SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 2 Part-59

Part 59-


Khuranna Mansion

The girl looks at herself in the mirror….She is shown in a short one piece?….

She:If baby would have been here??….He must be doing….Perfect timing to call him??….But by video call??….

She video calls him….

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion

A boy is shown doing exercise in the makeshift gym….He is shown shirtless….He gets a call….He turns around and his face gets revealed…He is Rocky….He happily takes the call and talks while still doing the exercise…

Rocky:Hey Niti babe?!…
Niti:My baby??….

Niti on seeing him shirtless and doing the exercise can’t control herself….

Rocky:Any reason babe???…
Niti:Good news for u?….

Rocky on hearing this stopped his exercise….He takes his cell ? in his hand and talks…

Rocky:Are u sure babe??…
Niti:I am my baby?….Barbadi has started as u wanted?….
Rocky:What a news u gave me babe?….My morning got even more nice by this?….
Rocky:Soon babe?….Wait for it?….Love u?…
Niti:Love u too my baby☺…

He cuts call….He smirks evily ?….

He then comes to the bar corner of his home….He makes a drink for himself when a man comes there….He makes a drink for him too….He is shown in a 3 piece suit….His face gets revealed and he is Giriraj….

Rocky:Hey Dad!!…
Giriraj:In morning all of this??…Any special reason???…
Rocky:Yes Dad?!!…If u will hear u too will want to have it….
Giriraj:Is that so??…

He tells him….

Giriraj:Wonderful?!!…Let’s celebrate our victory?….

Rocky gives him the drink….He takes it….

Clink sound is heard as they cheers their champagne glasses?and laughs evily????….

Rocky:Finally finally it happened….
Giriraj:We have turned a little problem in Rajkot, into a major disaster area?….No stopping us now, my son, we will be the biggest industrialist now?….
Rocky:Yes Dad now one can stop us to achieve our goal?….

They smirks evily?….

Scene shifts to Texas


Naiya is shown in her room holding a chocolate packet?….She was about to eat?? when Pinks comes there and takes the chocolate packet from her hand….

Naiya:My Choco???…..Give it back to me?….
Pinks:No I will not?….
Naiya:It’s mine?….I want to eat it?….
Pinks:O God?….Sabko sab kuch samjana padta hai?….
Pinks:See u will get fat by eating it?….
Naiya:What nonsense ur talking about????….I will eat my Choco?….
Pinks:I will not give u???

He runs from there??? while Naiya fumes??….She calls Dhawal….

Dhawal:Finally u got time to call me?….How is Meghu???….
Naiya:She is super fine?….But I am not ???….
Naiya:See naa that Pinks took my Choco and ran away??….He told I will become fat eating it??….
Dhawal:But what’s wrong in that????….I didn’t find any wrong in that ??….
Naiya:What do u mean by that???….
Dhawal:I mean what he told it’s absolutely right?….U shouldn’t….
Naiya:U too taking his side?….How mean??….
Naiya:I don’t want to talk to u?….Bye….

She cuts call and throws her cell ? on the bed….

Naiya:All are the same??….No one let’s me to have my???….

Just then Rishi comes to her with the Chocolate?….

Rishi:Bua don’t worry?….Take this chocolate?….

Naiya happily takes it….

Naiya:Only u understood me?….
Rishi:It’s ok bua?….Give me too???….
Naiya:Hawwww???….But ok since u brought it for me I will give u?….

Naiya gives Rishi the Chocolate ? too….

Naiya(In her mind):Finally I got my Chocolate?….It’s so yum???….

Rishi feeds the Chocolate ? to Megha too…Megha gets happy?….


Scene shifts to Singh House

Meera was having difficulty in sleeping because of the mystery called “Virendra”….So many things implied that Virendra was Dharam but something was not right?….

Meera(In her mind):A GUY WHO EXACTLY LOOKED LIKE DHARAMJI, came in front of me, yet I didn’t jump for joy, not even hug him, and not even kissed him?…Is this all because deep down my heart I know he is not my DHARAMJI!!…But then so many things indicate that he is my Dharamji….The way he talked, the way he laughed….This all things are POINTING TOWARDS VIRENDRA BEING DHARAMJI?….He even told my fav dialogue of “ UNDERSTAND U BETTER Understand”!!!…But this is also true that if he is my Dharamji then he would have called me by saying Meeru and not ma’am or Meera ji?….Could it all be a coincidence?….URRGHH!!this is all so frustrating???….How am I ever gonna know the truth????…

Suddenly she heard a sound which disturbed her thoughts….She got up from her bed and popped outside….She saw Roopa leaving the house….

Meera:Where could aunty be going to at this part of the night??…

She noticed the time to be 3 o’clock?….She gets suspicious of Roopa….

Scene shifts to Rathod House

Shivu too was having difficulty in sleeping….She was worried about Meera and Viren living under the same roof, together….She stood by her opened window, and took in a couple of breaths of the early-morning, crisp breeze, when she saw Roopa walking outside with lantern?in her hand and tray?in other….

She immediately wakes up Adi and Janki….

Janki:Are u ok Shivu??…
Adi:What happened now??…
Shivu:Ohho u both are very innocent?….U don’t know anything?….
Janki:Tell u now….
Shivu:Nani and Bhai we have to go to Viren’s house NOW!!!…
Janki:What are u saying Shivu???…Are u out of ur mind?….
Adi:Yes exactly?….What’s so urgent that it can’t wait till tomorrow????….
Shivu:Roopa aunty is gone somewhere….Viren is alone with that Meera?….She might try something with him?, come-on; LET’S GO!!!….
Janki:It’s ur imagination beta nothing of this such will happen?….
Adi:Nani is right Shivu?….I told u before too….
Shivu: But???….
Janki:Beta respectable people SLEEP at this hour….They don’t go to check-up on their neighbors at this time….
Adi:Shivi go to bed and get those stupid thoughts out of ur head?….

Shivu did as she was told but wasn’t too happy about it??….


Meera quietly turned the door-knob to Viren’s room…He looked so cute and adorable whilst sleeping?….A few strands of his hair was falling onto his forehead….She moved nearer to him and removed the hair that was covering his handsome face??….She leaned over and kissed him on the check?….A slight smile adorned his lips….She removed her clothes and slipped herself beneath the comforter and got into bed with Viren??….He smiled seeing her so close to him?….Both moved in closer, till their lips met…Soon they were involved in a passionate liplock ? ?….And then they started to….

AAAHHH!!!, Shivu got up screaming….That was the most horrific dream, she ever had….


Scene shifts to Singh House

Virendra is shown sleeping when he suddenly screams: AAHH!!…

He screamed so loudly that Meera nearly fell off her bed….She rushed to Viren’s room, to find him seated on his bed and holding his head….She tapped him on the shoulder and he got surprised to see her rather than his mother….

For him, this was a dialy occurrence….Viewing that horrible nightmare and then waking up in a fright, his mother coming to him and giving him a pain-killer?for his headache….But this time his mother was nowhere around and it was Meera that came to him….

Meera:Are u alright??…
Meera:Was it a bad dream??…
Virendra:Yeah a recurring one, that gives me more questions than answers….

Meera looks at him all confused….

Virendra:Nothing for u to worry Meera ji…U can go back to ur room?….

He continued looking at the door expecting his mother to walk in any second….

Meera:Roopa aunty has gone somewhere…Can I get u anything??…
Virendra:She’s gone somewhere?….Are u kidding me???….
Meera:It’s true she left the house at 3…I was awake…I saw her go!!…I think she went to conduct a Pooja or something….
Virendra:What makes u say that??…
Meera:She had prayer goods in the tray she was carrying?….

He was still rubbing his throbbing head, which worried Meera….

Meera:Come with me….

Before he could say anything she took his hand and led him to kitchen…

In the kitchen

Virendra:Ummmm….What are u doing??…
Meera:I’m making a special tea ☕ for u, so u can get rid of ur headache….
Virendra:Meera ji plz don’t go to that trouble…It’s 4am u should be sleeping?!….Don’t mind me…I will take a pain-killer?….I will be fine!!…
Meera:Sssshhh Dharamji?….

Both starred each other in silence….Meera quickly rushed off to her room and cried??? silently into her pillow…Viren wanted to follow her, wanted to console her but decided against it….He had just turned to walk away, when Meera opened the door after that he was standing there….

Meera:Sorry, that was very rudely of me…I was making tea for u and then I…
Virendra:Meera ji don’t apolozise….I know I look exactly like ur husband and it must be difficult as well as confusing for u, relating to me as a separate person from ur husband?….

She nodded and both walked back to the kitchen….He stopped her from continuing with the tea….Instead he took out a tub of ice cream? and two spoons….

Virendra:Would u rather have it in a separate bowl or will u….
Meera:WE’LL SHARE!!…

Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
Haaye! Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya [x2]

They sat and enjoyed their ice cream?….

Chand se bhi zyada sohna mukhda tera
Haaye! Dekhte hi dil ye slip ho gaya

Virendra tells Meera everything about himself, well; everything, THAT HE KNEW….Certain things were finally making sense to her when he told her that he is living with amnesia for a year now….Meera decided then, that the few questions she had left pertaining to Virendra’s identity she did need to pose that to his mother….

O Marr gaye yaar deewane
O tere lover purane
O die-hard fan tere hain
Tuhi qadar na jaane [x2]

Virendra:Can I ask u something??…

She shoved a big spoon of ice cream into her mouth….

Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya

Virendra:Do u love Dharam??…

Haaye ha o…

Virendra:How much??…
Meera:With all my heart?…

O o…

Virendra:Then when u saw me for the first time why such a cold reaction??…I mean I look exactly like ur husband, yet u showed so little I would have thought that you did be so excited, that u would embrace me?….Maybe even kiss me!!…

Palko mein teri mill gaya, jannaton ka raasta
O o tere peechhe peechhe peechhe chal pada
Ye mera mann, baawra[x2]

Meera got very serious….

Tere naino ka main liner soniye, soniye!
Haaye! Tere naino ka main liner soniye
Ungli ka teri haaye ring ho gaya
Tune muskura ke jo dekh liya
Haaye! Dil ye Faqeer mera King ho gaya

Meera:U know what throughout my life, more than my brain I listened to my heart?; and most of the time I ended up being wrong….When I saw u at the border my heart?screamed out “ Dharamji”, but my brain gave out a warning signal….That’s why the response was like that?….But it’s a good thing, because u are Virendra, not DHARAMJI!!…

O Marr gaye yaar deewane
O tere lover purane
O die hard fan tere hain
Tuhi qadar na jaane [x2]

She gauges for his reaction….

Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya

Virendra:GREAT!!…The day u decided to listen to ur brain instead of ur heart….I LOSE OUT ON A HUG?!!…

Haathon ki lakeere aajkal
Le rahi hain karwatein
Ho meri zindagi mein tum ho aa rahe
Sunn raha hun aahatein [x2]

Meera raised an eyebrow at him….

Tere gaalon ka main colour soniye, soniye…
Gale ka main tere necklace ho gaya [x2]

Meera:Are u flirting with me, Mr Singh??…

Tune khayalo ko jo chhu liya
Haaye, neendon ka aana jaana less ho gaya

Virendra:Depends….IS IT WORKING???…

O Marr gaye yaar deewane
O tere lover purane
Ho die-hard fan tere hain
Tuhi kadar na jaane [x2]

Both burst out laughing????….Virendra never felt so connected to a woman before, not even with his suppose girlfriend Shivani?….

Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya


Priya:Hey jaan?!!..Guess what??…
Dhruv:What honey???…


Kokila:Who is he??…
Kavya:My and Dharam’s son?….


GauRag gets to know about Megha????…..

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  1. Riana

    The episode was justtttttt…???????❤️❤️

    Niti is Rocky’s gf…?…Finally Entry of Giridhar n Rocky…Whats NiCky’s plan are they linked with Stanley….??

    NaInks scene was soooo funnyy n cute ?????????….it reminded me of having a choco ice cream….??

    Dhaiyya’s (lol) new couple name…scene was sooo hilariousss !…??…Rishi giving choco to naiyu was good…I just love naiyya in ur ff…in sns (show) which ended…Naiya’s character was spoiled very badly… ???

    Shivu’s dream was hot n s*xy for us ??????? for us n horror for her ????…

    ViEra scene was Amazinggg….n sweet too….??????

    Precap: Waiting …??

    Btw updt soon…??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riuu???not Giridhar but Giriraj?Nope they are not linked to Stanley…Glad NaInks scene reminded u of having a choco ice cream???Dhaiyya is also good couple name but it has an an extra “y”?agree on SNS they just spoiled her character very badly?stupid CV’s?Glad u love Naiya in my FF???for Shivu the dream was horror??but happy to know for u all it was hot n s*xy???yeah sure will update soon ?

  2. Svetlana Kapoor

    Splendid, outstanding,super se bhi uppar????????❤❤❤so Niti is Rocky’s GF?loved Adaa n Karanveer’s Jodi in ur FF??it’s something new??both father Giriraj n son Rocky are so cheap for doing all of this for their goal??PinkYa are very funny????poor Naiya didn’t got the chocolate???but good Rishi came n gave her the chocolate but only as he too wanted it????after how long u showed NaDha?but loved how Dhawal teased Naiya???loved the dream of Shivu I must say??was expecting this scene from u from quite a long time?????‍❤‍?‍???❤❤❤wish soon it becomes a reality????perfect song in BG for ViEera??? Virendra is so naughty?I hope he turns out to be Dharam only as I don’t want Meera to fall for just anybody?Precap is cool but ohh no Kavya n Dharam’s son????when did this happened??update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu???Glad u loved Adaa n Karanveer’s Jodi in my FF???Glad u loved Dhawal teasing Naiya??u will have to wait n watch for that?it’s a very big secret which will be revealed when the right time comes?yeah sure will update soon ?

      1. Mansi

        For that u will have to stay tuned Svetu??

  3. Very sweet update Mansi .Love it to the core .Dream was hot . Meera and Viren scene is just amazing .But precap is confusing .Is it true kavya is mother of Dharam’s child?Or any secret about that ?Roopa is a mystery now .And how Koki escape from Gopi’s prison ?Dhruv is Priya’s fiancee . Is he connected with Dharam or SVs . So GauRag came to know about Megha .Very GOOD .Naiya and Pinks scene is very funny .Why all the time Pinks are dancing on his bosses head ?The way his talking is looks like he is not servant .He is friend of his mam’s .And that dailogue sab ko sab kuch samjhana padta hai .That is hilarious .Rishi is cute .Megha also ate chocolate. PLZ show more Meera and Viren scenes .Plz update Soon .Eagerly waiting for this FF .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose???Glad u loved it??it’s a very good big secret which will be revealed when the right time comes?will be revealed soon if how koki escaped from Gopi?nope Dhruv is Priya’s husband?nope he isn’t connected with Dharam or SV’s?he is nanny of Megha n not friend of Meera….Vijay selected him after interviewing several people for this job of nanny?yeah will show more ViEera scenes?

      1. Mansi

        Yeah sure will update soon ? Glad ur eagerly waiting for this FF???

  4. Jasminerahul

    niti seems to be a foolish obsessed gf of Rocky. does Rocky really love her or just using her for his benefit?what whose destruction he and his dad are planning.where is roopa going?mysterious. shivu’s dream of viren meera was hot. I liked it as they amar Tanya.meera making tea for him..icecream sharing and viren flirting with meera were cute.their conversation was emotional too.pinku naiyya chocolate scene..naiyya dhawal conversation was sweet of rishi to give her chocolate and also to meghu

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy???nope Rocky really loves her?he n his dad are planning the destruction of Modi’s n Shah’s….U will soon get to know that?Glad u liked the dream of Shivu about Virendra n Meera???

  5. Superb mansi.. precap is confusing.. kavya and dharam’s son.. how ?? is viren staying with her as Dharam.. update soon.. can’t wait to know the truth

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby???nope Viren is not staying with her? stay tuned for that?yeah will update soon ?

  6. hey riana who is giriraj

  7. i mean mansi

    1. Mansi

      Giriraj is played by Mahesh Thakur n he is enemy of Modi n Shah family?it’s ok dear no probs?

      1. Mansi

        Thanks a lot Omer??

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