SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 83:GOOD NEWS IN BAHAMAS?…

Part 83-






DheEra’s Suite

Dharam: Where were you, Meeru and why Medha is so heavy?….
Meera: Dharamji, I got up and I was really hungry….So….
Dharam: Then why didn’t you call for room service??….
Meera: Actually Dharamji I wanted to have something, but the room service doesn’t cater for that?….
Dharam: So you go out by yourself….Why the hell, didn’t you wake me??….
Meera: I didn’t wanted to disturb you?….
Dharam: But you woke up Medha and took her!…
Meera: Yaa I took Medha as I thought that in case she woke up and I was not there, then she’d remain hungry?….I put on extra clothes for her, as it was a bit nippy outside….
Dharam: But she is suffocating in it….At least you could have leave a note behind….
Meera: Dharamji, I didn’t leave a note, as I was going to call you….
Dharam: Ahhh….But let me guess, the battery in your cell died, RIGHT?….
Meera: It did die, Dharamji….

Meera: You don’t believe me??….
Dharam: If you were in MY position, WOULD YOU?….
Meera: Dharamji, I promise you, what I told you is the TRUTH!…
Dharam: But you are not understanding what I am telling you, and you will never understand that in the first place?….Did it ever occur to you, that you are walking around in an UNKNOWN city, WITH A BABY; and that too without security…..What if someone….THEN WHAT??….
Meera: I am sorry, Dharamji?….I…

Dharam: ✋Taxi has arrived….

Saying this Dharam took Medha in his arms and got out of the room, while Meera followed them….


DheEra are shown in the taxi….

Dharam: Did you get to eat what you wanted?….
Meera: No…It was too early….The vendors were not around!…

Dharam stopped the taxi and got out to bring the food for Meera….

Meera: Thank you☺….

Dharam didn’t gave any response to Meera….

BG: “Soon DheEra reached their yacht and proceeded towards their next destination- Bahamas….But the sail was a quiet one….”


Beautiful Bahamas is shown….


BG: “2 Day’s passed since DheEra arrived in Bahamas….In this 2 day’s Meera tried her best to have a light conversation with Dharam, but he stayed angry with her….If Dharam is stubborn, so is Meera, who decided to woo her Dharam back?….”


Atlantis Paradise


DheEra’s Suite

Meera comes out from the bathroom, dressed in yellow stringed-bikini that Dharam got for her, especially for this trip….

Meera(In her mind): This is as good as I am NAKED?….But this is the only way to get Dharamji talking again?….

Meera sees Dharam seated on the bed, deeply engrossed in the newspaper?….She walked pass him, purposely bumping into him and picked Medha from the other side of the bed….Dharam from the corner of his eye watches that….

Meera: Come baby, let’s go to the beach….We will get a nice tan!…

Saying this, Meera watched Dharam’s expression from the corner of her eye….She made her way to the door, when….

Dharam: Just a minute!…
Meera: ?

Dharam comes to her and took Medha….

Dharam: You carry on….Baby is not going with you?!…
Meera(In her mind): ??
Meera: What’s your problem Dharamji?….You are actually going to let me go out there, LIKE THIS??….
Dharam: Why Meeru, you always do whatever you want…..Since when did you NEED MY PERMISSION?!…

Meera: 1 Time Dharamji….Just 1 time, I left without informing you….And you are gonna punish me for the rest of my life for it?….
Dharam: Not for the rest of your life….Just till you understand what you did!…

Saying this, Dharam walked out of the room with Medha….

Meera: I understand Dharamji??….


BG: “Dharam got a call from his Dad Parag, advising him about the “wrong” he was doing onto Meera….As she thought Dharam can’t deny his Dad….As soon as the call ended, Dharam smiled and walked to Meera….”

Dharam cupped Meera’s face….Meera hugged him tightly?….He left wet kisses on her jaw line?….

Dharam: Did you called Dad?…
Meera: Mmm(As she was lost in Dharam’s touch?)….
Dharam: Didn’t I tell you to call home, only in emergencies?….
Meera: This was an EMERGENCY!…


Dharam moved down to her neck and began nibbling?….

Dharam: So, you think I am being unfair??….
Meera: Hmm…

Dharam gave a deep bit on her shoulder….

Dharam: Tell me Meeru, is this gonna happen again?….
Meera: No Dharamji, NEVER EVER….

Meera cutely held her ears and apologized him….


Dharam held her tightly, laughing hysterically….

Meera: ?What just happened?….
Dharam: I was just having some fun?!…


Meera grabbed a pillow and hit Dharam on his back???….Soon the whole room became a mess??….Dharam held her hands and dropped her onto the bed….

Dharam: What have you done to the room Meeru….What will the HOUSE KEEPING will think?!….
Meera: Dharamji, enough fighting now….I don’t want us to fight ever again….I don’t like it when you give me the SILENT TREATMENT?….

Dharam kissed on her forehead?….

Dharam: I also don’t like it Meeru!…
Meera: Dharamji, I am hungry!…

Dharam ordered a 3 course meal for Meera….He watched her eating all the meal, without even sharing with him….


Straw Market


DheEra visited the famous Straw Market, which sold everything made out of STRAW….Meera started buying everything which her eyes caught hold of….


Dharam: Ummm….Where EXACTLY are we gonna put all this?….
Meera: I don’t know that yet, but this all are so cute?!….
Dharam: ?

After Sometime

DheEra ordered a large size pizza for themselves….Meera ate all the pizza by herself???….

Dharam: ??
Meera: I feel like I am eating for 2 nowadays!….

Dharam: Oh My God Meeru, ARE YOU PREGNANT??….


Meera: No!….
Dharam: Yes you are?!….


DheEra gets stunned by the words of the Doctor??….

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  1. Riana

    Dharam is so ???…I thought he is really upset but he was acting how sweet !! ?????…Meera will never ever go alone outside ???…Possessiveness was really sweet…???…Bahamas is Beautiful & Straw market was lovely ????…Pics were awesome and yah meera is bhukkar !!! ???…

    But lets see whats gonna happen, if dharam is true that meeru is preg then its a BOMB news ????…If not then whats else ??…

    Anyway will wait…
    Updt soon manuuu…
    This episode was CUTE ???

    1. Mansi

      Yep acting??How was his acting??She ate the whole pizza alone???U will soon get to know that?Thanks a lot Riuuu???☺Will update very soon??

  2. Niyati

    Awesome di….It is beautifully written…Loved it to the core….Do update soon & lots of love to u ? ?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu darling??☺Glad u loved it???Will update very soon??Love u too sweetheart???

  3. Jasminerahul

    ANYONE in dharam’s position will get angry in this situation.But cant blame Meera completely.Meera’s plan to melt dharam’s anger flopped.oh.I was thinking y dharam is simply prolonging his anger.loved dharam patching up with Meera after talking to parag.But what I loved was meera saying that this was was so cute.she is right.Dharam was pretending to be angry.sweet twist.pillow fight was scenes became cool bcz of the superb pics.Is Meera pregnant?

    1. Mansi

      Yep he was just pretending?For that u will have to wait n watch?Thanks a lot Jazzy??☺

  4. The adventure trip is becoming interesting day by day ???????.Thanks for this lovely trip mansi.????????
    At first Dharam was right as it is quite obvious,☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺he is a caring person???????? .Loved how Meera was trying to get him back????????? but all her attempts got failure??????. That scene was so cute.????????
    At last his anger got cooled up????.pillow fight was funny.??????
    Shopping at straw market was amazing?
    Is Meera really pregnant???? or it is something else.??????
    All in all very very very cute episode. ????Plz plz plz update it sooooooon?.And try to come in our AT too.???????

    1. Mansi

      Awww?Ur welcomz sweetheart??Glad u loved how meets was trying to get him back???For that u will have to wait n watch?Thanks a lot Lavi??☺Will update very soon??

    2. Mansi

      Of course I will??

  5. Superb update Mansi ! How many times are u gonna make me write this ” brilliant one” loved every part of it full on Dheeraliciious .Hoping to see more Dheera scenes in upcoming updates. Thank u for this?????????

    1. Mansi

      Awww?Glad u loved every part of it???Yep of course DheEra scenes??Ur welcomz sweetheart???

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Farnaz??☺

  6. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wow di so colourful update?????I am loving it???????Keep it up di??So sorry di for not commenting in previous episodes???Congratulations di for successfully completing 1 year❤❤❤????????????????For you di????Meera is pregnant????Wonderful???Precap is mind blowing???Update soon di?Pics are beautiful❤❤❤Your DP is lovely???Love you so much didu?????Now have to go di bye??TC☺

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu??☺Glad ur loving it???Awww?Will update very soon??Love u too sweetheart???U too TC?

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