SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 2 Part-66 & 67: A FAMILY REUNITES???!!…


Part 66-


DheEra are shown standing at the edge of the cliff….They looks down; where the car burst into flames?….


Meera began punching him in his arms….

Dharam:Meeru!!!…That hurts?!..
Meera:GOOD!!…It should hurt?!…

Dharam took her hand in his hand and hugged her….Meera hugged him tightly….

Scene shifts to Singh House

DheEra comes there…Dharam stood at the doorstep…Meera urges him to enter….

Meera:Dharamji she saved ur life☺….And for whole year, she cared for u as if u were her own….DON’T SHUT HER NOW?!!…

Hearing Meera’s voice, Roopa came to the door….Dharam bowed down and took her blessings….

Roopa:No Beta don’t touch this sinner’s feet??….
Dharam:Mom if u don’t mind; CAN I STILL CALL U THAT???…

Roopa nodded….They goes inside….


Meera brought first aid kit, to tend to Dharam’s cuts on his neck and shoulders….But Roopa took over the task….Meera smiles and goes to her room….

In Meera’s room

Meera was standing frozen to the spot while Dharam too comes there….Meera recalled what happened between herself and “ Virendra” earlier that day….

Meera:That time I kissed him, he was not Dharamji?…So does it mean I have cheated on my husband?….Sure, he had Dharamji’s face, but as far as I knew; HE WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON??!!…Was I disloyal???…

Dharam back hugged her….

Dharam:What are u thinking Meeru??

Meera turned around and hugged him as tight as she could…Dharam in the instant got to know all that was on Meera’s mind….

Dharam:It’s about Virendra, isn’t it??…

Meera didn’t answer and continued resting her head on his chest….

Dharam:Tell me Meeru…
Dharam:U fell in love with him, didn’t u??…

Dharam cupped her face…

Dharam:Meeru if u think that u were unfaithful to me, then let me tell u; U WERE NOT?!!…Sure u fell in love with Virendra, but I was Virendra…U JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH ME ALL OVER AGAIN☺!!..

Meera nodded in agreement….Dharam moved to her wet cheeks and sucked on her tears; she closed her eyes….

Meera:Dharamji not here!..Aunty is also in the house?…
Dharam:No Meeru, Mom said she’ll be staying at Adi’s house tonight…

Dharam kissed all over Meera’s face?, until he was invited by her quivering lips?, to take the passion to the next step??….He captured her petal like lips and within seconds began devouring them?….

Meera tighten her grip around his neck….He moved lower and began nibbling on neck?….He trailed wet kisses on her shoulder and arms?….She moaned in pleasure??….Dharam takes her in his arms and places her on the bed….

He kissed each finger tip on her hand?and was about to do the same on her wrist, when he noticed a “ slash-mark” there….He saw the same mark on the other hand too….He stared at it…Meera understood that….

Meera:It’s proof Dharamji, THAT I LOVE U MORE THAN U LOVE Me?!..And that I couldn’t live without u!!…
Dharam:Meeru I remember u being in hospital….I remember donating blood to u…But I never knew the reason behind it??….I’m so….
Meera:It’s past now….
Dharam:Let me guess….We have a baby☺!!…

Meera blushes….

Meera:U have a daughter Dharamji….

Dharam began asking about his little girl, that Meera was finding it difficult to answer which question first….She admired the way he talked about the baby, the happiness on his face, the joy in his eyes, and the pride in his voice….

Meera:U will be a great Dad, Dharamji☺…
Dharam:Do u really think so??…
Dharam:Let’s go see her now!..
Meera:That’s not possible Dharamji…
Dharam:Why not???…
Meera:She is with Naiya in Texas☺….

Meera told him everything….Their whole night was spent in that….


DheEra are shown in each other’s arms….They wakes up together….

After Sometime

Meera receives the lab results of water samples via email….There it was; in black and white, the mine was responsible for the deaths in Rajkot….

Dharam:That’s sabotage Meeru…There is no way that a mine that’s mining Gold, will have traces of cyanide in it’s seepage….Somebody has put that there, to cause harm to the people of Rajkot?….
Meera:How can we prove that Dharamji??…
Dharam:Firstly Meeru call up the lap and ask them to specify WHAT TYPE OF CYANIDE it was…Once we know that, we can take it from there?….

Meera did so, but they told her, it will take another few days before she’d get those results….

Meera:But what about quarantine, shouldn’t that be lifted now???…
Dharam:Right it should be; and the villagers water, should be supplied by water tankers…But I don’t know what the health department has decided?….

Roopa came there to call them for breakfast….They goes down for breakfast…

Roopa:Now u should wear red outfits?….
Meera:But I don’t have any red outfits?….

Dharam was very distressed hearing that??….Roopa goes to her room and brings a beautiful red sari for Meera….Meera took it and came dressing in that….Dharam gets mesmerized to see her in the sari….

Meera gets a call from Naiya…

Meera:WHAT???!!…Baby is sick and she was in hospital, and u are only telling me now!!…
Naiya:Relax Bhabhi, Megha is fine now☺….I didn’t tell u, because I didn’t want to worry u?…I promise u Bhabhi, she is perfectly alright☺and back to her playful self again?….

Meera cuts the call…She clung tightly onto Dharam….

Meera:I want to go home Dharamji, I have to see for myself??….
Dharam:Then we will go back?!!…

Meera called Parag and made arrangements for the use of his private jet…

Dharam:But why u didn’t told him about me??…
Meera:Such news must NOT be told over the phone?….

Roopa offered Dharam, Virendra’s passport?, and he graciously accepted….

Dharam:Mom, come with us☺
Meera:Yes aunty, plz come with us?….
Roopa:Maybe 1 day…But now need to be alone for my sins?….But I do want to see the little girl of urs☺….
Dharam:Mom our doors will always be open for u?….YOU MUST COME AND STAY WITH US FOREVER!!…

Roopa hugs him…

Roopa:Give that baby a huge kiss from me?….Her newest grandmother☺….But what’s her name??….


Part 68-

Dharam was awfully quiet on the plane✈….After a bit of prodding from Meera, he finally spoke up….

Dharam:U named her Megha???…
Meera:Soo that’s what it’s been bothering u?, from the time I told aunty about her name…
Dharam:I thought u would keep the name I choose?….I thought u liked that name?….
Meera:I love the name u choose Dharamji?….How could I not???…
Dharam:But then Megha???…
Meera:Dharamji I wanted u to be the first person to call her by her correct name☺….But till u got back to us, WE HAD TO CALL HER SOMETHING, therefore I gave her this name☺….
Dharam:It’s very pretty name Meeru, but u are mad?!..
Dharam:What if I only got home after 18 years, would u have called her by this name for all that time???…
Dharam:O Really Meeru?!…

Meera kissed him on the cheek?….

Meera:Good naa Shivani understood and apologise too?….
Dharam:Yaa?!!…But felt really bad for her?…
Meera:Me too?…Jiju too got very worried for her, but she surprised us all?….
Dharam:Yaa!!…Never knew I and Adi are in relation now?….
Meera:Hmm…Dharamji u never wanted people to point fingers at me, but the same happened??….
Dharam:No Meeru it’s not at all ur fault?….
Dharam:Meeru we have a sick baby…A baby that cannot fend for herself?….Obviously u have to see her first?….
Dharam:But I am worried, how will she react to me?….Will she accept me??…
Meera:Of course she will?…

The 14 hours flight✈was finally ending; as they could view the land once again….

Addison Airport, Dallas

DheEra comes out of their jet and sees Vijay waiting….He rushes towards Meera to help her with her bag but was left stunned when he saw who was behind her….

Vijay:Dh…Dharam sir!..

Dharam hugs him….

Vijay:Dharam Sir, welcome back?….I am so happy that u are alive?….
Dharam:Well Vijay- IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK!…Have u been taking good care of my wife and daughter???…
Meera:Yes Dharamji, Vijay has really proved his loyalty to us?…How is my baby Vijay??…
Vijay:She is fine now ma’am!…

Scene shifts to a Ranch

Dharam was awestruck by it’s beauty, and immediately fell in love with the place??….Meera rushed out as soon as the car stopped….This gave Dharam a perfect opportunity to discuss a very important matter with Vijay…

Dharam:Vijay I need u to do something for me…I need u to go India at once and find him….

But before Vijay could say,Meera called out for Dharam to hurry up….


Meera entered….Naiya welcomed her….


Naiya is shown in a state of mess…

Meera:EEWWW!..What happened to u??…
Naiya:Megha decided to have a food fight?…
Naiya:Bhabhi I have a surprise for u??….

From behind someone tapped Meera’s shoulder….She turns around and gets surprised to see GauRag….


Meera bowed down to touch Parag’s feet…

Parag:Khush raho beta?…
Meera:Aur sada suhagan raho?….
Gaura:Beta- plz don’t start again?….

They sees her in red sari…

Parag:Beta we came to meet our granddaughter☺….She is beautiful?, but it’s over a year now?; we must accept that her father is gone?…UR HUSBAND IS NO MORE??!…

Just then Dharam enters and says…

Dharam:Hi Mom and Dad!!…

Hearing THAT VOICE, Naiya and GauRag froze on the spot….

Meera:I ALSO have a surprise☺!…

They turns around to see Dharam…GauRag hugged him and started weeping in happiness???….

GauRag:Dharam- are u really here??…OUR SON…We are so happy beta…
Dharam:Mom…Dad- I am here, I am alive and I am back forever!..

Dharam comes to Naiya…


Naiya placed her hand on his cheek….Tightly, she embraced him and cried on his shoulder?????….

Naiya:Where have u been Bhai??…
Dharam:That’s a long story Chotti…FOR SOME OTHER DAY!…

While the reunion was in full swing downstairs, Meera had snuck off to peep in on Megha…She peered over the cot to see a sleeping baby?….She now went to call Dharam….

She saw the happy scene at the bottom….

Meera:Dharamji it’s time to meet ur daughter☺….

The 3 of them moved upstairs….

Naiya:Bhai I can’t wait for u to see Megha?…
Dharam:Chotti her name is NOT Megha!…

She got confused….

Megha’s room

Dharam gets stunned to see the nursery- it was EXACTLY AS HE DESIGNED on his laptop?….Everything was pretty in pink…Perfect for a little girl☺….Meera had fulfilled his wish….He clutched onto the pink and white teddy bear, he bought from the duty free shop at the airport for Megha….

He stared in awe at the child in the cot….She was sleeping so peacefully, with her arms above her head….Her mouth was slightly open and it utterly cute….He touched her cheek with his finger, careful not to wake her….

Dharam:Hi baby, hey sweetheart?….It’s ur Dad☺!…



Meera stays angry with Dharam…


KriPi enjoys a light moment….


Priya and Dhruv spends some moments together???….

Sooo how was the reunion???Loved “ Megha’s” REAL name??Was it expected or unexpected???Do tell me in the comments section below ????….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    meera advising dharam and he accepting roopa as his mother was lovely.dheera scene was emotional and romance was passionate. now dheera will.investigate about the problem. good.megha’s name conversation was too was an unexpected truth.why meera didn’t name her first medha was truly unexpected and emotional. dharam meeting naiyya parag gaura was such a nice scene.dharam medha scene was so cute.calling her medha was the best

    1. Mansi

      Yeah DheEra will together investigate about the problem??really??Glad to know it was unexpected??yeah DheEra’s MEDHA???

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy???

    3. Svetlana Kapoor

      So J di u finally got time to say hi to me????

      1. Jasminerahul

        it’s not about are saying hi to me in mansi’s I don’t see it.when you said I ignored your hi I asked mansi and she only told me that you write hi in her I checked it and replied. I see comments only in my I got notification that mansi replied to my comment. that’s why I entered her post and accidentally saw your message to me now.since you are not a registered member I am not getting any notification about your message.please try to understand

      2. Svetlana Kapoor

        I am not blaming u di??I just told what I felt…Nothing else??Plz don’t feel bad???But for that j will have to update urs FF dil se????

      3. Jasminerahul

        I know that you are not blaming me.but I feel bad when I don’t see the messages others sent me and when I dont reply it hurts me too.

  2. Chiki

    Awesome story mansi di…I have completed today only to read all 67 episodes…It’s awesome….. Update soon ????❤?

    1. Mansi

      Really??it means a lot to me???Glad u loved it???

    2. Mansi

      Yeah will update very very soon?stay tuned??!!

    3. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Chiki???

  3. Mansi

    Guys want a couple name for-

    Priya – Dhruv

    Do tell me?

    1. Riana

      DhRiya…???…(whats say manuu ??)

      1. Svetlana Kapoor

        Yaa that’s superb name R di?????????DhRiya??❤❤❤❤❤❤

      2. Mansi

        Wow DhRiya????it’s very cute name for Priya – Dhruv???I loved it??

      3. Mansi

        Very cute n sweet name Riuuuuu??????

      4. Riana

        Thankiuu sweeties…????

      5. Mansi

        Ur welcomz sweetheart????

    2. Svetlana Kapoor

      How about DhruvYa??or DhruYa??

  4. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wow double Updateeeeeeeeeee?????????????????????thank u diii for that?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomz????????

  5. Svetlana Kapoor

    Part 66-

    Outstanding update???????????????????

    Dharam should get hurt for hurting his Meeru??????The hug?????

    Good Dharam forgave Roopa n called her as Mom?

    Ohh no Meera thought she cheated on her husband but good Dharam explained her it’s not like that n she understood too???????

    Their romance was very passionate??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    How Dharam just looking at Meera understood about his daughter being there????u have written it very beautifully?????loved it a lot❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    So many questions in his mind regarding his daughter?????

    Meera in red sari was looking like an ?

    Good Roopa will come in Texas?

    Meera told her the name of her daughter????

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu???Glad u loved that scene??

  6. Svetlana Kapoor

    Part 67-

    Ohh no Dharam didn’t liked the name as he had already chosen the name for his daughter?good Meera has kept that name only???

    Good Shivu understood n apologize too??????

    Vijay came to take Meera n got surprised to see Dharam??????

    Loved Meera’s saying to GauRag?????

    The family reunion was very emotional n cute???????????????????

    Dharam n Megha scene was very cute??????loved a lot❤❤❤?????

    Ohh so Megha’s name is MeDha??????It was unexpected??????

    Loved Megha’s Real name????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Precap is marvelous????????????

    Update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu once again??Glad u loved Dharam n Megha scene??Glad to know it was unexpected??yeah DheEra’s MEDHA???Glad u loved Megha’s real name??

    2. Mansi

      Stay Tuned??!!

  7. Svetlana Kapoor

    Banner is very cute n lovely????????best bro sis Jodi??????if only their character n relationship was not ruined in the serial????

    1. Mansi

      ?????????????????Yeah agree with u on that…The useless CVS just ruined it???

  8. Svetlana Kapoor

    Ur DP is cool?????????Besties?????????????

    1. Mansi

      Yaa besties for life??????????????????

  9. Riana

    DheeRa scenes were pain reliefing spray…Amazingggg and splendid…plus Romantic dose…?????????…

    Amazingly written by you…thats another credit goes to you…????…

    Family reunion was magical and totally miraculous ….???????????????…

    Finally Megha to Medha…?????????? (Meera + Dharam)….???

    Precap: Stunning…waiting for the sequence….???

    Updt soon sweets…??(kissing n hugs)

    Banner is a wow…??

    Couple name of Dhruv + Priya = DhRiya…????…Did u liked it….manuuu…????

    1. Mansi

      It means a lot to me???yeah DheEra’s MEDHA???Glad ur waiting for the precap sequence???liked it???I loved it??very sweet n cute name for Dhruv+Priya???DhRiya?????????

    2. Mansi

      Yeah will update very very soon?love u too sweetheart????

    3. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riuuuuu???

  10. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wondering what the surprise might be????Plz plz di at least give a hint???

    1. Mansi

      Think….Think….Glad ur waiting for the surprise??????

    2. Mansi

      Very soon u will get to know that??

  11. Svetlana Kapoor

    When u will update KKHH Manz di???

    1. Mansi

      Very soon will update KKHH Svetu??

  12. Thanks for the double update mansi. I really liked the episode. each and every part was sweet. DHEera romance was passionate, Dharam and roopa’s bonding was nice, DHEera discussion about name was cute, family reunion was emotional as well as amazing. l loved the scene where Dharam called his baby MEDHA DHARAM SURYAVANSHI. in the show too it was medha only.
    precap is interesting. but why Meera is angry with Dharam???? is it for the kiss between him and shivu???? if its true then she has a right to be angry with her husband.plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon…

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomz sweetheart???Glad u liked the episode completely???yeah in the show too it was MEDHA only??Glad u loved the scene of Dharam calling his baby MEDHA DHARAM SURYAVANSHI???yeah she is DheEra’s MEDHA???

    2. Mansi

      Nope it’s not related to the kiss…Meera is angry on Dharam for another reason?she has a right to be angry on him for this reason?stay tuned??!!

    3. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi???

  13. By the mansi what’s the surprise….

    1. Mansi

      Think….Think….Glad ur waiting for the surprise??????

    2. Mansi

      Very soon u will get to know that??

  14. Fantastic update.. want Dharam to apologize to meera for the kiss.. update soon

  15. Mansi

    Thanks a lot Faby???stay tuned??!!

  16. Is Meera angry with Dharam for that video that he left for her to start a new life??????

    1. Mansi

      U are very close Lavi??

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