SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana- Season 2 Part-54 {Shocking Episode}

Part 54-




Meera is shown in her room looking at the CCTV footage of Megha’s room…..She sees she and Dharam are watching their baby sleep peacefully in the cot?….Megha’s mouth was slightly open and she was making weird breathing sound….Dharam chuckled to himself….Meera frowns at him…..

Dharam:Meeru she sleeps just like u!!!….Ur mouth also stays open when u are fast asleep….
Meera(Opening her eyes wide):At least there is one thing that she takes after me….For everything else she is a carbon copy of u….

Dharam pulls Meera closer to him, tightly wrapping his arms around her waist….

Dharam:Meeru u know we can always try for another one?….I’m sure the next one will be ur DUBLICATE?….
Meera:And if she isn’t????….
Dharam:Then- we will keep trying, until we get it right?….

Dharam lifts her in his arms…..A tear rolled down Meera’s face??? as she walked back to sleep….

Meera:That was how it should have been!!…Megha will soon be 3 months old Dharamji….How much more of her life are u going to miss out on???…

Meera cried herself to sleep….


She gets woken up by the neighing of the horses….Meera had taken up horse riding recently and found that she loved it so much, that she purchased few horses and kept them at the stable in the ranch….” SHADOW” was her fav horse, she would take her riding, in the early hours of the morning, everyday….

After riding, she peeped on her daughter….Pinks turns around and greets her but Meera gets scared seeing him???….

Pinks:Ma’am don’t worry….It’s me Pinks?….
Meera:U scared the hell out of me??….What if Megha sees u like this??….She is gonna cry out?….

He is shown in a face pack???….

Pinks:Ohho ma’am….Baby ji won’t as she likes to see me like this?….By the way I know her better than u….
Pinks:But ma’am it isn’t 8:00 yet?….Baby ji will not wake up before that?….
Meera(In her mind):Yet another aspect, she takes after her father?….It is as if Dharamji and Megha have built in clocks….As there eyes automatically open at 8:00, not a minute before and not a minute after?….

Meera had a quick breakfast and settled down to check how Dharam’s businesses were performing on the stock market….She was happy with the result….All what Dharam and Parag taught her about running the business successfully, was paying off?….

There was still some time before Megha would wake, so Meera decided to go to her room….She sat at her desk and from her drawer pulled out her diary?….She opened a page and wrote: Dharamji I am tired writing to u?…..Very soon it will be one year that you are gone?…..U know that when u get back- u will have a lot of reading to do….As I am gonna make u read each letter I wrote to u?….I miss u terribly?….I love u?….I STILL DO?….

She closed the diary, kept it back into the drawer….Just then Pinks comes with Megha in his arms….Meera takes her in her arms while he goes from there….Megha smiled at her?….

Meera caressed Megha’s cheeks with the back of her finger….

Meera:U have Dharamji’s eyes, nose, lips, complexion…..U have even mastered ur father’s signature smirk….U are a dublicate of ur father?….That’s why I always refer to u as “ PAPA KI PARI?”….I’m sorry to bring u here but this is a test for ur papa….U know ur dad told me- that wherever in the world I will be- HE’LL FIND ME!!….

Scene shifts to Delhi

A very big Mansion is shown

It has all sorts of luxuries….Has Off-white interior….

A room is shown

A lady is shown surrounded by bodygaurds….Her face is not shown….She has wore a red designer sari, open hairs, bangles, bindi, earrings, mangalsutra and sindor….She takes a vase from the table and breaks the mirror with it….Her bodygaurds gets scared????…..

She(Laughing):No one can beat me….No one????…..

A bodygaurd comes inside the room….She turns to him excitedly….Her face gets revealed (DEVOLEENA BHATTACHARJEE)…..

Dhim tana Dhum tana plays….

She:What’s the news???….Did u find???….

She comes to him and gives him a tight slap ✋….

She:It’s been 11 months but still u can’t find him?….
He:Ma’am we are searching but….
She:I want result?….
He:But we found out her….
She:Where is she then???…

Another bodygaurd comes with a lady….

Lady:Mujhe jaane do???
She:Jaane denge??….But first tell me where is he????
Lady:He….He….He is dead??….
She:I am not talking about Aryan?….
Lady:I don’t know any Aryan?….I…
She:Stop ur nonsense?…..
Lady:I am not talking nonsense?….But my son Jigar…..
She: KOKILA??…..Buddhiya…..Jigar is not ur my son?…..

(She is Kokila)

Kokila:Nooo….He is my son??….Mera…..

She comes to her and gives her a tight slap ✋…..

She:Vo tera nahi mera beta hai?….

She holds her hairs and pulls it….

She:Chup kar Buddhiya?….Main tujhe….

Suddenly she hears some footsteps and gets scared???….

She:Hide her quickly?….

The bodygaurds does as told and hided her inside the cupboard….She jumps on bed and sleeps?….A man enters the room….He sees the whole room and finds the broken mirror and the vase near it….He questions the bodygaurds….They gets tensed….

He:How did this happened??…Answer me?…..
Bodygaurd:Sir actually ma’am was not waking up so we thought by the breaking sound she would wake up….Soo….
He:I have appointed u to take care of her not to do to all of this?….
Bodygaurd:Sorry sir?….

He moves towards her and seats besides her….He holds her hand in his and presses it….His face gets revealed and he is Krishna (Her husband) {KHALID SIDDIQUI}…..He caresses her….

Murli ki taano si
Vedon puraano si
Mohan ki geeta ke jaisi tum

Krishna:I know due to Aryan’s death u had a nervous breakdown? but u were recovering when we found our Jigar but we lost him again and u slipped into coma??….

He kisses on her forehead?….

Tumse hai achchai
Tumse hi sacchai
Tulsi ki sita ki jaisi tum

Just then he feels someone’s hand on his shoulder….He wipes his tears and turns around….

Krishna:Doc Priya….

Priya is shown wearing a pink plazzo and a white top, open long hairs,chunky bangles, earrings….

Priya:Dad Doc Priya for the outside world?….For u only Piya?….
Krishna:Yes my princes☺….
Priya:How is mom now??…
Krishna:No improvement?….

Priya hugs him….

Priya:Don’t worry dad she will be fine soon? and see Bhai will be found soon too?….
Krishna:I hope what u said happens soon?….
Priya:It will be?….

She takes him out of the room….As soon as they goes out she wakes up….

Dramatic tune plays…

She:I’m sorry Krishna and Priya? but I am a mother?….A mother whose one son is dead and another son…..???…..But I will not keep quiet…..I will not spare that Meera Suryavanshi?…..I GOPI RAHEJA will take revenge from Meera Suryavanshi and her family?….Wont leave anyone?….

Suddenly her sight falls on Kokila….

Gopi:And u too?….U will bear the burnt of a mother’s anger?….

Kokila gets scared???…..


Krishna:Why u are alone??…Dhru Kumar didn’t come??…
Priya:Nope he didn’t got time?….I will be staying here for a few days?….
Krishna:That’s a wonderful news☺….



Scene shifts to a village near Rajkot

Singh House

It’s a 2 bedroom house….

A room is shown….A boy is shown sleeping…..It looked as if he is getting some nightmare….

“CLINK”, “ CHINK”, “ CLANK”….It was the sound of metal hitting on metal….Next gunshots? could be heard….Shots being fired from the right….From the left….He is running?….He is running and the firing is not stopping….” CRASH” came the sound of glass shattering….” BOOM!” there is an explosion….

The “scenes” replayed- over and over again….The sounds could be heard clearly but the images were distorted…..He tossed and turned in his bed….Beads of sweat formed on his forehead….He was breathing heavily….His head moved from side to side….It was getting hot….He kicked off the blanket….He wanted to scream for help- but he couldn’t find his voice….With a mighty gasp for air- he woke up….His face gets cleared and he is Virendra….He looks around the room….It doesn’t seem familiar though…..Photographs of himself adorned the wall….He moves towards them and looks at it closely….

There was a picture of him with his mom Roopa….One with his best friend Adi….One with Shivu who is kissing him on the check….His GF….One with probably the entire Indian army….And one with his squad….

All picuters had one thing in common: He (Major Pratap Singh) was wearing a uniform and he sported a huge smile in every photo….It was obvious that he was extremely proud to serve in the Indian army….

Virendra:If only I could remember?!!…

Suddenly he saw his mother coming to his room and gave him water?….He drank it….

Roopa:What happened beta???
Virendra:Don’t know mom but those nightmares again came?….
Roopa:Don’t worry try to sleep it won’t come now?….

Virendra nodded gracefully and tried to sleep…..


Virendra and Shivu goes on a movie date❤❤❤❤…..


Meera sees world news and gets shocked????…..

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  1. Surprising and shocking update Mansi .Loved it to the core .Vaise tum is FF ki Golden jublie karna bhul gayi ho .Let’s celebrate it .Love Meera spending time with Megha .Precap is interesting .DB is negative .She is mum of Aryan .Khalid Siddiqui is her husband. Doctor Priya is their daughter. Very shocking and surprising twists .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose??Glad u loved it???actually Meera slitted her wrist n it ended there before taking the leap that’s why?yeah let’s celebrate it?????Glad u loved Meera spending time with Megha???yeah she is -ve….She is not only mom of Aryan bit also Jigar and Priya too?yeah Khalid Siddiqui is her husband here?

  2. Fantastic update.. so virendra is Dharam’s look alike.. and gopi is aryan’s mom.. shocking .. update soon

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby??yeah Virendra is Dharam’s Lookalike?yeah will update soon ?

      1. Mansi

        Gopi n Krishna have three children’s- Aryan,Jigar and Priya?

  3. Riana

    Sbockinggg Episode….Gopi is Aryan’s mom…????????????…Virendra is Dharam’s lookalike !…???…It means Gopi will be the vamp in this ff ????…Precap is awsome updt soon…☺☺

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riu??Gopi is not Aryan’s mom but also Jigar and Priya’s mom too?yeah Virendra is Dharam’s Lookalike ?Yupz u guessed right Gopi will be vamp in this FF?yeah will update soon ?

      1. Mansi

        Not only*

  4. Jasminerahul

    dheera scene was lovely. talking about producing more kids to have meera’s look like was cute.diary scene was touching. shocking that the mentally irritable lady is gopi and she is krishna’s wife.kripi scene with murali song was lovely. on sns too I used to like kripi scenes with murali song.though I was upset about gohem separation I had decided to give a try to kripi as their initial scenes with murali song were effective. but before kripi got explored they too got separated. I don’t think that kripi have no chemistry. if they had good scenes they could have created chemistry. hopefully they will have nice scenes in your ff. gopi slapping kokila.omg.but why is she rude to kokila?sad that gopi wants to avenge meera.surprising that kripi daughter is guess samar too will enter

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy??Awww???yes here Gopi is Krishna’s wife?i too love this Murali song a lottt??even I too used to like kripi scenes in sns but they ended up showing him -ve ?they separated them very quickly ?they were not giving good scenes that’s why but they did had the chemistry???yeah they will have nice scenes in my FF?Kripi daughter is Doc Priya which is played by Drashti Dhami n she is already married to Dhruv (Siddhant Karnick)he will be shown soon?nope there is no Samar here…

      1. Mansi

        Actually Jazzy Kokila was a servant in Raheja Mansion….But one day Gopi caught her red handed taking away her expensive necklace which Krishna gifted her as she became pregnant….Gopi expelled her from the job….Then after 9 months Gopi gave birth to twins- Aryan n Jigar….Kokila to avenge her insult kidnapped Jigar n took him with her…After this long years Gopi got hold of her….She brought up Jigar as her own son….As kokila told Jigar is her son Gopi got furious with her n slapped her….

      2. Jasminerahul

        oh.I thought piya.but it’s priya.but excited as priya is drashti.drashti siddharth is a new pair.everyone wants goki to be -ve. but seeing krishna’s care for gopi I wish he is not negative. to be frank I just want gopi to be grey.means at the end knowing meera’s innocence gopi turning positive

      3. Jasminerahul

        same with kokila.instead of kokila becoming an everlasting vamp like gaura I prefer her to be positive at the end

      4. Jasminerahul

        are you going to show this as fb?

      5. Mansi

        It’s ok Jazzy…Priya is Dhrashti Dhami…Priya is the family doctor of shah,modi and Suryavanshi family?
        Nope Dhrashti n Siddhanth are our RaGa??yeah everyone wants GoKi to be -ve…Here Krishna is +ve….Gopi to be greyshaded….Thank u for opinion on it?Gopi turning +ve in the end…Kokila won’t became an everlasting vamp like Gaura…Will show it that way both turning +ve at the end?

      6. Mansi

        Yes I am going to show it as FB in the next part?

  5. Jasminerahul

    gopi had nervous break down after aryan’s death.oh.after jigar went missing her condition worsened?why did this happen with gopi?

    1. Mansi

      Yeah Jazzy u read that right….Gopi had a nervous breakdown after Aryan’s death n they found Jigar after long years n when he gone missing she couldn’t handle it n slipped into coma?but unknown to her family she is now acting to be in coma n on greater side she is planning to take revenge…

  6. Mansi

    Guys I wanted to know ur opinion on Gopi being a vamp?? And also know ur opinion on-

    1)Should Gopi be -ve alone


    2)Should GoKi be -ve

    Do give ur vote on it after seeing my reply to Jazzy?Soo that I can plan accordingly?

    1. My vote goes to second option.Should Goki be -ve.Vo bhi uski dushmani sab ke saath saath ekdusron se bhi hona chahiye .

      1. Mansi

        Thank u Rose for ur vote on option 2 – should GoKi be-ve?yeah unki dushmani ek dusre se bhi hai?will show it like that?

      1. Mansi

        Thank u Faby for ur vote on option 2?

    2. Riana

      I want to Goki…to be vamp…both r perfect to become vamps…it will be really different from other sns ffs…??

      1. Mansi

        Thank u Riu for ur vote on option 2- GoKi be-ve?yeah both are perfect to become vamps?Awww different from other sns FF’s??

  7. Mansi.. is Megha the same name that Dheera wanted to give their child

    1. Mansi

      Nope it’s not the name which Dheera wanted to give their child?will be revealed soon?

  8. Mansi tum is FF ki banner kyun change kiya ? I like DHEERA banner only .Because it is DhEera FF na .

    1. Mansi

      Yeah Rose it’s a Dheera FF??♥♥♥but there is no Dharam here now?in this update a shocking twist was to come so added this banner of Gopi slapping kokila?Glad u like Dheera banner????

  9. Mansi mujhe ek doubt hai .Meera kyun utni choti bachchi ko akela another room mein rakh rahi hai ?That ccTV footage kyun ?I know she Loves and cares Megha .Tho usko another room mein kyun rakhna hai ?Apne saath hi rakhi tho acha hai na .

    1. Mansi

      Actually Rose Meera ne Megha ko akela nai rakha hai….I mean uske saath Pinks hai?she knows she would be safe with him n CCTV footage is always there to look at her room?Yeah she loves n cares Megha a lot? Dheera had decided to make their children’s independent from before…That’s why Megha ko alag room diya hai? Dharam had already planned her room in Dharam Niwas?

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