggi said, You know what I felt I was in the most secure place ever when i was in your arms.. I was just listening to her and she continues…Chinnu do you remember the day u came to my college !?

Every girl was ogling at you I felt jealous. I asked, Oh really that’s why you made the watchman to throw me out of your so called college.. I am a rock star baby, girls loves me..
Fuggi: Pouting… Sorry hey listen na.. That day when you bashed him I realized it was love for the very first time.. Later I started to worryabout you that’s why I threw you out.. I said,Ahaan really!?? She said,Suno na. I lost my patience, and said, Stop it!! I don’t want to hear anymore. After all this time you never even uttered a single word to me about this, But why now!? When I wanted to move away from you? Why Pragya why do you do this to me!? She said, I always just wanted to be with you but you never realisedit… So do you love me!?? I said turning back,I am leaving Pragya, Sorry… She confessed, I love you Chinnu! no matter what I will wait for you till you come back.. I turned back and started laughing at her and said,Oh my god this is the reason why I named you ‘ Fuggi’ Fuggi my sweet Buddhu.. Look at your face She asked, Why are you laughing !?
Pragya was about to hit him..
Abhi interrupted and said…Before you hit me listen. Finally you confessed your feelings for me this was our ( Abhi, Bulbul, Purab) plan Pragya.. I wasn’t going to Singapore at all..
Pragya again was about to hit him and before she could he ran away from her.. Pragya chased him and both were out of the airport.
Sun was about to set Abhi was stunned by its beauty and was seeing it.. Pragya also joined him
He held out his hand for her.She gave her hand to him.. Both faced each other and said, ‘ Whatever may be the situation i ll always trust you and never ever leave your hand ever’
And started walking towards the sunset holding hands..
Pragya asked how long are we going to walk like this Chinnu??
Don’t worry baby Rock star is here na I hold you in my arms.. Pragya said, stop kidding come let’s take your car and go home..

Speak your heart out otherwise you may never ever get to tell them how much that person means to you.. All can’t be lucky like Abhi and Pragya
I really really want feedbacks, be it a rotten tomato or flowers coz this is my first time.. If you found it boring please do tell me.. More important leave at least a single word guys it means a lot to me..

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  1. Riyashri

    Prathi Darlu…..U don’t deserve a single word ………………U deserve a Standing ovation !!!! Hats off to your first attempt !!! I loved it sooooooooooooooo much !!!!! I would give u Beautiful flowers of the world shower !!!! I don’t hav emoji’s option in my lappy or else my comment would be filled with so many hearts proposing u !! Hehe just joking !! I won’t propose u as I am not a boy….. U rocked it …..U nailed it….Keep Writing ……….

    1. Thank you Riya… ???? I dint expect such a comment.. Loads of love ??

  2. I will give u beautiful flowers for writing this beautiful os… was superb….I loved it a lot…

    1. Thank you Abhigaya… ??

  3. Maya

    From my side is ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘?????????????????????????????????????⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
    It was so beautiful and wonderful….words are not enough to express the beauty of this OS….Give more OS like this to us!??
    And u are jealous of me???? I am not that great to be jealous of….

    1. Thank you for those flowers Maya?? Another OS IS on the way promo will be posted tonight or tomorrow..Of course I am jealous of the way you write

  4. I will give you different colourful flowers and I will make you to wear flower as crown I really loved it you are a good writer

    1. Aww thank you Monesha for the crown.. I am glad you loved it.. ?????

  5. Maahi

    it is awesome dr

    1. Thank you Maahi I loved your Flash on my mobile OS..

  6. Arshifan

    Wow wow wow!!!! Prathi even this is a first time you just rocked it dear…awesomeness overloaded..i really loved it to the core..keep it up dear…

    1. Thank you Anjali I am glad you loved it.. And I enjoyed your Book of mysterious death to the core ????

  7. Great great great dear loved it to the core?????

    1. Thank you Saranya.. Am happy that you loved it ????

  8. It’s really nice awesome amazing OS yaar…superb OS…

    1. Thank you Durga ☺ It’s my pleasure that you found it amazing

  9. Awesome

    1. Thank you Priyanka☺

  10. Akshaya kannan

    It was very beautiful dear write more OS rather than writing ff and your OS was marvellous and I loved it?????

    1. Thank you Akshaya it’s my pleasure that you find it marvellous☺☺

  11. wow its sooooooooooooo gud dr love it

    1. Thank you..☺☺

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Beautiful………Loved it YAAR……………..Such a Cute Story………..

    1. Thank you Reshma??

  13. Nice one yaar…

    1. Thank you Nirmal ☺☺

  14. superbb yarrrrrrrrrr

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  15. VarshaVenkat

    Captain cool

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  17. Honey

    Its really nice, I hav ni words to explain it yaarr

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