SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part-71:ROCKY & GIRIRAJ GETS EXPOSED!…

Part 71-




In DheEra’s room

Dharam opens his eyes and sees Meera sleeping on his chest….He gently caresses her cheeks…

Dharam:Meeru if u did remarry, I would have walked away from ur life FOREVER, because I couldn’t bear the agony that u would go through, in choosing between ur PAST and ur PRESENT??….

After Sometime

Meera:Dharamni I forgot to tell u, I got those lab results back?!…

Meera shows him the email….He gets shocked to read POTASSIUM CYANIDE???, as only one name came to his mind….

Dharam:U don’t know how cunning he is?….
Meera:I didn’t got u?….How do u know him??…Who is he??…
Dharam:Meeru we were together in college….He used to do experiment with this powder in the lab….And killed many innocent people to achieve his goal, but was not proved guilty as there were not enough evidence against him?….
Dharam:I got Dad’s call regarding the board meeting, where they are all set to close the company of Dad and Masa?….
Meera:We will have to do something Dharamji??….
Meera:But I need to tell u something important Dharamji….
Dharam:Yaa Meeru say?….

Outside in the hall

Naiya is shown playing with Medha, when Pinks enters, after his leave for few days….Naiya makes faces???….

Pinks:Baby ji missed me?….
Naiya:No one missed u??….
Pinks:???….I am talking to baby ji☺….
Naiya:I know her, she is my baby doll☺…

Medha laughs seeing that???….

In DheEra’s room

Dharam cups Meera’s face…

Dharam:Meera today whatever u told will remain between me, u and Vijay….No one will ever get to know that….And from today I don’t want to hear this again….

Meera nods….

Meera:But how we will get everyone to see his true face???…
Dharam:Don’t worry Meeru for that I got a perfect plan?….

After Sometime

DheEra comes in the hall….Dharam looks at Pinks suspiciously??….

Dharam:Who are u??…
Pinks:U can call me Pinks?….
Dharam:Whatever?….See me and my wife Meera will be leaving for India, for a few days, so I want u to take care of my daughter Medha….
Naiya:No Bhai not him???….
Dharam:I was joking???….

Medha cried as she sensed her mother leaving again….Naiya pacified her and Meera snuck out through the back door….Dharam went closer to kiss the baby, but she turned her head and ducked it into Naiya’s neck….She turned to look again after a moment and saw Dharam still standing there; she ducked again….

Dharam:U and I are gonna have a serious talk when I get back!…
Naiya:Bhai ur talking to her as if she is a big girl?….
Dharam:She is Dharam Suryavanshi’s daughter….SHE UNDERSTOOD MY EVERY WORD☺!…

He kissed the back of Medha’s head and walked out?….Medha turned back to look again and when she saw that Dharam had left, she started crying???….

BG:” Dharam and Naiya failed to notice, that Medha was playing her own hide and seek with her Dad???”….

Scene shifts to Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport,India

Dharam and Meera landed in Mumbai, courtesy of Parag’s private air-craft✈….2 Cars?? awaited them….1 to take Meera and another to take Dharam as both had different destinations….

Dharam:Are u sure u can manage???…U don’t look fine?!!….
Meera:Dharamji I am fine, I brought medication with me?….
Meera:NOW GO!!…

She pushed him into the car and sent him off….

Scene shifts to Suryavanshi Hotel?….

Meera reached the venue of the board meeting, just in time….Parag was already briefed about their plan….All the big businessman were present including Jeetu,Chirag….Jeetu and Chirag sat quietly as they were panicked about what was to be discussed….

According to all the reports, the mine was responsible for the deaths in Rajkot, thus; THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR HARMING MANY PEOPLE….They prayed for a miracle….

Meera took her seat in between Parag and Rocky….

Parag:Beta how are u feeling now??…
Meera:Dad, my nose is blocked and I can’t breath?….Remember last time u brought mint sweets; they helped me clear my congestion?….I wish I had some now?….

She said loud enough for Rocky to hear…

Meera:These one are not so good?…They are of no help?….

Saying this, she pulled out an open packet of mint flavored throat lozenges….

Rocky:Do u mind if I try a few, I am also battling with a cold?!…
Meera:Surely!…Be my guest?….

Meera dropped 4 into his open hand and he put all, at once into his mouth….MeeRag smiled….

Rocky:Could u tell me the name??…

Meera made a loud, crinkling sound with the packet, trying to find the “name”, but all she did was disturb the meeting???….

Meera:Got it?….It says K CN….

He stood up from his chair and pulled the packet from Meera…Indeed the label said: K CN….He looked carefully at the product…It was small, pellet like and white….There was no doubt in his mind that he just consumed POTASSIUM CYANIDE….

Rocky(Angrily):Do u know what is this???….U stupid girl?….
Parag:Mind ur language?….U can’t talk to my daughter-in-law like that?….
Rocky:Do u know what she did uncle??…She fed me POTASSIUM CYANIDE….SHE POISONED ME!…

He held his stomach in agony….

Rocky:I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe….Dad call an ambulance??….

He started to “ collapse” onto the floor….All members present in the meeting, just stared in confusion….Giriraj sat on the floor beside his son, in tension??….He took out his cell to call paramedics….Parag swiftly took the cell from him….

Giriraj:What is this Parag?…..Give me the phone, my son is dying??….
Parag:Then help him Giriraj??….I will give u back this phone, and then u can call for medical assistance….But first tell us what ur son did in Rajkot??…

Giriraj looked at his pale son, he was struggling to breathe through his open mouth; sweat beads were forming on his forehead….

Giriraj:Stanley, Jeetu and Chirag started the mine….They were too interested in mining gold, so they neglected preparing a DRAINAGE-DITCH for the seepage from the mine…..Instead they diverted the pipes to the village’s dam water….I wanted that “ GOLD RICH” Rajkot….Rocky got his men to put POTASSIUM CYANIDE into the seepage….Easily it got into the dam and people consumed it….We knew that once the deaths would accumulate, there will be an enquiry and Jeetu and Chirag will be accused, and we will be the biggest industrialist….

Everybody was stunned by the confession….The police?entered the hall and surrounded the father-son duo….

Just then, Dharam came and said…

Dharam:Add another charge, inspector?….Murder of many people years ago?….

Rocky strained his eyes to see Dharam….

All gets shocked and surprised to see Dharam alive and well….

Dharam knelt beside Rocky….

Dharam:Rocky, admit it….U killed innocent people in college??….

Rocky remained quiet….

Dharam:Rocky say it…We will call ambulance for u….

The police hand cuffed him and his father…

Giriraj:The ambulance?….
Meera:Nothing wrong with him…His psycho mind made him “ THINK” he was dying….It’s just a sweet??….

Meera giggled as she popped one into Dharam’s mouth???….

Rocky and Giriraj were being taken away when Niti comes there….She requests the officers to have private talk with Rocky….The officers relented….

Rocky and Niti comes to a room….Niti hugs him tightly….

Niti:Baby why u didn’t told about me?….
Rocky:Babes I can’t see u in trouble….
Niti:I don’t care?….I can’t stay without u???….I am coming with u….That’s final….
Rocky:Babes don’t do that?….I don’t want u to face any trouble….
Rocky:Babes try to understand…..I have always loved u and will do so till my last breathe?…..
Niti:I love u so much baby???…..

She hugged him tightly….He holds her….

Suddenly, their moment gets broken as a officer comes to take Rocky away….He takes him, while Niti falls on her knees and cry’s??????….


Reuniting with the rest of the family?….


DheEra romances???…..

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  1. Mansi

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  3. Svetlana Kapoor

    First part was very emotional?????? this shows Dharam how much loves Meera????????

    1. Mansi

      As he can’t see her in any agony in choosing between her past n present…..Dharam loves Meera more than his life???

  4. Svetlana Kapoor

    Finally Giriraj n Rocky got exposed????????was waiting for this day❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Meera disturbing the meeting??????????

    Rocky n Giriraj fell into their own trap?????served better to them???????

    What an entry by Dharam?????

    Parag supporting Meera?????✌✌✌

    Precap is mind-blowing, romantic????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Update soon di??

    1. Mansi

      Awww it means a lot to me???Glad u loved it a lot???yes into their own trap?

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    Felt bad for Niti as she truly loved Rocky and he too truly loved her???????I could actually imagine the last scene?????only u can do it?????

    1. Mansi

      Yaa NiCky loves each other truly…..He didn’t wanted her to face any trouble??as this is call true love??Awww it means a lot to me???

  13. Niyati

    Awww, Di it is amazing……Can’t have words to describe this…love it to the core……glad that everything become fine…eagerly waiting for precap & their romance…….Update next part soon.

    1. Mansi

      Awww it means a lot to me???Glad u loved it???Yaa as Rocky n Giriraj got exposed but the trouble would t go so soon….

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      Yaa ur right Svetu NiCky are made for each other only????

  15. Jasminerahul

    last time when meera asked dharam what he would have done if she had moved on dharam joked.but today we came to know his answer when meera was asleep it was so touchy pinks naiyya have become a nice comedy Jodi like urmila kinjal on sns.after seeing what medha did dharam’s reaction was hilarious.but medha was actually playing hide and seek with dharam.that was a surprise. wish dharam has understood dheera found out that Rocky is behind the misery.their plan to expose the evils was interesting. i too never thought that it was only a sweet which Rocky cleverly dheera made the villains confess their crime.every bad person has got a nice side.that’s what I saw in Rocky.though he is a criminal he loved niti truly which was a surprise. so niti was also involved in the crime.but Rocky protected her by hiding her involvement as he cant see her in pain.their scene was very emotional

    1. Mansi

      Yaa as he can’t see her in any agony because of him in choosing between her past n present….PinkYa are exactly like Urmila n Kinjal were on SNS, giving some comedy relief?????Yaa Medha was actually playing hide n seek with her Dad????but none understood her?

    2. Mansi

      As Rocky n Dharam studied together in college so he was aware of his deeds, so he instantly came to know behind all of this is Rocky only…It was our Dharam babu’s plan?they tricked him in having that sweet but he thought it’s poison….

    3. Mansi

      U rightly said every bad person has a nice side to him/her….As Rocky truly loved Niti n didn’t wanted her to have any trouble, didn’t spoke about her involvement, though she wanted to confess n go with him to jail???,but he didn’t as this is call true love??

    4. Mansi

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    Precap is nice. Reuniting with other fanclub members?????
    Dheera romance is coming?????????waiting for it.. ……..
    Update it soon??????????

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved it a lot Lavi???yes Rocky n Giriraj got exposed finally?It was our Dharam babu’s plan?not Meera’s….

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      What Meera tells Dharam is a very big secret???will be revealed when the right time comes?

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    Finally Rocky & giriraj got arrested….???

    Rocky and Niti scene reminded me of Naina & vivaan scene from senk …??

    I felt bad only for Niti not rocky ?

    DhEera scenes were Outstanding at first lovely…???????

    Pinks n Naiyaa are always funny ???

    Medha n Dharam scene was cute…???

    Precap: lovely precap…???

    Updt soon…
    Sory for late posting comment ?
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      It’s ok sweetheart don’t say sorry?I can understand that?Awww????it means a lot to me???Yaa finally, Rocky n Giriraj got arrested?PinkYa????

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