SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part-76: DHAWAL & NAIYA’S ALLIANCE?…

Part 76-

Recap: Part 75



Addison Airport, Dallas

KriPi are shown seated in the sitting area, waiting for their flight✈….


DhRiya are shown near Dhruv’s car, talking…

Priya: Jaan why don’t u too come with us?…
Dhruv: Try to understand honey it’s not possible?….I am trying though?….
Priya: Hmm?….??
Dhruv: ?Honey….

Priya turns to leave, when Dhruv holds her hand and stops her….She looks at him?….

Dhruv: What about my good bye kiss honey??….
Priya: So u want a good bye kiss?….Ok take this?….

She kisses him on the cheek?….

Dhruv: What was that??….
Priya: Good bye kiss?….
Dhruv: Huh?….

Dhruv cups her face….She blushes?….Soon they gets into a passionate liplock?…..

After Sometime

He lets her go….They bids emotional adieu to each other?….


Their flight gets announced….Kripi and Priya boards the flight….The flight takes off, while Dhruv looks at it….

Delhi, India


In a guest room

Kokila and Kavya are shown talking….

Kavya: Interesting….
Kokila: But u didn’t told about urself much….

Before Kavya could say anything, a voice comes from behind: “ Have some patience lady?”….Kavya turns around and gets surprised to see her husband standing there….She walks towards him….His face is shown blurred….

Kavya: So finally u came☺….But where is he??…
He: He is sleeping in his room?….
Kavya: Oh!…

He comes towards Kokila….

He: What’s the need to know about us so soon….Have some patience, u will get to know when the right time comes?….
Kavya: And my husband always says right?….

Kavya moves her fingers on his face….

Kokila (In her mind): Something is fishy….But what?….

She looks at them??….


Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital & Clinics, San Francisco, U.S

A doctor is shown looking after a patient, when someone from behind says: “Doctor how is she now??”….He turns around to talk to him….His face is shown and he is SHRAVAN….He is in blue shirt and black pants….

Doctor: Somewhat fine…
Shravan: Hmm…I have a plan…With this she will show instant improvement?….

He tells his plan….

Doctor: Perfect!…Go ahead?….

He goes inside the ward

A girl is shown tied to a chair and treatments are given to her….Her face gets revealed and she is VIDYA….Shravan looks at her emotionally…..He opens his laptop? and shows her Dharam’s press conference clip….He places it on her lap…On seeing Dharam her eyes brightens and a smile appears on her face….Tears of happiness flows from her eyes??….

She starts to respond to treatments….Shravan gets emotional to see that?….Everyone gets surprised to see this….

Doctor: Perfect?!…
Shravan (In his mind): I knew it…Only u can save Vidya!…




DheEra gets overwhelmed to see their entire family at their home….Roopa, Adi and Janki too arrives….Everyone welcomes them….

Meera: Jiju where is Shivu??…She didn’t come?….
Adi: She wanted to but due to some work couldn’t?….
Meera: Sad?!…

DheEra introduced Roopa to everyone….Dharam hugged her….

Dharam: I am so happy u came☺….

Everyone thanked her for saving Dharam’s life….

Gaura: What about the pre wedding rituals??…
DheEra: We decided to skip the pre wedding rituals…THERE IS NO NEED?!…
Janko: Ok then as u two wish?….
DheEra: ☺
Urmila: But where is my granddaughter?….
Meera: Mom wait a minute….
Urmila: ?

Just then, Pinks comes carrying Medha in his arms….

Meera: See she came☺….
All: ???

Medha went from one hand to another….She looked at them curiously but enjoyed the attention which they were giving her???….

Meera talks to Pari….

Meera: Di where are Payal di and Uday jiju??
Pari: Actually she is pregnant so can’t come, but they have sent their good wishes to u both?….
Meera: So sweet of them?….

Suddenly, Pari gets a video call from UdYal….They greets everyone and they too greets them….

Meera: How I wish u two be here?but di told me and I am very happy for u both☺….
Payal: Uday is pampering me a lot this days??….Our wishes are with u two??….
Pari: Wow??!…

They cuts the call….

Meera: So di when are u making me a Maasi??
Pari: Arey pehle saadi toh hone de?(Let me get married first?)….
Meera: Ohh yaa??!…
Everyone: ???????

AdRi looks at each other shyly??….

DSDT instrumental plays….


Dhawal took Medha in his arms….She started crying???….Before he could even react to her cries, she was carried away by Dharam, and taken to the nursery….

Chirag tapped Dhawal on his back….

Dhawal: Yes uncle?!…
Chirag: Beta there is one lesson, u should learn; if u make the cub cry…..THE LION WILL MAKE U CRY!…
Dhawal: ??(In his mind) How will jiju make me cry in future?….
Naiya(In her mind): Will Bhai ever accept u, to be a part of my life??…
Meera: Naiyu, why don’t u take Dhawal on a tour of the ranch?….

Everyone decided to take a tour of the ranch….



All are shown seated…Servants served them tea☕ and snacks….

Janko watched Naiya’s interaction with Dhawal carefully….She admired their match and was very keen on making them an “OFFICIAL COUPLE??”….Apart from her, Chirag and Jeetu too noticed it….Janko talked about it to Parag and Gaura….

Parag: Maasi, we made a huge mistake in fixing Naiya’s marriage with Maddhav, but luckily anything didn’t happened….However, now; the decision is NOT IN OUR HANDS…..But in Dharam’s….
Gaura: Yes Maasi we have given the responsibility of finding the PERFECT SUITOR for Naiya to Dharam☺….

Hetal: Mom, I think we should talk to Dharam Kumar soon, before the wedding, perhaps??….
Chirag: Hetal, didn’t u see how Dhawal irked Dharam Kumar earlier….It’s best if we keep this to ourselves; for the moment?….
Pari: Perfect plan Dadi?….

Naiya was showing Dhawal around the stables and both were completely oblivious to what their elders were planning….But, hey soon found out when they noticed sly smiles and secretive looks, everyone was passing each other??…

Naiya: Mom, Dad why are u all looking at us like that??….
Janko: Naiya, Dhawal beta what do u think about each other?…
NaDha: Matlab??…



The wedding is shown going on❤❤??….


Everyone looks at the doorstep and gets shocked????…..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    dhriya romance was was so romantic.but still emotional when she went away from him.this kavya n her hus r mysterious.wonder who he is.hope its not jigar.poor shravan.he had to show dharam to vidya to improve her health.loved the short dharam roopa part.adri have to get married 1st.but meera thinking of their child.ha ha.all others r thinking of dhawal naiyya.but will dharam approve of their relation?i hope without meera’s recommendation dharam wud prefer dhawal 4 naiyya.Missed dheera.hoping 4 nice dheera scenes in d next part.Dhawal Naiyya special banner was just beautiful.Can u please show dhawal Naiyya’s cute romantic scenes?
    Since the title of this ff is tere mera rishta purana can u plz include a romantic sequence on Dheera on this song from Aashiqui2 when the story demands it?

    1. Mansi

      About who is Kavya’s husband u will have to wait n watch?Glad u loved DhRiya’s romance???that u will get to know in the next part?yeah will show NaDha’s cute romantic scenes???yeah will try my best to include that song for DheEra when the story demands?

    2. Mansi

      Glad u loved the banner???thanks a lot Jazzy for ur lovely, beautiful views????☺❤❤

    3. Mansi

      Stay Tuned???!!…

  2. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wow didu what a surprise?????????????totally loved and enjoyed it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved n enjoyed it Svetu??❤❤

  3. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wish you many many happy returns of the day didu????????????????????it’s party time?????????????????????????????????????????????????May God always fulfill your wishes????????Enjoy????

    1. Mansi

      Awwwww????????Thank uuuuuuu so much Svetu?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤it really means a lot to me????love u???

  4. Svetlana Kapoor

    Beautiful banner???????I loved it?????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved the banner Svetu???

  5. Riana

    Ohhhh The Episode which was a Bliss…
    Thankyou so much for updting and Many many happy returns of the day…????
    And Yah ofcourse THE EPISODE WAS AWESOME…
    Dhriya scene was sweet & Kavya & Kokila what are they planning (Btw who is Kavya ?? ?)
    SHRAVANYA / VIVAN scene was Emotional ??…Getting good response…i think vidya will recover soon…
    Adri’s marriage FINALE ???…WOW SUPERB !! ????
    Now Janko is Planning for NADHA ????
    Guess Janko will be leaving for TIRTHYATRA before sending her grand daughters to In laws house looool ?????
    Meera’s funny question “When will you make me maasi” ??? ??
    Precap: Ohh SHOCKED !! ???
    OVERALL LOVED IT ???❤️❤️❤️
    UPDT SOON ??
    Banner is Sweet ????
    TAke CAre
    RiaNa ?

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomz sweetheart☺?…..Aww???Feeling blessed☺☺About what Kavya n Kokila are planning u will soon get to know that ?Kavya is Dharam’s ex n Dhawal’s sis?she is played by Paridhi Sharma☺yeah u guessed right Vidya will recover soon?

    2. Mansi

      AdRi’s wedding still has time?yeah for NaDha she is planning now☺Janko going to Tirthyatra??Glad u loved it????

    3. Mansi

      Glad u loved the banner???Thanks a lot Riuuu????❤❤I will take care☺u too take care?will update soon ? Stay Tuned???!!…

  6. Such a romantic episode di…..loved it from bottom of the heart…..Awesome update as always….Precap is interesting….do update soon & lotd of love to u…..Happy Birthday di…..May God fulfil ur all wishes & give all happiness??.

    1. Mansi

      Awwww it means a lot to me????Glad u loved it a lotttttttt????Love u too sweetheart??❤❤❤❤Feeling blessed☺☺

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu darling???❤❤

    3. Mansi

      Will update soon ? Stay Tuned???!!…

  7. Many many happy returns of the day to my fantabulous writer mansi ???????????????????????????may god always fulfil ur wishes???and ur dreams come true. ???????

    1. Mansi

      ???????Thank uuuuuuu so much Lavi for ur all wishes??????????Love u❤❤❤❤❤Feeling blessed☺☺

  8. Very nice update mansi.??? Dhriya scene was cute.??? Family getting together and planning for the wedding was lovely????? . NaDha scene was sweet????. But in all this I missed DheEra so so so much .????? Although very nice update . ????
    Coming to ur precap , I think everyone was shocked as Vidya might have come ???????????????
    By the way mansi do u remember ur promise ?????????plz if possible recreate that magic of part 45 of season 1?????. Its my request ???

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved DhRiya’s scene???yeah u guessed right it’s Vidya but she is not alone in the precap?yeah of course I remember that ?will try my best to recreate part-45 of S-1?as it’s difficult to create that magic again?

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi???❤❤

    3. Mansi

      Stay Tuned???!!…

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