SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part-81 :DHEERA’S FUN IN THE BEACH!…


Part 81-

Recap:Part 80 Here




DheEra’s Suite

Dharam kisses Meera on her forehead?Meera wakes up and smiles?….

Dharam: Good Morning, beautiful?….
Meera: Good Morning, Dharamji☺….

Suddenly, they hears some sound from Medha’s room….They gets up and goes there….

DheEra sees Medha having her own private “conversation” with the pink and white teddy bear, which Dharam brought for her when he met her the first time…..Medha had given the teddy bear a unique name – “Pinkoo”…..

Meera: I think she misses Pinks, that’s why the name….
Dharam: Aww…

Dharam takes Medha in his arms and kisses her on the cheek?….Medha smiled and touched his face?….Dharam gives Medha in Meera’s arms….

Dharam: Meeru, feed our baby!…I am going to the gym downstairs, the door will be locked itself behind me?….I will be back in 2 hours, I will knock!….
Meera: Ok?!…

Dharam goes from there….

After 2 hours

Meera is shown in the shower….She hears a knock on the door, so quickly wraps a towel around her and went to open the door…..She gets shocked to see Dharam casually resting his arm against the door-frame and having a cool conversation with that topless blonde from yesterday???…..Dharam sees Meera looking at him, so quickly comes inside the room….

Meera: Why u were talking to that lady??…
Dharam: Jealous, Meeru?!….
Meera: Humph?
Dharam: She is a sweet girl, she just wanted to know if I did accompany her on a midnight skinny dip?….
Meera: ??
Dharam: Meeru, that girl’s name is Leena and she just wanted me to give her some ideas about what gift to buy her boyfriend….
Meera: Sach??…
Dharam: Hmm?!…

Meera hugged him tightly?….


After Sometime

Meera changed and came into the bedroom to find Dharam lost in some deep thoughts….She calls out to him, bit h didn’t respond….She shook him and he got disturbed….

Dharam: Huh?…
Meera: What happened Dharamji?….
Dharam: Meeru, my sub-conscious brought me to Florida, there was NO misleading of the map, and coming here by mistake….
Meera: ?
Dharam: My very first holiday, out of India was Florida….Dad had some business to attend to here, and he brought Mom, chotti and me along….Mom took me and chotti everyday to the beach and she did smile and wave at us as we played in the water….But I “blurred” that beautiful memory, I ruined it?….Every holiday at boarding school, every vacation from college, I did come here with 2 buddies- Rocky and *****…..For the “view” and to get “laid”!…I was never ashamed for what I was doing….The word “ASHAMED”, wasn’t in my vocabulary!…We did it over and over again, until I went back to India….I did never thought that I will have such a wonderful family- a wife- that I will be faithful to; and a daughter- that I want to a hero to!….U have changed me Meera and I love how I am right now….I want to a better person that my baby would be proud of….I guess I brought us to Florida, so that I can say good-riddens to those filthy memories and maybe create some happy one’s with my family….
Meera: And I will help u get rid of those memories….
Dharam: Really, Meeru!…
Dharam: I love u Meeru, for that?….
Meera: But Dharamji, I am feeling guilty….Even I….


Dharam cups her face…

Dharam: Ssshhh….Meeru, how many times I told u not to think about that….It will be between me, u and Rajat only….No fourth person should know about that….

Meera: Ok!…

Meera hugs him tightly??….

Dharam: So we will be staying in the room only for two weeks or have u made some plans???….
Meera: Of course Dharamji I have???….
Dharam: What’s????….
Meera: We will enjoy in the beach, go for scuba diving, para gliding, lots of shopping….How’s that???….

Dharam: I am already excited??….But what about….?
Meera: Shut up?!…..24/7 only one thing in ur mind?….
Dharam: Someone has to be naughty among us?….
Meera: ?
Dharam: After all this we will go to Orlando, also in Florida and visit Disney World as Medha also needs some entertainment?….
Meera: Yes☺!….





Meera is shown enjoying in the beach water….


Dharam is shown coming coming towards her…..


DheEra throws water on each other and enjoys a lot???…..Dharam kisses on her earlobes?….Meera blushes and hides her face in his chest….She rubs her fingers on his chest….Dharam feels pleasurable?….Dharam moves towards her face and captures her lips into his?…..They gets into a passionate liplock?…..




BG: “In this 2 weeks DheEra did each and every thing which Meera had decided like- going for a scuba diving….”


BG: “After scuba diving, DheEra enjoyed para gliding….”


BG: “As Meera told, they indeed did lots and lots of shopping, clicked many photos and selfies….”


BG: “It’s said time flies very soon and same happened with our lovable couple too….This adventure filled 2 weeks too had to be ended but it was a successful one as Meera promised to Dharam, and she had made plenty of wonderful memories for him to cherish for the rest of their lives….Not to forget, their “romance” part of the trip, had doubled or maybe tripled?….Now it was time to give some entertainment to their lovely daughter- Medha….So their next stop is Orlando….”







Dharam wakes up and gets shocked on finding himself alone in the room???….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    again meera jealous.dharam lying first was funny.later knowing the truth meera was relieved.nice hug.shocking that dharam had a shameful past and he came here to replace those filthy memories with lovely memories.but what exactly did he do in past?was he dirty with girls?is that how kavya got pregnant?I hope not.meera supports him.but does she know what exactly is his past?beach scene was very got perfect pics for the scene.hats off.I haven’t seen amar’s beach pic before. scooba diving and para gliding were good

    1. Mansi

      Yes Jazzy Meera knows about his life before marriage but not Complete Truth n Dharam too doesn’t know the Complete Truth only Parag knows that…..Meera knows he got intimate with many girls WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED…..She doesn’t know Kavya her sister was his GF n he not only got intimate with her but…..Awww?Thanks a lot Jazzy??☺?

  2. Jasminerahul

    dharam medha scene was cute.medha naming her teddy bear pinkoo as she misses pinks was so cute

    1. Mansi

      Yaa as she misses Pinks a lot but her bua at the same time hates him??Thanks a lot once again Jazzy??☺

  3. Niyati

    It is lovely episode …..Loved it to the core… precap is shocking… soon & lots of love ? ?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu darling???☺Glad u loved it???Will update very soon??Love u too sweetheart????

  4. Riana

    Very sweeeeeeeeet episode ??????
    Lovely dheera’s scenes…conversation…
    They had a hot time spent in beach ???
    Shopping, Scuba diving, Paragliding ???
    Amazinggg and now there next stop is Orlando wow excited ???
    Specially pics were mindblowing n sxy ??
    Precap is excitinggg !
    Updt soon ?

    1. Mansi

      Awww?Thanks a lot Riuuuuuu???☺Glad u loved DheEra’s scenes n convo???Yaa it’s Orlando now☺?Will update very soon??

  5. Mansi this is not fair??????? every time u gave us such exciting episodes?????????? that now have no words to comment now??????. But plz keep this consistency like this only??????. Meera’s jealousy was funny for us???????? .But what Dharam is hiding??????? . u also didn’t mention it in one of the episode ??????.suspense?????!!!!! But although a very mindblowing episode????????? & the highlight was their enjoyment in the Beach?????????????????????????? and the other activities?????. Also special mention to that lovely banner???????.ur hardwork is commendable??????. Keep doing this.and plz plz plz update sooooooon.??????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Awwww?I will??Yep that will be revealed in S-3?Glad u loved the banner???Thanks a lot Lavi???☺Will update very soon??

  6. And who’s rajat by the way????

    1. Mansi

      It’s Vijay Dharam’s right hand, his friend, his bodyguard…..Rajat was written mistakenly ?Sorry Lavi for that?

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