SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana- Season 2 Part-55

Part 55-



Raheja Mansion

Gopi is shown seated in her sinhasaan(chair) like a Maharani???…..Her bodyguards are shown surrounding her with Kokila standing in front of her….

Gopi:Is the special arrangements done for her????….
Bodygaurd:Yes ma’am….
Gopi:Good….Soo what are u thinking???….Take her away?….
Kokila:I didn’t do anything wrong???….We can both….
Gopi:Shut up?….Take her away from my sight?…..

Bodygaurds take her away while Kokila pleads…..

Gopi:Well done?…..U took away my son naa now see what I do to u?….

She laughs vigorously?????…..

The bodygaurds take Kokila in the backyard and dumped her in the secret tunnel-room…..

Kokila:Suno….Meri baat suno….

Kokila gets hit on her forehead….They closes the door and goes from there….

Suddenly Kokila smirks ?….

Kokila:Tuje kya lagta hai ki tu mujhe yaha rakhegi aur mein rahungi?…..Kabhi nahi….

On the other hand

Gopi:I know what u must be thinking but this time I won’t allow that?…..

Back to Kokila

Kokila:That day too I won and this time too I will win???…..

She remises…..

FB starts

Raheja Mansion

Gopi and Krishna comes down for breakfast….

Gopi:Kokila(Servant)….How long will u take???
Kokila(From inside):Coming madam….

Kokila is shown in kitchen cooking?…..

Gopi:O God?….
Krishna:Gopi don’t spoil ur mood because of this….
Gopi:I am not Kri?….
Krishna:By the way I want to give u something special as u have given me a very big gift….

Krishna gives Gopi the gift box….Gopi opens the box and gets surprised+ emotional…..Just then Kokila comes and places the breakfast on the dining table and goes from there but hides behind the kitchen door….Her eyes? are fixated on the gift box…

Gopi:It’s very expressive necklace….
Krishna:Gopi it’s nothing in front of the gift which u are giving me☺….

Krishna wipes her tears and hugs her….

Gopi:I love u Kri?….
Krishna:I love u too Gopu?….
Kokila(In her mind):Nautanki?…..Arey itna mehenga necklace mil raha hai phir bhi isko chain nai hai?…..

Kokila’s eyes ? are still fixated on the necklace….KriPi doesn’t notice that….


Kokila is shown sleeping in the servants quarter….She imagines wearing that necklace and gets super happy…..

Kokila:I would look like a Rani in that necklace???….I should….

She gets up and walks towards KriPi’s room….They are shown fast asleep ?….

Kokila:Good they are sleeping?….Now I can do my work quickly…..But where it must be kept???….

She moves towards the cubbaord when she sees Gopi turning….She gets scared???….She goes back to the servants quarter….

Gopi wakes up and wakes up Krishna too….

Gopi:Krishna I heard someone….
Krishna:Gopi no one is there except us….

He consoles her….Gopi sleeps on his chest hugging him tightly…..

In servants quarter

Kokila:If she hadn’t woken up then….No probs I will definitely take it?….


Krishna goes to his office early….Gopi is shown going to bathroom….Kokila stands near KriPi’s room….

Kokila:Good chance?…..

As soon as Gopi closes the door Kokila enters in the room….She starts searching in the whole room….She goes to check in the cubbaord too….

Kokila:Key ? is intact too….

Kokila opens the cupboard and finds the necklace box in the drawer….She rubs her hand on it….

Kokila:Atlast I got it???…..

Suddenly she hears bathroom door opening and gets scared???…..She quickly hides the box in her pallu….Gopi comes out and gets surprised to see Kokila there…..Kokila turns around and faces her….

Gopi:What happened why are u here???….
Kokila:Nothing madam just some….
Gopi:Ok ok….But what’s that???….

Gopi removes the box from Kokila’s pallu….

Kokila:I don’t know madam?…..
Gopi:Shut up?…..Don’t know how many more items u stooled?…..
Gopi:Get out?…..From today u are fired?….Get lost….

Gopi throws Kokila out of the Mansion….

After 9 months….

Gopi gives birth to twin boys…..KriPi are very happy and names them as Aryan and Jigar?…..


A masked lady enters KriPi’s room….They are shown sleeping…..She looks towards the babies and smirks?…..She walks towards the cot and takes one baby in her arms and walks out of the Mansion…..She removes the mask and her face is revealed and she is Kokila…..

Inside Gopi wakes up and on not finding Jigar in the cot screams!!!!….Krishna wakes up and gets shocked????…..

Gopi:Krishna our Jigar????….
Krishna:Gopi don’t worry we will find him…..Let me call the commissioner…..Whoever it is won’t be spared?…..

Gopi hugs him and cries???…..

Kokila from outside sees all this hiding and smirks?…..

Kokila:I will go very far with ur son Jigar and no one will ever get to know???…..Now u will suffer?….

FB ends

Kokila:Sirf ek necklace hi toh liya tha usme itna kya??…..But why she was saying that Aryan died????….This means the dead body was of Aryan and not of Jigar’s…..This means Jigar is alive?….My son?…..But if he alive then why didn’t he came to meet me once????….

In the hall Krishna and Priya are shown talking while Gopi is shown listening to their talks hiding…..

Priya:Dad it was not ur fault situation was like that?…..
Krishna:I know beta but then to I can’t forgive myself for lying to Gopi…..
Priya:But Dad because of that only Mom recovered quickly…..
Krishna:But I also can’t forget how Jigar refused to acknowledge us as his parents and instead took money to act as Aryan…..
Priya:Dad whatever it is Mom did recover naa…..

Gopi who heard all this cries???…..

Gopi:I know Krishna u did this for my betterment and I also know he was our Jigar and not Aryan although u and Priya tried very hard to hide it…..


Scene shifts to Singh House

Virendra is shown in his room lost in a deep thought when he hears his name being called….He turns around to find Shivu there…..She is shown in a short, strappy, yellow sun dress…..

Shivu:Viren…..Viren from how long I am calling u and u not listening?…..
Shivu:What’s the matter Viren???….I see u are not behaving like before?…..
Viren:No- n- nothing…..
Shivu:Then???….I know something is bothering u?…..That day too u felt uneasy…..
Viren:I too don’t know Shivu?…..U are right but I myself don’t know…..
Shivu:Ok then let’s go for a movie….U will feel better?…..
Viren:I am not interested in it….Next time….

Shivu walks off and goes to her home…..

Rathod House

Shivu comes home dejected?…..Adi comes to her…..

Adi:What happened Shivu???….
Shivu:Bhai something is wrong with Viren…..This days he is behaving quite strange?…..
Adi:Nope he is not…..
Shivu:He is Bhai…..11 months ago he was involved in that mine explosion…..He was shifted to Mumbai for treatment…..Roopa aunty brought “ this guy” home…..Not only is his behavior different from MY VIREN but he also looks different?….I think aunty brought the WRONG VIREN HOME?…..
Adi(Cups her face):And u my dear sis….U are MAD!!!….
Adi:Aunty has told us that Viren has amnesia he doesn’t remember things….
Shivu:No Bhai I know I am right….MY VIREN GOT SWITCHED…..
Adi:What nonsense…..
Shivu:Bhai try to understand…..
Janki:U understand Shivu….Adi is right….We all know his face got burnt in the blast and this is his new face after the plastic surgery….
Shivu:Nani ur too right but something tells me there is more to it than what meets the eye?…..

Shivu stomps to her room and closes the door while Adi and Janki stands dumpstuck…..

Shivu imagines going on a movie date with Viren❤❤❤…..

Shivu:I had planned so much for our movie date but u rejected it??….


Some Days Later





Meera:How, Why, When??…..I need to find it out by going to India now…..But first let me call di….

She calls Pari…..

Meera:Di what is all this???…U didn’t even told me about it….
Pari:I wanted to but I can’t….Dad and Masa’s health is also not good?…..
Meera:Di this much happened and I am not aware of it??….
Pari:Are u….

Meera cuts call and dials a number….

London is shown

A girl is shown doing grocery shopping…..She gets a call….She picks the call and turns her face and she is Naiya…..She is shown in a green crop top and ripped blue jeans, medium size earrings, long straight hairs…..

Naiya:Yaa bhabhi everything ok???….
Meera:No not at all….

(Meera explains the whole situation to her)

Meera:I need u to come here and babysit Megha, so that I can go to India….
Naiya:Yaa I will come there….

She cuts call….


Meera is shown in the hall with Megha in her arms….Just then Naiya enters and hugs Meera…..

Naiya:O how is my Meghu???….

Megha yawns….

Naiya:Bhabhi she forgot me???…..

Megha yawns again….

Meera:Ohho Naiyu don’t irritate her….Of course she remembers u after all u are her only bua…..
Naiya:Really!!!….I got scared???….I thought she forgot me???…..


Naiya sees Dharam’s photo not garlanded so she garlands it…..

Naiya:Not again bhabhi…..
Meera:No Naiya he is otherwise I won’t have gotten Megha in my life…..

Meera moves towards the photo to remove the garland but Megha who is in her arms removes the garland before her and places her hand on Dharam’s photo and caresses it….MeeYa are stunned to see it….


Naiya:Like Bhai we thought we lost u too?…..
Meera:But u all didn’t saw that….
Meera:That day…..

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  1. Fantastic.. waiting for next update

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby??Glad u are waiting for next part???

  2. Svetlana Kapoor

    First of all thank u so much for updating the FF???kokila as a maid????loved KriPi here???ohh no now shivu started doubting on viren???poor naiya got scared when megha refused to acknowledge her?naiya’s look??Loved how megha caressed Dharam’s photo???precap is cool?guess FB part is coming?update soon???

  3. Svetlana Kapoor

    First of all thank u so much Manz for updating the FF???was missing it badly??kokila as a maid????loved KriPi here???wow they have nicknamed each other as Kri n Gopu????Shivu started to doubt on Viren after seeing his this behavior?but good Janki explained her??which explosion?Poor Naiya got scared when megha refused to acknowledge her?loved Naiya’s look???but missing NaDha?The way Megha caressed Dharam’s photo was very heart touching???precap is cool?guess FB part is coming right? eagerly waiting for the next part???

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcmzz???Glad u loved KriPi???u will soon get to know that?Glad u loved Naiya’s look???will show NaDha soon??yes u guessed right FB part is coming in the next part??yeah will update very very soon?

      1. Mansi

        Thanks a lot Svetu??

  4. Svetlana Kapoor

    But Manz loved ur new banner of Amar n Roop?????But I wanted to ask u where is Jigar?I mean where did he disappeared?

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved my new banner of Amar n Roop???It’s a very big secret….Will be revealed when the right time comes?

  5. Svetlana Kapoor

    But why so many deaths happened in Rajkot?and what happened to Jeetu n chirag???Wow now Meera will come to India???

    1. Mansi

      U will soon get to know that Svetu?yes now Meera will come to India???

  6. Riana

    The entire episode was Thrilling n amazing !!…Gopi n kokila torturing drama…??…So funny n thrilling too…Gopi’s laughter…lol…Viren cancelled movie plan with Shivu (Btw who is playing the role of Shivu ??)…Rajkot to be splitted from India…How mean ??…????…But this idea really different…hats off to my mannu…???…Anywayzz MeeYa scene was good…

    Precap: Weird…??

    Overall Loved it…
    Updt soon..?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riu??Roop Durgapal is playing the role of Shivu?Now Rajkot will be closed as many deaths happened there?Awww soo sweet of u???As FB scenes will be coming in the next part?yeah will update very soon?

      1. Riana

        I mean this rajkot news is tru…i googled it also…??

      2. Mansi

        Yeah this Rajkot news is true?It’s happening….

  7. Jasminerahul

    oh this kokila is so cunning.she stole necklace and got fired. to take revenge on gopi she stole jigar.oh.gopi is torturing koki now.she deserves it.but she is planning to escape.but clever gopi is aware of it.eager to know who will win.oh it’s shocking that jigar cant accept kripi as his he took money to act as Aryan really dead?actually who was threatening dharam and trying to kill him?surprising that gopi knew everything. viren is behaving strangely.I think he is dharam and his past is haunting him. shivu is already doubting him.that’s good.meets coming back to India. that’s nice.hoping for viren meera meeting.naiyya coming to babysit meghu is so sweet.what meghu did in the last scene was lovely

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy??she is one greedy lady….Kokila never told Jigar of his real parents that’s he doesn’t know KriPi are his parents…..He took money to pretend as their son Aryan….Yes Aryan is dead….Can’t reveal now u will have to wait n watch for that?Gopi got to know it as she is a mother?Meera would soon come to India….It will happen too very soon?

  8. Shakaib

    Its really awesome…Thank you for adding a dheera scene on my request….Meera imagining dharam …cute scene….Megha is xerox copy of Dharam….So cute…Meera’s favourite horse name is Shadow….so cute…Megha is following Her dad in sleeping/waking….aww…..Papa ki Pari…..Cute name…Its seems Pinks is right hand of Meera…Are PinkEera friends??OMG! Aryan is dead and Jigar is Gopi’s son….Tough to believe….Kokila kidnapped jigar and Jigs is exactly Gopi’s son….Please don’t ask me its very tough to believe…But why Gopi is faking to be in coma??Krishna is her husband..Shocking… as I always love Devoleena to be with M.Nazim or Karan tracker….Aham Sharma or Nakul Mehta…Are KriDh, MeePi of same age…?? don’t tell me…its very shocking….Viren has nightmares…. does it belong to any secrets….??DhOop scene was cute and well written…. Kokila as maid was surprising… Are JiAn identical twins?? Now I get a hint that Viren is actually Dharam as shivu said that he underwent a plastic surgery?? Meera is coming back to India.. cool….FB was well written…. Precap–i think what happened 11 months ago will be shown…. Kokila necklace chor…. Overall very well….

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcmzz???yes Megha is a Xerox copy of her dad Dharam?Nope PinkEera are not friends….Pinku is nanny of Megha?yes Aryan is dead….It’s true Gopi is the mother of Aryan,Jigar and Priya….So that no one gets hint about it….I also love Devoleena with M.nazim,Karan tacker, with Khalid Siddiqui too as I loved their Jodi on SNS????Yes Kripi are of same age?it will be revealed in the upcoming parts?kokila was the servant of Kripi??yes JiAn are identical twins?yes Meera coming back to India???yes u guessed right FB scenes will be shown in the next part of what happened 11 months ago?

      1. Mansi

        Thank u soooo muchhhh Shakaib for ur super duper views?????was missing u a lottt bro?????

  9. Shakaib
    *Note-This short story is just written for enjoyment. If you take it seriously, your wish.*

    |Riana.. (Riana di)|
    |Nandhini..(Nandhini di)|
    |Mansi..(Mansi di)|
    |Isaaq..(Isaaq di)|(as I love her in +ve so she is +ve in the story)
    |Omkara..(Jai Kunal Singh)|

    |John.. (John)|



    *Episode continues from there from where it was left*

    Rudra and Soumya meets RaKara. Ira says how was ur trip with friends?? Soumya says It was Awesome Bhabi. Rudra says its all okay but what about Om and bhabi’s anniversary?? Riana says OMG! HOW CAN I FORGET? Nandhini says Oh yeah! its after tomorrow. Mansi says Then start arrangements from today. Isaaq says Happy Anniversary Om and Ira in advance. Om says its okay, but listen to me carefully. Those goons were neither hired nor those who are commonly find. Isaaq says What? Ira says yes.

    Anniversary day

    RaKara comes downstairs. Rumya, RianDhini, Mansi and Isaaq shower flowers on them. Isaaq introduces her Sister-Rani and Brother Shakaib to Her friends.


    John enters in Jail. He shoots All Police constables secretly (sorry, not explaining). She reaches to his companions’ cell. He opens the lock. Leila comes out of Jail. Other companions say sir you’re great. {Hmm…Buddha Tharki}.

    They come out of Jail. John gets a call. He picks. Isaaq is shown on other side. Isaaq says John, I know you want to destroy Oberoi family. And I wanna tell you A function is going on in OM. John says who are you? Isaaq says Your well wisher…..(Isaaq)…(cuts call)… John says Leila. High time… Leila says with dhamaka….

    @Oberoi Mansion

    A lady enters… some men are following her…Lady is shown in Laila song dress… Wearing a niqab….and is none other than Leila.

    Laila starts dancing…

    Laila main laila aisi hoon laila
    Har koi chahe mujhse milna akela
    Jisko bhi dekhu duniya bhula doon
    Majnu bana du aisi main laila

    She tries to involve Om in dancing But Om pushes her…
    Rudra sees her and comes instead if Om…

    Ho ye kaise hain lamhe
    Jo itne haseen hain
    Meri aankhe mujhse
    Ye kya keh rahi hain

    Rudy Pinches on Leila’s waist….

    Tum aa gaye ho (Laila)
    Yakeen kaise aaye (Laila)
    Ye dil keh raha hai (Laila)
    Tumhein chhuke dekhun

    Shakaib extends his leg in Leila’s way…. Laila falls…

    Laila main laila aisi hoon laila
    Har koi chahe mujhse milna akela

    But you know Leila is stubborn.. she stands… And takes out gun and shoots it up….

    Laila o laila laila aisi tu laila
    Har koi chahe tujhse milna akela

    John enters then…. He has rifle in his hands…
    He looks at Om…Guests shout…
    John says How is Surprise Omkara Singh Oberoi? Isaaq smirks. Leila pulls shakaib and puts gun on his head. Om says Leave him. he is just a child. Leila reveals her face. Ira says leave shakaib, what wrong has he done to you? Riana shouts (in Kokila style) neech kameeni.. tujhe sharam nahi aati?? Nandhini says Riana, Behnsh ke aage been mat bajao…Mansi says yeah Riu, Nandi is right. Isaaq says See, leave my bro.. If you want to harm him, don’t harm him, harm me. Soumya says Hey, leave him… else… I’ll snatch your breathes. Rudy says Lady baba, leave him. else I’ll make you unconscious. Leila laughs How?? Rudy shows his abs…Leila acts to faint. Shakaib runs.

    Munda kukde kamal da…

    Guests run from there..
    Rani takes a vase and hits it on John. John’s head bleeds for a while. John says your game ends now…
    Om laughs..IRA starts laughing..Rumya laugh… Riandhini laughs….Mansi and Isaaq laughs and then Shakaib n Rani laughs….

    Om says your game got over not mine. JohEila looks in shock. Flashback shows….

    Isaaq says What? Ira says yes. Om says He is the same John who used to work here In OM. Dad gave him job as servant. John got blind trust by dad. One day…Dad got to know he steals jewellery from here… Dad’s trust got shattered. Fb shows..Tej(mahesh thakur) bursts out on John when he is caught red-handed stealing money. John says he is doing this for her GF Leila. Tej don’t hear him and sends him jail.
    Present, Om says I’m damn sure John will come on our anniversary to do havoc. Isaaq says I’ve a superb idea. Fb ends.

    Isaaq says till now you both have understood the fact that I called you here just for this. and now you both will be sent to…not jail… intact…to god. Om says It was Rudra and Soumya’s ,marriage day when you killed my parents.

    John shouts Yeah I killed him.. I killed him.. I killed Tej Singh Oberoi…. I shoot him that day…Leila says evilly and I killed Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi.FB shows… Leila shooting Jhanvi(Mreenal Deshraj) on Rumya’s marriage. Present,
    Om says Thank you.. (calls).. Rani…
    Rani come to him and gives him phone…Om plays video..Video shows- John shouts Yeah I killed him.. I killed him.. I killed Tej Singh Oberoi…. I shoot him that day…Leila says evilly and I killed Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi.

    JohEila gets shocked. IRA says Police.. Police enters…. John gets shock as they were same police constables whom he has shoot.
    ACP says Thank you Mr. Om..we had bullet proof jackets that time.. no one can stop them from being hanged….. now they’ve to suffer for their deeds…. Police takes JohEila and goons…

    Om looks at Tejhanvi’s portrait.

    Lori suna fir se
    Mujhe neend nahi aati hai
    Bada hua hun magar
    Bachpan kahi baaki hai (x2)

    Riana reminisces once in childhood, in night Riana wakes up Jhanvi and ask her to cook food for her as she is hungry. Jhanvi cooks food for her.

    Jo sukoon milta
    Tere aanchal mein
    Na kahi milta duniya mein

    Nandhini gets teary eyes. ..

    Kaash so jaaun
    Sote hi reh jaun
    Hai thakan kitni akhiyon mein

    Rudra reminisces in childhood, he faked his illness and Jhanvi care for him.

    Duniya toh kitna sataati hai maa
    Wo baarish mein gum ki bhigati hai maa
    Tu toh khud bheeg jaaye sukhe mein sulati hai

    OmRuNandRia reminisces going for a picnic trip once…

    Lori suna fir se
    Mujhe neend nahi aati hai
    Tere aanchal mein
    Duniya mil jaati hai

    Dard dil ke kyu?
    Apne chhupati hai?
    Tu chhupa mujhko aanchal mein

    Shakaib wipes Om’s tears.

    Haal hafton se
    Puchha nahi tera

    Rani wipes Ru’s tears.

    Dekh kitna hun paagal main

    Kyu zakham kisi ko dikhaye nahi?
    Kyu ye kisi ko bataye nahi?
    Ke tu sabko khila bin khaye so jaati hai

    RaMya wipes Riandhini’s tears…

    Lori suna fir se
    Mujhe neend nahi aati hai
    Tere aanchal mein
    Duniya mil jaati hai

    Chaar din ki kyu?
    Ye zindgaani hai
    Mujhko shikayat ye Khuda se hai

    Ek maati ke putle hum saare hain
    Kuch paas rehte kuch judaa se hain
    Chup-chap gaye wo bataya nahi
    Par tu jaaye to humse chhupana nahi
    Maa tu bin bataye aksar chali jaati hai

    OmRu,Riandhini,Shakaib, Rani, Mansi,Isaaq have a cute hug..

    Lori suna fir se
    Mujhe neend nahi aati hai
    Tere aanchal mein
    Duniya mil jaati hai


    JohEila comes out of Court.
    Judge’s Voiceover- Keeping all evidence and proofs in view, Joheila are given phansi.

    Oberoi family was there. Mansi, Shakaib, Isaaq, Rani were also there.

    1 month later..
    @Isaaq’s residence

    All were there as it was Isaaq’s mehndi. Her finance came to her. Isaaq shyly says Adam. Adam nods. Riana gathers Mansi, Nandhini, RaKara, Rumya. Song plays…

    Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Diyan Pudiyaan
    Ye Munde Gali De Gunde
    Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Diyan Pudiyaan
    Ye Munde Gali De Gunde
    Nashe Diyan Pudiyaan
    Gali De Gunde

    They all dances passionately..
    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    Lene Tujhe O Gori
    Aayenge Tere Sajna
    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna
    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna
    Ye Dil Ki Baat Apne
    Dil Mein Dabake Rakhna
    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna
    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna


    Udd Udd Ke Teri Zulfein
    Karti Hai Kya Ishaare
    Dil Thaam Ke Khade Hain
    Aashiq Sabhi Kanwaare
    Chup Jaaye Saari Kudiyaan
    Ghar Mein Sharam Ke Maare
    Gaon Mein Aa Gaye Hai
    Paagal Shehar Ke Saare

    Nazrein Jhuka Ke Rakhna
    Daaman Bacha Ke Rakhna
    Nazrein Jhuka Ke Rakhna
    Daaman Bacha Ke Rakhna
    Lene Tujhe O Gori
    Aayenge Tere Sajna
    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna

    Main Ek Jawaan Ladka
    Tu Ek Haseen Ladki
    Ye Dil Machal Gaya Toh
    Mera Kasoor Kya Hai
    Rakhna Tha Dil Pe Kaabu
    Ye Husn Toh Hai Jaadu
    Jaadu Ye Chal Gaya Toh
    Mera Kasoor Kya Hai

    Rasta Hamara Takna
    Darwaaza Khulla Rakhna
    Rasta Hamara Takna
    Darwaaza Khulla Rakhna
    Lene Tujhe O Gori
    Aayenge Tere Sajna

    Kuch Aur Ab Na Kehna
    Kuch Aur Ab Na Karna
    Kuch Aur Ab Na Kehna
    Kuch Aur Ab Na Karna
    Ye Dil Ki Baat Apne
    Dil Mein Daba Ke Rakhna

    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna


    Aye Meri Zohra Zabi
    Aye Meri Zohra Zabi
    Tujhe Malum Nahi
    Tu Abhi Tak Hain Haseen
    Aur Main Jawaan
    Tujhpe Qurbaan Meri Jaan

    Aye Meri Zohra Zabi
    Tujhe Malum Nahi
    Tu Abhi Tak Hain Haseen
    Aur Main Jawaan
    Tujhpe Qurbaan Meri Jaan
    Tujhpe Qurbaan Meri Jaan

    Mehndi Laga Ke Rahna
    Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna
    Chehra Chupa Ke Rakhna


    They all gather and

    Finally, the story has ended…how was it guys? Give your reviews in comments below. Thanks.

    1. Mansi

      Wowwwwwww Shakaib bro???????????it’s so beautifully written????I really really loved ur this shots???with us as characters????u should write more like this???? emotional too???felt bad for OmRu,Riandhini???? perfect song u have chosen the way they were remembering their moments with their parents???u too in it???sad that it ended??but I loved how u showed good wins over evil??????keep writing like this???

  10. Nice and emotional update Mansi .The way Megha caress Dharam’s photo is nice and emotional .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose??

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