So, Do you love me? intro

Pragya : Cute, silent and curious and a book worm
Abhi: Brave, kind hearted, Short tempered guy, loves playing cricket. And he loves music more than anything
Ronnie(Pragya’s bro): Childish, Helpfull
Bulbul(Pragya’s Cousin) lost her parents stays with Pragya’s family: Cute, lovely, Naughty loves Pragya a lot…
Sarla : Pragya and Ronnie’s momRagini: Abhi’s mom ( Lovable, Loves Abhi a lot)
Neil: Abhi’s Dad ( Caring, Sharing every incidents in his life with Abhi not only his Dad but his best friend)
Purab: Abhi’s friend and bro( actually Purab is Abhi’s own brother he was given to Abhi’s Mom’s sister who passed away unfortunately)
Rockstar Dadi: Pragya’s Dadi( Abhi likes her a lot)
Dadi: Abhi’s Dadi ( His soul rests in her)Pragya starts to tell whatever happened in their life and Abhi hears everything and is shocked to find that Pragya loved him from school days..Abhi asked , After all this time you never even uttered a single word to me about this, But why now!? When I wanted to move away from you? Why Pragya why do you do this to me!?
Pragya said, I always just wanted to be with you but you never realised it… So do you love me!??And Abhi replied…..

Guys I need suggestions whether you want an OS or an FF.. I planned to write an OS so I leave it to you guys to decide it…

Credit to: Prathi


  1. VarshaVenkat

    wat could b abhis reply is d possible ques which arise in my mind…….lovely n diff intro…keep goin

    • Prathi

      I think that will be better now coz am but busy now.. Thanks for. Your idea silent reader☺

    • Prathi

      Thank you Monesha… It’s my pleasure that you find it awesome.. Definitely I will continue☺

  2. Vennela

    Nice . Wat abhi will say tomorrow
    Waiting for the next epi. .u r really a good writer .plz gibe an os prathi

    • Prathi

      Hey Vennela thank you ? So excited to know about Abhi’s reply you have to wait till sunday coz am busy with work for a while now.. But definitely it ll be an OS

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.