SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 88:WHAT’S IN STORE FOR DHEERA & MEDHA?….

Part 88-

Recap: Part 87 – Storm



Meera is shown seated on the beach-sand and waiting for her husband to arrive with their daughter…..


She fiddled nervously with the floating-ring, which she kept on her lap: “Where are you Dharamji??”…..Her heart-beat was erratic and she knew something was not right, somewhere!….





Chirag is shown talking with Stanley on his cell….

Stanley: Chirag, that was not very nice of you, avoiding my calls like that, was not a good idea?!….Do you have my money?….
Chirag: Ummm….Yeah….Yes, almost!….
Stanley: “ALMOST”, that means….You have NOTHING!….You and Jeetu have 1 more month…..30 Days to give me my $25 million….


Before Chirag could say anything more, Stanley disconnected the call….”30 Days” echoed in his mind and he was to fall, when Jeetu saved him from falling….



A group of girl’s walking pass Meera, talking about a very sad incident, which happened an hour ago….When Meera asked them the details, they told that a man, together with a baby was washed up on the other side of the beach, but the baby did not SURVIVE…..Meera’s world crumbled the moment she heard about the child….She walked to where the incident occurred…..

After reaching there, Meera just found a baby carrier, and it was the same 1, which she and Dharam used for Medha….She dropped to her knees and screamed out in anger…..Hot tears flowed down her cheeks as she clutched the carrier…..”Dharamji?!!”, she suddenly yelled out…..One conversation was repeating itself over and over in her mind: “Promise me, you BOTH will come back to me”….I promise!”…..The feeling of sorrow was over taken by fury…..Suddenly, she felt a piercing pain in her stomach…..She held her stomach in agony…..A fisherman came to her aid and took her to a nearby missionary hospital…..


Missionary Hospital

Fisherman assisted Meera in climbing the 8 steps that led to the hospital…..On entering, she spotted Dharam; seated on a bench at the far end of the hallway…..Forgetting the pain in her abdomen, she marched towards him, even leaving the old fisherman behind…..Her long strides took her to him in a matter of seconds….

Dharam is shown sitting silently on the wooden bench, tightly clutching a damp, scruffy looking Pinkoo…..Dried tear trails are evident on his cheeks…..Just then, he sees his wife standing in front of him….

Dharam: Meeru….

Meera slapped him on his face…..


As Dharam opened his mouth to say something, Meera restarted her tirade: “Do you know what date is today?….It’s her 1st birthday Dharamji!…..I was going to have a small party for her….I was going to make a wish for her, when she will blew out her candle…..I was going to smear the icing from the cake, onto her face, and then take out a photograph of her messed face…..I was….I was….I was going…..”She broke down crying again….


Dharam wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his heart…..

Meera: I was going to CELEBRATE her birthday Dharamji, I never thought I will be BURYING her on this day!….
Meera: What did you say?….
Dharam: Medha is ALIVE!….
Meera: Where is she?….
Dharam: Inside the ward….The doctor is examining her…..We have to wait out here!….Ummm, Meeru who’s that?…..

Meera told him about the fisherman, who brought her here….

Meera: Dharamji, you know he reunited us☺!….
Dharam: ?
Meera: He is very poor, and I think he is doing fishing for a living….I would like to give him something, because he helped me…..

Dharam fished out a card from his pocket: “Meeru, besides this credit card; I don’t have anything to give”…..Meera removed her gold earrings and held in front of Dharam: “Can I give this??”…..He agreed, and Meera walked up to the old man and offered it to him…..After a lot of refusal, he accepted her gracious gift…..

Meera sees Dharam having a serious conversation with a lady doctor…..She gets annoyed seeing the doctor constantly touching Dharam’s arm….Possessively, she stood near Dharam n and locked her fingers into his: “Doc, how’s my daughter?….When can I see her?”…..

Doctor: Oh, are you her mother?….
Meera: Hmmm, and HIS WIFE!….
Doctor: Your baby is fine?…..ease come with me….


Children’s Ward

Doctor brings DheEra to the ward….Meera lifted her baby and kissed her all over her face….

Doctor: She is very hungry, you will have to feed her….

Meera began feeding the baby, as the doctor dropped a passed flirt: “She is a strong kid, just like her DAD!”….To make matters worse, she pinched Dharam’s biceps as she left the room??….

Meera: Where is your shirt Dharamji??….

Daram is shown wearing only a vest, with his jeans….

Dharam: Meeru, Medha had stopped breathing, she was turning blue….Everyone who was present there, told me that she was DEAD….I held her to my chest and crushed her body against mine….I guess the tight squeeze unlocked her air-passage and she threw up the water that was in her lungs….She vomited a bit thereafter….My shirt got soiled, so I disposed off it!….
Meera: Oh, then as soon as we are done here, I will be using that credit card of yours to get you another shirt!….
Dharam: Nah Meeru, I am fine like this….Maybe for a change people will stop noticing the CUTE BABY and focus on the S*XY FATHER instead?!….
Meera: Dharamji, will this marks go away??….
Dharam: It will go away Meeru☺….But you know something, our Princess is still the prettiest little girl in the whole wide world☺!….

Dharam pinched Medha’s nose….An irritated Medha tried to slap his hand away, as she was drifting off to slumber land….Dharam continued annoying the child by touching her face, pulling her ears and pinching her nose…..

Meera: Stop it Dharamji, let her sleep?!….
Dharam: Sorry Meeru, but that’s the 1 thing I can’t let her do…..She has HYPERTHERMIA, and we will have to keep her awake for 24 hours, until her body temperature stabilizes….

Meera looked at her sleepy Princess and wondered how will they be able to accomplish their mission?…..

Dharam: Meeru, I want you to see the doctor!….
Meera: I am fine Dharamji, besides Medha needs me here, with her….And anyways the pain in my stomach, is gone?!….

Dharam took the baby from Meera, carefully wrapped her in a blanket, and gently rubbed his nose against his daughter’s nose: “Papa is taking you for a small walk sweetheart; because Mamma needs to see the doctor”….

Meera: But Dharamji, I said….
Dharam: I told you to HAVE YOURSELF CHECKED…..That was NOT A REQUEST!….

Saying that, Dharam walked out with the child…..

Meera: Doctor, I have been having cramps in my abdomen….Could you examine me, check if my baby is alright?…..

The Doctor immediately took Meera for an ultrasound…..


Ultrasound Room

Meera had to wait a while, because another woman was having a scan done….When the lady exited, Meera got shocked by seeing her???…..A “very pregnant” Shivani is shown coming to her….

Shivu: Hello, Meera di how are you??….It’s so nice to see you?….But what are you doing here??…..

Meera just stared at Shivani’s stomach, and after plucking up some courage says: “Dharamji’s?”…..


Shivu: ???What??!….Our “relationship” never got to THAT LEVEL…..And anyways, I wouldn’t have done THAT before marriage….

Meera smiled weakly, as she was NOT convinced…..

Shivu: I am just 7 months pregnant☺….And I am going to have twins?…..


Meera: So how did you met your husband?….Why are you alone here?…..Where is he?….
Shivu: Actually di, I came here for a small vacation with my friends and that’s how I met him in a party and fell in love with him….After that we got married in a small ceremony and I got shifted here to be with him…..No di I am not alone…..He will come just now….See, he came….My husband Shakti Singh…..

Shakti Singh (SHASHANK VYAS) is shown….


Shivu introduces Meera to him….They greets each other…..

Shakti: If you don’t mind I can give you lift to Mumbai?……
Meera: No….No….It’s absolutely ok…..You told us is enough for us?…..
Shivu: But di please come to our home?…..

Just then, doctor arrives…..

Doctor: Mrs Suryavanshi, let me do your ultrasound…..
Meera: Yes doctor!….I just come?…..
Shivu: Ok di?!….


Meera finished her ultrasound and came outside…..

Meera: I want you guy’s to meet my daughter…..Please come with me?…..
Shivu: Even I want to meet her di☺…..



Meera, Shivu and Shakti comes inside the nursery and gets surprised to see…..



Dharam: Anything wrong Doctor??…..
Doctor: Yeah, your wife’s scan!….


Meera: Dharamji, can we stay here for 1 day??….
Dharam: Why Meeru?….
Meera: I want to enjoy in Goa?….
Dharam: Yeah!….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    karan vohra as breaking down hearing about Medha’s death was heart that pain she was blaming painful.loved dharam disclosing to her that medha is alive n meera’s reaction.meera possessive about dharam regarding the doctor too.this meera is too much,
    Meera: Oh, then as soon as we are done here, I will be using that credit card of yours to get you another shirt!….
    Dharam: Nah Meeru, I am fine like this….Maybe for a change people will stop noticing the CUTE BABY and focus on the S*XY FATHER instead?!….
    this was funny,so nice of meera to give gold to the fisherman as he helped her.
    meera meeting shivu was unexpected.meera doubting whether its dharam’s baby.oh this meera is impossible.glad that shivu moved on n shashank as her hus n her pregnancy were a surprise.
    perfect pics

  2. Riana

    Good is that everything is fine now…
    Meera’s feeling for medha were genuine…Dheera are the best parents ????…
    Meera’s possessiveness was really funny ??
    Even lady doctor is a flirt ! ?
    Shivu is pregnant but meera thought its dharam’s baby ????
    Overall love it manuu ???

  3. Thank god medha got saved ! ???????Dheera got tensed ??????it was obvious.Meera’s reaction was justified ????????.But again getting jealous for Dharam was????????? Really she is so insecure?????.Even she was doubting him for shivu .?????
    nice update???.Thankssssssss????

  4. Amazing as usual di….Medha got saved ….This is the best part…..loved it to the core…..Love u di ? ?

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