SNS + YHM (Kaisi Yeh Kahani) Episode 2


Episode 2:

Recap: Intro of the characters.

Amaya and Ruhi stand up,
Ruhi: Kaaki Maa….
Amaya: I think she needs to rest.
Gopi realises and wipes her tears,
Amaya: What happened Kaaki Maa? At least tell us now…
Gopi: Nothing…
Gopi goes and Amaya and Ruhi look at each other.
Ruhi: We will find out.
Amaya: The truth today, it’s been 15 years and he hasn’t said a word.
Ruhi: Today….
Amaya: Naa, next week, Obvio today.
Ruhi: Hmm.

Then it shifts to a college, Adi and Meera enter, Vidya is walking slow and is examining the whole college.
Adi: Vidya…u coming or just standing there?
Vidya walks in,
“I’m nervous Bhai…it’s my first day..” Vidya says while looking down.
Meera: Don’t worry, if there’s a problem then your Meera Di is here and Adi Bhaiya. Haa? Now let us drop you to your class.
Meera then gets a message, she reads it and is shocked.
Meera messages back and she gets a reply and lets out a sigh.
Vidya: What happened Di?
Meera: Nothing, come.
Meera and Adi take Vidya.

Scene shifts at a clinic, Ishita is checking someone’s teeth,
Ishita: So you didn’t go college?
Girl: Nai…
Ishita: Hm..
Ishita finishes examining and tells the girl to eat less chocolate and brush more, the girl nod and leaves, Ishita sits down.
She then checks the time and looks on.

It goes into a flashback when Ishita was begging Raman that she didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t listen to her, he held her hand and pushed her out (note that she was 8 months pregnant)
Raman: I don’t want to hear you! Get lost!!
Raman closes the door on her and she bangs on the door and pleads.
Toshi Ji looks on and smirks. YHM title tune plays…(sad)
Ishita: Raman….I didn’t betray you…Raman!
Amma comes out and sees Ishita.
She takes her inside. Ishita sits lifeless in her room.

Raman is angry and is in pain,
Raman says “Why did you do this to me Ishita? Why did you do this?!” He throws her photo on the floor angrily. Ishita cries and Raman looks on. YHM sad title tune plays….

After few days, Ishita starts feeling pain, Amma worries as this is too early. They then take her to the hospital. There she gives birth to triplets but one of them dies. Ishita decides to leave.
End of FB

Ishita gets teary eyed and says “I didn’t betray you Raman….I loved you but you never trusted me….” YHM tune plays…..

It shifts to Gopi who is seen sitting on the bed and thinking, SNS title plays….she is remembering her and Ahems moments. Just then Amaya and Rubi enter, they lock the door.
Ruhi: Kaaki Maa, you have to tell us now. About all this and Mamma…..
Gopi: What is there to tell?
Amaya: Did you actually kill your Ahem Ji?
Gopi and Ruhi look at her,
Gopi: I can never kill my Ahem Ji!
Amaya: Then how did he die?
Ruhi: Amu…!
Amaya turns the recorder on and sits on the bed, Ruhi follows on.
Gopi: I didn’t kill my Ahem Ji and I never will.
Amu: Tell us what happened then…
Gopi starts telling: “It all started 15 years ago….

15 years ago:
Rajkot is shown, Ahem and Gopi are at the Mandap and are getting married, Ahem is looking upset while Gopi is happy. They eventually get married and go home. One day Ahem goes to her that he doesn’t like her.
After 2 years they fall in love and consummate. 1 month later Gopi finds out she’s pregnant, she makes everyone happy.
After 9 months she gives birth to a girl. They name her Meera. When Meera turns 2 years old, Gopi gets pregnant again and everyone get happy, then after 9 months she gives birth to another girl and she is named Vidya. Then 8 years later, the family went for a picnic. Gopi and Ahem were spending time together while the rest are sitting down.
Suddenly Ahem slips and falls off the cliff.
Gopi: Ahem Ji!!!!
All the family hear and rush there, they also get shocked, KOKILA is heartbroken,
Gopi: Maa Ji…
KOKILA slaps Gopi which shocks everyone.
Koki: Because of you I lost my son! You’re so unlucky, your a murderer! You separated a son from his mother! You will never live happily…

Gopi walks towards Koki, “Maa Ji” KOKILA pushes her and Meera and Vidya run to her. Then Gopi was hurt, she left the house with Meera and Vidya.
End of FB.

Ruhi and Amaya gets emotional and hug Gopi while she has tears flowing out of her eyes.
Ruhi: Don’t worry Kaaki Maa….
Gopi cries and says “I didn’t kill Ahem Ji…”
Amaya breaks the hug,
Amaya: What about Maa?

Gopi: I met her in the train…
It goes to a flashback when Gopi, Meera and Vidya left from MODI house, she goes to the train station and sits in the train. She then sits opposite Ishita and they start taking. Then the train stops at Kolkata and they come out.
End of FB.

Ruhi: If you don’t mind then can I ask you why Mamma left? I mean what happened.
Gopi wipes her tears and looks at her.

It shifts to end of college, Vidya comes out and bumps into a boy.
Boy: Sorry.
Vidya looks at him,
Vidya: Sorry….
The boy then looks up and leaves.
Meera comes there,
Meera: U ready?
Vidya nods, “Where’s Adi Bhaiya?”
Meera then says “Chill, he’s outside the gate waiting, did anyone say anything to you?” Vidya nods no.

Then the scene shifts and Dehli is shown, then Bhalla name plate is shown stuck on the wall. Inside that house a lady is shown, “Oh Neelu, where you gone?!” The lady’s face is shown and it’s Toshi Ji, she is smiling and her music plays (The Punjabi 1 that plays in YHM) Neelu comes there.
“Has Arjun gotten up?” Toshi says while looking at Neelu, Neelu looks down and says “Madam Ji…” Toshi glares at her “Go wake that Khote da Puttar up, if his dad comes then….” Neelu nods and goes, Toshiji nods her head no.

Precap: Raman comes Kolkata with Arjun. Arjun gets into a fight.

Thank you for liking but I don’t think you all want it…I think I should stop as I’m not getting much comments. Enjoys today’s Epi.

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

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  1. Ur ff is good don’t stop it…it’s nice

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ahem fell off cliff n died.How cud Kokila accuse Gopi?So cruel.Will ahem come back?

    How did Ishita betray Raman?Did Toshi create misunderstandings btw Ishra n bcz of that Raman thought ishu betrayed him?bcz when he kicked her out toshi smirked.Ishita delivered triplets.Is the 3rd one who was assumed 2 b dead Arjun?
    ur ff is liked by all.plz dont stop writing.

  3. dam nice…super intersting

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