SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 9 (Shocking Episode)

Thank u Jasmine,Nandhini,Rose,Shakaib,Riana,
Anondo.R for ur lovely comments??Part 9-

Dharam Niwas is shown

Dharam and Vijay are shown talking…

Dharam:Yes Vijay any news???
Vijay:No not yet…But we are trying very hard to find….
Dharam:I don’t want trying….I want result…Who wants me dead!!!
Vijay:Yes sir….Even I want to know who it can be….Very soon we will get….My men’s are spread all over the area…
Dharam:I want that person in front of me….Now u may leave….
(Vijay leaves from there)


Scene shifts to a park

Dhawal comes to meet someone….A girl is shown turning her back towards him…

Dhawal:Why did u called me here…U could have….

(The girl turns her face facing him…Her face is shown to be of Kavya…And interrupting him says….)
Kavya:To give u money for ur studies…Hope ur doing well in ur studies….Right???
Dhawal?:Y-Y-Yaa!!!…I am doing really well but how come u here….U always send through someone???
Kavya:Yaa right….But I got bored soo came….

They gossips….

Scene shifts to Shah house

Urmila is shown seated in a chair and says why Vidya when everything was going as u had wished then what was the need…..She remembers that day….

Flashback starts (3 months ago)

Shah house is shown decorated….Mandap is set….Guests are shown coming….Gaura and family enters…Urmila is shown doing Aarti of dharam…Dharam sits in the Mandap……When someone informs urmila Vidya is not in her room….Urmila says W-What???(just then panditji calls for the bride)urmila in her mind says now to do…Where she did gone????but enters room and finds Meera there….Meera agrees as she loves dharam(just then jeetu calls them as panditji calls for the bride)urmila readies Meera as bride and brought her down….On seeing Meera everyone gets surprised and shocked??

Gaura:Urmila Ben….U gone to get Vidya…Then Meera…I don’t understand anything…
Urmila:Yes gaura Ben…But I don’t know Vidya is not in her room…And then I got to know Meera’s love for dharam kumar…Soo I brought her as bride…
Gaura:If Vijay had to go from home and not marry dharam then why did she claim she loves him and all that….Though I have no problem in accepting Meera as my bahu….I accept her wholeheartedly?
Parag:Yes urmila Ben we are happy that Meera is becoming our bahu…

(Knowing the situation dharam dint say anything)

Panditji starts mantra….Dheera gets married and takes everyone’s blessings….Urmila joins her hands? and says to gaura…..
Urmila:I am very thankful to u for accepting my Meera….
Gaura:No…Urmila Ben it’s our pleasure to have Meera as a bahu….I am very thankful to Ambe maa for giving my son such a understanding and loving partner….

Flashback ended

But then after what u did in reception and the next morning we had no choice but to send u to that hospital….She remembers…

Flashback starts (3 months ago)

After reception party they came to MB….Doctor Priya (Drashti Dhami) was called to give Vidya injection….Doctor Priya says she is giving Vidya a mild sedative to help her sleep….Urmila sat beside Vidya and caressed her face and hair affectionately….Urmila says she will stay here with Vidya but Janko refused her saying let her sleep we will come in morning to check…

Every family member was awoken with a loud and shrill scream….It was Vidya who was screaming at the top of her lungs….Stop laughing at me Meera,she howled repeatedly….As the family entered the room,they saw a crazed Vidya talking to herself in the mirror…..But for Vidya it was not her own reflection but was Meera’s…..

U stop laughing….She cried as she pointed towards mirror….U think u have won-u got dharam….I’m gonna I’m gonna…..And she began looking around the room….She picked up a hair removing lotion bottle and came back to mirror….I’m gonna destroy ur looks,then dharam won’t want u….She took a bit of potion and applied on her own eyebrows….

Everybody was in shock with the sight before them…They tried entering room but Vidya yelled at them”stay where u are,I’m not gonna come near u all to save Meera”….She picked up a knife which was kept in the fruit basket and says Don’t come near us I will kill her!!….Everyone was terrified they did as they were told…Vidya moved in front of mirror once more…She wipe her face with towel and began laughing…Look at u Meera u have no eyebrows…U look soo stupid?…Maasi what happened to my daughter??Asked a sobbing urmila but Janko couldn’t reply…Even jeetu was tearing as he realized his daughters mental health started to decline…

“STOP IT VIDYA”scolded Janko put that knife down beta…..

Paridhi and dhawal moved away from others and called Doctor Priya home but when they all entered her room they were shock to see at the sight before them???Vidya was making cuts on her hands and face and even cuts her hair with the knife….Jeetu could take it no more soo he stormed in the room and took away the knife from her hands as she kicked and screamed….Blood was ozzing from the many woulda she made with the knife…But she could feel nothing….As jeetu and dhawal held her still,Doctor Priya injected her with a tranquilizer…She passed out immediately….Janko and doctor took the decision of having Vidya instituanalize everyone else agreed…

Janko,urmila,hetal,jeetu,Chirag,dhawal,paridhi stood with teary filled eyes as Doctor Priya weekend Vidya out in a wheel chair…She was in a catonic state…Her head dropped to one side and cuts still fresh on her face and her unevenly cuts….Her hands were bound in a straight jacket….Doctor Priya assured everyone not to worry as we’re Vidya going is one of the best hospitals and she had a talk with them….

Flashback ended

Urmila says after many days we started to accept the truth….I hope u recover soon….

Precap:Dharam calls someone……Meera gets shocked???

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  1. Thank you Mansi for the update.But sorry I am some busy with my exams and house reconstruction works.So I am read Dheera part only.Finally we know the reason how Dheera marraige happened.But I will read whole part after some time when I become free and will give comment here.Dheera part is good.

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcome Rose?soo ur exams coming up all the best for ur exams…Do well??my best wishes are always with u?in my part 4 I had showed a flashback of dheera marriage and how she accused dharam seeing Vidya’s video….Ur exam is very important….Soo concentrate on ur exams??Thanks a lot Rose☺☺

      1. Mansi

        Yes here is the more detailed one of how they got married?

  2. Riana

    OMG!!!…What a Shockingggg episode????….Vidya became Totally mad…Though now she is okay?…Thrilled with Vidya’s freaking behaviour…Modis faced to much trouble…Precap is the same…Waiting??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riana☺☺she still has a long way to go to be completely okay….First thought to give precap in this update..But will definitely give in next update….Yupzz will update soon?

  3. Krkavita

    Superb update

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Krkavita☺☺

  4. Shakaib

    Wow…awesome one mansi….. Love the whole episode heartily. It was thrilling. The way dheera got married was awesome. Vidya as crazy lover was horrible. But what mad made vidya so crazy she was going to get married to dharam then why she did that? Wait in for revelations in upcoming updates. When next part will be upload, so I geared up before. BTW drashti as priya was osome choice..BTW are you kkb fan?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Shakaib☺☺there is a secret to it as Vidya was not present on her wedding day and Meera got married….Yes in coming updates I will reveal it?thanks for saying that?…No I am not kkb fan…

  5. Jasminerahul

    so somebody wants to kill dharam?who and why?vidya was not found for the wedding and that’s why they got meera married to dharam.but I doubt where vidya was that time.she is obsessed with dharam and wanted to marry him.then what happened? is it because of dheerA wedding that vidya became mad and hurt herself?shocking. drashti as her doctor was surprising. who is kavya?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺Yaa somebody is there who wants him killed as the accident of him failing his brake…..U will soon get to know….In coming episodes I will reveal it…Yes ur right because of dheera wedding Vidya became mad and hurt herself….Kavya is dhawal’s sis and dharam’s ex she is played by paridhi Sharma….

  6. Vidya reminds me of Manjulika lol. Nice update. keep em coming 🙂

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Anondo.R☺☺manjulika lol….Yupzz?

  7. Krkavita

    Urmila was looking for Vidya to get her to the mandap but brought Meera as she loves Dharam.I guess Vidya has some mental problem due to which she has hurt herself.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Krkavita☺☺nope Vidya doesn’t have any mental problem it’s just that she couldn’t handle Meera marrying her love dharam due to which she hurt herself thinking it’s Meera?

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