SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part-77: DHEERA’S REMARRIAGE!…

Part 77-

Recap: Part 76






Parag held Naiya’s hand…

Parag: Beta, we ALL have that u two will make a wonderful pair…That’s why we wanted to know, how u two feel about each other, because we did like to fix ur marriage with one another☺….

Naiya walked away briskly in another direction….Dhawal blushed at the thought?….All laughs looking at him????….

Parag: I think it’s a “YES” Maasi, ☺
Gaura: But what about Dhawal’s parents, will they agree??…
Janko: I will talk to them?….

All agreed and walked back inside…


Janko and Hetal took Meera aside and talked to her on their concern regarding Naiya and Dhawal and Dharam’s reaction on it…

Meera: Dadi, consider it “DONE”☺!…Leave Dharamji to me!…

Janko and Hetal smiled in approval?….


After Dinner

DheEra’s room

Dharam tries to enter the room, but Roopa and Naiya blocks his way??…

Roopa: Beta, where are u going??…
Dharam: To SLEEP, Mom!…Tomorrow is a very big day for us?….
Naiya: That we know Bhai?, but today u plz sleep somewhere else?….
Dharam: Goodnight Chotti?

Saying this, he tried to enter the room, but Roopa and Naiya joined hands, disallowing Dharam to enter the room????….

Roopa: Beta, it’s just for 1 night, sleep somewhere else!…It’s tradition for the BRIDE and GROOM to sleep APART on the wedding Eve?…
Dharam: But Mom, Meeru and I are already married; so, the tradition doesn’t count?

Soon, Gaura too joined them and tried to explain Dharam??….

Dharam: Hmm?!…
Meera: ?
Dharam(In his mind): U will have to pay for this?….

He sadly walks off from there???….

In a room

Dharam is shown standing near the window….He looks towards the moon?….

Dharam: Everytime seeing Meeru happy and excited seeing children’s, pricked my heart?…..I still remember the day when Meeru expressed her desire to have a child, but I was not ready as I thought it’s too early and we won’t be able to handle it….How was I gonna reveal to her….That it was something else too….SOMETHING which….

He recalls….

Scene gets BLURRY!!…


Next Day


Everyone was in a rush mode, as the wedding was to begin in a few minutes…

Panditji is seated at the mandap….

Dharam is shown pacing back and forth, waiting for Meera’s entry??….He is in cream shervani….

Naiya brought a “DRESSED UP” Medha and gave her to Dharam….Medha is in red dress, a red flower shaped clip in her hair, small red shoes and red nail polish on her tiny finger nails?….Dharam kissed on her cheek?, as Medha flashed him a widest smile☺….

Naiya sees Dhawal staring at her?….She blushes?….

While walking, Pari mistakenly hits Adi and was to fall when Adi holds her by her waist, as she helded on to his shoulder, with her eyes closed….They gets into a sweet eyelock?….??

DSDT instrumental plays

Slowly, Adi makes her stand….

Adi: Are u ok??….
Pari: When u are with, how can anything happen to me?….
Adi: ?By the way ur looking gorgeous today?….

Pari is in pink lehenga choli??….

Pari: ?Ur looking handsome and dashing?…

Adi is in pink kurta??….

Adi: ?

Dharam sits in the mandap, as panditji starts the rituals….

After Sometime

Panditji: Call the bride
Urmila: Yaa!…Pari, go and bring Meera?….
Pari: Yaa Maasi?!…

She goes to bring Meera….

Pari is shown bringing Meera down….Dharam looks at Meera and gets mesmerized by her look??….Meera is in green and red lehenga choli….Pari makes her sit besides Dharam….

Dharam(Whispering): STUNNING?!…
Meera: ?

Panditji starts the Mantras….

Naiya does their gathbandhan….

Urmila and Jeetu does Meera’s kanyadan….

DheEra stands up for pheres….Everyone gets ready to throw flowers on them….

Suddenly, all looks at the doorstep and gets shocked???….

Dharam: VIDYA!…

Vidya with Shravan and Doctor are shown standing at the doorstep….

Urmila and everyone hugs her emotionally….

Dharam: What’s wrong with u Shravan?…U came with Vidya, what’s going on?…

Shravan tells them the matter….

Dharam: But what if….?
Shravan: Dharam, nothing can happen….Vidya’s Doctor is here, nothing can go wrong?….

Dharam nodded and allowed them in….Meera looked at him in a questioning manner, Dharam assures her through the blink of his eyes….

DheEra starts their pheres as everyone throws flowers on them….

During the pheres, DheEra recalls their sweet and lovely moments together????❤❤….

After completing, the seven pheres, DheEra sits down….

From over Naiya’s shoulder, Medha, continually stared at Vidya…Vidya notices, Dharam’s eyes in her….She smiles at her, but Medha turned away….Medha, again turned to look at Vidya, this playing her own hide and seek with her too….

Panditji gives Dharam mangalsutra and wores it to Meera….Panditji, then gives sindor to Dharam….Urmila lifts Meera’s maang tika, as Dharam applies sindor in her maang….

Panditji: From now u two are husband and wife?….

All showers love and blessings on them….

Janko: Doctor, how is Vidya’s health now??…
Doctor: Vidya is doing great!…I guarantee u, in 3 months time or maybe less….We will have her back home again?!…

Everyone gets very happy to hear this??….

Vidya entwined her fingers into Shravan’s: “I think we should leave now?!”….They bids farewell to all….

Vidya: Thank u Meera di and Dh….I mean jiju, for allowing us this time?!…

Meera moved to hug her sister, but Vidya had already turned and walked away?….



DheEra’s room

Dharam tries to enter the room, but Naiya blocks his way??….

Dharam: Chotti, stop acting like a kid?, get out of my way?!…
Naiya: No Bhai, not without my nekh?….

She held out her hand and waited for Dharam to fill it….He took out a thick wad of notes and placed it in her palm….

Dharam: Chotti, when UR time comes, I’M GONNA GIVE UR HUSBAND HELL?!…

Naiya smiled nervously and ran away as fast as she could???….

Dharam finally, entered the room?….??….He admired the sight before him??….His Meeru was seated at the center of the bed, with her ghoonghat over her face??….

Meera: Are u gonna stand there all night??….Or do u want me to do it, myself??….
Dharam: Something’s NEVER change?

He removed her head-covering, and both shared a sweet and intense eyelock?….❤❤



A Doctor arrived at the Ranch to give DheEra and Medha a special injection?….

Meera: No way I am gonna take that?….
Dharam: U will have to!…
Meera: Huh??

Dharam holds Meera’s hand as Doctor gives her injection?….

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  1. U made me waited for so long mansi???? .Not fare?. But its OK in return u gave us this very very sweet update???. Loved ???it. The way they were blocking the way for Dharam was funny.????But why Dharam is tensed now and what is he hiding from Meera .? Finnaly the remarriage happened???. Really happy for this .so vidya return .???I doubt if she is negative or positive ??????? But u stopped at last why .??????? Romance has just begin .??????????????????????
    Precap seems interesting .waiting for the next update eagerllllllllllly???????.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon .plzzzzzzzzzz?????
    And try to come on our AT too??? .missing ur presence ????

    1. Mansi

      Sorry for that?Very happy u loved the update???it will be revealed when the right time comes?Yeah they got married again???Vidya returned as a +ve character now?

    2. Mansi

      Glad ur eagerly waiting for the next part???Will update soon ?

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  2. Perfect??Finally DheEra got married again????You ended it at the wrong time??Can’t wait for their aaaaaahhhhhhh??????????

    1. Mansi

      Yeah they got married again???Ohh?Awww????

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      Won’t be able to show it??U will soon get to know why?

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  3. Precap is scary???Why Dharam forcefully getting Meera injected????Banner is WOW??❤❤❤❤❤❤Loved it????? Update soon?

    1. Mansi

      U will soon get to know that?Glad u loved the banner????

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  4. Niyati

    Aww….so lovely update ? ? ….. Dhera married again…….loved it…’s amazing,……do update soon….lots of love ?

    1. Mansi

      Yeah DheEra got married again???Glad u loved it???

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      Thanks a lot Niyu darling???❤❤❤

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      Lot of love to u too????Will update soon ? Stay Tuned???!!…

  5. NaIrA_KhAn

    Beautiful episode di. Loved it to the core. Great that dheera is married again. What’s dharam hiding for meera. ?? Precap is very cute. Update soon .and is read my ff saathiya kahani agli pidhi ki???

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved it???Yeah they got married again???For that u will have to wait n watch ?

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  6. Riana

    Wow Finally DHEERA’S REMARRIAGE ????????
    First line was funny ??…Dharam was kept away from Meera the whole night loool ????
    Dheera’s wedding starts & VIDYA ???
    Medhu & Vidya scene was sweet…??
    Sad that Vidya left i expected more scenes…Anywayz Happy that she’s fine now…
    Finally Dheera got married & their SR ???
    Confused: Dharam’s FB which got blurred…Wonder what is it ??…??
    Precap: Aaahhh…Whats all this ?? ????
    Overall Splendid Manuuu ????
    Updt soon…
    Love you…?

    1. Mansi

      Yeah finally, DheEra got married again???Vidya will soon be back to leave with them?For that u will have to wait n watch ?

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    Update is emotional, lovely and funny too??????????????? especially the first part where everyone stopped Dharam from going to his room?????And after wedding too Naiya stopped him and he had to give her a nekh first to go inside????????I loved it a lot❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?❤❤❤

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    OMG Vidya came back?????But I am happy as she is +ve now?Shravan is with her???The way she told Dharam as jiju????

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