SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana- Season 2 Part-57 {SPECIAL EPISODE}

Part 57-


Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai, India

Meera alighted from the flight ✈…..She is looking very tired after the 14 hours flight from Texas…..She had already made the arrangements….A car ? is shown waiting for her….She sits inside the car….

Driver:Ma’am should I take u first to MB???….
Meera:No drive directly to the open field….

Driver drives the car as he is told….

Scene shifts to a Open Field

A chopper is shown waiting for her….Meera hops into it and it takes off….


Scene shifts to a Open Field, Rajkot

Meera alighted from it….A car ? is shown waiting for her….She sits inside the car….

Scene shifts to Road

Virendra is shown walking on the road, when he saw some kids giggling and whispering to each other….A little girl comes to him and says…

Girl:Are u a big hotelier????….

Virendra was amazed at her question….


The girl shows him an old newspaper ?where both Dharam and Meera’s picture is seen….Virendra gets stunned??when he sees the picture of Meera….

Virendra(In his mind):She is the same person whom I saw in the hospital, months before….But Dharam Suryavanshi looks just like me?!!!….

Scene shifts to Singh House

Virendra comes running? as he had many questions on his mind, and only 1 person could supply him with his answers….

Roopa:What happened Viren???…

He hands her the newspaper cutting….

Virendra:Any reason why I look identical to Dharam Suryavanshi???….

Roopa touches his face but he pushed her hand….

Virendra:I need an answer Mom!!…
Roopa:Beta u know the answer….All along, u never looked like that….It’s only after ur reconstructive surgery, that u look like this…As for u looking like Dharam Suryavanshi- well, that’s just a coincidence?….
Virendra:Why do I feel like u are hiding something from me, Mom???….

He walks off from there….Just then Shivu comes but he ignores her….She then goes to her home….

Scene shifts to Rathod House

Shivu comes to Adi…

Adi:Now what???
Shivu:Looks like ur friend is in 1 of his moods today….He’s ignoring me?As usual?….Go and check on him….
Adi:Hmmmm….Which side did he go???….
Shivu:Rajkot side….

Adi was about to go when Shivu ordered him…

Shivu:Bhai bring Viren fast….Tina was saying….
Adi:Wait, wait, wait….Who is Tina???…
Shivu:My friend….Anyways, Tina was saying, Viren looks like some hotelier…So I must hold on tight to him….If his wife sees Viren- she might think him to be her husband???…
Adi(Cupping her face):Shivu- u and ur friend Tina are MAD??!!!!….


Adi meets up Virendra….

Adi:Hey Viren!!!….
Virendra:Adi I want to be alone for a while!!…

Virendra made his way towards the crowd that was surrounding a few military vehicles?…..He realized the situation about quarantine and offered his services to the soldiers there….

Virendra:I am Major Virendra Pratap Singh!!…I was with the Indian Army….

The soldiers were more than happy for the extra pair of hands as they were having trouble in controlling the crowd….People who had relatives in Rajkot; were trying to push through the barricade, completely disobeying the orders of the soldiers….Amongst the crowd was poor Meera who had to leave her car and try to push pass the people in order to get to Rajkot….

Soldier:U all can’t enter Rajkot….The place is under quarantine….It’s a health risk to enter….U ALL CAN’T GO IN!!!….

But the crowd of people were getting out of control and started pushing the soldiers….Then they pushed back, Meera was suddenly pushed, when a strong pair of arms secured her from falling….She gets stunned to see her saviour…..His face is shown and he is Virendra….

Mohan Girdhari plays….

Virendra:Soldier is that the way to treat a lady???…

Meera gets even more stunned to hear his voice….

Virendra:Ma’am are u ok???…

It pricked Virendra’s heart….But he quickly realized his face reminded her of her late husband…..

Virendra:I’m Virendra Singh….
Meera:U donated blood to me….U SAVED MY LIFE!!…
Virendra:Aahh so u do remember me???…
Meera:Your name, actually?….
Virendra:But, of course….

Meera explained that it was imperative for her to go into Rajkot, but the soldiers were adamant about not letting her in….

Virendra:Ma’am I am sure in 2 or 3 days time, all this will blow-over….Then they will let u enter?….
Meera:Ok!!…But till then where would I stay??…
Virendra:If u don’t mind u can stay with my mom and me….
Meera(In her mind):I need to unravel the mystery of “ Virendra”….


Chirag:Stanley are u sure these deaths have nothing to do with the mining we are doing??….
Stanley:Chirag, my friend; RELAX!!…

On the other hand

A Men:Ma’am work done!!…
She(In her mind):Now baby will be very happy

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  1. Nice and special update Mansi?.Love it to the core ??. I think Virendra is Dharam .Hope Meera solve this puzzle .Precap is shocking .Who is that lady?New character entry hai kya ya old character .Virendra also have doubts on his identity .I think Roopa hides something about Dharam .The way Dharam holds Meera was sooooo nice .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose??Glad u loved it???she is a new character?

  2. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wow finally the million dollar scene came????the way Virendra didn’t let Meera fall down was very sweet of him????now Meera will unravel his mystery?but ohh no now Shivu feels Meera will take Virendra from her?but Virendra got doubt on his mom too?Precap is cool? update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu??yeah will update soon?

  3. Svetlana Kapoor

    One doubt dear?where are GauRag now as they too stays in Rajkot?sensing the present situation Meera for once didn’t ask about them strange?plz clear it Manz?love u??

    1. Mansi

      Ur doubt is valid Svetu n I will clear it?GauRag are now in Mumbai only n are staying at Dharam Niwas?As for Meera not for once asked about them because she from before hand knew that as she had talked to them about it before leaving Texas?Love u too??

  4. Fantastic.. so meera will stay with Viren.. super excited

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby??yeah Meera will stay with Viren now?Glad ur super excited for it???

  5. Jasminerahul

    virendra seeing dheera pic in d newspaper was superb.his mom says he resembles dharam only after plastic surgery.but like viren i also feel that she is hiding sth.shivu is already insecure.oh.viren protecting meera n their meeting was meera knows him as her blood donor.surprising that viren invited meera to stay in his house till everything gets fine.meera is planning to find out virendra’s mystery.its so exciting

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy??u will soon get to know that?

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